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Poems That Make Grown Women Cry
"Sunny Jacobs"
4 mins 26s
15 March 2017
UK Books

Sunny Jacobs reads a poem she chose for the 'Poems That Make Grown Women Cry' collection in this powerful clip. Jacobs was wrongly convicted of murdering two police officers in 1976 and spent seventeen years on death row before being exonerated. Her emotive performance of 'Home' by Warsan Shire is particularly moving in the current climate: "No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land."

Birds Eye
"Battered Cod"

Matt said:

Worryingly loud to try and distract from the terrible dubbing...



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Poems That Make Grown Women Cry
"Sunny Jacobs"
4 mins 26s
15 Mar 2017
Sunny Jacobs reads a poem she chose for the 'Poems That Make Grown Women Cry' collection in this powerful clip. Jacobs was wrongly convicted of murdering two police officers in 1976 and spent seventeen years on death row before being exonerated. Her emotive performance of 'Home' by Warsan Shire is particularly moving in the current climate: "No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land."

"Leaf Blower"
10 Jan 2017
McDonald's appeal to customers who like to get their money's worth with this funny ad for their saver menu. A wife finally gets some peace and quiet to dry her hair... only to find her husband turning the leaf blower on her now he's finished with the garden. Like the rest of the ads in this campaign, this is short, punchy, and gets a chuckle in an effective 20".

Department For Work & Pensions
9 Jan 2017
This ad for the DWP's Pension Wise service reminds us that just because you're an expert in one area, it doesn't mean you know what you can do with your pension pot. A pair of pals try to one-up each other on their encyclopaedic knowledge of dog breeds before letting us know we can get in touch with Pension Wise if we need any - ahem - pointers.

Amazon Prime
"Vicar and Imam"
16 Nov 2016
An imam and a vicar walk into a bar... well, into a living room, actually, and it's not the start of a joke: it's the premise of Amazon Prime's heartwarming Christmas ad. Two old friends meet up for a chat and commiserate about their mutual creaky knee problems. They each decide to do their mate a favour and Prime him some kneepads so he can keep praying painlessly... unaware that the exact same gift is winging its way closer to home.

"Barry's Golden Beetle"
2 mins 11s
4 Nov 2016
The VW Beetle's legacy has been beautifully tapped into by this online film from adam&eveDDB - Doyle Dane Bernbach's contemporary equivalent - which has been directed with great sensitivity and skill by documentarian Amanda Blue. The agency are never fearful of using sentimentality and this really seems to help them employ it effectively.

"Amazing Babies"
14 Oct 2016
Amanda Blue's documentarian eye is perfect for this Pampers film focusing on our special connection to babies. Somehow avoiding mawkishness, Blue captures a series of special moments illustrating how a smile from a baby can affect all manner of human interactions. We were particularly taken with the vignette on the bus, not least because the man reading the newspaper appears at first to be really grumpy with the youngster interrupting his journey.

"Stag Do"
22 Aug 2016
A companion ad to 'Business Trip' in the new campaign for LateRooms.com, this features a group of lads on a stag do. Their faces are a picture as the stag walks diffidently out of the bathroom in the outfit they've given him to wear... but everyone's attention is suddenly diverted when a potential fifth member of the group crashes through the wall to join them. Marcus Brigstocke's VO completely nails what is a strong script - and there should really be more credit for a voiceover's contribution to an ad. It's something of an overlooked art, yet it can be the difference between a humdrum ad and one that zings out at us.

"Business Trip"
22 Aug 2016
Handled with less love, this could have been a fairly run-of-the-mill spot for LateRooms.com. Instead, it delivers a lot of clout - in more than just the obvious way. A bloke on a business trip is relaxing in his hotel room when his indolence is interrupted by a person-sized discount sign crashing through his ceiling (or someone else's floor). So far, so-so. But the rest of the ad lifts it above the usual offer-led approach to commercials.

"Cheese Balls"
28 Jul 2016
Another handsy execution from Ikea sees this young man prepare some cheese balls with some help from an extra pair of 'arms'. The cultured score and kitchen counter choreography make for an entertaining watch, and the brand's new focus on making a song and dance out of food preparation continues to be well-served by these shorts directed by tantrum's Stephen Pipe.

28 Jul 2016
Next on the Ikea menu is crispbread hors d'oeuvres, and this two-in-one chef makes a gleeful mess of applying cheese, figs, seeds, and honey to their crunchy slices. There is method to the madness, however, and the duo's sense of fun is conveyed well as the Swedish retailer continues to instil as much spontaneity into our kitchen spaces as possible... even if the work surfaces have to bear the messy brunt.

"Epic Fails"
2 mins 20s
12 May 2016
Another excellent example of the clever way in which the current trend for low-fi GIFs is making its way into the mainstream. Each of these short scenarios (cobbled together for your convenience) has a classic GIF moment followed by a resolution provided by IKEA. It's a great way of showing how the Swedish retailer can help you dodge an 'epic fail'.

