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Acura NSX
"Original Must Be Done"
22 December 2016
UK Cars

Making cars look sexy is second nature to Mark Jenkinson and he's pulled it off again in this ad for the Acura NSX. Glimpses of the car being made are married with footage of it strutting its stuff on the race track to create a compelling desirability.

There's probably never been a better time to consider buying a performance car. The environmental claims of diesel-fuelled cars lie in tatters and - as we spend four years contemplating the possibility that World War III will be triggered by a fit of Trumpian peevishness - we might as well party on.

After all, converting the world's remaining crude oil into petroleum for the Mad Max dystopia that lies ahead may be the only thing that's going to make the rest of this century any fun.


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Acura NSX
"Original Must Be Done"
22 Dec 2016
Making cars look sexy is second nature to Mark Jenkinson and he's pulled it off again in this ad for the Acura NSX. Glimpses of the car being made are married with footage of it strutting its stuff on the race track to create a compelling desirability. There's probably never been a better time to consider buying a performance car.

"Juliet Stevenson"
5 Oct 2016
The latest ad in this winning series for Amazon's talking books service has Juliet Stevenson suggesting we let our imagination enhance the daily commute. Her description of such fantastical images as a newborn dragon and an intimate murder has us picturing impossible things, once again demonstrating how "when we listen, amazing things happen".

"Eddie Marsan"
4 Oct 2016
Eddie Marsan sounds slightly threatening as he plays with our imagination in this commercial from Audible, Amazon's audiobook branch. The actor delivers a boatload of gravitas as he conjures surreal images which demonstrate the power of words to enliven our lives... even when we're enduring the most boring commute imaginable.

Audi R8
1 Jun 2016
When it feels like you're going around in circles, it can be a frustrating experience. Audi, on the other hand, like nothing better than going for a good long spin. Having shown they can let rip like the best of them in the past, the luxury brand present a cultured take on a boy racer's speciality. The camera remains in faithful orbit around the R8 as it executes a textbook doughnut on a warehouse floor.

iD Mobile
"Urban Cowboys"
6 Apr 2016
Another of the films celebrating the existence of the Fletcher Street Riding Club by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might. Here a variety of voices involved with this extraordinary project explain how caring for horses helps to keep young men away from gang violence. As with the other work in his series, this has been beautifully filmed.

iD Mobile
27 Apr 2016
This extraordinary film by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might is one of a short collection he shot in North Philadelphia with the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. Of all the ways in which one might expect an urban community to keep its young people away from the threat of gang violence, horse riding would sit somewhere between stamp collecting and morris dancing in a very long list of remote possibilities.

"Virtual Cockpit"
25 Apr 2016
You can trust Rogue's Mark Jenkinson to elicit drama out of dashboard instruments, and Audi's faith in the director is rewarded with this neat piece of storytelling. It appears the car maker is rather proud of its digital interface, one which displays everything a road user requires along with some nifty extras. Outside the comfort of the cab, however, all is not well.

BBC Radio
"Turn It Up"
22 Mar 2016
BBC Radio present a lyrical and eye-catching tribute to the wireless with this 60" ad directed by Rogue's Mark Jenkinson. Poet and wordsmith James Massiah is our guide through an ever-changing environment as he ponders radio's ability to keep us switched on from the moment we slide out of bed.

"Compete (Director's Cut)"
29 Feb 2016
In this extended director's cut of a Porsche commercial we brought you earlier this year, the parallels have a bit more room to breathe, so the resulting languorous film has just a tad more impact. The two Alis has understandably caught people's attention but the other doubles are deftly handled too.

"Act of Love"
8 Jan 2016
We know it's hard for you to imagine but - picture if you can - an island state situated just off the coast of a great continent whose people have a strong sense of superiority over their neighbours and possess an almost fetishistic attitude to afternoon tea ceremonies, and who are so repressed that the mere thought of sexual contact sends them into a tizz.

13 Dec 2015
This striking ad for Porsche pits icon against icon in a manner that will send chills down sporting fans' spines. With a little help from the boffins in the visual effects lab, Muhammad Ali steps into the ring at the peak of his powers. His opponent? Muhammad Ali. Joining him/them on this fantasy card are Maria Sharapova and chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen facing off against themselves.

"ITV Mystery Drama Bumpers"
14 Oct 2015
Good production values help make these bumpers drawing attention to Skoda's sponsorship of ITV Mystery Dramas engaging mini-thrillers on their own. Various tense goings-on involving Skoda vehicles reveal themselves to be of a rather more mundane nature than we're led to expect. Keep an eye on that pug, though - we think he might still be up to something.

