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"No Regrets"
16 March 2017
Germany DIY Retailers

This ad for German DIY retailer Hornbach is barmy - and brilliant. It opens with a man building a house in an idyllic setting (we assume this is a common German leisure activity), who takes an unexpected tumble just as his son arrives.

The boy is struck by terror as his father screams, the entire structure collapsing on top of him in a cascade of wood and bricks which surely sends him to the big DIY store in the sky. The lad starts to weep for his loss - and the years of expensive therapy in his future - but then a very different sound begins...

The twist is a very entertaining example of how we wish we'd react to life's absurdities, and there's a lovely comedy performance from the grief-stricken child. Still, we wish the dark humour had been pushed even further - was anyone else waiting for a sinkhole to swallow them up at the end? Just us, then...

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

Miles said:

He's about 45 though, right?



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"No Regrets"
16 Mar 2017
This ad for German DIY retailer Hornbach is barmy - and brilliant. It opens with a man building a house in an idyllic setting (we assume this is a common German leisure activity), who takes an unexpected tumble just as his son arrives. The lad starts to weep for his loss, and the years of expensive therapy in his future, but then a very different sound begins...

"Hunger of The Gods"
10 Nov 2016
This ad for Aldi Germany - launching their first ever joint North-South ad campaign - is, quite frankly, fantastically bonkers. We come in to a huge party being thrown by the pantheon of Greek gods, enjoying such delights as giant hot tubs full of cereal, a hard-drinking skeleton band, and all the spaghetti snake-haired Medusa could ever eat. But alas! The party stops when the plug is pulled by a nearby accountant concerned with the cost of all that hedonism.

T K Maxx
7 Nov 2016
Film fans were recently hit with the news that Quentin Tarantino’s next two films will likely be his last. To soften the blow, T K Maxx’s Christmas ad pays tribute to Pulp Fiction with an unorthodox a cappella rendition of the movie’s signature tune, ‘Misirlou’. Before everyone has a chance to recite Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield’s ‘Royale with cheese’ scene, the ad’s oddball choir steals the show.

Stella Artois
"Never Heard of It"
16 Jun 2016
The grass court season is once again underway and with Wimbledon edging ever closer, tournament sponsors Stella Artois remind us that even the sport's most hallowed championships had to work for an audience. This mutton-chopped tout is disheartened to learn his tickets to the first Wimbledon mean diddly squat to 1877 society. Luckily, a bartender reminds him that the advertised lager also had to wait for its time to shine.

"Horse: Maximillian"
21 May 2016
What cheesily classic tropes makes your heart pound in your chest? The energetic violins of Vivaldi's Four Seasons? A horse galloping along a beach at dawn? Ridden by... another horse? Whoa, back up there a minute! Yep, that's what we're seeing. As the music reaches a frenzied crescendo the camera pulls back to reveal horse-on-horse galloping action. All in the name of a Spanish mobile network. Dig it, baby.

"Still Dancing"
2 Mar 2016
A little bit of Gary goes a long way as this fun 10” ad for Money Supermarket demonstrates. The bodyguard gives us a brief reminder of his body-popping prowess to celebrate his hefty savings, while Michael Buerk's matter of fact VO once again lends the work a degree of gravitas that only enhances the silliness.

"Movin' On Up"
3 Feb 2016
Having teased us with Lil Wayne buzzing none other than George Washington up to his abode, Apartments.com present their feel-good Super Bowl ad. Americophiles will apparently find plenty of references to sitcom 'The Jeffersons' here; for everyone else, Jeff Goldblum putting his piano skills to good use as the brand's tech impresario Brad Bellflower can be taken at face value.

Travel Supermarket
"Towel Drop"
15 Jan 2016
Travel Supermarket's über-organised German holidaymaker shows he's at the top of his game when it comes to commandeering sun loungers. While he lands his ideal spot in the sun from way up high, he explains how we too can "holiday like a German" by keeping abreast of holiday price changes with the help of the advertised website.

"Epic Wolf"
10 Jan 2016
moneysupermarket.com's ongoing campaign seems to grow in stature with each execution and the latest instalment adds to the sense that this advertising will run and run. It must now be starting to compete with the meerkats in terms of awareness in this sector and that's quite an accolade. They aren't altering the formula much but the scale seems to edge up each time.

Travel Supermarket
"Who Rules at Holidays?"
7 Jan 2016
This eye-catching film has a German tourist boasting of his compatriots' ability to organise holidays. He - it would seem - can do it standing on his head even if it makes him sound like Joe Strummer on 'Red Angel Dragnet'. He then saunters off like a man with a glass of Southern Comfort in his hand to the bar where he collects a glass of milk. Strange but certainly memorable.

