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Smart Energy GB
5 December 2016
UK Public Information Films

Flat-hunting's stressful enough without being given uber-vague details. When this woman asks her potential flatmates how much the rent is, they respond with some unorthodox parameters - like if she has a regular toothbrush or one that goes "vrrrr". Her befuddlement encapsulates why we should never tolerate estimates when it comes to our energy bills.

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Ah thought it might be that one. That was a classic. Well done Kit Dayaram.



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Smart Energy GB
5 Dec 2016
Flat-hunting's stressful enough without being given uber-vague details. When this woman asks her potential flatmates how much the rent is, they respond with some unorthodox parameters - like if she has a regular toothbrush or one that goes "vrrrr". Her befuddlement encapsulates why we should never tolerate estimates when it comes to our energy bills.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Smart Energy GB
28 Jun 2016
Don't be too surprised if you see 'Gaz and Leccy: The Movie' down your local multiplex in the future. The duo's animated scraps have provided plenty of entertainment while Smart Energy GB aim to increase awareness about smart meters as part of a nationwide drive. This time, Gaz regrets giving a frozen Leccy a lick as the sparky one enjoys a spot of bungee jumping.

Smart Energy GB
"Round Two"
27 Jun 2016
More animated aggro from Gaz and Leccy as Smart Energy GB continue their drive to help the nation rein in its energy bills. Even a bedroom dressing table affords the campaign's mascots plenty of scope to inflict humorous grief on each other, but Jim Broadbent's genial VO assures us that the time has come for a far more controlled approach to energy, courtesy of the initiative's smart meter roll-out.

Smart Energy GB
"Out of Control"
16 Jun 2016
It's just as we've always suspected: those essential utilities gas and electricity really don't behave the way we want them to. In a sequence that reveals Gaz and Leccy's heritage - Gremlins on one side, Itchy and Scratchy on the other - the two go on a rampage in an ordinary house; blasting each other to dust and gloop and back again with their singular talents.

Smart Energy GB
"Wedding Dress Fitting"
6 May 2016
There's some lovely business going on in this 'Estimation Nation' ad for Smart Energy GB set in a bridal shop. With nary a tape measure in sight, this dress consultant uses every nebulous unit of measurement imaginable - including the bride-to-be's age - to cobble together the roughest of size guides. Two engaging performances combine to convey the energy campaign's message in enjoyable fashion.

Smart Energy GB
3 May 2016
More ballpark ineptitude from Smart Energy GB's 'Estimation Nation' series as a recognisable race official provides less than triumphant service to a marathon runner. Having just run 26.2 miles, it would be a monolithic gyp not to be given an accurate time. The campaign continues to extol the benefits of going smart with our energy with wry humour and engaging scenarios.

Smart Energy GB
25 Apr 2016
A further strong entry into Smart Energy GB's 'Estimation Nation' series features another occupation where guesswork is ill-advised. While this quack is satisfied by his unorthodox methods, the same can't be said for his patient who prefers a more precise approach... and when it's a squirrel-related injury, who can blame him? A humorous yet effective communication explaining why we shouldn't accept estimates when it comes to energy bills.

"Achieving The Impossible"
5 mins 28s
11 Feb 2016
This short film obliquely connected to Nicorette doesn't sound like it's going to be particularly compelling, especially when you consider some of the Nicorette advertising that's graced our screens in recent years. However, it commands your attention from the get-go... and doesn't let up. A beautifully inspiring piece that refuses to succumb to sentimentality.

Smart Energy GB
2 mins
19 Jan 2016
This excellent piece for Smart Energy GB effectively illustrates why we should never put up with estimates when it comes to our utility bills, and it does so by showing how people feel when guessing becomes a part of other areas of life. By taking the action to the darts at Lakeside and having a comedian playing the part of a referee who uses estimates to cover his unwillingness to add up the score, we get to see exactly how the rumbustious crowd feels about estimates.

Smart Energy GB
"Gaz and Leccy"
2 mins 55s
3 Dec 2015
This is an interesting hybrid of an online film and a live stunt that took place in a cinema. It manages to give us a flavour of the experience enjoyed by cinema goers who were unexpectedly faced with a pair of animated creatures representing 'gas' and 'electricity' going berserk in the auditorium.

9 Sep 2015
With e-cigarette ads starting to up their game in the face of tighter regulations, Nicorette showcases some impressive sound design in support of their QuickMist spray. By focusing on the improved lung capacity of those involved in the strenuous activities shown, it's also highlighting the damage you're sustaining if you continue to smoke - a very effective way to help quitters stick to their guns.

