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24 March 2017
UK Internet Based Services

The woman in this commercial for online streaming service Deezer claims that it can work out what she wants to listen to, even when she can't. It's been filmed to offer a sense of intimacy which helps to make it feel as though it's an option for grown-ups but you still can't help wondering what advantage it holds over the competition.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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24 Mar 2017
The woman in this commercial for online streaming service Deezer claims that it can work out what she wants to listen to, even when she can't. It's been filmed to offer a sense of intimacy which helps to make it feel as though it's an option for grown-ups but you still can't help wondering what advantage it holds over the competition.

"Raise Your Limits"
1 min 44s
8 Mar 2017
2011’s ‘Senna’ honoured the late Ayrton Senna’s F1 legacy while offering newcomers an insight into the Brazilian’s need for speed. Now McLaren - the team for whom Senna won three world championships - ensure this launch film for the 720S is a family affair. Professional racing driver Bruno Senna carries on the family tradition by putting the super car through its paces.

"Porsche Design"
1 min 33s
12 Jan 2017
Huawei and Porsche collaborate on a new smartphone apparently based on their shared design sensibilities. Voices from both parties try to convince us of the fact, but it’s the visuals that command our attention. One question remains: does owning this count as owning a Porsche?

"Bacon and Banana"
12 Dec 2016
Bonkers - sorry, experimental - chef Heston Blumenthal has concocted some unusual festive treats for Waitrose. If you're bored of bog-standard trifle you can bin the sherry and strawberry jelly and give bacon and banana a go. Better not spring this one on guests without warning, even if the food photography here does make the dessert look intriguing.

Co-op Supermarkets
1 Dec 2016
The Co-op puts community spirit at the heart of its Christmas campaign. We watch the good times roll in for friends, families, and workmates. Smuggler’s Joshua Neale creates an appealing medley of festive moments, from a passionate kiss to revellers enjoying a chilly Christmas swim. Yet that’s only half the story. We think we know what Christmas is all about, “but what if it could do more?”

Road Safety
6 Oct 2016
This film for Road safety is bound to have the impact it wants: making cyclists cautious about their decisions when lorries are around. Opening with a skilfully edited montage of clips of things you don't want to get stuck between: rutting stags, hurtling hockey players, a boxer's fist and his opponent's face, the ad sets viewer up so they expect the content to be funny, before letting dread creep in as impacts start to land and things begin to look sinister.

DJ Shadow
"Nobody Speak (ft Run The Jewels)"
3 mins 33s
29 Aug 2016
Things are getting tense and personal at a summit meeting of the world's superpowers. "We the best," bristles a silver-haired elder statesman to his counterpart across the floor; "we will cut a frowny face in your chest." The nerve! "Fuck outta here," comes the response, before everything escalates and turns into a potty-mouthed bunfight.

Old El Paso
"The Grand Tour"
2 mins 52s
15 Aug 2016
Danny Trejo meets Dinky Trejo in this well-shot film for Old El Paso which provides the former with some formidable competition in the taco-making stakes. When the cocky veteran sees his van roll off a cliff into oblivion, he's forced to hitch a ride with his young challenger as they set off on a culinary road trip.

Peugeot 308
"Peter Mullan"
13 May 2016
This ambitious commercial for the Peugeot 308 initially has us shifting our brains into neutral as the advertised vehicle cruises through the albeit attractive Scottish landscape. Just as we start rifling through our glossary of car ad cliches before the script kicks in, we're greeted by hard-hitting actor and filmmaker Peter Mullan... and he has one or two thoughts about how cars are packaged for us on our telly boxes.

13 May 2016
Friend's Tim & Joe must have felt like two kids with keys to the drone factory in this zippy ad for Argos. It seems the retailer have plenty of televisions to satisfy this summer's viewing schedules, so they're used as colourful signposts for these competing flying machines. It's an elaborate way of communicating a now familiar message, though the drone pilots earn their wings on this occasion.

