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Acura NSX
"Original Must Be Done"
22 December 2016
UK Cars

Making cars look sexy is second nature to Mark Jenkinson and he's pulled it off again in this ad for the Acura NSX. Glimpses of the car being made are married with footage of it strutting its stuff on the race track to create a compelling desirability.

There's probably never been a better time to consider buying a performance car. The environmental claims of diesel-fuelled cars lie in tatters and - as we spend four years contemplating the possibility that World War III will be triggered by a fit of Trumpian peevishness - we might as well party on.

After all, converting the world's remaining crude oil into petroleum for the Mad Max dystopia that lies ahead may be the only thing that's going to make the rest of this century any fun.


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Acura NSX
"Original Must Be Done"
22 Dec 2016
Making cars look sexy is second nature to Mark Jenkinson and he's pulled it off again in this ad for the Acura NSX. Glimpses of the car being made are married with footage of it strutting its stuff on the race track to create a compelling desirability. There's probably never been a better time to consider buying a performance car.

Sky Vegas
1 Oct 2015
Sky Vegas promises to take punters like Michael here from recycling to roulette in just a few clicks. The story lies in the sunglasses as a swathe of gambling attractions unfolds before him while the gravelly VO plays up the glitz and glamour. Slick and colourful - let's hope Lady Luck allows Michael to keep that smile on his face.

2 Sep 2015
Honda tends to make commanding, challenging and intelligent ads. Some of them leave us to join the dots ourselves, others literally spell their message out - but never half-heartedly and always with chutzpah. This launch spot for the Honda HR-V communicates the brand's obsession with engineering perfectionism; marrying its mechanical precision to the movement of its human counterparts.

1 min 45s
13 Jun 2015
This superior piece of corporate communication is set - as tech commercials so often are - in a near future where the cutting edge products the company is developing are ubiquitous. It's a strikingly well-imagined version of tomorrow with a strong suggestion that the coming ability to look at problems in 3D will significantly change our ability to solve them.

"Endless Road"
7 Apr 2015
After their triumph at last month's Arrows for The Dark Side, here's another arresting piece of work from Honda offering online interaction... this time from mcgarrybowen. By watching the ad on YouTube, viewers can adjust the timezone to produce subtle changes to the endless road. (The TV version we've provided offers a non-interactive taste but for the full effect, please click the link.)

"Weeding Right Now"
1 Apr 2015
Although we have seen echoes of this approach before, this new spot for Weedol is so perfectly executed that it falls into that rare category of wanting to watch it over and over for sheer entertainment value. What's more, the core proposition is integral to the joke so it persuades you while making you laugh. Superb.

"Cheese Mountain"
17 Mar 2015
One for sci-fi and condiment fans alike, this ode to Close Encounters of the Third Kind from Branston is as well crafted as our obsessed protagonist's dairy produce monolith. The attention to detail on the mountain is terrific - the base features a farmer tending to his cows before they're milked, the milk is then transported, the cheese is crafted, and beaming figures offer up their bounty to their creator at the peak - but it's the contrast between the awed expression of its builder and the dismissive look on his wife's face that really makes this stand out.

"All I Want"
23 Nov 2013
Seeing that the dedicated camera market is suffering thanks to the rise and rise of the camera phone, this does a surprisingly good job of making Canon's cameras and related teccy items seem rather sexy. Great use of music, and the clear perspex cubes forming a Christmas tree is strikingly done.

18 Oct 2013
The combined talents of mcgarrybowen and Gorgeous's Chris Palmer have created one of the most striking Honda commercials to be broadcast in quite some time. The proposition is that we should expect the impossible from cars these days and using 'impossible' imagery proves the perfect way to illustrate this idea.

9 Aug 2010
This is a clever way of illustrating the huge array of apps which are available to Nokia users. The problem, as ever, is that Apple has successfully taken ownership of this distribution method in the minds of the target audience.

