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11 November 2016
UK Liqueurs

This festive ad for Bailey's features a syrupy pear playing hard to get as a diner chases it round her dessert plate with a fork. Eventually it shoots off and meets an untimely end, at which point the anonymous diner improvises with a glass of the liqueur. Joanna Lumley's dulcet VO and Yello's 'Oh Yeah' give the whole spot a strange 80s vibe.

"Hunger of The Gods"

Alexander said:

^ sure is. Actors name is Colin Michael Carmichael!



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11 Nov 2016
This festive ad for Bailey's features a syrupy pear playing hard to get as a diner chases it round her dessert plate with a fork. Eventually it shoots off and meets an untimely end, at which point the anonymous diner improvises with a glass of the liqueur. Joanna Lumley's dulcet VO and Yello's 'Oh Yeah' give the whole spot a strange 80s vibe.

All 4
"Grayson Perry Meets Geoff"
4 mins 04s
3 Nov 2016
4Creative has produced a new four-part short-form series starting Grayson Perry, which have the artist discussing his own gender identity and meeting people from the trans community who've had to take risks to be themselves. It's the latest in Channel 4's Born Risky series, which has repeatedly pushed boundaries for the LGBT community (memorably with Gay Mountain, a trail created to support gay athletes competing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games).

All 4
"Grayson Perry"
3 mins
3 Nov 2016
This film from the collection made by Grayson Perry for Channel 4's 'Born Risky' series has the artist discussing his own gender identity. Perry talks about his early ventures into cross-dressing and how he grew into the person he is now, exploring ideas of sexuality and identity in a candid talk accompanied by archive footage of his past.

27 Sep 2016
This piece by charity Scope uses humour to educate us about the best approach to adopt when we encounter a disabled person. The acronym H.I.D.E. does not - as the people in the ad initially think - suggest we dive for cover in our fear of blundering. Instead, we should say "hi" as we introduce ourselves; make sure we "don't panic" and make sure we "end the awkward".

Channel 4 Paralympics Coverage
"We're the Superhumans"
2 mins 53s
14 Jul 2016
While Rio's main event is bogged down by fears about the Zika virus and by the banning (or otherwise) of athletes from Russia and Kenya because of systematic cheating, the Paralympics is left to hold aloft the torch of Olympic ideals all by itself. The scale and importance of these Games has lifted it from a cultural after-thought to a series of events so much more in keeping with the Olympian ideal that there may come a time when it completely eclipses its able-bodied equivalent.

Virgin Trains
15 May 2016
As we chart the progress of a young woman preparing to run 20K in a fish costume, we're once again reminded how a journey made using one of Virgin Rail's trains will leave you ready for anything. It's just as well she's well-rested as she has a lot to deal with during the race including interference from a rival dressed as a shark. Who will come out on top in this marine battle? You hardly need ask.

"New Metallics"
12 Apr 2016
'Future Starts Slow' by The Kills provides perfectly-calibrated archness to this Mango ad shot by Mustard's Amir Chamdin. The director underlines his fashion prowess with a shoot based on minimalist visuals, but with a lethal injection of cool. Bars of lights shimmer and fade overhead as the film flits between monochrome shots of Kills guitarist Jamie Hince playing with practised bravado and model Karlie Kloss dressed in the label's new collection of metal-inspired finery.

BBC World Service
"Allotment Shed"
11 Apr 2016
The BBC show there are still plenty of ways to convey the power of radio with this effective ad for the World Service. This woman has more on her mind than planting veg down at the allotments. As she listens to discussions ranging from dinosaurs to soggy currency, the stories come to life both inside and outside her shed. A neat way of emphasising radio's ability to project new and intriguing perspectives both at home and abroad.

Samsung Televisions
7 Oct 2015
This succinct version of Aoife McArdle's spot for Samsung's Ultra High Definition TV is even more effective than the original. Featuring not one but a trio of viewers transfixed by what they're seeing onscreen, glowing shades play across their faces while we're told softly that the brand's new nano-crystal technology delivers up to 64 times more colour. Crikey! We're sold.

Virgin Trains
"Bound For Glory"
17 Sep 2015
This is a triumphant celebration of Virgin Trains's capture of the East Coast franchise to complement their existing West Coast routes. The young man at the centre of the commercial has travelled by train to visit his girlfriend's family for the first time and needs his to be on his 'A Game' to win them over. What follows is a delightful depiction of how he achieves this.

Samsung Televisions
"Feel More"
2 mins
14 Jul 2015
Beautifully filmed and beautifully lit, this ad for Samsung's Ultra High Definition TV focuses on a woman's face as she watches something that's profoundly moving onscreen. The colours and quality of the image convey the experience of viewing a film or programme on such cutting edge technology. We suspect it would be even more powerful if it was a bit more succinct.

