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Braun Hand Blender
"Become Unstoppable"
7 February 2017
UK Electrical Appliances

UNIT9ís Cole Paviour has an appetite for destruction in this Braun commercial. We see the Multiquick 9 make short, stylish work of various foodstuffs, while Paviourís camera makes shredded berries, nuts, and coconut flesh look like confetti. While we could do without the dubstep soundtrack, the ad should appeal to fans of hardcore blending.

"The Wayfair Song"

Matt said:

Hire an agency. This is doggy doo.



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Braun Hand Blender
"Become Unstoppable"
7 Feb 2017
UNIT9ís Cole Paviour has an appetite for destruction in this Braun commercial. We see the Multiquick 9 make short, stylish work of various foodstuffs, while Paviourís camera makes shredded berries, nuts, and coconut flesh look like confetti. While we could do without the dubstep soundtrack, the ad should appeal to fans of hardcore blending.

2 mins 09s
10 Jan 2017
BBC One take a leaf out of Channel 4's book with these diverse idents from their Christmas Day broadcast. Cute kids, Dr Who fans, market traders, and expectant mums - to name a few - introduce their respective programmes in short slice-of life-shots. Mary Berry's inclusion will doubtless feel poignant to some viewers, but she's back soon so all is not lost.

Football Manager 2017
"In the Know"
8 Nov 2016
It may be November, but fans of the Football Manager series know the season doesn't truly begin until the latest edition hits the shelves. This entertaining ad captures the game's addictive appeal as these lads manage their clubs both home and away. Meanwhile, series veterans will appreciate a cameo from retired striker Cherno Samba - an unlikely superstar in the digital arena.

Insolvency Service of Ireland
4 Oct 2016
The Insolvency Service of Ireland realises the notion of 'drowning in debt' with this unnerving, well-crafted commercial. A woman is shown struggling against an invisible current as her two children eat breakfast. As she floats in mid-air, she fights for a lifeline. Alas, there are only half-made cups of tea and final warnings on her kitchen counter.

"Party Animals"
25 May 2016
This clever film for Sony uses cute animals as a visual counterpoint for the sleek, almost fetishistic product shots. It's a tad on the long side but contains a lovely array of speaker-on-animal action which draws you in and ensures you pay attention to the Sony brand.

"Max and Louis"
21 Apr 2016
This canny film for disability charity Fitzroy underlines the progress that still needs to be made in accepting all sections of society. We see two men scrutinised by mocking teenagers and awkward waiting staff as they try to enjoy their first date together. In the end, we learn the reason for their not-so-subtle discrimination isn't the one we expected.

Army Reserve
"Who's Got Time For That?"
21 Apr 2016
This understated but effective film directly confronts the idea that those who join the Army Reserves aren't always considered cool by other people in their lives. In an office, a man has a hint of mockery in his voice as he asks a colleague how he can find the time to take part... he receives an answer that gives him pause for thought and the hope is that his introspection will be repeated by some of the viewers.

Mellon Educate
"What the Fuck Have You Done?"
3 mins
21 Mar 2016
Daydreamers, procrastinators, and dilly-dallyers beware - volunteer charity Mellon Educate have you in their sights. This clever film riffs off the vagaries of online interaction to guide us towards channelling our clicking energy into something worthwhile. Easier said than done in this age of falling down the YouTube video rabbit hole.

"Thank-you, Jean"
3 mins 15s
29 Feb 2016
This lovely film by Peter King will have special meaning for some in our audience because Ben Hopkins - whose bereaved family feature in it - was a location manager known to many. As King's short documentary reveals, Hopkins was killed in a car accident when his youngest child was just ten weeks old and life for his partner Lucy became immensely difficult. Helping her pick up the pieces was Canadian nanny Jean Rowcliffe who had been through a similar experience herself when her teenage son died.

"Sound You Can See"
17 Feb 2016
Cymatics is the visual representation of sound, and director Cole Paviour uses it here as a way to illustrate the nuanced aural textures produced by Sony speakers. As deep house singer Kiesza sings, we're treated to a display of synchronised ferrofluid, sand resonating, and vibrant paint hues jumping in time to the beat.

"Mark Vaz"
2 mins 22s
11 Feb 2016
This short documentary by Liz Unna introduces us to Mark Vaz who is running 400 marathons in a year for Adoption UK. As he heads out for his daily pre-dawn run, we learn what led him to tackle this extraordinary aim. He's very matter-of-fact about the miscarriages he and his partner have endured but you can tell how hard it's been for him, and the toughness of his training regimen plainly provides a catharsis of sorts.