Why Let Drink Decide?
"Through A Glass"
5 Feb 2010
A group of young people drinking together is seen from inside a bottle of alcohol. The effect works well because it becomes disorienting when things start to go wrong... exactly how it feels when events move beyond your control when you're under influence.

Department For Children, Schools And Families
"Why Let Drink Decide?"
15 Jan 2010
A succession of children describe the various things that will happen to them under the influence of alcohol in the near future. It's recommended that we start speaking to them about the dangers they may face rather than allow them to discover them for themselves.

The Observer
"Drugs Uncovered"
14 Nov 2008
There's an excellent use of stop-frame animation in this short ad for The Observer which focuses on the number of Britons who've found themselves in trouble with drugs. The expression of the smiley face on an ecstasy tablet changes as the extent of the problem is described.

2 Jun 2008
A montage of clips from the series of ads purporting to show ordinary people donning white clothes to represent the chewing gum as it fights plaque. It's not often that a question from the original brief remains intact in the completed commercial but it has done here... how do you fight something that's invisible?

The Guardian
"Army Fitness Programme"
3 Jan 2008
Neat short for The Guardian highlights a special supplement in this weekend's newspaper which offers the opportunity to get fit the army way. A lot of craft has gone into a mere ten seconds here demonstrating that W + K got their money's worth from the director.

11 Nov 2007
A shortened version of the new Guinness ad focuses on the anticipation before the first domino is flipped. This ad has drawn a fair bit of flak and it may have something to do with the price tag which was reported. We cannot think why anyone would think mentioning the price was good PR.

"The Tipping Point"
8 Nov 2007
The 'good things come to those who wait' returns with a vengeance in this storming new ad for Guinness directed by Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ. An entire Latin American village has set up the most elaborate domino sequence imaginable which culminates in an ingenious depiction of a pint of the advertised drink. A visual treat that's worth every penny of its much vaunted cost.

27 Aug 2007
Alan becomes the latest person to personify Orbit gum in this odd campaign for the chewing gum. Looking like an ageing Scandinavian masseur who used to be a porn star, Alan dons the white suit and fights the good fight against the notoriously invisible enemy.

Act On CO2
"Carbon Footprint"
9 Jul 2007
Apparently when we were being offered cars to purchase we should have said "no"... when the infra-structure to pipe electricty into every home was proposed we should have protested... we only have ourselved to blame for Al Gore's pomposity. Whip us... we deserve it.

Beck's Vier
"Dancers Return"
16 Apr 2007
Different music for a different product and a slightly different use of the footage used in the previous commercial. The lower-alcohol variants of various beers are being launched and this is the latest... mind you, it's an odd phenomenon as the ABV is only slightly less than the beer it varies from.

3 Apr 2007
"Marvin" becomes the latest participant in this self-consciously quirky campaign which aims to remind us that Orbit's chewing gum can help fight the invisible plaque which is doing untold damage to our teeth. It's surprising they made so many versions of this ad - it's the same joke over and over.

2 Apr 2007
It's the turn of a young Asian man called Raj to take on the invisible enemy of plaque after donning a white suit. All to illustrate the cleansing power of Orbit chewing gum which will apparently rid your mouth of the tooth-destroying menace.

Road Safety
5 Mar 2007
Powerful piece for the COI's road safety campaign shows us a conversation in split screen between a woman at home and her other half who is in the car. When he crashes the vehicle because of his inattention, it's suggested she is also culpable because she knew he was driving.

25 Feb 2007
Our greatest hope for this campaign is that one of the 'volunteers' coerced by the Orbit trio to 'fight' plaque will one day have meaningful acting careers so we can flag up these ads to Chris Tarrant or someone to remind them of how they were once desperate enough to do anything.

23 Feb 2007
Another very strange chewing gum commercial. This time June - a large black woman - is coerced into playing the role of Orbit gum combating plaque. She dresses in a white suit before pretending to beat up an invisible enemy while the trio of blue-suited brand representatives watch on dispassionately.

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