Fairy Non-Bio
9 Mar 2016
With 2016 shaping up to be the most superheroic year in cinema yet, Fairy Non-Bio introduce us to a cast of adorable heroes who aren't quite ready to join their bigger brothers and sisters in saving the world. While they may not possess the kind of extraordinary abilities that make villains tremble, they do have something that gives them the edge over Iron Man and co. - which is plenty of softness.

"Quicker Mortgages"
1 Mar 2016
Like this previous ad in this series, this commercial cleverly ensures we focus on the words being spoken. After showing the spokesperson crossing the room once to explain the proposition in full, the footage is repeated several times - only in shorter and shorter edits until only the salient words are left in. This (a) grabs our attention and (b) offers an effective illustration of the point she's making.

22 Feb 2016
Barclays want their Blue Rewards scheme to come across as a little more epic... and nothing says 'epic' quite like a slow-motion slurp from a cup of tea (or coffee). Shot from below to give this employee the look of a finance titan, the ad ends in a much more personable fashion as the bank reminds customers that there rewards just waiting to be claimed.

"Golden Touch"
8 Dec 2015
More enjoyable nonsense from Late Rooms features a man who's surely exhausted his supply of gold body paint. As he minces in front of the mirror, the VO can't help but be impressed by his "very strong tassel work"... but where is this golden wonder going to stay? Somewhere via Laterooms.com, of course. Best have a good long shower before hopping into bed though.

"Chris de Burgh Concert Tickets"
5 Dec 2015
In this amusing ad for Late Rooms, a woman begins screaming when she receives a text letting her know she's going to see Chris de Burgh in concert (and, frankly, DAVID would also be screaming at that prospect). Her husband watches as her excitement causes her towel to fall to the floor but according to the wry VO, she's saving herself for the Irish crooner.

22 Nov 2015
An unusual-looking young chap in a tracky top bursts into the hall with news that he's been able to obtain tickets for some music event or other. As he lets rip with the full beatbox experience, his (presumably) sister is unimpressed. Possibly she's thinking he'll never have the nous to book anywhere to stay, let alone via Laterooms.com.

"Great Night"
15 Nov 2015
Laterooms.com return to our screens with angel wings, a pig nose, and a raver's version of 'Jingle All The Way' - not a bad way of going about it. As well as providing options for romantic getaways and business trips, the site shrewdly highlights another one of their functions - helping revellers ensure there's a bed waiting for them after the festivities go well beyond the last train home stage.

Premier Inn
"Wake up Wonderful"
30 Aug 2015
Premier Inn's pledge to deliver a decent night's sleep is beautifully reinforced by this superb film by HLA's Simon Ratigan. At DAVID we're keenly aware that all of our audience are fans of the softcore reinterpretation of old songs but even the snarkiest among you will probably be willing to acknowledge that Katie Melua's reworking of Black's 1987 track 'Wonderful Life' is a perfect accompaniment to the lovely images shot by Ratigan and his two DPs, Martin Hill and Ian Murray.

Robinsons Cordials
"Under The Umpire's Chair"
22 Jun 2015
Robinsons aims to remind us that they're as integral to the hallowed tournament as strawberries and cream, rain delays, and the recently satisfied hopes of a home victory. From the era of Fred Perry to Andy Murray's long-awaited triumph in 2013, the cordial has been a stoic presence beneath the umpire's chair for an impressive eighty years and the occasion is marked with due affection here.

Fairy Non-Bio
"Learning To Hug"
2 mins 10s
20 Jun 2015
This beautifully tender online film for Fairy Non-Bio focuses on a relationship between a father and his grown son. The perspective of both is explored as they describe how the hugging that characterised their interaction during the early years fell by the wayside during the teen years. Perfectly timed for Father's Day, it's a moving exploration of the modern father-son dynamic.

Kellogg's Cereals
"Seed Packs"
19 May 2015
This simple but effective commercial advertises a Kellogg's promotion which encourages youngsters to grow seeds from scratch and discover the thrill of creating something themselves. Neatly, we get to see the seeds germinate and sprout while the little boy in the ad watches. No doubt this - together with the cute boxes - will have kids intrigued.

"Four Generations"
2 mins 40s
13 May 2015
An American family got in touch with Dove to tell them that no less than four generations of the women used Dove soap, and had never used anything else. Amanda Blue - who directed the original ad 'A Mother's Body' film - made this film about the family; spending time getting to know them to create a lovely slice of life. It's a super example of the documentary approach.

Chloe Black
4 mins 17s
3 Mar 2015
Chloe Black's commanding debut track about the music icons who died abruptly at the age of 27 comes with an equally commanding video from director Calum MacDiarmid. It has a whole host of influences - from Helmut Newton's black and white portraits to the surreal imagery of Ingmar Bergman and Jean-Luc Godard - which meld together to form something we can only describe as Goth Noir.

National Citizen Service
"Youthful Accomplishments"
17 Jan 2015
Has the Government brought back national service on the sly? DAVID has never heard of the National Citizen Service but - despite the Orwellian nomenclature - it actually looks like a pretty solid proposition based on this. Just don't tell us this a new way for rich corporations to employ young people without paying them because then we may need to declare a jihad.

1-25 of 89 Results

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