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"Acting Masterclass"
1 min 40s
18 August 2016
France Fast Food Restaurants

This year's crop of summer blockbusters may have failed to set the world alight, but this well-performed McDonald's ad hints at a seat-filler with extra bite.

We're given an insight into the actor's craft thanks to an on-set interview with this watery epic's leading man. Suave and aloof in equal measure, the thesp gives little away when asked about his acting techniques. One can't help but wonder how he manages to summon such raw emotion in each and every take... but the reason has more to do with matters of the stomach than the heart.

Each strand of the commercial is amusingly realised: the interview drips with self-importance; his dramatic chops are captured with the Academy Awards in mind; while his all too real love affair with a chicken burger constantly out of his reach shows method acting can only go so far.

As well as the lead performance and the film-set motif combining to entertaining effect, we especially like the quick glimpse of the storyboard promising a shark versus submarine duel. Perhaps if the fast food chain sells enough burgers on the back of this ad, it could become a reality.


Matt said:

Patronising rubbish.



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"Acting Masterclass"
1 min 40s
18 Aug 2016
This year's crop of summer blockbusters may have failed to set the world alight, but this well-performed McDonald's ad hints at a seat-filler with extra bite. One can't help but wonder how the lead in this watery epic manages to summon such raw emotion in each and every take... but the reason has more to do with matters of the stomach than the heart.

"Not Alone"
1 Aug 2016
This is the second ad in the new Macmillan campaign, and it's an even stronger, more assured execution than the first. We follow the journey of a man stumbling through the dark days of his diagnosis and treatment for cancer - and at the points when it appears he doesn't have the strength to take another step, others are there urging him on.

26 Jul 2016
An astronaut is flagging outside his spacecraft in the cold wastes of the void. His grasp on the cord connecting him is failing... even the thought of his wife and children can't quite galvanise him to make it back to the safety of the hatch. But his desperate colleague has an idea... and it just might work.

Système U
"La Vie en Rose"
31 Mar 2016
French supermarket Système U creates a chorus of the iconic Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose' from the fractious wailing of newborn babies. The song is basically shorthand for the French sense of optimism, and by cleverly weaving the cries into its tune the ad suggests Système U is on the side of future generations... so long as the current generation of parents shop there now, we presume.

"The Obstacle Course"
2 mins 15s
30 Mar 2016
This unflinching film from equality collective Inter-LGBT depicts the desire for acceptance amidst discrimination as an endless assault course. Filmed from a first-person perspective, the audience is thrown head first into a frightening gauntlet - one that is still unnecessarily endured by members of 'modern' society.

"The Spear"
28 Jan 2016
More wonderful silliness from the French campaign for McDonald's depicting a man lost in the wilderness. In this execution, the hapless fellow has decided it's time to start fending for himself and has fashioned a makeshift spear in a bid to catch a fish. As you'll perhaps guess, it doesn't go entirely to plan!

"The Bear"
28 Jan 2016
A man changing a tyre in a frozen wilderness almost has the job finished when a bear begins menacing him. Terrified, he leaps into his car where - for a moment or two - he feels safe. Director Ben Gregor has ramped up the terror to ensure the best possible pay-off when it emerges that this man is able to make his awful situation seems perfectly all right just by thinking about some of the food available from McDonald's.

"The Trunk"
28 Jan 2016
A terrific follow-up to the main ad has our bear-bothered hero making his way across a frozen log when the unthinkable happens to his unmentionables. Even though you know exactly where this is going, the performance is irresistible and the pay-off is just about perfect.

"The Chase"
21 Sep 2015
Daniel Craig plays second fiddle to a young woman on a pair of waterskis in W+K Amsterdam's Heineken swansong, and it's a fantastic way to bow out. Craig makes good his escape from a gang of villains in a Mediterranean fishing village by jumping into a motor boat but doesn't realised it was being prepared for a jaunty bit of water sports.

"The Insider"
1 min 40s
16 Jun 2015
Holidaymakers looking for a tranquil city break might want to avoid Paris with this spontaneous tourist guide on the loose. Upon spotting a group of people preparing for a staid trip down the Seine, the protagonist commandeers them for a tour they'll never forget as he explores some of the city's less familiar corners.

"The Match"
17 Feb 2015
When Fredrik Bond's in this kind of form, DAVID could watch his work all day long. He is an absolute master at generating a joyful narrative from a series of chaotic scenes and this is him at his very best. As a ship pulls out of harbour, the protagonist realises there's a big Champion's League match on and he's going to have to come up with a cunning plan to watch it.

"The Man Who..."
3 mins 38s
13 Feb 2013
This beautifully understated viral has Bruce McLaren - founder of an eponymous F1 team - describing an innovation he introduced before he was killed testing a car a little later in his very short life. An actor walks the track while a compelling voiceover provides the narration and the overall effect is mesmerising.

1 Nov 2011
The quality of the music player which comes as part of the advertised phone is so amazing that you'll feel every beat. In fact, everyone around you will feel every beat too and this is illustrated by showing their hair pulsing to the rhythm.

Stella Artois
"The Pouring Ritual"
4 mins 27s
5 Oct 2011
A number of barmen are shown how to pour the perfect glass of Stella in this amusing piece out of Mother. In keeping with the brand's main strand of advertising, it's a marvellously surreal film with a number of clever gags and a vibe that owes much to French cinema's golden era.

1-14 of 14 Results

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