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"Celebs Go Dating II"
31 January 2017
UK TV Stations

This entertaining trail for Celebs Go Dating reminds us that true love can be hard to find... even for the rich and semi-famous. The likes of Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, dancer Perri Kiely, and Joey Essex (returning for a second series) encounter various obstacles in their quest for that special someone. Lovely end gag involving premature cork poppage.

"Tickets for Two"

Thomas said:

'tryst' - not trust. Though I suppose that works too.



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"Celebs Go Dating II"
31 Jan 2017
This entertaining trail for Celebs Go Dating reminds us that true love can be hard to find... even for the rich and semi-famous. The likes of Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, dancer Perri Kiely, and Joey Essex (returning for a second series) encounter various obstacles in their quest for that special someone. Lovely end gag involving premature cork poppage.

"Taxi Driver"
1 Jan 2017
The trickery in this clever commercial for Aviva is as multi-layered as a Matryoshka doll. It suggests that the two people in the back of the taxi being steered by ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard have no idea what's in store for them. But, clearly they do. It also suggests that Coulthard did all the driving in this ad and this seems just as improbable. After all, the racer turned pundit is not a stunt driver.

All 4
"Grayson Perry Meets Geoff"
4 mins 04s
3 Nov 2016
4Creative has produced a new four-part short-form series starting Grayson Perry, which have the artist discussing his own gender identity and meeting people from the trans community who've had to take risks to be themselves. It's the latest in Channel 4's Born Risky series, which has repeatedly pushed boundaries for the LGBT community (memorably with Gay Mountain, a trail created to support gay athletes competing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games).

All 4
"Grayson Perry"
3 mins
3 Nov 2016
This film from the collection made by Grayson Perry for Channel 4's 'Born Risky' series has the artist discussing his own gender identity. Perry talks about his early ventures into cross-dressing and how he grew into the person he is now, exploring ideas of sexuality and identity in a candid talk accompanied by archive footage of his past.

12 Oct 2016
Hollyoaks do the monster mash with this creepy promo for their Halloween extravaganza. We leave a subdued costume party and stumble into a spooky alternate reality. Our characters are trapped in an invisible maze, the unsettling soundtrack - a call-back to classic horror 'The Exorcist' - picking up as they try to break free of their supernatural prison.

Sun Bets
"In It"
16 Aug 2016
We've noticed some interesting shifts in the betting sector as of late with the likes of Betfair and BetVictor moving away from the boisterous machismo commonly associated with this market in favour of a more refined approach. It's therefore noteworthy that The Sun's foray into online gambling - Sun Bets - pays no heed to this and goes all in with the lad factor. Thanks to this energetic ad, the decision looks to have paid off.

Arla Best of Both
8 Feb 2016
The humdrum town of Compromise receives an injection of colour and calcium in this quirky launch ad for Arla's Best of Both milk. Once the shopkeeper has a sip of tea enhanced with "B.O.B.", he's straight on the blower to the town's cast of body builders and treadmill dog walkers. A lightness of touch in both the production design and the performances helps make the brand's bid to make yellow a stalwart of the dairy aisle stand out.

The Jump
13 Jan 2016
A happy family arrive at their fairytale ski chalet and are just admiring its picturesque charm when something falls, hollering, from the snowy skies. Horrified, they discover it's a vaguely familiar man - but just as we ascertain there's been no lasting damage to him, another being falls... and another... and another. This amusing spot for the new series of The Jump - something that's never appealed here at DAVID HQ - makes it look like appointment TV.

"Flying Stuntman"
3 Jan 2016
If there's one word you want to avoid in marketing, it has to be 'cheap'. While - in theory - it means the same as inexpensive, it carries a pejorative connotation which creates the expectation that a 'cheap' service will also be shoddy and - ironically - offer poor value for money. So it can be quite a challenge to work around the word's baggage... and this terrific commercial for Cheapflights shows exactly how to do it.

"Persona Synthetics"
8 May 2015
This creepy trail is designed to look like an ad from the future but looks enough like an ad from today to make you pay attention. And instead of revealing its true identity at the end, as you might expect, it holds its nerve and will leave gullible viewers wondering how robots suddenly became so sophisticated.

"Winner Dances"
18 Mar 2015
This spot for McDonald's sees another outing for the Monopoly 'Winner's Dance', and it's rather nicely done. There's an agreeable selection of very silly dances as all sorts of people discover they've won something substantial, from a worker on his lunch break to a woman at a conference and a couple in their car.

"Winner's Dance"
14 Mar 2015
This is better than what we're accustomed to watching when this annual promotion comes round. As we've long said, this is the weakest link in McDonald's excellent advertising but this year - instead of the traditional animation - we have several unlikely-looking people practising their winner's dance. Vive la différence.

