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"This is Us"
13 March 2017
Turkey Sportswear

This film is one of three Nike spots commissioned for International Women's Day, each focused on a different part of the world. Here we take a look at Turkey and the stereotypes Turkish women come up against in their day-to-day lives. Beyoncé's feminist anthem 'Run The World' is an appropriate choice of soundtrack to accompany the powerful visuals - it certainly gets the blood pumping.

"What Are Girls Made Of?"

Matt said:

Nice ad. Unfortunately http://bit.ly/2mMPPir



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"This is Us"
13 Mar 2017
This film is one of three Nike spots commissioned for International Women's Day, each focused on a different part of the world. Here we take a look at Turkey and the stereotypes Turkish women come up against in their day-to-day lives. Beyoncé's feminist anthem 'Run The World' is an appropriate choice of soundtrack to accompany the powerful visuals - it certainly gets the blood pumping.

"Tasty Nuts"
3 Feb 2017
Planters make a song and dance with their UK debut. To an old-fashioned big band jingle, the brand’s venerable mascot - Mr Peanut - leads his fellow animated snacks through various scenarios in a manner that feels unsettlingly trippy. We like the uncertain reactions of the cast, while “Grab our handsome nuts” merits a chuckle.

"The Broadcast"
22 Dec 2016
This pleasingly cryptic piece of communication from Thinkbox reminds us how television advertising can enable anyone to punch above their weight. In this case, an alien with intentions unknown begins broadcasting on all frequencies to the people of planet Earth prompting waves of panic as the population awaits its fate.

Heathrow Airport
"Best Gift of All"
14 Nov 2016
It's fair to say not everyone will embrace Heathrow's Christmas cheer... particularly those living on the site of the airport's planned third runway. The issue will remain divisive into the New Year and beyond, but the airport's festive ad is a cuddly gem. Teddy bears won’t be enough to sway the anti-runway brigade, but their message of bringing families together with ease should travel well.

"Wetter Weather"
1 Nov 2016
There's a lovely trend in Irish advertising to take a self-deprecating approach to all things related to the Emerald Isle, and the weather is no exception in this charming ad for Kerrygold butter. A chap cycles happily through the rainy countryside, past people who certainly don't seem to have been put off by the weather as they picnic, read the paper, and even get married in the pouring rain.

15 Aug 2016
What's so very lovely about this campaign is the way it ticks all the boxes on the brief... and then turns them into living, breathing creatures with irresistible cuddle appeal. This ability to transform abstracts into tangibles is pretty damn rare, and VCCP are the go-to alchemists in this realm. Not only does the message come across loud and clear that O2's coverage is strong, it also suggests it's adorably focused on you.

Heathrow Airport
"When I Live My Dream"
17 Jul 2016
This charming celebration of Heathrow Airport's first seventy years featuring an early David Bowie song concentrates on a young girl's first experience of Britain's busiest transport hub. Luckily for her, it looks as though she must have arrived a few minutes after a major security alert as she and her family appear to have the place to themselves!

The Last Shadow Puppets
"Miracle Aligner"
4 mins 43s
19 May 2016
The Last Shadow Puppets a.k.a. Alex Turner and Miles Kane take their well-documented 'bromance' to giddy stratospheres with this luxuriant promo for 'Miracle Aligner', directed by Rogue's Saam Farahmand. Brave is the soul who attempts to come between these two rapscallions existing in permanent orbit around each other.

Go Ahead!
"GIF Girl"
4 May 2016
How do you harness the online energy of a GIF in a TVC? That must have been the question asked along the way to making this ad for Go Ahead! And the answer they came up with is pretty good... have a woman create the repetitive movements of a GIF in an otherwise GIF-free environment. 'Sarah' dances manically because it's "snack o'clock" - and her colleagues are dumbfounded.

25 Apr 2016
The various components of a meal deal from the advertised fast food joint run rings around the opposition in this metaphorical five-a-side football match. If you're really hungry then you should have some deep-fried chicken and chips rather than a light sandwich... unless you're planning to play five-a-side football, ironically enough.

Lloyds Bank
"For Your Next Step"
11 Mar 2016
Having released their famous black horse from its stable last year with a gallop through history, Lloyds present another arresting film depicting life's noteworthy moments. We see the beast stride through the background of various scenarios rendered in slow motion. The technique allows the emotional heft of a new born baby, a proposal in a busy street, and the last goodbye to a loved one to be skilfully amplified.

Lipton Tea
"The Revolution In Tea"
16 Nov 2015
Rogue Films's Saam Farahmand harnesses the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil for a brew like no other in this ad for the T.O. by Lipton machine. Tea infusion becomes a work of art as these colourful performers blend with the water in hypnotic fashion. As Brits know all too well, there is an art to making the perfect cup of tea, so the sublime craftsmanship behind this ad should win plenty of admirers.

