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"Strange or Be Forgotten"
4 mins 07s
12 April 2017
UK Promos

Temples tap Colonel Blimp’s James Beale for this underground photo shoot. Frontman James Bagshaw peeks through his considerable barnet to snap an eclectic cast. From musclemen covered in tattoos to human canvases, the band let their subjects do whatever their thing happens to be.

The promo celebrates those who defy easy or lazy categorization - something Temples know all too well. The band wear their psychedelic influences on their sleeves, and Bagshaw’s lyrics even nod to their retro heritage - ‘I am living in the past… caught up in the time of a different century’.

As for the track, ‘Strange or Be Forgotten’ brims with euphoric synths and keyboards. Even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, there’s enough craft and buoyancy to suggest the band won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

"Raspberry Roulade"

Chris said:

Er, Publicis… you've obviously been watching our M&S 'Adventures In…' campaign. Get your own!



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"Strange or Be Forgotten"
4 mins 07s
12 Apr 2017
Temples tap Colonel Blimp’s James Beale for this underground photo shoot. Frontman James Bagshaw peeks through his considerable barnet to snap an eclectic cast. From musclemen covered in tattoos to human canvases, the band let their subjects do whatever their thing happens to be. The promo celebrates those who defy easy or lazy categorization - something Temples know all too well.

23 Mar 2017
Barclays once again retreat to go forward with another well-shot ad. This woman moves backwards while describing her fears about her housing prospects. Fortunately, the advertised bank offers her a Family Springboard Mortgage, using her (willing) parents’ savings as the deposit. The device cleverly ensures we pay attention to the proposition.

Police Dog Hogan
"Tyburn Jig"
3 mins 41s
22 Mar 2017
The bluegrass band formed by Blink's James Studholme gets a promo packed with Victorian ne'er-do-wells for their latest single 'Tyburn Jig'. Director Fred Rowson turns the band into arrestingly sinister crims bound for Tyburn over misdemeanours such as organ harvesting, hysteria, and cat strangling. Even their names are inspired: with a moniker like Mildred Battyfang, you're doomed from the word go.

Honda Civic
28 Feb 2017
Aim high and don’t look down, says this stunningly-shot Honda Civic commercial, in which rock climber Imogen Horrocks decides to take the gnarly way up an imposing mountainside. After all, she didn’t become a Team GB member by climbing ladders. Evoking ‘Mission: Impossible II’’s opening scene, Horrocks tackles great heights in searing heat.

"S/S 2017 Camo Collection"
22 Feb 2017
French fashion label Moncler channel M.C. Escher in this trippy commercial. These models parade the brand’s new camouflage collection in a realm of endless stairways and gravity-defying landings. Much more exciting than a plain old runway, eh? Another skilful mind-bender from Colonel Blimp’s Alan Masferrer.

"Interview Skills"
22 Jan 2017
Plenty of us have wished we could wind back the clock on a job interview. Well, Barclays do just that in this well-shot ad. The bank continues to support young jobseekers with practical advice, such as how to nail the final interview. This lad’s reverse walk is neatly done and it helps give the message some dynamism.

Short Films
"King Lear Act 2 Scene IV"
4 mins 46s
15 Nov 2016
Colonel Blimp’s journey through Shakespeare’s tragedies continues with Billy Lumby’s take on King Lear. The setting is updated to a nursing home, but the language stays the same. Forget castle walls and royal quarters; Act II Scene 4 now unfolds in dull corridors and unwelcoming social areas.

5 mins
20 Sep 2016
Much of this film rings true. In a bid to remind teenage girls to trust their instincts, it depicts a very believable scenario as an innocent party is spoiled by the arrival of a young man with sexual designs on a young teenage acquaintance. The devil is in the detail. It's in the face of her young male friend when the newcomers arrive and it's in their pushy attempt to make him 'one of them' by pressing beer on him. It's in the girl's effort to juggle the contrasting demands of two sets of friends. It's in her willingness to lie to her mum about who she is with. But most of all it's in the pervading sense of doom Dan and his friend bring with them.

T K Maxx
"Space Station"
10 Sep 2016
A woman in T K Maxx's health and beauty department striking eye for a bargain leads her to join the space programme. Forget about exploring new planets or establishing contact with aliens - this crew's mission is all about looking and feeling fabulous. The zero-gravity visuals are impressively realised, while Katherine Parkinson's VO maintains the retailer's carefree spirit.

T K Maxx
"Biker Jacket"
3 Sep 2016
T K Maxx has captured the frisson associated with a new and unexpected purchase throughout this campaign with a variety of eye-catching scenarios, and this ad maintains the sophisticated silliness with a woman taking motorcycle stunts to new levels of chic. As if the addition of a designer dress and a biker jacket to her wardrobe wasn't enough, the latter inspires her to add some two-wheeled thrills to her Tuesday afternoons.

Short Films
3 mins 34s
17 Aug 2016
Music's soothing properties are pushed to the brink in this riveting short film from Colonel Blimp director Abbie Stephens. A violinist enters a building in an agitated state. The root of his despair is left to the viewer's imagination, but his catharsis is plain to see and absorbed in searing fashion. After initially throwing away his instrument, the protagonist stands at the edge of the room and begins channelling his emotions into the violin.

