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"Harry and Ahmed"
2 mins 05s
8 February 2017
UK Charities

This thoughtful UNICEF film reminds us that time doesn’t necessarily heal everything. Harry and Ahmed are separated by decades, yet united by hardship.

Side by side, the two describe their respective ordeals. Faces, countries, and technologies may change, but the language of suffering remains the same. When Harry and Ahmed’s stories overlap, the humbling effect is compounded.

Meanwhile, there are uncanny similarities between the footage of World War II and images from the current migrant crisis. History, it seems, has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

It’s a sombre tribute to humanity’s will to survive, but also its inability to learn from its mistakes. One can imagine Ahmed reciting this story seventy years later, with another child refugee sitting in his place. The charity hopes enough lessons are learned to avoid such a scenario.


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"Harry and Ahmed"
2 mins 05s
8 Feb 2017
This thoughtful UNICEF film reminds us that time doesn’t necessarily heal everything. Harry and Ahmed are separated by decades, yet united by hardship. Side by side, the two describe their respective ordeals. Faces, countries, and technologies may change, but the language of suffering remains the same. When Harry and Ahmed’s stories overlap, the humbling effect is compounded.

Army Recruitment
9 Jan 2017
Another effective Army Recruitment film highlighting camaraderie in the armed forces. A young soldier shivers on his own during a downpour before his squadmates remind him they're all in this together. This wordless exchange conveys a real sense of unity between different age groups, whatever the conditions they may face.

Army Recruitment
9 Jan 2017
Marking a new direction in their recruitment drive, the Army eschew a focus on self-improvement and instead appeal to potential soldiers' urge to belong. There's a palpable camaraderie during this snowy hike, even if an attempt to start a morale boosting sing-song is met with the assessment that the chap 'sounds like a dying cow'. Bit harsh, but drives home the idea that they're all mates.

16 Oct 2016
Another fun 10" ad demonstrating the firepower behind Colman's mustard. This wedding guest gets more than she bargained for thanks to a dollop of the advertised condiment. Luckily, a nearby ice sculpture provides emergency relief. Despite her fetching wedding outfit, there's just no classy way of rubbing your tongue against a chunk of ice, is there?

"Get Closer"
13 Oct 2016
As a woman dances in the empty streets of London, we can't help thinking of Danny Boyle's '28 Days Later' and worrying that she should be keeling an eye out for the rampaging 'infected'. The lone dancer unselfconsciously struts her stuff through the empty streets; past famous landmarks, down deserted main roads, and even in the eerily-silent underground.

9 Sep 2016
Given the success of Aldi's twelve year association with McCann Manchester, you could forgive the agency if it felt a little peeved by the supermarket's recent decision to review the business. But - judging by their latest commercial - the relationship between the two has been injected with a new energy and it could well see further growth for Aldi in the years to come.

Radio X
"DJ Barbers"
10 Jun 2016
Despite their collective presenting and performance experience, it seems providing a short back and sides is a bridge too far for Radio X DJs Vernon Kay, Chris Moyles, Johnny Vaughan, and Ricky Wilson. In a questionable business venture, the quartet attack their clientele's barnets with a mixture of banter, forehead measuring, and flammable accoutrements. Best stick to broadcasting, lads.

The Prince's Trust
"Parallel Lives"
11 Jun 2016
It's difficult to recall a more effective use of split-screen than that seen in this admirably restrained film highlighting the role of The Prince's Trust in guiding young people away from potential disastrous lifestyle choices. The parallel lives it depicts belong to a young woman living in a high rise. In one version of her life, she eagerly awaits the arrival of a young man on whom she has pinned her highest romantic hopes. In the other, she faces the dismal prospect of being paid for sex.

The Green Party
"Childish MPs"
3 mins 40s
6 Apr 2016
The Green Party have once again demonstrated a willingness to do something extraordinary with the opportunity provided by a Party Political Broadcast. And by satirising the other parties for their participation in 'playground politics' they've created a funny and meaningful attack. But what are they hoping the audience will take away from this?

Samsung Galaxy
"Turn Heads"
15 Mar 2016
While this ad lacks the pizzazz of Samsung's most recent output, the brand have a knack for making their tech look presentable without over-exerting themselves. The film largely focuses on the Galaxy S7's suitability for happy snapping before demonstrating the phone can withstand a downpour... though the same can't be said for its owner.

"Thank You"
8 Mar 2016
A terrific ad for Nectar Points illustrates how the offers available from the loyalty scheme are tailored to our individual preferences. What's lovely about this is the way so much thought has gone into the casting and presentation of the quirky folk and their eccentricities - while some of the hobbies and obsessions are quite mainstream (golf, impersonating Elvis), the manner in which they're introduced is anything but.

