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"Only On Instagram"
26 September 2016
UK App Based Services

This online-only Instagram ad is another striking demonstration of directing collective Megaforce's mastery over time itself. The camera swoops through a selection of frozen moments, capturing the buzz of a late night rave and the powerful whiff from a sweaty sock. Intricate visuals and a suitably avant-garde soundtrack combine to emphasise the advertised app's stature amongst the snap-happy.

This is the second ad we've seen this week which takes a well-used trick and elevates it to an entirely different level (the other being Ringan Ledwidge's US Audi ad.)

This is a perfect blend of in camera and VFX trickery and absolutely mesmerising to watch.

Yorkshire Building Society

Adam said:

lovely attention to detail on this production



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"Only On Instagram"
26 Sep 2016
This online-only Instagram ad is another striking demonstration of directing collective Megaforce's mastery over time itself. The camera swoops through a selection of frozen moments, capturing the buzz of a late night rave and the powerful whiff from a sweaty sock. Intricate visuals and a suitably avant-garde soundtrack combine to emphasise the advertised app's stature amongst the snap-happy.

"Not Just a Pretty Hairstyle"
9 May 2016
Lynx have taken to life at the grown-up table like a fragrant duck to water. OTT babe-magnetry has been traded in for a sleeker, more considered approach to comedy. Following scenarios featuring trial by wasabi and eclectic portrayals of self-confidence, the brand present an amusing ditty inspired by James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful'.

"Ski Lodge"
2 Mar 2016
Of course, we like to think it's DAVID's wisdom and influence that has resulted in this new direction for Tena for women. The brazen French minx may not have quite the impact of Sterling Gravitas, but hey - she's still a huge improvement on the simpering capers of her predecessors. Her lassez-faire attitude to those 'oops' moments is a clever way to reduce the stigma of stress incontinence... it'll be interesting to see if the brand's target audience respond positively to this.

"The Snackarchist"
7 Feb 2016
There's a touch of Napoleon Dynamite about the young man refusing to conform in this excellent commercial for Mattessons' range of meat-based snacks. Showing a healthy disrespect for authority, he flaunts every rule he can encounters... albeit often demonstrating a slightly wary level of defiance.

"Look Who's Driving"
2 mins 25s
3 Dec 2015
What a marvellous idea for an online spot promoting the sheer resilience of Volvo trucks: rig one up like a giant remote controlled car, give the controls to a four year old girl, and let her steer it round a gravel pit littered with all kinds of obstacles. Not only is it highly entertaining to watch little Sophie get stuck into her task, it proves beyond reasonable doubt that the FMX is one tough mother of a truck.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
20 Oct 2015
The knives - all of the knives - are out in this entertaining trailer for this year’s entry in the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise. The series’ signature blades rupture out of streets of Victorian London as they pursue this panicked wrong’un. The onus is on Ubisoft to redeem themselves after the problematic launch of 2014’s ‘Unity’ title, and while this is not in-game footage, they seem especially keen to let players loose on the capital’s rooftops.

"Bitch Better Have My Money"
6 mins 50s
7 Jul 2015
Rihanna and Megaforce... somehow it's not a surprise what this collaboration has resulted in. Creating waves whose ripples have reached so far beyond its audience that it's even had a mention on Radio 4's Thought For The Day, the controversial video for Bitch Better Have My Money is an orgy of violent thriller tropes with a femme twist, and we love it despite ourselves.

8 Apr 2015
A companion ad to the epic 'dishes' execution, this glorious spot focuses on the myriad uses we find for glasses - and the need to clean them that inevitably follows. This crushes Finish's rivals by communicating the message with style and makes an endless chore feel like a cause for celebration. Quite an achievement.

8 Apr 2015
Hold the phone, what's happened here? Where is the usual twaddle about targeting tough stains? Where are the swoosh-tacular graphics? W+K evidently gave that memo short shrift and decided instead to provide substance via stylishness. In so doing, they've created a terrific new precedent for this sector... one that could improve life immeasurably at DAVID HQ.

"Musical Chairs"
18 Jan 2015
We like the idea here - that you and your bank are involved in a game of musical chairs around the interest rate of your credit card. Who'll grab the seat and be the victor: you, for remembering that the introductory rate is about to end, and evading any potential charges... or your bank, for catching you out? NatWest declare that this is not their MO - the question is: do we believe them?

