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27 March 2017
UK Banks

A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session.

It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness. Director Louis Sutherland has beautifully captured the pair's strong relationship and there is little doubt this dad is willing to maintain this routine until his daughter has achieved her goal... but he also has a Plan B.

He's been keeping an eye out for a new house and when he opportunistically finds one, the advertised bank are apparently standing by with the loan he needs to buy it. But what's so special about this house and why hasn't he discussed it with his daughter?

The answer is provided by the swimming pool in the garden. In truth, it looks much too small but, hey, it's the thought that counts and this attractively put-together film certainly has its heart in the right place.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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27 Mar 2017
A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session. It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness.

8 Mar 2017
Weetabix return to their tried and tested slogan in this fantastical ad. A giant thunders through his lair, menacingly fee-fi-fo-fum-ing until he comes across his prey. The boy is unconcerned by his impending doom, however, and gives a notable performance as he informs the giant he's had his Weetabix with a decisive tap of the spoon.

Metropolitan Police
"Independent Witness"
22 Nov 2016
The Metropolitan Police depict both sides of the story in this bold film. Shot from body-worn cameras, we get up close and extremely personal with a violent dispute. While two officers neutralise the threats, witness statements contradict what we see. By putting us in their shoes, Greater London's police force aim to show why these cameras are becoming increasingly necessary.

IAAF London 2017
"The Race"
2 Aug 2016
The Worlds - as they're known among athletes - are coming to London next year and, just ahead of the Rio Olympics, this super ad launching the event is letting the great British public know that it's time to get their skates on if they want a ticket. Paula Radcliffe's lonely training run through the early morning London streets is interrupted when a woman pushes past her in unlikely fashion, offering a heartfelt apology as she dashes past.

"School Makeover"
26 Jul 2016
Sister knows best as this amiable back to school ad for Sainsbury's demonstrates. While mum makes sure her son looks neat and proper for his first day, his older sister looks on with well-versed bemusement. Knowing her bro needs a little helping of individuality, she gives him a quick makeover at the school gates courtesy of a popped collar and spiky hair.

Asda George
"First Day"
25 Jul 2016
We at DAVID gripe and groan about ads with rhyming scripts - but every now and again, along comes one which we can hold up as an example of how it should be done. With its natural rhythm and delightful delivery, this spot for George at Asda demonstrates that rhymes can sound inventive and charming rather than the last resort of the uninspired.

31 May 2016
However unseasonal this short spot is, it works very effectively. A boy stands before the Halloween oranges and chimney reds of a bonfire while his granddad conducts the sparks in wizardly fashion, and the pleasures of eating hot, smoky food are conjured up. Astutely, Heinz has chosen to push the mild mustard of cinema hot dogs here; a taste which doesn't exclude children's palates.

"Fridge Wizard"
31 May 2016
Whatever you think of Salad Cream (and we know what we think of it), this brief ad for Heinz manages to make it seem quite an enchanting way to liven up that impromptu sandwich. A hooded figure in outline stands before a glowing doorway - before we discover it's merely mum considering her gustatory options.

"Chilli Cauldron"
31 May 2016
One of three short spots that combine to make the main 'magic' ad, this reminds us that a splash of Heinz Tomato Ketchup can be the secret ingredient that gives your pot of chilli added depth. It was an inspired idea to use the track from Disney's Cinderella - there's something about it that our inner child really responds to.

"A Splash of Magic"
24 May 2016
This charming spot for Heinz features a Franglais version of the Cinderella song 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo', and it works a treat. Sometimes a sauce or a sandwich or a salad dressing just needs an extra something or other to hit the spot - and a squeeze of a Heinz product can turn out to be "the thingamabob that does the job".

Lawn Tennis Association
"Go Hit It"
24 May 2016
While the French Open is well under way at Roland Garros, it's usually not until the grass court season - all Pimms, strawberries and cream, and a land mass named after the British number one - that we as a nation make a collective racket about racquets. This beautifully observed film for the Lawn Tennis Association evokes the first summer stroll on to the local tennis court to awaken our inner Andys, Rafas, and Serenas.

Lloyds Bank
"Apple Pay"
2 Nov 2015
It's not often we say an ad is adorable... but this absolutely is. A delightful little girl, whose VO delivery is terrific, asks her mum what she wants for Christmas. Her mum isn't all that helpful, because she has everything she wants already, it turns out. But the little girl is not to be deterred, and when dad proves too easily stumped, she gets some help from the elf at the local toy shop.

