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"Britain's Got Talent Sponsorship"
9 April 2016
UK Lotteries / Pools

We've now seen The National Lottery's Katie Price 'KTV' channel in various guises since it launched last summer, but the concept manages to lend itself well to the bumper format. With each ad break for Britain's Got Talent, we get a glimpse at what a Katie Price-laden schedule would look like, including sports reporting that makes Alan Partridge look a broadcast heavyweight.

Birds Eye
"A Boy's Tail"

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"Britain's Got Talent Sponsorship"
9 Apr 2016
We've now seen The National Lottery's Katie Price 'KTV' channel in various guises since it launched last summer, but the concept manages to lend itself well to the bumper format. With each ad break for Britain's Got Talent, we get a glimpse at what a Katie Price-laden schedule would look like, including sports reporting that makes Alan Partridge look a broadcast heavyweight.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup
"Wiener Stampede"
2 Feb 2016
Less isn't always more. For their Super Bowl commercial, Heinz laugh at the notion of featuring just one or two dachshunds and plump instead for an entire wave of wiener dogs. Suitably attired to look like their spirit snack, they bound across a field to Harry Nilsson's 'Without You'... and this audio-visual experience alone would normally be enough to leave everyone happy.

"Tough Love, Soft Love"
20 Jan 2016
If you're looking for sympathy on account of your winter cough, good luck finding it from John C McGinley. Well, sort of - it depends which side of the bed you're looking at. Halls assign their menthol and honey variants to two very different spokespeople - both played with gusto by the 'Scrubs' and 'Platoon' actor.

"Vinnie Jones"
18 Oct 2015
As with the previous executions, the broadcast version of the new National Lottery film gives us a taste of what's in store if we watch the extended version. Vinnie Jones wants to spend his lottery windfall on a plan to channel everyone's anger into a new energy source and this lovely piece of tomfoolery explains how he's going to do it.

"Vinnie Jones (Extended)"
1 min 40s
19 Oct 2015
This is the campaign that keeps on giving. It's not often these days that agencies carry on delivering on a promising conceit but you have to hand it to AMV: the second wave of 'please don't let it be them' is every bit as good as the first. Much of the credit for that belongs to director Jeff Low who has coaxed wonderful pieces of self-deprecation from the subjects of these films.

"Noel Edmonds"
2 mins
8 Oct 2015
Another fine helping of fun courtesy of the excellent new campaign for the National Lottery. This time Noel Edmonds sends up his own image with a greedy plan to cash in on his association with the concept of the 'house party'. Given some of Edmonds's strange political views, this could have been a whole lot darker!

"Dream Weekend"
1 min 50s
20 Jul 2015
This spot for Subaru revolves around the outcome of a trip to the vet's. The prognosis evidently isn't good for this man's beloved dog, so he creates a bucket list weekend of all the things they should do together while they can. It reminds DAVID of a profoundly moving short story called Bill by Brad Watson.

"Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen"
2 mins 30s
15 Jul 2015
AMV and Biscuit's Jeff Low have saved the best until last. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (LLB) leaves Piers Morgan and Katie Price trailing in his wake as he mercilessly sends himself up on behalf of the National Lottery. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's comedy version of himself - on the other hand - is merely him with the volume turned up to eleven.

"Piers Morgan (Extended Version)"
2 mins
7 Jul 2015
The extended version of The National Lottery spot featuring Piers Morgan, is - it has to be said - even better than the broadcast spot. Much as we hate to admit it, he plays the part frighteningly well, and the various scenarios bear the weight of additional time without sagging in the slightest - all of which goes to show how strong a piece of work this is.

"Katie Price"
2 mins 20s
7 Jul 2015
Another entertaining ad for The National Lottery focuses on fame-hungry Katie Price, and the dreams she plans to realise on scooping a massive prize. Hats off again to Jeff Low for evidently putting her at ease enough to enjoy running with the gag... she proves herself very game, and her limitations - both acting and expression-wise - are key to the fun.

"Piers Morgan"
5 Jul 2015
Piers Morgan trades on his reputation in this clever ad for the National Lottery which suggests his egotism would know no bounds if he were to win a big prize. The idea that we should buy a ticket to make that less likely isn't mathematically sound but is nonetheless persuasive as surely we would all do anything to stop the former newspaper editor from pushing ahead with the tongue-in-cheek plans he outlines in this commercial.