"Want It More"
18 Feb 2016
Respected sports brand Asics has been quietly working out over the past few years to get bigger and buffer. Notably associated with running, it's now flexing its muscles across other sports categories and this spot wants us to know just how much it's capable of. The strapline - "want it more" - makes Nike's excellent "Just do it" sound laid-back and flaky in comparison: the difference between conquering a mountain blindfolded and picking up the remote to change channel.

Pizza Hut
"Big Deal"
18 Jan 2016
A variety of strange and eccentric customers find their remarkable circumstances pale in significance when compared to Pizza Hut's £14 meal deal. Faced with a boxed banquet like that, being struck by lightning, freeing oneself from your ventriloquist's controlling influence, or having the power of magnetism does seem rather humdrum.

2 mins 12s
5 Aug 2015
As fans of the 'Back to the Future' series of films will know, there's a special significance to this year when it comes to the invention of the hoverboard. The fantasy plaything appeared when Marty McFly is sent thirty years into the future in the second film... landing him squarely in 2015. The day itself will prompt an outbreak of nostalgia for the film and Lexus have got ahead of the game to cleverly hijack some of the attention.

"Cleaned Out"
15 Apr 2015
adam&eveDDB once again prove themselves masters of domestic comedy in this finely-judged ad for Hertz directed by Smuggler's Guy Shelmerdine. Mum and Dad offer tender farewells to their son as he flies the figurative nest but there's a rude awakening waiting for them when they retreat into their house for a consoling cuppa.

"Passion Killer"
16 Jun 2014
Airwaves do 'fresh breath' ads so much better than their pan-global competitors with their unreal models and dazzling teeth. In this entertaining spot, a very real couple are walking through the streets after what's evidently been a great night out, and after popping some gum into her mouth, the young woman decides to take her man back to her place. Things don't quite go to plan, however.

24 May 2014
An office drone desperate to get to the pint his mate's just bought for him and the televised footie match in the pub daringly leaves the office a bit early. He executes a variety of strategic moves in order to escape unnoticed... only to fall at the last hurdle, which takes the form of plate glass. On the other side of it, his mate rates his performance as "not quite Carling".

Robinsons Squash'd
"Set Free"
29 Mar 2014
Appropriately enough, a lot is squeezed into thirty seconds in this commercial for a new product from Robinsons that appears to allow punters to enliven water with a squirt of cordial while they're out and about. The action jumps from one scenario to the next as we follow the progress of the robust little container that holds the product.

"Internet Baby"
28 Feb 2014
In this captivating piece of work, the medical team assisting at a birth are stunned when the baby emerges unaided and makes a beeline for all the mobile devices within reach. It's evidently the world's first natural-born internet user, and represents India's mobile phone network MTS, who claim to be "born for the internet".

"The Saviour of Pay As You Go"
17 Nov 2013
Three let us know they're serious about competitive prices with the help of a rather less serious-looking pug in a sleigh. Sad-eyed and ridiculously attired, it has the wonderful dignity of those who have no dignity left. However, perhaps its tiny vehicle should have been allowed some go faster stripes - after all, no company wants to be associated with those who get left behind.

"The Chase"
2 mins 30s
13 Oct 2013
If you're going to base a piece of advertising around one of the most iconic events in the world, you'd better make sure you bring something fresh to the enterprise - and that's exactly what director Henry-Alex Rubin, cinematographer Stephane Fontaine, and editor Spencer Ferszt have done with this splendid twist on one of Spain's famous bull runs.

28 May 2013
An array of disconnected images have been welded together to brilliant effect in this spectacular ad for the German sportswear giant. Don't try to seek meaning in any of it, just let the images rush over you like the crazy sped-up montage it is, and - if you're among the target market - the idea will permeate that Adidas has the coolest gear around.

"Everyone Can Take Part"
1 Sep 2012
There are displays of astonishing positivity in this commercial drawing attention to Samsung's sponsorship of the Paralympic Games. The lack of squeamishness and the extraordinary celebration of the extraordinary exhibited by this and the excellent Channel 4 trails have really helped to shift attitudes. Advertising at its best.

Samsung Genio
"What Colour Is Your Life?"
8 Oct 2009
The latest touch-screen phones from Samsung Genio dance around in a gay fashion in this jolly piece for the Korean manufacturing giant. The way the image jumps from one phone to the next gives it a bit of pizazz but it could do with a specific proposition.

"Moment Of Truth"
20 Jun 2007
This may resonate with some more than others. Apparently that moment when you first reveal yourself on a summer beach can be a tad traumatic and this is represented in clever fashion by this ad which brings to mind 28 Days Later as the curiosity of those on the beach appears almost cannibalistic.

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