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Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 January 2017
UK Charities

This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives.

The first part of the ad has all the characteristics of bad theme park advertising to a tee. The voiceover straining for enthusiasm, the shooting star graphics sloppily applied, the hyperbolic script turning a trip to the supermarket into a magical adventure. The description of a duck as 'the creature from the park lagoon' feels particularly spot-on.

Cumulatively it only serves to heighten the reveal - when we cut to a child dwarfed by a hospital bed, for whom getting out into the ordinary world really would be an adventure. It's a jarring contrast handled with care by director Andy McLeod, and it leaves a lasting impression.

ITV Box Office
"Chris Eubank, Jr."

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Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 Jan 2017
This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. We see a parody of a theme park ad for 'Ordinary World', complete with a hyperbolic script which turns a trip to the supermarket into a magical thrill ride... but for kids stuck in hospital, it really is the adventure they want.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Smart Energy GB
28 Jun 2016
Don't be too surprised if you see 'Gaz and Leccy: The Movie' down your local multiplex in the future. The duo's animated scraps have provided plenty of entertainment while Smart Energy GB aim to increase awareness about smart meters as part of a nationwide drive. This time, Gaz regrets giving a frozen Leccy a lick as the sparky one enjoys a spot of bungee jumping.

Smart Energy GB
"Round Two"
27 Jun 2016
More animated aggro from Gaz and Leccy as Smart Energy GB continue their drive to help the nation rein in its energy bills. Even a bedroom dressing table affords the campaign's mascots plenty of scope to inflict humorous grief on each other, but Jim Broadbent's genial VO assures us that the time has come for a far more controlled approach to energy, courtesy of the initiative's smart meter roll-out.

Smart Energy GB
"Out of Control"
16 Jun 2016
It's just as we've always suspected: those essential utilities gas and electricity really don't behave the way we want them to. In a sequence that reveals Gaz and Leccy's heritage - Gremlins on one side, Itchy and Scratchy on the other - the two go on a rampage in an ordinary house; blasting each other to dust and gloop and back again with their singular talents.

Smart Energy GB
"Gaz and Leccy"
2 mins 55s
3 Dec 2015
This is an interesting hybrid of an online film and a live stunt that took place in a cinema. It manages to give us a flavour of the experience enjoyed by cinema goers who were unexpectedly faced with a pair of animated creatures representing 'gas' and 'electricity' going berserk in the auditorium.

MOBO Awards
"Rise With Us"
16 Nov 2015
Nadav Kandar's film promoting MOBO's new movement 'Rise With Us' has heft and gravitas. The aim is to broaden the remit of the awards, extending beyond music into all creative industries including art, theatre, film, fashion and advertising. Each person onscreen is a powerful presence, and the scratchy, glitchy style has an unsettling quality which adds extra impact.

13 Jul 2015
The costume-hopping scamp from the ad reviewed recently proves to be a fussy eater, no matter what guise he's in. His resourceful mum has a culinary trick up her sleeve however thanks to Sainsbury's online recipe hub. Seems tigers are always partial to (all together now) quesadillas! Lovely performances with a cute gag to finish.

Cancer Research
"One Day"
20 Dec 2013
Ads that condense a life span into a single minute or so have been popular in recent times, and their success tends to lie in the emotion you feel able to invest in the central character. Beautifully filmed, this keeps you focused on the protagonist's journey. Although it could resonate more, it nonetheless leaves you with the thought that donating to research is worthwhile.

Cancer Research
2 mins
13 Oct 2013
This quietly lovely film for Cancer Research is a gem. From the music to the shallow depth of focus, it approaches its subjects obliquely so that while we hear their experiences of receiving the "all clear" we only glimpse the people themselves. It's a superb way to bring home both how mundane and how remarkable it is to be alive.

"Brand Matching"
3 Jul 2013
Orange supermarket cleverly reveals that punters can take advantage of the best prices at their blue and green rivals when they shop at Sainsbury's. So if you want to enjoy Tesco's and Asda's special deals on branded goods but you wouldn't be seen dead in either, you know where to go.

1-11 of 11 Results

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