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"My Volkswagen"
13 February 2017
UK Cars

We’re led to believe this lot are divulging some dating revelations. A nerdish chap is struggling to read “the signs”, while one woman reveals: “I know I need to do it - I just don’t know when”. As it turns out, they’re each describing their experiences with ‘My Volkswagen’ - an app designed to help drivers keep on top of their car’s maintenance. A droll way of drawing prospective VW owners’ attention.

Hallmark Cards
"Hannah & Henry"

Ben said:

Bloody hell that was boring...



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"My Volkswagen"
13 Feb 2017
We’re led to believe this lot are divulging some dating revelations. A nerdish chap is struggling to read “the signs”, while one woman reveals: “I know I need to do it - I just don’t know when”. As it turns out, they’re each describing their experiences with ‘My Volkswagen’ - an app designed to help drivers keep on top of their car’s maintenance. A droll way of drawing prospective VW owners’ attention.

Metropolitan Police
"Double Lock"
1 Dec 2016
It turns out you don't actually have to do anything exceptional to be a hero - just show a bit of common sense. That's the message in this spot for the Met, who celebrate a local woman as crime fighter extraordinaire simply for double-locking her front door. Hope she gets them to clear up all that ticker tape on her lawn, though.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Check Your Balls"
2 mins 20s
25 Oct 2016
Stand Up to Cancer encourages men to cop a feel in the best way possible with this lovely short film. David Mitchell's well-meaning dad tries to give his teenage son some essential health advice, but he just can't find the words. Checking "down there" doesn't do the trick, nor does the "naughty zone". Sometimes, it's best to just be frank about such matters.

"Maisie Williams vs Black Spots"
1 min 43s
14 Sep 2016
Maisie Williams showcases her comedy skills in this enjoyable spoof of beauty ads for Three. The nineteen-year-old takes time out from her busy schedule as a "global TV star and fairness ambassador" to talk about black spots... and not the ones found on your face. Thankfully, this is where Three's 4G Super-Voice enhancement comes in.

15 Aug 2016
Satire isn't always the best way of making a point but it's absolutely perfect for this message about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. A young man is given the thankless task of lobbying for legalisation of this practice and encounters - as you might expect - a fair degree of hostility. This is because we are all opposed - in principle - to this extremely dangerous idea.

"Queen's Parade"
9 Jun 2016
This past weekend saw thousands line The Mall and surrounding areas in celebrating the Queen's official 90th birthday. According to this neatly crafted Walkers commercial, a lucky bunch by Regent's Park were also treated to an unorthodox performance by the Queen's Guards. With Jennie Bond on commentary duty, the marching band break royal protocol in ""bootylicious" fashion. Despite his Euro 2016 presenting duties, even Gary Lineker finds time to take part in the festivities.

Smart Energy GB
2 mins
19 Jan 2016
This excellent piece for Smart Energy GB effectively illustrates why we should never put up with estimates when it comes to our utility bills, and it does so by showing how people feel when guessing becomes a part of other areas of life. By taking the action to the darts at Lakeside and having a comedian playing the part of a referee who uses estimates to cover his unwillingness to add up the score, we get to see exactly how the rumbustious crowd feels about estimates.

"Christmas Birthdays"
1 min 45s
10 Dec 2015
According to this funny ad for Three, those unfortunate enough to have their birthday clash with Christmas know from birth what a raw deal they've got. Brought into the world by a tinsel-wearing doctor, poor Noel (obviously) then endures the same festive birthday mash-up year after year. With Christmas as the main event, his birthday feels tacked on like a badge - the remote control to the remote control car.

Smart Energy GB
"Hidden Camera"
2 mins 05s
2 Apr 2015
Another funny slice of hidden camera fun from specialist Chris Faith of Fat Lemon has shoppers being completely bamboozled by a supermarket's policy of estimating their shopping bills. Excellent performances from the actors playing the supermarket's staff ensure that a lot of fun is had as they explain to punters how it works at their outlet. British stoicism stops anyone going completely ballistic but it's clear that people aren't happy with the idea.

Jack Savoretti
"The Other Side of Love"
3 mins 55s
20 Mar 2015
Singer songwriter Jack Savoretti has a new track out, and to go with it director Chris Faith has created a moody promo shot in "Acton Vale Working Mens Club on a dark Saturday afternoon," as he explains it. If one of the faces looks familiar, that's because it's actor Rafe Spall. The video perfectly captures the feel of relationship troubles exacerbated by too much drink in a noisy atmosphere.

Jamie's Cracking Christmas
2 Dec 2014
Never mind the precision of 'well-dressed' plates on Masterchef - this trail for Jamie's Cracking Christmas makes us slaver with greed. The photography is excellent: the springiness of pastry and the pinkness of meat; the tenderness of glazed carrots and the squidge of crushed roast potatoes... everything steams and glistens and oozes and bubbles like good food should; and we want all of it.

Uncle Ben's
"Where's The Kitchen?"
2 mins
26 Aug 2014
This is a smashing way of making a serious point about our generation's failure to pass on cooking skills to our children. Instead of getting all preachy on our ass, this viral for Uncle Ben's demonstrates what happens when an estate agent shows a number of families around a house that doesn't have a kitchen.

Yorkshire Tea
"Cricket Challenge"
15 Jul 2014
Rosemary Shrager and Michael Vaughan are the all-important judges in a competition between two rival cricket clubs in this engaging ad for Yorkshire Tea. The winner will be granted £10,000 for a new clubhouse but the battleground is not the field of play - instead, it's the ad-hoc kitchen where the tea is made for the twenty minute interval. Winning stuff.

14 Feb 2014
If you mainly know Idris Elba as 'Stringer' Bell from The Wire, it's a bit of a shock to hear his London accent in this spot for Samsung. Apparently "if you're passionate about food, film, music or photography" the company wants to hear from you. Elba tells us that Samsung are looking to collaborate with you on a project "that could change your life". Intriguing.

"Bacon Don't Buffer"
3 mins 25s
25 Sep 2013
Jamie Oliver and Kevin Bacon combine forces in this clever collaboration that advertises EE as well as promoting Oliver's FoodTube channel. Filmed to look like one of the short films posted on Oliver's YouTube channel - albeit with a pretty impressive guest star - you only realise that you're looking at something else altogether when Oliver's side of the screen freezes because of internet issues.

"King Of Ads - Episode Three"
3 mins
4 Jun 2010
The three finalists in Doritos's King of Ads competition have been determined. Watch the third instalment in this intriguing series to find out which of the fifteen short-listed entries have been selected to face the public vote.

"King Of Ads - Episode Two"
3 mins
4 Jun 2010
In this contribution to the Doritos's King Of Ads series, we get to see three of the pitches made to the judges. Noel Clarke behaves like such an arse that you start to wonder if the whole thing has been staged but, no, it seems he's just an arse.

"King Of Ads - Episode One"
3 mins
4 Jun 2010
This is well worth a look. A brief glimpse at each of the fifteen finalists in Doritos's 'King Of Ads' competition. The way it's been edited makes it look as though the three judges made up their minds with very little regard for the contestants' feelings. Tough game, advertising.

The Sunday Times
"Moby CD"
10 May 2008
A man's searches endlessly for a copy of a new Moby CD in a record shop (note how there's no one else in there... everyone else is at home downloading illegally) but he cannot find it because it is only available in this weekend's Sunday Times.

1-19 of 19 Results

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