Experian Credit Expert
1 Jul 2015
This commercial for Experian cleverly addresses a question that troubles people about a service like this... what exactly is the point of it? While the ad doesn't provide a specific answer to this pivotal enquiry, it nonetheless manages to seed the idea that investigating your credit score may prove more useful than you might imagine.

"Nicole Kidman"
16 Mar 2015
We suspect this drippingly opulent ad for Etihad will have more than a few viewers curling their lips contemptuously at the bubble the wealthy live in. And fair enough. However, the upmarket airline will be indifferent to the disdain of those who do proper work for a living, and they're actually quite right to be - because this ad is in no way directed at them.

"Dinosaur Photo"
2 Nov 2014
A lovely ad for Boots features a busy dad out and about at meetings in London. He discovers his young daughter's has left her toy dinosaur in his bag, which may be her way of asking him not to be too busy to think of her, or just to help keep him safe... it's whatever interpretation you want to make of it. It gives him an idea to bring home proof that she and her dinosaur are with him all the way, with a little help from Boots.

"Mini Fist Pump"
19 Sep 2014
Life's little victories are celebrated in this charming ad for the online takeaway service Just Eat (formerly Don't Cook Just Eat) which shows a variety of scenarios in which people make a mini fist pump to themselves because of a positive outcome. There are some nice laugh-out-loud moments in this and it seems sure to be a winner with punters.

Cobra Beer
"The Boss"
1 Mar 2014
The stylish young entrepreneur who makes impossibly smooth Cobra beer also makes impossibly supportive bras according to this amusing ad for the Indian lager. We see him lording it over both domains as a VO explains that he's living the dream... an idea that many young males would struggle to argue with.

Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr (Calvin Harris remix)
"Eat Sleep Rave Repeat"
3 mins 18s
25 Oct 2013
Some of the staff at Video Zoo are old enough to remember the heyday of disco dancing, when Saturday Night Fever made Tony Maneros of men (and boys) everywhere (feast your eyes on the World Disco Dance Championships to see what we mean). The dance contest in Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr's Eat Sleep Rave Repeat is of an entirely different order.

18 Oct 2013
The combined talents of mcgarrybowen and Gorgeous's Chris Palmer have created one of the most striking Honda commercials to be broadcast in quite some time. The proposition is that we should expect the impossible from cars these days and using 'impossible' imagery proves the perfect way to illustrate this idea.

"Chocolat Luxe"
9 Oct 2013
The folk who make Baileys have created an even more indulgent version of their creamy drink... and you may not be entirely shocked to learn that it involves chocolate. The launch commercial by 101 has been turned into a suitably hedonistic piece via the talents of RSA's Johnny Hardstaff and the clever folk at MPC.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
"On the Docks"
2 Oct 2013
Yes, yes; we know we deride perfume ads on the whole, and yes, we're aware they can be a poisoned chalice to have on your CV, but now and then along comes an idea which is so audaciously OTT that - done with enough Úlan - it can knock your socks off.

Westfield London
9 Sep 2013
Westfield shopping centre becomes a fashion catwalk in this ad, with a leggy model gliding past abstract backdrops to a synthy beat. Her outfit changes each time and everything's more haute couture than high street; implying that this is a very classy and desirable place to shop indeed. If shopping's your bag, so to speak.

"Kaiser Chiefs"
11 May 2013
A young guy uses the reward scheme to get tickets to a Kaiser Chiefs gig. Once there, his jostled girlfriend isn't getting into the spirit of things, so he promptly orders flowers which Ricky Wilson delivers to her by swinging on a lighting rig. A slight over-promise, using time which may have been better spent explaining the mechanics of the scheme.

"The Glory Run"
10 Jan 2013
"Go anywhere you want... but go with the others? Never," intones the VO like a quietly menacing jealous husband. But then, the implication is, why would you want to choose another car to excel or rebel in when you've got a Lincoln that says everything about your status you want it to?

7 Dec 2012
A series of beautiful imagery is accompanied by a portentous voiceover in this commercial for the American car manufacturer. In truth, this is an approach designed to appeal to shareholders rather than members of the public but you have to admire the quality and range of the photography.

"Epic Straws"
11 Nov 2012
One of the milkmen "cat-napped" in a previous commercial is forced to issue a message on behalf of his feline captive revealing that Carvendale are giving away 'epic straws'. The start of this ad is the same as the previous one but the hostage footage looks like it's being broadcast for the first time.

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