19 Aug 2015
Leerdammer explains that you'd be a sandwich short of a picnic to choose a cheese that needs slicing, and demonstrates this with the aid of some carpenters. They're busily sawing away at some bread and a lump of the aforementioned dairy product, which shows just how utterly daft they are. There's no need to go to all this trouble when you can just opt for the pre-sliced brand, is there?

Marks & Spencer
"First Love"
29 Jul 2015
In this spot for M&S uniforms, a young boy solemnly explains to us that he loves his new stain resistant blazer because even tomato ketchup comes off "aukomakickly"... however, it turns out his tangled love life may be harder to deal with. A wonderfully natural performance has been summoned out of this little lad - kudos to director Mark Albiston for this achievement.

Marks & Spencer
"Skinny Fit"
27 Jul 2015
Marks & Spencer pick a lovely way of promoting their Back to School collection by depicting a youngster joining his older sibling in secondary school. Far from being perturbed by his step up to the next level, this lad's looking forward to stepping out in the same stylish uniform worn by his big bro. There's typical bravado and messing around, but a tender fist-bump shows they'll look out for each other too.

Blossom Hill
"The Wonderful World "
15 Jul 2014
Blossom Hill is not a brand to write home about - so this is a very smart piece of advertising. Instead of focusing on taste and the esoteric art of wine-making, it focuses on the wide range of "fruity" wines to a backdrop of sassy salsa-style music and feelgood images of blossoms and butterflies. The result? It suggests this is the perfect tipple to lubricate gossip over a glass in the garden on a summer's evening.

The Sun
3 Jul 2014
One of those ads that proves the truism right: simple ideas are the best. This one centres round a young boy preoccupied with a wobbly tooth and takes us on a journey through his school day as, from the moment he brushes his teeth to the moment he gets onto the playing field, he can't leave that precariously attached peg alone.

"The Changing of the Roll"
18 Jan 2014
Andrex adds a bit of pomp and pageantry to this spot whose VOs give a moment-by-moment account of "the changing of the roll" as if it were a royal occasion. It's quite fun and rather clever - after all, as it says, we do refer to the toilet as "the throne". It's also an amusing way to emphasise the superior length of an Andrex roll compared with others, and we like the shot at the end where the, er, king of this particular castle has his modesty covered by a passing towel.

First Central
7 Nov 2013
This is the most original take on car insurance we can remember seeing in a very long time. Because there's such a plethora of competitor brands out there, they usually all flag up the same basic information - but this one doesn't go down that route. It's more 'Shallow Grave' than sales plug - which in our book, is a big thumbs up.

Feel Unique
"It's About Me"
5 Nov 2013
An ad for the online beauty site has a bunch of disparate people informing us it's all about them. That's because we're all unique - and they're no different, being just as unique as the next person. And the next. It'll probably stand out in a daytime ad break and that's all you have to do in this sector - get noticed.

Aunt Bessie's
6 Oct 2013
They've upped the ante in this instalment of the Aunt Bessie's campaign, and made it a good deal funnier in the process. When one of the nosy aunties hears about the latest developments at the house she has her spinster sister spy on, she decides she has to be there as fast as possible. Cue mayhem.

The Sun on Sunday
2 Aug 2013
This fun commercial for The Sun's new premium service shows how football fans will be able to watch all the latest goals via their mobile phones. There are - as it rightly points out - circumstances in which this is a good idea and circumstances in which it's not. Perfectly pitched for the demographic.

22 Jul 2013
There's an idea in here somewhere but as it stands, this doesn't quite work. Putting off throwing away your cardboard toilet roll interiors isn't a cure for the fear of changing them, it's merely procrastination. Plus the VO sounds like an aggrieved call centre worker who's taken an instant dislike to you and refuses to offer any constructive help whatsoever.

"BGT Sponsorship"
26 May 2013
This series of bumpers features customers as the BGT judging panel. They take it in turns to pass their verdict on a variety of Morrisons staff members as they perform their tasks around the store. It's quite a neat idea, but feels a little drab and flat - surely this could have been executed with more humour and panache.

Weight Watchers
"Tight Sock"
7 May 2013
A young woman is caught shamelessly eating her flatmate's Weight Watcher's ready meal, and claims on the spur of the moment that it's because her socks are feeling a bit tight. Neither woman appear in need of eating such fare, which may be designed to suggest the food's tasty in its own right... but it's hard to feel convinced.

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