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Sky Sports
"No More One Horse Race"
16 March 2017
UK TV Stations

Nico Rosberg’s retirement following his 2016 title victory left many Formula One fans shocked - and presumably left his closest rivals delighted. Pole position is up for grabs, yet this beautifully shot Sky Sports promo draws from a different track sport.

While there isn’t a car in sight, there’s plenty of horsepower. A white stallion stands proud at the starting line, but its repose is short-lived. The chasing pack bursts through the early morning haze to give the leader something to think about.

Sam Pilling and DP Pat Scola craft an engrossing race day, juxtaposing natural and man-made speed. The ebb and flow of this tarmac flat chase is complemented by some full-throttle sound design. Just as Cheltenham ends, the Formula One season begins - this bridges the short gap in classy fashion.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

Miles said:

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Sky Sports
"No More One Horse Race"
16 Mar 2017
Nico Rosberg’s retirement following his 2016 title victory left many Formula One fans shocked - and presumably left his closest rivals delighted. Pole position is up for grabs, yet this beautifully shot Sky Sports promo draws from a different track sport. While there isn’t a car in sight, there’s plenty of horsepower.

"Free to Run"
13 Oct 2016
BMW encourages us to embrace our inner child with this energetic commercial. Being an adult has its perks, but nothing beats sledging down a snowy hillside, watching sparks dance from a fire, or conquering the world's tallest mountain. Well, you feel like it's the tallest at the time. The car maker wants us to roam free again thanks to their all-wheel xDrive system.

Pearl & Dean
"Tumbleweed Trainer"
1 min 45s
26 Sep 2016
Pearl & Dean's campaign championing behind-the-scenes stars of cinema takes us back to the golden age of Westerns. While the likes of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne unloaded their six-shooters, someone had to train the tumbleweeds. In the style of a newsreel unearthed from the archives, the film pays tribute to Tinseltown's best tumbleweed wrangler - an "enigma" with the driest job on set.

3 mins 30s
13 Sep 2016
Impossible is nothing for a young photographer called Erik who describes his artistic process in this documentary made jointly by Volvo and Sky Atlantic. There is less worthiness in the subject of this documentary than in the other two films and - as if to compensate for this - directing collective DARYL have injected more visual interest. It doesn't quite distract us from Erik's self-indulgence but it's a good effort.

"Maria and Josefin"
4 mins
13 Sep 2016
In this short but wonderfully languid documentary made by Volvo and Sky Atlantic we're introduced to Maria and Josefin who built a business out of a desire to save their local environment from the danger posed by scuttled boats sitting at the bottom of the nearby lakes. Recycling parts from the salvaged vessels is a fantastically green solution to a problem that was a long time in the making.

3 mins 50s
13 Sep 2016
Volvo's fruitful relationship with Sky Atlantic continues to generate excellent work with this short documentary examining the efforts of a young engineer to improve the lives of those who have lost limbs. What's striking about this film is the optimism of both the engineer and the young amputee he's seeking to help.

16 Nov 2015
This smart commercial tells the true story of LeeFest - an annual event which started in 2006 when Lee's parents went on holiday and he decided to have a festival in their back garden. According to this handsome commercial, he couldn't have done it without Google... which he used in 2006 to find out everything he needed to get started.

"House Of Horrors"
2 mins
29 Oct 2015
Halloween has featured a lot this year, and giffgaff are the latest brand to put us through the ringer. Through the eyes of an unlucky mobile customer, we experience a haunted house inhabited by a distinctly modern collection of horrors picked by giffgaff users. It's an enjoyable ghost train of an ad from director Ninian Doff as our unseen protagonist is besieged from all sides.

1 Aug 2015
This new spot for KFC could easily have been schmaltzy - but in the capable hands of Pulse Films's Michael Pearce it's sweet and lovely. Designed to highlight the brand's new Mediterranean range, it focuses on the relationship between two brothers - Arturo and his older sibling, whom he idolises. Will things change when the brother gets a girlfriend? Watch and see.

Pearl & Dean
"Back of the Head"
2 mins 41s
8 Jul 2015
Pearl & Dean, the cinema advertising company whose jingle is as well known as Big Ben's chimes, takes an affectionate look at the unsung heroes of cinema in this sweet spoof. 'Actor' Chad Jackson - or the back of his head, more accurately - fondly regales us with the challenges he's faced over a decades-long career emoting without being "front-facing".

"Bring The Quiet"
4 May 2015
Another dynamic piece of work from a campaign that really gives Lynx's Black range a clear and appealing identity of its own. There's some impressive editing on show here - the ad's only 20" long, but you really absorb the frenetic pace of what's going on. It really conveys the feeling of letting a shower wash away the lingering hustle and bustle of the day just gone.