Audi R8
"The Eye"
2 Nov 2015
The term "eye-catching" can risk losing all meaning after a while, but this ad for the Audi R8 justifies the label. A pupil dilates and contracts with each thunderous rev of the vehicle's engine, while well-timed transitions briefly provide us with the reason for this optical spectacle. A clever conceit brought to life with unsurprisingly engaging visuals and precision sound.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Luxury"
23 Oct 2015
You get the sense that Marks & Spencer's autumn campaign is going to migrate gently into their Christmas campaign... and before we know it, it'll be January and we'll all be waking up in a ditch wondering what happened. You could hardly blame them if they opted to stay with this bright and breezy series... they're certainly getting the job done.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Online"
13 Oct 2015
Not content with sharing the art of texture, tailoring, comfort and cashmere, M&S also want to share the art of shopping with them online. It's no surprise then to discover what a stylish experience it is - whatever device we're using, wherever we're using it, and for whatever product... young, old, male, female, there's no mainstream audience it won't appeal to.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Texture"
7 Oct 2015
Soft, shaggy, furry, fluffy - we all love a strokable texture and instinctively know when a material is good quality. The way a fabric flatteringly drapes, moulds or swishes can boost our self esteem like nothing else; something M&S imaginatively portrays as part of its excellent autumn campaign. Love the komondors - haven't seen one of those since Odelay's iconic album cover.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Cashmere"
5 Oct 2015
More gorgeousness from the M&S fashion campaign comes our way with this spot focusing on the soft and stylish qualities of cashmere. Sheep made of knitting needles and yarn, slinkily snug mufflers and lightweight shift sweaters all serve to underline the warmth and delicacy of this wool; and the simple, gunmetal-grey lighting is immensely classy.

Channel 4
"New Identity"
3 mins 05s
30 Sep 2015
These oblique new idents for Channel 4 are extraordinary, and extraordinarily beautiful. Four in total, their cast includes a super-organism made of white-coated scientists; a shamanic bee figure; a magnified mite, and multi-hued crystals. They owe their existence to director Jonathan Glazer; who collaborated closely with 4 Creative to create films that reveal the source of the colours in the original 'four' logo.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Tailoring"
15 Sep 2015
Marks & Spencer take us through the development of a tailored suit with another eye-catching addition to their Autumn/Winter campaign. Precision measurements and intricate sewing are rendered in breathless fashion as the brand continue to position themselves as the home of classic design with a thoroughly modern ethos.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art Of Silhouette"
13 Sep 2015
Slick, sharp silhouettes define this range of M&S Autumn/Winter fashions. Beautifully lit and graded to show off the fabrics, the emphasis is on clean lines that are smart yet easy to wear - a '70s Annie Hall vibe for today, without the ditsiness. The brand presents everything with lashings of style - very impressive considering it has to appeal to Everywoman.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Comfort"
3 Sep 2015
Another in the new Autumn / Winter fashion campaign for Marks & Spencer focuses on lingerie. Sumptuously silken and softly padded fabrics are offset against delicate lace in complementary shades; and when a model gracefully tumbles backwards she falls onto cushioning that yields yet supports. Plus the super at the end leaves you in no doubt that this is their comfiest range to date.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Design"
3 Sep 2015
Another excellent ad for M&S offers a persuasive case for the brand even for those who wouldn't normally go there. Fast-paced, visually inventive and packed with sass, it not only parades a host of new season's looks before our dazzled eyes but manages to convey both quality and ethical pedigree.

Short Films
"Young Love"
3 mins 45s
3 Jun 2015
This super short film by Blink's Tomas Mankovsky creates a real sense of intimacy between a young girl and an older boy during a brief encounter. Inspired by an old news story (spoiler alert), it's very short and hard to describe without giving too much away - so we recommend you simply watch it and hope you are as struck by it as we were at DAVID HQ.

"Black Swan"
7 Apr 2015
McLaren continue their 'Black Swan Moments' campaign with this ad showing the aforementioned bird being subjected to a session in the supercar manufacturer's wind tunnel. Our feathered friend copes impressively with the number of G forces being flung at him, and as the air calms, the end result is a shot of the new 570S model.

"Harvey and Harmony"
11 Dec 2014
Apparently this is the last Thinkbox ad that will feature Harvey the dog as he's getting a bit long in the tooth... and what a shame that is. His placid, patient face has served as the perfect foil to the big personality that lies beneath - as his own ad-based communications have shown. It's been not only an engaging campaign but an extremely clever one and we'll be sad to see it go.

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