"Arsenal Strip"
18 Jun 2015
This is a hell of a way to introduce your new kit. You can argue all you like that the modern worship of football stars isn't a great way for our society to be heading but it's certainly a reality and if the clubs are going to launch a new kit every year, they might as well do it with the panache on show here. Director Chris Balmond is better known for the comedy films on his reel but he demonstrates here he has a flair for drama too.

Public Health
"Rot Roll Up"
9 Jan 2015
Two young children are with their dad at the park. They go off to play while he sits down to have a fag and watch his "cheeky monkeys". So far, so normal. But as we see him take out his roll-up kit and reach in the tobacco pouch, something strikes us as very wrong. Stomach-churningly wrong, in fact. But he doesn't notice. And that's the worst part.

"One Day"
18 Nov 2014
Children draw pictures to illustrate their ideas that "one day" heating their home and keeping a fuel supply automatically topped up will become a reality in this ad for Calor Gas. It's very sweet and gets the message across clearly - the subtext is that if you don't want to do it for yourselves, then do it for your youngsters.

"Kicking Down Doors"
4 mins 19s
2 Jul 2014
It may be on a rather uncool Pepsi World Cup-inspired compilation album, but Santigold's latest is a banger. Produced by Yogi - the trio associated with Skrillex - it's a trap-infused, electro-fried tribal chant that goes toe-to-toe with M.I.A.'s best. And, even better, it comes with a superb video from director Andy Morahan, inspired by the football game that took place in No Man's Land during WW1's Christmas Truce.

Anchor Cheese
"Nothing Days"
9 Mar 2014
Peter Capaldi once again provides a perfectly laconic VO for Anchor... this time to make the case for 'blank diary days' when we allow glorious nothingness to occupy us. This looks like it was only partially scripted - some of these set-ups look like they weren't set up at all and this 'candid camera' aspect perfectly underlines the central proposition.

"Unite This Christmas"
2 mins 30s
29 Nov 2013
Just when we thought we'd seen it all this Christmas, along comes this amazing commercial for KFC that brilliantly mocks many of our most revered Christmas rituals. It's a highly surprising move for the advertiser who - despite a lengthy relationship with one of the most consistently creative agencies in London - has tended to a favour a pretty conservative approach.

"Aerial Artist"
28 Nov 2013
A woman tumbles gracefully through the air draped in fabrics the colour of Baileys... which she becomes as the drink is poured into a glass cup of coffee. The movement of both are billowing and balletic, and it feels designed for the big screen which would provide the full visual impact this spot is going for.

"Let's Stick Together"
9 Mar 2013
Farmers thoughtfully caressing grain in the wholesome country air, nice delivery people shifting boxes with 'Assured Food Standards' printed on them, slo-mo shots of hand-prepared, coated chicken legs... KFC are ticking all the boxes when it comes to signposting that their fast food doesn't cut corners.

"Christmas Fuel Saver"
15 Nov 2012
Stephen Mangan uses his most enthusiastic voice to reveal how various offers at Morrisons enable us to save money. Not only can we use vouchers acquired from the supermarket to buy things in other shops, we can get a useful discount on fuel for our cars too.

30 Oct 2012
This is part of ASOS's global Christmas campaign... the first of three films made by Rokkit's Luke Monaghan. Model Charlotte Free is the subject of this one - the upcoming films are centred around Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding and we're promised that each will showcase "the brand’s new Christmas collection in their own individual way."

"Turn What You Buy Into Fuel"
7 Sep 2012
This trio of commercials illustrate how you can turn the things you buy into fuel by rendering the metaphorical reality of this into actual reality. Using a combination of cunning and clever design, our heroes are able to provide power for automobiles without burning a single drop of fuel.

30 May 2012
This innuendo laden commercial out of Russia advertises a pharmaceutical product called Prodlisex appears to imply that using it will give you two penises. Whatever the protagonists may imagine, DAVID suspects that this wouldn't work out as well as they might think.

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