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Sun Bets
"In It"
16 August 2016
UK Betting

We've noticed some interesting shifts in the betting sector as of late with some bookmakers moving away from the boisterous machismo commonly associated with this market in favour of a more refined approach. It's noteworthy then that The Sun's foray into online gambling - Sun Bets - pays no heed to this and goes all in with the lad factor. Thanks to this energetic ad, the decision looks to have paid off.

Shot from a first-person perspective, everything is in your face with the volume set to stadium crowd levels. Five-a-side teams, armchair supporters, the away game contingent, and even the, ahem, impartial stewards - the football fraternity is all present and correct here, and the new season has its audience back in full force.

The 'thick of the action or nothing' mentality serves the ad's momentum well, as does the first-person POV. Stink's Keith McCarthy and DP Christopher Sabogal neatly flit between perspectives to heighten the drama and for comic effect - and a speechless Ian Wright will no doubt bring pleasure to those averse to his punditry style.

Many will argue that gambling is a fool's errand regardless of how one chooses to dress it, but it is fascinating to watch how a bet on the footie manages to inspire ever more ambitious and well-crafted work. Here, the advertised betting site waves the lad flag proudly and with confidence.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts
"Creative Courage"

Mark said:

The music seems to fight the VO and detract the impact



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Sun Bets
"In It"
16 Aug 2016
We've noticed some interesting shifts in the betting sector as of late with the likes of Betfair and BetVictor moving away from the boisterous machismo commonly associated with this market in favour of a more refined approach. It's therefore noteworthy that The Sun's foray into online gambling - Sun Bets - pays no heed to this and goes all in with the lad factor. Thanks to this energetic ad, the decision looks to have paid off.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Never Let Go"
6 Apr 2016
Irish International BBDO's impressive work for the country's road safety campaign continues with an unsettling film which is all about a loss of control, and a preventable one at that. The revolving visuals immediately wrest control from the viewer as we witness a man tumbling through a dark vacuum. There's little chance to focus on those he tries to cling on to, but the desperation in his eyes shows he cannot bear to be parted from them.

Arla Best of Both
8 Feb 2016
The humdrum town of Compromise receives an injection of colour and calcium in this quirky launch ad for Arla's Best of Both milk. Once the shopkeeper has a sip of tea enhanced with "B.O.B.", he's straight on the blower to the town's cast of body builders and treadmill dog walkers. A lightness of touch in both the production design and the performances helps make the brand's bid to make yellow a stalwart of the dairy aisle stand out.

The Jump
13 Jan 2016
A happy family arrive at their fairytale ski chalet and are just admiring its picturesque charm when something falls, hollering, from the snowy skies. Horrified, they discover it's a vaguely familiar man - but just as we ascertain there's been no lasting damage to him, another being falls... and another... and another. This amusing spot for the new series of The Jump - something that's never appealed here at DAVID HQ - makes it look like appointment TV.

Laughing Cow
12 Oct 2015
A woman is on her way home from work. She looks cheerful enough, but her 'cravings' are starting to kick in. These cravings take the form of colourful furry shapes which follow her back and watch in anticipation as she opens the fridge to unwrap a Laughing Cow cheese cube. They are a diverting sight and certainly draw your attention to the new variant.

13 Oct 2015
Viking warriors lurk in the undergrowth, biding their time - before suddenly launching themselves at an enemy tribe with a ferocious roar. But wait... is that a selfie stick one of them is using to capture the scene? It is - because these fearsome dudes are more concerned with getting some great pics for their Ifolor photo book that they are in bloodthirsty murder.

Pot Noodle
"The Ring"
2 Sep 2015
Lucky Generals couldn't have asked for a better start to their work for Pot Noodle than with this terrific underdog story. Stick-thin, but packed full of Northern grit (and chicken and mushroom), our protagonist is determined to make the poster on his wall a reality. we can't help but join the hype for his in-ring debut. When it comes, it's a certainly a knockout.

"Beach Dreaming"
18 Aug 2015
If you can't go to the beach, let the beach come to you. That's what this fun spot for Rubicon juice promises as a couple in a shopping centre are instantly transported to an exotic paradise after imbibing the drink. The duty manager watches while the couple squat as if jumping into warm, tropical waters, and he decides to get in on the action, with questionable results. Not - under any circumstances - to be confused with the new Durex Play ad.

Stella Artois
"The Shadow"
14 Jul 2015
Ahead of this year's Open Championship at St Andrews, Stella Artois recounts a tale likely to be unfamiliar to most viewers - that of Amercian Tony Lema's 1964 victory at the Home of Golf. Playing into the Old Course's reputation as an unforgiving test of one's abilities, the film places Lema as a man deep in unknown territory. The tight grip and nervy eyes betray his apprehension... but he is not alone.

Currys PC World
15 Mar 2015
One of the three new spots from Currys PC World which explains that the retailer understands our needs as customers. Just because we can't lead the life of our dreams doesn't mean we can't have the tech that would make our humdrum realities better. There's lovely attention to detail in this - just look at the socks'n'shoes combo. It says so much in a single moment.

