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Virgin Holidays
10 January 2017
UK Holiday Companies

Characteristic stuff from Virgin Holidays: bright, bold, and set to an energising soundtrack sure to grab viewers' attention. Thrilled with their cheap holidays, a crowd of people run into the ocean and frolic with colourful inflatables in celebration of Virgin's latest sale. Cutting to a pair of divers and muffling the music momentarily is a nice touch.

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

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Virgin Holidays
10 Jan 2017
Characteristic stuff from Virgin Holidays: bright, bold, and set to an energising soundtrack sure to grab viewers' attention. Thrilled with their cheap holidays, a crowd of people run into the ocean and frolic with colourful inflatables in celebration of Virgin's latest sale. Cutting to a pair of divers and muffling the music momentarily is a nice touch.

Wild Turkey Bourbon
"Matthew McConaughey"
13 Sep 2016
Matthew McConaughey directed this himself and he's actually done a pretty good job (if you can get past his narcissistic performance). The hip-height sequence tracking through the bar has been cleverly done and provides the product with a sense of jazz-fuelled fun. McConaughey's well-documented issues with substance abuse nonetheless makes him an, er, interesting brand ambassador for a whiskey.

Virgin Holidays
"Seize the Holiday"
10 Sep 2016
Those behind this Virgin Holidays ad which was broadcast live on ITV made an astute decision when they offered everyone who supported it on social media the opportunity to win a holiday in an exotic location. This is because it guaranteed a stream of positivity on Twitter for the relevant hashtag rather than the usual mixture of sarcasm and cynicism.

Mars Bars
"Sea of Support"
13 May 2016
Every even-numbered year affords a new shot at glory for the England football team. Alas, each tournament also affords fans new ways to experience heartache as if it's a national pastime. With Euro 2016 just a few weeks away from kick off, however, Mars extol the power of belief in this amusing Channel crossing.

Mars Bars
"Pink Bike"
1 Jan 2016
A lovely addition to the 'Winning' series for Mars has a man suddenly discovering he's forgotten about an imminent rendezvous. Jumping aboard his trusty bike, he discovers a puncture... but he will not be thwarted. He commandeers his daughter's small pink bike and - ignoring the strange looks he's offered from all directions - gleefully rides it into the city accompanied by Christina Aguilera singing 'Ain't No Other Man'.

"Jensen's Challenge"
2 mins 11s
3 Dec 2015
Jenson Button proves he's a good sport in every sense as he takes on a challenge set up by Mobil in this online film for the motor oil. One way or another, DAVID suspects the Formula One diver didn't really hurtle narrowly between the solid objects they placed on the track but it's an enjoyable spectacle nonetheless.

Currys PC World
"Secret Santa"
5 Nov 2015
In this wry spot for Currys PC World, Jeff Goldblum gives some unsolicited advice to Russ, the employee at the office party who's already on "thin ice". Explaining the etiquette of Secret Santa, he encourages the hapless young man to think of the "naff" slogan mug his boss has given him as something that's actually cool - like a Google Chromecast device. But Russ is a bit slow on the uptake...

Currys PC World
1 min 55s
5 Nov 2015
Easy charm and a beautiful head of hair aren't enough to save this chap's unsuccessful attempt at a Christmas dinner, but Jeff Goldblum ensures his family react with a little more encouragement... even if he can't act his way through a mouthful. Comedic brilliance, but judging by these outtakes, it's a Christmas miracle they managed to get all five of these ads done in time for November!

Currys PC World
"Talc Powder"
5 Nov 2015
Such is the quality of Currys PC World's Christmas campaign, we're almost hoping to receive at least one clunker of a gift this year if it means Jeff Goldblum suddenly materializes next to us. Next to receive some pointers is a man who's less than enthused by his partner's gift - peppermint-scented talc powder (we've looked it up and it's a real thing). As ever, Jeff is on hand to help turn that frown upside down...

Currys PC World
2 mins 30s
4 Nov 2015
Currys PC World's terrific Christmas campaign centres on the moments of strained enthusiasm we radiate when our nearest and dearest don't quite provide the Christmas of our dreams. What if we had someone to help coach us in the art of improving our 'bad gift' face? That's where Jeff Goldblum comes in.

