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Chanel No. 5
"Lily-Rose Depp"
6 November 2016
UK Perfume

One shouldn't be too surprised at Lily-Rose Depp following in her parents' footsteps. The progeny of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis shows she's inherited mum and dad's photogenic qualities in this Chanel No. 5 L'Eau commercial. It's a visually striking mesh of contradictions... presumably Depp wants film directors to know she has acting range.

"Christmas Quiz"

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Chanel No. 5
"Lily-Rose Depp"
6 Nov 2016
One shouldn't be too surprised at Lily-Rose Depp following in her parents' footsteps. The progeny of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis shows she's inherited mum and dad's photogenic qualities in this Chanel No. 5 L'Eau commercial. It's a visually striking mesh of contradictions... presumably Depp wants film directors to know she has acting range.

"Idle Hands"
29 Feb 2016
The sense of dread in this intelligently-written spot for the YMCA is ratcheted up by the music; a note rising higher and higher as the tension is wound ever tighter. Disaffected youth is its focus: bored and alienated, teens can drift into petty crime and violence out of a desire to feel something, anything... but give that energy a positive outlet and wonderful results may blossom.

18 Nov 2015
This short beauty film not only possesses a lack of condescension unusual in this sector but is actually quite engaging. Lovely production design combined with excellent use of sped-up footage and a well-chosen soundtrack to create thirty seconds capable of conveying the idea that this is an intelligent brand worthy of our attention. Neat.

Age UK
"Man on the Moon"
20 Nov 2015
This film underlining the importance of John Lewis's partnership with Age UK for this year's Christmas commercial offers a further insight into the plight of old people who feel abandoned by their family and friends at this time of year... and it's been achieved by making the agency look like the bad guys!

John Lewis
"Man on the Moon"
2 mins
6 Nov 2015
The anticipation ahead of the John Lewis Christmas commercial grows and grows and this year it's been so great that the backlash began before anyone had even seen it. Those silly naysayers have - as you might expect - just been completely trumped by the film itself which is unerringly beautiful.

"Christmas Bikes"
29 Oct 2014
This lovely ad for Halfords feels really thoughtfully judged. First, it's true that despite the appeal of various games consoles and teccy gizmos that even the youngest children clamour for these days, there's still something fundamentally special about a bike - combining the novelty of freedom and independence with the physical connection of the outdoors

"The Swell"
29 Sep 2014
What grabs your attention when you watch this ad is the sound design. It's what turns it from a good ad to a great ad. As clever as it is to draw analogies between the experience of driving a particular car and intensely physical activities, Marcus Söderlund's excellent direction is definitely enhanced by Aaron Reynolds's equally brilliant contribution.

Old Spice
28 Jan 2014
Who says 15 seconds isn't enough to deliver a fully-evolved, stand-alone concept? Hard for anyone to make that claim after seeing this. A handsome dude and his lady are at the funfair when suddenly, his hair - a wig! - falls off his head. Well, not so much falls as slithers, because it takes on a life of its own and begins to operate the 'grabber' slot machine with joyous results. Inspired.

Is Tropical
"Dancing Anymore"
5 mins 24s
19 Apr 2013
The mighty French directing team Megaforce – repped by Riff Raff Films – is reunited with Is Tropical for more music promo controversy. Back in 2011 cartoonish ultra-violence enacted by some very up-for-it small boys lit up a promo for 'The Greeks'. This time? It's in-your-face cartoon porn.

Virgin Atlantic
"Flying In The Face Of Ordinary"
1 Jan 2013
Beautifully filmed, this tongue-in-cheek ad suggests the career path of Virgin Atlantic crew members is set from the moment they're born. It's a welcome change from the usual airline fare but the VO style does seem rather popular right now (think moneysupermarket.com and HP sauce for starters).

"Bad Girls"
4 mins 11s
28 Dec 2012
Psy was this year's internet phenomenon, but Bad Girls is unrivalled as 2012's most outstanding video. It focuses on the Saudi culture of rich young boys dicing with death in the desert but features girls performing some of the stunts instead. Shot in solidarity with the 'women to drive' movement, it's stunning and powerful.

"Moustache Trim"
5 Dec 2012
Another of the players from the Boots Christmas ad gets his slot... albeit only ten seconds this time. The young lad teased about his burgeoning facial hair despatches it using a Philips electric shaver and offers his newly-shaven visage an air kiss once he's completed the task.

"Mum Gets Back Out There"
30 Nov 2012
This sweetly told tale shows mum getting "back out there" with the encouragement of her daughters. It is one of the stories briefly glimpsed among the vignettes of the main Christmas ad but it actually works better in isolation. This work has its critics but we really like it and hope it does the job for Boots.

22 Nov 2012
Each of the vignettes in Boots' Christmas ad now seems to be getting its own instalment and here we learn more about the young couple who are moving in together. It seems that someone is feeling a little displaced by these developments... until he spots the compensatory circumstances of a new acquaintance. Mind you, does smile say 'oh hello' or 'please don't stalk me'... hard to say.

"Fancy Hotel"
17 Nov 2012
After receiving a make-up set from mum for Christmas, a pair of young women in an exotic and faraway land decide to blag their way into a fancy hotel. But it isn't really to their taste and they divert to enjoy the earthier pleasure found in one of the resort's less rarefied quarters.

"Let's Feel Good"
10 Nov 2012
So it's goodbye to "the girls" and hello to a lovely series of vignettes in which people receive gifts with special meaning. Anyone who has complained about the sentimentality of the new John Lewis ad had probably look the other way... this is just as emotionally-charged.

The Juveniles
"Through The Night"
3 mins 50s
25 Jun 2012

VW Jetta
"Car Battle"
11 Feb 2010
This understated Canadian ad for the VW Jetta shows the car drawing up alongside an impossibly brash motor which has been adulterated by a boy racer. Just as the traffic lights change, it becomes obvious that the VW has made the other car feel inadequate.

1 Dec 2008
Do you remember that clip from The Word where the young man snogs a granny because he'll do anything to get on TV? Well, it may come to mind when you watch this amusing piece for VW out of Canada which uses the same idea to illustrate the fact that the car combines power with endurance.

"Together At Last"
23 Nov 2008
Etta James's song 'At Last' provides the musical backdrop to this excellent ad in the Canadian series for VW. A security guard and a cleaner enjoy love at first sight to represent the way the car has brought together power and cleanliness.

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