Currys PC World
"Pina Colada"
15 Mar 2015
One of three amusing new spots for Curry PC World in which the retailer conveys its understanding of its customers - whose difference between the life they dream about and the life they actually live is a yawning chasm. In this ad, a woman gazes with tender pride at her gleaming new fridge, imagining a glamorous world of pina coladas and handsome men.

Currys PC World
14 Mar 2015
This sterling ad is one of three new spots for the brand, designed to show that Currys PC World is in tune with its customers' needs. Here, a dad is inspired by his new integrated oven, and we're swept into his flight of fancy that he could be the world's hottest, most commanding chef. A supremely silly script has been beautifully delivered.

"There's Joy in the Blend"
16 Nov 2014
You have to hand it to J2O for inventiveness: combining breakdancing with old Irish folk dancing is not something you expect to see every day. But this blend of rollicking fiddles and eye-watering moves stands as a visual metaphor for the unexpected flavour combinations in a bottle of the drink in question; and if it's as unusual as the scene suggests it'll be one helluva beverage.

"Crying Baby"
25 Oct 2014
Another in the winning O2 campaign where a heroic moggie saves the day. This time, his chirrupy meow is correctly interpreted as panicking dad can't find the thing he needs in order to stop the baby crying and make it go to sleep; send help. Kitty has jumped over broken bridges, navigated public transport and busy road to bring the message... what a superstar.

"Wedding Planner"
19 Oct 2014
Another in this excellent new series for O2 making further use of their dog-like cat. Once again he's called into action by a telecommunications-based crisis and - once again - he's not found wanting. He charges across the countryside until he's able to convey the entire difficulty to an o2 guru with a single nod of his feline head.

11 Oct 2014
When a fun runner is unable to access his smart phone because of his encumbering costume, the brand's iconic cat rushes to the rescue. His Lassie-like run to the nearest O2 shop has him being understood in classic 'Timmy's stuck down a well!' fashion and soon a high-tech solution has been provided for the hapless marathoner.

"Stuart's A Hero"
30 Jul 2014
"If you're awake we're awake," says the young yet avuncular VO at the end of this spot. And jolly glad you feel too. Whether you're burning the midnight oil because it's what your career requires or whether you're just a chronic insomniac, it's a comfort to know life hasn't entirely shut down around you in the small hours. Very clever of McDonald's to aim to own that gap in the market.

Dry Nites
"One in Four"
14 Jul 2014
How do you address the issue of bed-wetting while keeping everything bright and breezy? You use a charming bit of stop-frame; a reassuring VO; some jaunty music and Bob's your uncle. Anything in this realm that doesn't make the squeamish squirm has done its job rather well, and this not only sidesteps the uncomfortable but is imbued with a fair amount of charm to boot.

6 Jul 2014
Kate is in a dreamy mood in a meadow because she's with her perfect mate. Not - as you may be tricked into believing by the VO - a kitten-stroking, book-reading fireman with a long hose but a discounted satchel from the advertised website. It does just enough to arouse the curiosity and when combined with appropriate links online ought to be pretty effective.

4 Jul 2014
This Barclaycard film uses the vernacular of online dating to describe how Brian met his perfect match via a special offer found at the advertised website. The perfect match in question is a computer tablet and he's taking it for a romantic row on a pond while staring adoringly at it. We tried checking out the website but you can't get anywhere without registering... now we'd never do that!

16 May 2014
You can't help feeling that Sell! Sell! latched on to the word 'adult' when their client told them this is a 'soft drink aimed at adults' and the agency just couldn't let go of it. The resulting ad is 'adult' in the sense of 'adult films' and thanks to a marvellous treatment by director Fern Berresford, it's a great deal of fun.

"On Top"
26 Apr 2014
Lucozade is now "the fuel to rule"; helping to keep determined types going just that bit further than they otherwise might have done. It taps into the whole mind over matter mentality that seems to be dominating our attitude to sport at the moment, from Olympian athletes and Paralympic icons to ordinary people taking part in marathons and triathlons to show that the body can be bent to our will.

26 Dec 2013
By making a donation to Oxfam you can lift someone out of their life of hardship and help them in turn to lift others out of their difficult lives too. To underline this, we see people literally defy gravity and hover above the ground as the effect of the donations take hold. It's always preferable when films like these are, er, uplifting.

The Taste
"Three Chefs"
19 Dec 2013
This trail masterfully plays on Nigella Lawson's current prominence and her plight is sure to add to the viewing figures. Charismatic as she is, it's probable that Anthony Bourdain will emerge as the real star of this show - as anyone who has read Kitchen Confidential can testify, he's a very funny man.

Channel 4
"Psychopath Night"
5 Dec 2013
This terrific ad for Channel 4's themed night is designed to tell us all we need to know (and probably more) about the "ruthless breed who lie, manipulate and sometimes murder, with no hint of conscience or remorse", as it says at their site. Apparently many psychopaths are company bosses - as you will have noticed.

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