Southern Comfort
"Spray Tan"
16 Jun 2015
This latest ad in the offbeat campaign features three distinctive chaps enjoying a spray tan more than they probably should, as given by a salon lady who's also getting slightly too much out of the experience. Just like their skin, the lemonade they drink is on the pallid side - but a splash of Southern Comfort immediately gives it that sunkissed feelgood factor it lacked before.

13 Jun 2015
A smiling old chap cycles along a track in the deepest countryside, accompanied by his trusty dog. As he freewheels along, we hear a version of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' and see him change into younger and younger incarnations of himself because that's how cycling in such a scenic location makes him feel.

Alpha Betty
10 Jun 2015
This spot initially amuses and intrigues as a stupendously dull lecturer (the good-natured paint mixer from the current B&Q ads, if our vision serves us right) is startled by a series of unexpected appearances. A student discoverers that his own surreptitious moving of Scrabble letters is responsible for this - but the reveal that tells us nothing except it's a game called Alpha Betty Saga is an anti-climax.

"The BBQ"
21 Apr 2015
A friendly barbeque becomes a tense affair as Heinz Ketchup and his new Yellow Mustard partner run into his old flame. We feel for the poor hot dog caught in the middle when he's asked which variant he prefers. It's a nice idea that's sold well by the understated performances, complete with humorously restricted body movements.

Old Spice
24 Nov 2014
This daft ad for Old Spice plays on the parental stereotypes of mothers who can't cut the apron strings and fathers who are all too happy to let the fruit of their loins strike out into the great wide world. Unknown to the young men out on romantic dates, their mothers are with them in spirit; clutching favourite of toys from childhood and lurking crazily under the ice of skating rinks.

"Empty Chair"
8 Jul 2014
Target market, target market, target market... that's what you have to keep saying to yourself while watching this beautifully crafted piece of schmaltz out of America. Never mind that you - as a Briton - will be waiting for the punchline that doesn't come, the punters at whom this is aimed will be wiping away a tear or saluting or something.

Cobra Beer
"The Boss"
1 Mar 2014
The stylish young entrepreneur who makes impossibly smooth Cobra beer also makes impossibly supportive bras according to this amusing ad for the Indian lager. We see him lording it over both domains as a VO explains that he's living the dream... an idea that many young males would struggle to argue with.

Lipton Tea
"Be More Tea"
27 Feb 2014
Well, we never expected this... an ad that combines Muppets and tea to make something truly delightful. But that's exactly what it is - delightful. This has Kermit in the maelstrom of a New York filled with Animals in one guise or another - pushy, rude, obnoxious - but navigating a peaceful path because Lipton's has enabled him to "Be More Tea".

Philips Philishave
"For Every Face"
2 Nov 2013
We like this a lot - lovely change from the usual po-faced macho gubbins when it comes to ads for razors and razor blades. This cheeky number has an attractive but not model-perfect chappie trimming his facial hair with the beard manager bit, and suddenly he's "sexy Colin" with a ripped bod to boot. It gets all the info across at the end as well too, without completely dropping the humour. Plus goats.

14 Oct 2013
This US commercial for Hyundai cleverly taps into the current vogue for all things zombie... and the fact that it was first broadcast during last Sunday's keenly anticipated first episode of the new series of The Walking Dead demonstrates the value of doing so.

"Running with Cats"
11 Aug 2013
This is huge fun, and with the almost total ubiquity of lolcat videos in inboxes around the world, it's no wonder this came up as a concept. What a shame, then, that 02 beat the comparison site to it with their 'Be More Dog' campaign, which just has the edge on this. Nonetheless, it's beautifully done and Bill is perfectly cast.

"Garden Tools"
29 Apr 2013
Another brief spot urging us to "say no to gnomes" by choosing garden furniture from Ikea instead. To a dramatic music bed, one of the plaster-of-Paris ornaments flies through the air as a result of trying to sabotage a woman's efforts to hang up her trowel on a piece of wood with hooks sticking out of it.

1 May 2013
Another sweet postscript to the main gnomes ad for Ikea's garden range has a couple using a hammock as an improvised weapon in the fight against the little clay creatures. They hurl the blighters violently against a wall smashing them to smithereens... it's like a surreal version of The Walking Dead. Get in the house, Carl.

Land Rover
"A Rough Tumble"
22 Apr 2013
To the strains of gentle classical music, a group of young men careen and somersault through land off the beaten track. There are four of them - each representing a wheel, perhaps, on the Land Rover which they're standing in for; and the slow motion beauty of their movement is a paean to the grace with which the aforementioned vehicle handles itself.

1-25 of 29 Results

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