Smart Energy GB
"Hidden Camera"
2 mins 05s
2 Apr 2015
Another funny slice of hidden camera fun from specialist Chris Faith of Fat Lemon has shoppers being completely bamboozled by a supermarket's policy of estimating their shopping bills. Excellent performances from the actors playing the supermarket's staff ensure that a lot of fun is had as they explain to punters how it works at their outlet. British stoicism stops anyone going completely ballistic but it's clear that people aren't happy with the idea.

Open University
"Life-Changing Learning"
25 Mar 2015
Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and director Nicolas Jack Davies take the Open University's courses and show how they can reveal untapped potential in a diverse variety of people. The dedication required is not lost here as the protagonists study in bed, fall asleep under a blanket of notes, and try to manage the work/life balance as best they can.

"Bing Bang Bong"
19 Feb 2015
There's some really lovely animation in this Twinings ad focusing on the feeling we're given by that first cup of tea. As you know, all Britons are properly addicted to the stuff, and most will recognise this depiction of the moment when the brain is sharpened by the first slurp. Out of the seemingly impenetrable fog of post-sleep bleariness, our minds come blinking into the sunlight of full cognitive engagement.

BT Sport
"Chelsea 6 v 0 Arsenal"
14 Jul 2014
Arsenal must be wondering what they've done to deserve such a kicking from BT Sport, given that this is the second ad now in which they've been shown as the heavily defeated team. At least in this spot, a madly unfair decision by the ref is flagged up - which adds to the atmosphere and frenzy captured by its fast pace and excellent combination of live action and convincingly contrived reactions.

BT Sport
"Believe It"
12 Jul 2014
One of a series in a new campaign for BT Sport which revolves around the line: "you have to see it to believe it" and shows everyone from fans to managers reacting to what they're seeing on the football pitch. So if you're about to breathe a sigh of relief that the footie's finally over, don't exhale just yet because this heralds the start of the Premier League season which is just getting ready to, er, kick off.

"Active Kids"
29 Jan 2014
In this charming commercial promoting Sainsbury's Active Kids programme, we're introduced to Gary - a schoolboy very proud of what's he's made in home economics class. When his father asks if he made it by himself, he reveals that he had a little help and we get to see that it his kitchen assistants were David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds. We suspect that the beautifully captured look of adulation on the young actor's face was completely genuine.

"Christmas in a Day"
1 Dec 2013
This spot captures to perfection the way Christmas can disinhibit us all. Half a glass of sherry and nana's doing Gangnam Style, grandad's dusting off his tap skills, and everyone's having a laugh. What's so clever is that this gives you a rush of warmth as if everyone you see here is a member of your extended family - it feels as if for a brief time at least, we're all the same and all together.

"Christmas Moments"
3 mins 30s
13 Nov 2013
Sainsbury's has created a spot that fills an entire ad break, without mentioning the brand at all until the end. This is, in fact, not just an ad but a trailer for a film directed by Kevin Macdonald which will be available on YouTube at the end of November. After a similar ad yesterday, are we witnessing a new trend?

"Active Kids Memories"
22 Feb 2013
David Beckham lends his charisma to Sainsbury's annual effort to get children exercising inside their schools. Paralympic hero Ellie Simmonds offers her support too and both contribute to a nostalgia-tinged film designed to gain support from a generation with fond (and not so fond) memories of playing sport at school.

"Eva Longoria's Dance"
20 Aug 2012
Eva Longoria dances around her apartment in a lascivious fashion in this commercial for cat food. The Desperate Housewife's confident beauty sends a firm to signal to women who live alone with a cat whom they treat as a surrogate child that it's okay to live their lives that way. (It's not.)

Walkers Baked Stars
"Taste Test"
2 Apr 2012
Gary Lineker is passed over in favour of the advertised snack when a young lad is asked whether he'd prefer 'baked star one' or 'baked star two'. It's a perfectly harmless way of drawing attention to a new healthier offering from the crisp company.

"Feel Good Cleaning"
20 Mar 2012
After hearing James Brown's I Feel Good misused in this fashion, it's tempting to apply the standard epithet and suggest the singer will be spinning in his grave but it seems more likely in his case that a glimpse at this ad would prompt the Godfather of Soul to 'stop' spinning in his grave as we'd imagine that would be his normal modus operandi.

"Mystery Flavours"
10 Feb 2012
A number of people try to work out what the mystery flavours can be in this ad introducing a competition. Gary Lineker's in there of course and the clips of people guessing have been given a slightly odd treatment to introduce a bit of dynamism.

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