Nissan Leaf
15 Sep 2015
There's no shortage of talking in this eco-driven ad for Nissan. It's all about the difference between talkers and doers, with the earnest VO placing Nissan firmly in the latter camp when it comes to developing electric car technology. Shot with typical sleekness, whether this aerial escapade actually persuades people to take the electric route is another matter.

BMW 3 Series
"Hard Act To Follow"
21 May 2015
We really like this as an idea because of its simplicity - taking each car in the BMW 3 Series right from the very first model, and overtaking it with the superseding one. Good line too: "A hard act to follow is the best act to follow". This isn't ground-breaking but it's a lovely demonstration of the brand's heritage while illustrating that their cars have come a long way.

"Ed Sheeran"
18 Nov 2014
This excellent ad features Ed Sheeran, portraying his rise to fame from his bedroom at the family's home, through to busking on the underground and ending with an appearance at Wembley Stadium. The whole commercial was filmed in a single shot which gives it a lovely dynamism and proves Sheeran must be good at hitting his marks.

Evans Cycles
16 Aug 2014
This spot for Evans is great: really gets to the heart of what makes road cyclists tick. That is, the cyclists who secretly dream of being Chris Hoy and hope shaving their legs will shave time off their Sunday challenge if not their daily commute. It implies that if Evans understands all the things they say they do, they'll have additional stuff cyclists never even knew they needed - an irresistible siren call to this breed.

"Soccer Aid for Unicef"
1 min 40s
11 Jun 2014
This lovely set of idents features a number of Tesco staff at various branches collecting money for Soccer Aid. Customers are filmed popping money in the buckets (or shuffling about not wanting to donate but feeling trapped) as a lively football-style commentary is kept up about the manner in which the staff let in goals - ie, the contributions.

"The Art of Villainy"
2 mins 10s
6 Apr 2014
Mark Jenkinson's follow up to the Super Bowl ad highlighting the Britishness of villains in Hollywood movies is more than a match for its big budget prequel. Tom Hiddlestone - who also appeared in Tom Hooper's film - pulls out all the stops as he offers a step-by-step guide to villainy that incorporates a Shakespeare recital and a lot of smouldering.

3 mins 43s
21 Mar 2014
A couple of Seat fans are given the opportunity to experience a simulation of the brand's fastest-ever car... or so they think. What actually happens in this compelling viral is that they get taken out on a zippy test drive in the new model itself, which must be for all the world like off-road go-karting - great fun. We imagine speed fans everywhere will enjoy this.

London Grammar
3 mins 59s
28 Jul 2013
First things first - don't try this at home, kids. Same goes for you, dads. Sam Brown's inventive video for London Grammar's superb new single Strong goes in a direction you really don't expect and it's a pyrotechnical joy, but don't be surprised if your local paper reports a spate of garden shed fires once this has been on YouTube for a few weeks.

"Moments of Truth"
5 Jun 2013
What a total stunner of an ad. A beautifully simple, effective idea - earn your drink - brought to life in the most imaginative way possible. DAVID is a great believer in 'truthiness', and this has pint glasses of it. We've all known moments of triumph snatched from the yawning maw of disaster, and this captures the euphoria fabulously.

Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream
"Beach Run"
24 May 2013
In an idyllic country garden, a family enjoy ice cream that's "Cornish by nature", whatever that means. It employs the time-honoured device of everyone falling silent as they savour the product in question, but it's nicely shot; gets a few grazing cows in to plant the 'made the old-fashioned way' notion in our heads; and if it weren't freezing cold and wet outside this May Bank Holiday DAVID might quite like to try some.

Audi R8
"Evolution / Revolution"
4 Mar 2013
This is one for petrolheads and those fascinated by advertising's increasingly inventive attempts to capture the public's attention. Punters who point their mobile devices at the distinctive Blippar barcode on a poster will see the featured clip on their handset. Audi is hoping that this will excite them enough to investigate further.

23 Sep 2012
The bankers of Santander descended on Shrewsbury to see if they could save its residents a million pounds while they were there. This feel-good glance at how it was done manages to convey the idea that the whole of the Shropshire town got wrapped up in the excitement.

13 Jun 2012
According to this commercial for the German car manufacturer, the advertised model is as rare and beautiful as an eclipse. It's impressively put together but it possesses the glossy quality that we've come to associate with corporate campaigns made more for the boardroom than the public.

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