2 mins 51s
14 Jul 2016
We knew the music industry was cutthroat, but you'd think an act would be safe on the set of their own video. Alas, Madrid quartet Hinds find their friendly warning to a besotted young lad falling on deaf wars with grisly results in this multicoloured promo for 'Warts'. With skin-like ice and an equally cool demeanour, this femme fatale ultimately tires of the band's presence and begins as visually refined a massacre as we can remember seeing.

Short Films
6 mins 08s
28 Jun 2016
If 'Ghostbusters' assumed they had this year's spectral-inspired comedy market taped, they didn't reckon on Fred Rowson's superb insight into paranormal activity in North London. Well, specifically in Pauline Poulter's kitchen. In an entertaining flurry of documentary-style scenes and quick cuts, the film follows Pauline as she describes the sinister machinations of her oven.

Short Films
"You Are Awake"
4 mins 28s
5 Jun 2016
Oscillating somewhere between a dream and a nightmare is this eerie short film by Colonel Blimp's Pedro Martín-Calero. Based on the bizarre sleeping plague which has afflicted a Kazakh village since 2013, this unnerving and confounding piece explores a world where taking forty winks produces infinite uncertainty.

Short Films
"Macbeth Act I Scene 5"
3 mins 06s
23 May 2016
The Colonel Blimp stable has clearly embraced the challenge of taking some of William Shakespeare's most iconic scenes and injecting them with fresh blood. Following on from Pedro Martin-Calero's thoroughly modern take on 'Julius Caesar', director David Wilson gets to grips with Act I Scene 5 of 'Macbeth' with equally riveting results.

Short Films
"Julius Caesar Act II Scene 1"
3 mins 35s
30 Mar 2016
It's the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death in April and amongst the activity celebrating the event is a series of films designed to show that his work is as alive today as when he put quill to parchment all those years ago. Colonel Blimp's Pedro Martin-Calero has delivered his contribution with aplomb by taking a scene from Julius Caesar and bringing it right up to date.

"A Gift On Us"
19 Mar 2016
Want a new phone... on the house? That's what you'll get with O2, apparently. After 12 months, that is, if you choose the latest model on their 30GB tariff. Shame there has to be such a rider, but all the same this does make it sound as if you're a rather privileged customer. Suavely done with some slick choreography.

"Joy of Storage Bumpers"
7 Jan 2016
This series of bumpers for IKEA has been very cleverly compiled using stock footage. The boffins at BlinkInk (and Colonel Blimp) have replaced objects in short sequences from the archive with household objects which are then placed perfectly in the space designed for them by IKEA.

18 Nov 2015
Another lovely spot for French liqueur Chambord which provides all we need to know in order to make what looks like a very yummy beverage indeed. Full of joie de vivre and attitude, this campaign is colourful and refreshingly irreverent about the approach to cocktail making... forget time-honoured recipes and arcane mixologizing; this is the way forward.

"Black Raspberry Margarita"
18 Nov 2015
These ads for Chambord are very cool. The grading is exquisite, as is the sound design; and we admire the fact that while keeping the whole thing stylish, useful information isn't sacrificed - they make sure we can easily note down how to produce these elegant cocktails. Perfect for the Christmas season, classy and sassy.

Stealing Sheep
3 mins 45s
20 Oct 2015
When the album 'Into The Diamond Sun' came out, it was apparent that a new and distinct sound had emerged on the music scene. Stealing Sheep - a female trio from Liverpool - bring a strange whiff of pagan folksiness into the clean and precise world of electronic music... and the only thing that could improve on their latest track 'Apparition' would be a video by the excellent Dougal Wilson. Which is what we have right here.

Tame Impala
"Let It Happen"
4 mins 27s
19 Aug 2015
Kevin Parker continues to impress with his music; released to an eagerly waiting world without much fanfare from himself. Let It Happen is a big, beautiful, swirling number that's deceptively effortless, and David Wilson's promo picks up on what appears to be the song's theme - whatever comes your way, you can't fight it: instead, give yourself up to it and accept your fate.

Channel 4
"Years & Years"
3 mins 30s
10 Jul 2015
This then is the three-and-a-half minute long performance of Years & Years's new single which occupied an entire ad break on Friday night. As each thirty seconds elapse, punters can opt for which promo they want to see for the next thirty seconds. Cleverly, a certain amount of dynamism was guarantee by not allowing the current promo to be chosen.

Channel 4
"Years & Years Trail"
10 Jul 2015
The first part of an audacious piece of marketing organised by The Outfit signals a takeover of the next commercial break. Social media users will be able to choose between three different promos for a new single by the band Years & Years. The interaction will be maintained throughout the three-and-a-half minute song.

"There's Joy in the Blend"
16 Nov 2014
You have to hand it to J2O for inventiveness: combining breakdancing with old Irish folk dancing is not something you expect to see every day. But this blend of rollicking fiddles and eye-watering moves stands as a visual metaphor for the unexpected flavour combinations in a bottle of the drink in question; and if it's as unusual as the scene suggests it'll be one helluva beverage.

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