Virgin Active
"First Dates"
7 Jan 2016
Virgin Active are seeking to cash in on the annual appetite for fitness spurred by the magical date of January 1st with a lovely commercial which illustrates how each exercise in the gym brings a real world benefit. They've achieved this by showing us the trials and tribulations of a woman who - as well as resolving to get fit - has decided it's time to find that special someone too. Each of her dating misadventures enables her to utilise some aspect of her gym training and this provides a funny and relatable series of vignettes.

"Me And My Bear"
1 min 35s
26 Nov 2015
This lovely debut effort from director MICH proves it can pay dividends working with children and animals... well, OK, teddy bears. A doting grandmother's knitted gift becomes an inseparable friend for this young boy, with the Lifecake photo app allowing her to keep track of their adventures. Just the right level of sweetness and a smart choice of music - fans of 'The Office' will be on guard to sort out that something in their eye.

Lloyds Bank
29 Oct 2015
This new online communication from Lloyds Bank claims that the institution won't be distracted from supporting small businesses. It's a subtle admission that the bank's focus has been drawn away from customers towards other well-documented issues in recent times, but by way of a hard-working florist being given her moment in the spotlight, they are determined to fulfil their responsibilities as a supportive bank.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Anatomy of a Split Second"
17 Sep 2015
How do you go about making a road safety film without following all the tried and tested routes? Irish International BBDO have found a way. Their excellent ad for the Road Safety Authority Ireland focuses on a single moment in time one afternoon, portraying what happens in a split second as it oscillates between an action done and the same action undone.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Don't Look Back"
22 Jun 2015
This film advocating road safety in Ireland will put a chill up many a spine because it tackles a thought that's unbearable - being responsible for the death of a child. And not just any child... one's own child. Using a similar style to his award-winning film for Save the Children, director Martin Stirling mines the protagonist's agony she feels all through her life because of a split-second misjudgement that cost her daughter's life.

"A Song of Oil, Ice, and Fire"
1 min 45s
27 May 2015
The post-apocalypse is prevalent in the minds of many following the recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road and other conceits based on the end of the world as we know it. Greenpeace want to hammer home that certain organisations risk bringing this about for real in search of oil. It's an idea powerfully brought to life by director Martin Stirling.

Crisis Action
"With Syria: Afraid of the Dark"
25 Mar 2015
Crisis Action highlights the worsening situation in Syria as a caring dad catches his son reading by torchlight after his bedtime. He tells him not to be afraid of the dark and that everything will be okay. Flash forward four years and the son must repeat the words of his father in the most despairing of circumstances: comforting a terrified youngster as overhead rockets illuminate the night sky. A subtly composed piece that has the desired effect of hitting home.

Mark Owen
4 mins 12s
1 Oct 2013
He's no Christopher Walken, but you've got to give Mark Owen his dues Ė he's got no place to hide in this, so it's a ballsy thing to do. And what is that thing? It's a solo dance routine in a stark underground car park (we think this setting may have featured in a couple of videos in recent months).

Temi Dollface
"Pata Pata"
3 mins 59s
4 Jul 2013
In contrast to the vibrant but gentle song of the same name by Miriam Makeba back in 1957, Nigerian singer Temi Dollface's track is sassy, witty and provocative. 'Pata' roughly means 'touch' in Xhosa, and 'Pata Pata' is both a dance and slang for sex. Paradoxically, Temi's lyrics are about breaking up; and she shows us how to do this in a style all her own.

"Dash for the Sun"
31 May 2013
Seldom can an ad have been more timely than this celebration of the meagre British summer. As the Met Office announces one of the coldest springs on record and we wait with bated breath to see if summer will deliver something more impressive, we can completely relate to the protagonists pouncing on any hint of sun in this ad for Warehouse.

Royal London Society for the Blind
"Everybody Technology"
4 Dec 2012
People with different disabilities mouth words provided by Stephen Hawking in this touching piece which presents scientists with a challenge. By highlighting the idea that technology has been transformative for him, Hawking pleas for innovation that's attuned to the disability of the individual and allows the rest of us to see him or her as a person.

"Pass The Miquita"
15 Mar 2010
Doritos is launching another competition asking the public to make their own TV commercial for the snack-food company. A multiplicity of Miquita Olivers presents the news in this neatly put together piece. Apparently, you can win £200,000.

Electoral Commission
"Silent Generation"
15 Mar 2010
A post script to the recent film reminding young voters to register if they want to participate in the forthcoming general election. A young man uses a computer to ensure that he will get to place a cross against his favoured candidate in May.

Electoral Commission
"Silent Generation"
15 Mar 2010
A young man is unable to give voice to his thought because he's been rendered silent by his failure to register for his vote. The other sounds in the kitchen are loud and clear which serves to emphasise his impotence. An excellent and timely reminder.

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