"Silver Skaters"
23 Jun 2015
DAVID's never been a cider drinker (apart from that unfortunate incident in 6th form which everyone promised to draw a line under) but if anything were to ever tempt him back to the stuff it would be this marvellous ad for Swedish premium brand Rekorderlig. Two blondly hirsute chaps powerskate their way around a frozen fjord to the ethereal song of their coach... genius.

Southern Comfort
"Spray Tan"
16 Jun 2015
This latest ad in the offbeat campaign features three distinctive chaps enjoying a spray tan more than they probably should, as given by a salon lady who's also getting slightly too much out of the experience. Just like their skin, the lemonade they drink is on the pallid side - but a splash of Southern Comfort immediately gives it that sunkissed feelgood factor it lacked before.

"Time Upon a Once"
24 May 2015
This is one of those ideas that could have done with being attached to something else. The script is intriguing and Biscuit's Andreas Nilsson has delivered it with aplomb but it doesn't actually add up to a piece of communication that tells the audience anything about GE. It's hard to know how a punter is supposed to respond to it... other than with a shrug.

Old Spice
24 Nov 2014
This daft ad for Old Spice plays on the parental stereotypes of mothers who can't cut the apron strings and fathers who are all too happy to let the fruit of their loins strike out into the great wide world. Unknown to the young men out on romantic dates, their mothers are with them in spirit; clutching favourite of toys from childhood and lurking crazily under the ice of skating rinks.

"The Fight"
17 Apr 2014
This wacky commercial for a Norwegian Telecoms company starts in the midst of a fierce dispute in a dingy bar. Two geeky looking visitors look to be in big trouble as they're menaced by a scary-looking gentleman with tattoos. But before a punch is thrown in anger, the matter is resolved in unlikely fashion by another inhabitant of the dive bar whose used his 4G connection to establish that the geeks were in the right all along.

"The Chameleon"
2 mins
12 Feb 2014
Sopranos actor and erstwhile member of Bruce Springsteen's E-Street band Steven van Zandt trades on his reputation as a cult hero in Norway in ad for a telecoms company. Playing 'the chameleon', van Zandt is the man of a thousand faces (well, three) and gets to do a Jerry Lewis impersonation that may have previously been reserved for immediate family.

13 Nov 2013
Sometimes casting is everything - and in this instance, 'Valmano' man demonstrates why. The tone's great: late night, get-it-on vibe, perfectly undermined by gravelly VO telling the lad in question the gift he's bought his girl is "shit". Enter Valmano man and elderly sidekick to put him straight, accompanied by a little dance, executed poker-face style. Lovely.

"The Split"
13 Nov 2013
To the dulcet tones of Enya, Jean-Claude Van Damme ostensibly performs the splits between two moving Volvo lorries. The golden sheen of the trucks echoes the golden light of early morning on a deserted Spanish road as he serenely stretches his legs to full horizontal capacity in order "to demonstrate the stability and precision" of the steering.

19 Aug 2013
This wonderfully daft German ad has a similar vibe to the Southern Comfort film that should have won the Grand Prix at Cannes this year. A man undergoing dental treatment has his discomfort relieved by the luxury goods available from the advertised web site - represented by a suave man with some sharp moves.

Miike Snow
"Paddling Out"
3 mins 55s
14 Jan 2013
An overweight Benny from Abba wakes from an alcoholic stupor to discover a mysterious pair of shoes in this promo for Miike Snow’s Paddling Out. To an infectious slice of electro-pop, he finds the shoes give him disco twinkletoes and becomes so wrapped up in dancing that he doesn’t notice his house being abducted by aliens.

"Cut Through LA"
2 mins 30s
11 Oct 2012
This is like a cross between trick photography and performance art. A series of lookalikes take the place of basketball star Chris Paul to create a representation of a single sequence. The camera travels along this train of people as passers-by move incongruously in the background. In truth, you have to watch this to have any idea what that description means.

Cadbury Big Race
"Break A Record"
7 Mar 2011
This short ad promoting the spots versus stripes venture shows two men competing to enter a code into the keypad as quickly as possible. Apparently, you can emulate their competition via the Cadbury website... if you can be bothered.

2 mins 30s
14 Aug 2009
A gorgeous piece for the American footwear giant which combines basketball and a music track with some beautiful photography. This outcome makes DAVID wonder why pop promos and TV commercials don't just merge... ad breaks would be much more fun.

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