Drugs Live
"Cannabis on Trial"
21 Feb 2015
Trippy imagery is cleverly used in this trail for Channel 4's latest effort at offering a real verdict of the effect of drugs. Stop motion allows all kinds of hallucinogenic enhancements to be placed on the head of a man who revolves in front of the camera as a VO explains the aims of the forthcoming programme.

"The Other Games"
22 Oct 2014
A wonderful array of unusual sports appears in this Dutch commercial for The Other Games - supported by ASR. And there's a sheepish cameo from a pair of footballers from the Dutch World Cup squad, which lit up this summer's tournament with a thrashing of Spain only to slink out of the competition after a penalty shoot-out in the semi-finals.

"Stuart's A Hero"
30 Jul 2014
"If you're awake we're awake," says the young yet avuncular VO at the end of this spot. And jolly glad you feel too. Whether you're burning the midnight oil because it's what your career requires or whether you're just a chronic insomniac, it's a comfort to know life hasn't entirely shut down around you in the small hours. Very clever of McDonald's to aim to own that gap in the market.

"On Top"
26 Apr 2014
Lucozade is now "the fuel to rule"; helping to keep determined types going just that bit further than they otherwise might have done. It taps into the whole mind over matter mentality that seems to be dominating our attitude to sport at the moment, from Olympian athletes and Paralympic icons to ordinary people taking part in marathons and triathlons to show that the body can be bent to our will.

Crabbie's Grand National
"O'Callaghan and Blake"
24 Mar 2014
If this doesn't tickle your fetlocks, we suggest you hook up to the nearest defibrillator post-haste. This big, loud, ballsy ad (appropriately soundtracked by speedpunk band Cerebral Ballzy) presents us with the first steeplechase event ever recorded back in 1752, which apparently came about as a result of a wager between two fiery chaps named Cornelius O'Callaghan and Edmund Blake.

"The Love Your Car Deserves"
3 Mar 2014
It's true, isn't it? We use our cars as a versatile (albeit snug) room in which to perform all sorts of routines as shown in this spot. In fact, it would be fair to say that the car belonging to the DAVID household extends to being a shanty town in its own right. We're not sure how our affection for our vehicles equates to a £30 MOT with Quickfit, but it's nicely observed.

Super Bowl
"Party Police"
27 Jan 2014
Predictable but no less fun for that, this Super Bowl spot has police arriving at a works party in aid of the sporting event to request the noise levels be kept down. Inevitably, they are more or less the only ones who are left standing - or, more accurately, dancing badly - the following morning when everyone else has given up the ghost and staggered home.

Super Bowl
"Early Risers"
24 Jan 2014
In this amusing little trail for the Super Bowl, late-night revellers awaken dishevelled and disorientated as their well-rested and energetic offspring get up to find them. It perfectly captures the nightmare that is the morning after the party; crunchy carpets, pounding heads, flatlining blood sugar levels and children reeling away from the alcoholic miasma emanating from your every pore.

6 Jan 2014
After a cup of their product you'll be ready for whatever comes next, according to this likeable ad for Nescafé. 'Bring Me Sunshine' is whistled in unison by the cheerful folk who've had their coffee, and each appears to have specially heightened senses as they cruelly wake their children or catch flying food debris hurled by toddlers.

26 Dec 2013
By making a donation to Oxfam you can lift someone out of their life of hardship and help them in turn to lift others out of their difficult lives too. To underline this, we see people literally defy gravity and hover above the ground as the effect of the donations take hold. It's always preferable when films like these are, er, uplifting.

Channel 4
"Psychopath Night"
5 Dec 2013
This terrific ad for Channel 4's themed night is designed to tell us all we need to know (and probably more) about the "ruthless breed who lie, manipulate and sometimes murder, with no hint of conscience or remorse", as it says at their site. Apparently many psychopaths are company bosses - as you will have noticed.

"Taste for Adventure"
15 Oct 2013
The protagonist in this ad has a taste for adventure and - by the looks of things - he also knows the secret location of the fancy dress shop which Mr Benn used to visit. He makes his way along the high street in a variety of costumes while Dexter Fletcher explains and a gentle version of an Iggy Pop classic plays.

Epsom Derby
31 May 2013
Lovely trail for the Epsom Derby with an unexpected angle. Two speed cops are having a slow day, and half-heartedly try to entertain themselves while waiting for traffic to pass. There's everything from nostril-poking to a Partridge-esque reference to scotch egg-breath before three 'vehicles' take them by surprise.

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