Currys PC World
4 Nov 2015
The beauty of this whole campaign for Currys PC World is the way that at first we have no real idea where they're going. The cast look just as surprised as we are to see Goldblum's deus ex machina breeze into their homes and give them strangely intimate lessons on how to act when the gift received isn't from Currys PC World. Genius.

Road Safety
"50th Anniversary"
14 Nov 2014
It's astonishing to learn that fifty years ago - when there were far fewer cars on the road - deaths caused by drink driving were over seven times higher than they are today. The Road Safety campaign has been largely instrumental in this, and so they have good reason to celebrate this startling reduction. But that's not going to be of any help to the 230 each year who die, as this brave and sensitive film tells us.

"Made of Black"
1 min 50s
28 Aug 2014
Badass, hi-octane, supercharged - this is nothing if not rammed to the gills with attitude. Made for the Pan-African market, it's a slick paean to a mindset: black's not so much about the skin you're in as what's under your skin when you scratch the surface. Indeed,the spot's sheer polish and verve, fuelled by Kanye's Black Skinhead is impossible to resist... even if you're not a Guinness drinker yourself, you'll salute those who are.

Walkers Pops
"Flying Potatoes"
8 Mar 2014
The tranquillity of a sleepy village is shattered as strange missiles cause havoc when they hit random targets. What on earth is going on? Ah - this is the place where Walkers house their R&D lab, and in the course of developing a new product - crisp-style snacks that have been "air-popped" - potatoes have been flying out of the popping contraption into the surrounding environs.

Foot Locker
"Sneaker Decks"
1 min 45s
28 May 2013
Slick little piece showcasing footwear from the advertised retailer by focusing on people going through their paces on a movement-responsive dance floor. It's a tad long but it's nicely filmed; and given that not a lot happens it's been made to look as aesthetically appealing as possible.

"St Patrick's Day"
2 mins 35s
5 Mar 2012
In this fun viral designed to capture attention in the run up to St Patrick's day, the difficulty of keeping your friends in line when you're out on the town is brought into focus. To underline the problem, we see a group of friends being guided by a shepherd with the help of his trusted border collie.

"Feed Your Family"
4 May 2011
This ad addresses the difficulty of buying all the food needed to keep a family of four going. Orange supermarket reckons we can do it for just fifty quid if we follow their meal plans. It's an attractively filmed ensemble and an enticing proposition. Another good ad for Sainsbury's.

"Groovy Kind Of Love"
2 mins
27 Apr 2011
Gary Lineker is linked romantically with Elle Macpherson in the latest addition to the considerable canon of Walker's ads featuring the footballer turned pundit. But the big-eared Match Of The Day host cannot be faithful to the Australian ex-model as he prefers the company of a bag of crisps.

Heinz Baked Beans
12 Nov 2010
This ad celebrates our tendency to set aside baked beans in our fridges and uses this as a device to introduce an innovative piece of packaging. Given that it's largely a sequence of static images, it's a remarkably effective piece of advertising. Excellent work.

National Lottery Euromillions
18 Jun 2010
Good to see that Camelot has decided to divert some of the dosh it generates back into its marketing. This lengthy piece depicts the kind of big budget fun that'll be open to you if you have a massive win on the Euromillions lottery.

"Mr T's Press Ups"
31 Jan 2010
We know how much you love Mr T so you will unquestionably be delighted with this offering on behalf of Snickers featuring the iconic A-Teamer who reveals news of a new variant containing more peanuts as he does some impressive press-ups.

30 May 2009
Three men jump over a wall to gain access to a football ground at night so they can have a kick about on the pitch. Security guards watching them seem to think it's sweet. Perhaps teenagers will write to the ASA complaining that this ad encourages oldies to misbehave.

"Swimming Pool"
1 Mar 2009
Another burst of testosterone from former A-Teamer, Mr T, who is using high velocity Snickers bars to stop men from being wimps. Here, a man who is being craven about jumping into a swimming pool finds himself under fire from the mohican-clad icon.

22 Feb 2009
Ever wondered who's watching the feeds from all those CCTV cameras dotted around our island? Well, turns out it's Mr T... the mohican-clad A-Teamer who uses a mixture of growling and grimacing to make up for his lack of acting ability... and he's out to get you, fool.

1 Dec 2008
A rather lovely short film showing a couple daring to take an icy dip. They strip to their undies and plunge into the freezing water because they have the kind of spirit that persuades people to buy a lottery ticket (okay, so the comparison doesn't really stand up but the imagery is terrific).

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