18 Feb 2015
If you've ever wandered into a supermarket to buy some milk only to find yourself emerging from a trance hours later in the homeware section with two trolleys of special offers that you've no memory of choosing, this ad is for you. As a Carlsberg supermarket would bewitch you into never leaving and your sorry spirit would end up lurking in the beer aisles long after your corporeal self had passed its sell-by date.

"Global Girls’ Night Out"
20 Nov 2014
Young women around the world are shown dressed up and heading off into their respective cities in this slick ad for Baileys, which demonstrates that a night out is pretty much the same the globe over (Newcastle not withstanding, obvs). It's a celebration of female solidarity, and suggests this generation of twenty-somethings are well-grounded individuals.

"The Artist's Journey"
3 mins 32s
3 Sep 2014
Guinness is currently running a campaign in Ireland called Amplify, designed to support up-and-coming music acts by connecting them with new audiences via live pub gigs. This film, narrated by Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham, follows bands as they go about their daily slog; setting up their gear, rehearsing, playing. Beautiful and atmospheric.

The Sun
"Dream Team"
9 Aug 2014
Even if your team's crashing and burning in reality, your fantasy team can be alive and kicking, so to speak. This spot shows crushed and defeated fans trudging out of the stadium like they'd been given a terminal health diagnosis... but one of them, unnoticed by the others, is quietly comforted by the fact that the poor result has in fact give him a 10-point boost in his virtual league.

The Sun
"We Feel Football"
8 Aug 2014
"I only buy it for the football," was a common refrain from Sun readers when challenged by their more enlightened friends... but there was a degree of legitimacy to the claim. The newspaper has always been pretty devoted to the sport - all the more since its televisual stable-mate grabbed the lion's share of live coverage for its satellite audience. What they haven't always done well is capture the idea in their marketing but this - and other recent work made by Grey London - has managed to make sure we are very very aware of The Sun's connection to football.

28 Apr 2014
This spot takes us on a walk through the generations as a boy appears to grow up - taking in the vagaries of each decade's various fashions - until he is an elderly chap. In each clip, he is expectantly coming downstairs as someone arrives home armed with KFC whose taste hasn't changed in years. Happily for the current generation, that taste can now be enjoyed even on their chips.

15 Mar 2014
A parallel is drawn between a teenage girl being encouraged to speak out against an abuser and a young boy about to face an audience of parents armed only with a recorder in this film for Barnardo's. While it's always interesting to see something different being attempted, it's hard to understand what this is trying to tell us about the connection between two very different situations and ultimately, this confusion works against the piece.

Gran Turismo
2 mins
9 Dec 2013
This takes beatboxing to a whole new level... instead of creating percussive sounds, the young guy in this spot produces the throaty, turbo-charged revs of a racing car engine. He continues for so long there comes a point when you're wondering if his larynx will start bleeding, but it's very impressive and demonstrates that wherever you are, your head can be still competing in the vehicle of your choice thanks to Gran Turismo.

Capital Extra
"Find It First"
29 Nov 2013
If you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest music, you've got to be prepared to search every dingy corner - at least, that's what this edgy film for Capital Extra wants us to believe. For those who live for music, nothing can compare with the satisfaction gained from identifying or discovering an exciting new band.

"Rescue Home Dogs"
19 Sep 2013
What dog lover could resist the prospect of helping to feed abandoned canines simply by choosing a certain brand of pet food? This balances the heartstring-tugger aspect with jaunty music and shots of happy dogs to good effect.

"Generation EasyJet"
15 Sep 2013
Crystal Fighters provide the music to a montage of people making or about to make their airborne voyages across the world. It's a feelgood piece designed to reinforce the ease and affordability of plane travel; suggesting you can go anywhere at the drop of a hat without breaking the bank. Thanks to work like this, Easyjet have very cleverly repositioned themselves in recent years.

"Tu Go App"
3 Aug 2013
This strong proposition shows O2 claiming it has an app that enables you to send and receive texts on other devices if you're a customer. To convey this, the campaign's doggy-moggy bounds across laptops and tablets and more to make the app appear, as it were. If you aren't already with the network, this very much makes you want to join.

"Cat's Thwarted Desires"
19 Jul 2013
Another delicious helping of cat-becomes-dog silliness on behalf of the mobile phone network company. DAVID suggested that the 'Be More Dog' proposition would need to be fully supported if it was going to be as effective as it is cute, and this commercial along with the other advertising activity we've witnessed suggests that VCCP and O2 are well aware of this.

"Be More Dog"
5 Jul 2013
This is one of those ads that reminds us how much we love doing what we do. The self-confidence on show here permeates every aspect of the commercial and you can tell within a few seconds that you're about to see something that's really going to stand out. In the poker game of mobile phone network marketing, O2 have looked at Three's hand and said: "we'll see your 'moonwalking pony' and raise you a 'cat that fancies life as a dog'".

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