29 Oct 2014
Ah, Halloween - a fertile source of inspiration in the world of advertising. We've had Ikea's take on The Shining - and now giffgaff is getting in on the act. In classic horror style, a young woman is fleeing from a chainsaw-wielding maniac... and we anticipate the worst when she stumbles and falls. However, all is not what it seems.

"Make Small Spaces Big"
6 Jul 2013
Ikea has done it again. Entrancing... captivating... this demands all kinds of positive superlatives. As Aretha Franklin sings about her tiny home, living dolls in their very own doll's house go about their day in a place filled with clever space-saving furniture and design ideas. A tour de force from French directing collective Megaforce.

National Lottery Scratchcards
"There's No Time Like Now"
18 Apr 2013
This communicates the idea that your life could change in the blink of an eye with the right lottery scratch card. It's a difficult task to make ads like these stand out from each other, and this does well to convey that moment where time appears to stand still as your numbers - with all their potential - are revealed.

Is Tropical
"Dancing Anymore"
5 mins 24s
19 Apr 2013
The mighty French directing team Megaforce – repped by Riff Raff Films – is reunited with Is Tropical for more music promo controversy. Back in 2011 cartoonish ultra-violence enacted by some very up-for-it small boys lit up a promo for 'The Greeks'. This time? It's in-your-face cartoon porn.

Dizzee Rascal
"Baseline Junkie"
3 mins 15s
6 Jan 2013
With its booming “Big, dirty, stinking bass” refrain, this is one powerhouse of a track accompanied by a stupendous promo. Resplendent in dazzling white suit, Dizzee plays the role of an evangelist spreading the way of the bass across council estates, prisons and churches with his gurning sidekick in tow. Foulmouthed, irreverent, and utterly brilliant.

5 Oct 2012
Confusingly for our audience, this is a teaser for a commercial we've already added to DAVID. It's a brief glimpse at the impressive swirls that make the new work for Baileys one of the best-looking ads of the year.

"Pour Spectacular"
5 Oct 2012
BBH and Riff Raff Films have combined forces to produce a beautiful piece of work for Baileys. Blondie's Rapture is combined with Busby Berkeley-style choreography to generate a truly wonderful result. And, more importantly, it's a piece of work that persuasively and prominently places the advertised product at it centre.

"Give Me All Your Luvin'"
3 mins 35s
6 Feb 2012
In the same week that Madonna performed during the half-time interval at the Super Bowl, the veteran songster issued this pop promo designed to cash in on her appearance at America's most illustrious sporting event. For a woman in her fifties, she has remarkable vitality and this video captures this perfectly.

Is Tropical
"The Greeks"
3 mins 20s
1 Jun 2011
This fascinating pop promo is bound to cause a certain amount of offence but its violence is explicitly cartoonish and we don't think you'll ever see a better rendition of what's going on in the imaginations of young boys when they pretend to shoot each other in their games.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos
23 May 2011
More dancing from the empty dresses we first saw in a longer ad earlier this month. This ad is used to introduce a variant of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate called Chocos. They look a bit like Rolos but that must be a complete coincidence.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
"Charity Shop"
6 May 2011
A collection of clothes in a charity shop begin dancing to the strains of Jermaine Stewart's 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off'. This after hours fun is the latest glass and a half of joy brought to us by Cadbury and continues their winning tradition of disconnected frivolity.

"Phone Fund"
26 Jul 2010
Another in this excellent series for Orange which wryly explains the benefits of using the advertised mobile phone network. A woman climbs on to a bus as the sardonic voiceover reveals that she gets money towards a new phone each time she makes a call.

"Online Updates"
1 Apr 2010
You have to love the way this campaign is willing to make fun of the very people it's trying to appeal to. In this execution, a man tries to get the balance right between constantly updating his status online and providing no information at all.

"Orange Wednesdays - Zombikini"
12 Mar 2010
Another excellent commercial for Orange using a distinctive visual style that has the scenes cleverly rolling into one another. This ad has a man struggling to decide which of his friends he should take to the cinema with him using Orange's 2 for 1 deal.

"Magic Numbers"
12 Mar 2010
This utterly enchanting ad for Orange shows a woman struggling to decide which of her friends she should choose to be her magic number. The visual style combines with an excellent piece of voiceover work to make a commercial that's a great deal of fun.

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