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"The Greatest Gift: Food"
24 November 2016
UK Supermarkets

Having set the scene in its opening commercial and brought in the Goggleboxers over a full ad break, Sainsbury's now lays out its festive stall in all its glory.

We're offered a sumptuous blend of live action food photography and stop-motion animation over the course of a swift-moving 60 kudos to food director Helen Downing for making every dish and morsel look irresistible. No wonder the two kiddies are having fun fishing for goodies with a candy cane.

A marriage between live action and animation doesn't always work but this brings the two elements together beautifully.

Jungle's sound design also deserves a mention, getting the level of the ambient family chatter just right under an instrumental version of the James Cordon song. Terrific work all round no wonder people are loving it.


Toby said:

love, love, love.



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"The Greatest Gift: Food"
24 Nov 2016
Having set the scene in its opening commercial and brought in the Goggleboxers over a full ad break, Sainsbury's now lays out its festive stall in all its glory. We're offered a sumptuous blend of live action food photography and stop-motion animation... it's a real treat.

"Googlebox Christmas"
3 mins 20s
18 Nov 2016
The cast of Gogglebox become stop-motion characters in this special adbreak from the show's creators Channel 4, and Sainsbury's. Following the groundbreaking ad to promote The Lego Movie - in which Orange Supermarket's current agency PHD recreated an entire commercial break in Lego - this ad sees the Gogglebox crew react to the Sainsbury's animated Christmas ad which launched last week.

"The Greatest Gift"
3 mins 30s
14 Nov 2016
As Sainsbury's saunter across London and park their account between the penny farthings at the HQ of Wieden+Kennedy, their heads will be filled with a parting serenade created for them by outgoing agency AMV. Sung by James Corden and written by Flight of the Conchords's Bret McKenzie, it's a part of a farewell gift that may have the retailer questioning the wisdom of their decision to part company with the agency after forty years.

"Power Cut"
17 Aug 2016
Another punchy Guinness commercial for the African market which plays with light and dark to eye-drawing effect. When the power goes out, bright sparks get to work and make sure the game is back on without delay. The advertised Foreign Extra stout contains a little extra punch percentage-wise than the domestic option, and this ad conveys the difference with a vibrant display of fandom and self-expression.

"For The Bold"
22 Mar 2016
Being in the right place at the right time is one thing, but you also need a dollop of 'the right stuff' to take things to the next level. With this in mind, Doritos continue to position themselves as the official snack food for the dauntless thanks to this epic lads holiday. A case of mistaken identity allows this lucky trio to enjoy the life of Riley for the afternoon.

"Mog's Christmas Calamity"
3 mins 20s
12 Nov 2015
Sainsbury's Christmas commercial always comes later than the others because of the supermarket's respectful decision to defer their seasonal marketing until after Armistice Day. And for the third year running, it's been worth the wait... John Lewis's offering continues to attract the most attention but Sainsbury's is running them a close second these days and this spectacular commercial featuring Judith Kerr's much-loved Mog the Cat edges them ever closer.

"Christmas is for Sharing"
3 mins 20s
12 Nov 2014
There has long been a rumour that Sainsbury's Christmas commercial was going to be a bit special... and when it was shown for the first time - halfway through Coronation Street last night - it didn't disappoint. The supermarket backed AMV to the hilt and they, in turn, provided director Ringan Ledwidge with the canvas and the tools to create a masterpiece and he has rewarded their faith with a truly stupendous piece of work.

"Mr Bean Kung Fu"
4 Oct 2014
What on earth is Mr Bean doing in this setting? In fact, what's he doing on our tellies at all? These are the first two questions that go through our heads on seeing this. Bafflingly, he's with a bunch of oriental warriors sneaking about at night, and they all seem to know him as someone else. Then we discover - of course! - he's not Mr Bean, he's just a warrior in need of a Snickers.

"Do Us a Flavour"
17 Jan 2014
It must have been such a success last time that Walkers have decided to run their 'suggest a flavour' campaign again - this time with 1m up for grabs. Poor old Gary Lineker is gradually accosted more and more intensely as people home in on him with their ideas, and even when he's rescued from the baying mob there's still no escape for him. As ever, he carries off his comedy schtick with aplomb.

6 Oct 2012
The second instalment of the Mercedes-Benz campaign that tried to take over the ad breaks in this weekends' broadcasts of The X Factor reflects the wishes of those who voted for the protagonists to 'evade' rather than to 'hide' (though, in truth, those keen to see the duo 'hide' weren't entirely disregarded.)

"Secret Gig"
6 Oct 2012
This is the first of the sequence of three commercials broadcast during this weekend's X Factor that invited viewers to 'drive the plot'. British rapper Kano plays a performer trying to make his way to a secret gig in Lisbon but with the authorities keen to stop him, how will he get there on time?

"You Drive"
1 Oct 2012
This online trailer for a series of commercials this weekend for Mercedes-Benz reveals that viewers will get the chance to drive the plot. It's part of an effort by the German car company to engage younger motorists by showing them that they're the kind of happening marketers who understand social media. What could possibly go wrong?

14 Jul 2012
This ad makes it sound as though it's talking about the build-up to the Olympics but, in fact, it's referring to a special night of lottery draws that promises to create a hundred new millionaires. Since the night in question is the eve of the London Games, we assume that it's not entirely coincidental.

"Million Kids Challenge"
3 mins
6 Dec 2011
A longer version of the ad for a charitable concern initiated by orange supermarket which shows David Beckham finding out what it's like to play his sport without the benefit of sight. The footballer's charisma ensures this is a highly compelling watch.

Heinz Baked Beanz
3 Oct 2011
A cute retelling of a fairy tale forms the basis of this charming ad for Heinz Baked Beanz. It's one of those ideas that's so simple that you can't quite believe no-one thought of it before... and those are very often the best ideas of all.

"It's Raining Ten"
1 Oct 2010
It's a slightly bizarre promotion but it's a terrific commercial. The Walkers campaign appears to have been reenergised and that's really surprising to those of us who have felt that it had become weary. Notwithstanding the lame gag that sees Lineker's ears disappearing upwards at the end, it doesn't put a dance step wrong.

Metropolitan Police
"Who Killed Deon?"
15 Sep 2010
This is an intriguing approach to knife crime. A violent act at a party is the starting point for a whodunnit which viewers can become involved by going online. If you want to follow it up then go to the dedicated Facebook page and watch the various accounts and theories.

24 Apr 2010
This change of style for Sainsbury's leans heavily on our faith in Jamie Oliver and to very good effect. The fat-tongued chef delivers a perfect performance in a single take as he approaches a pan of sizzling sausages while explaining the importance of taste.

"Loose Women Sponsorship"
25 Mar 2010
A pair of bumpers advertising the sponsorship of Loose Women by Maltesers features two Mums tricking their children into searching the garden for the confectionery when, in fact, the Mums are gobbling them up all by themselves.

"Happy Easter"
16 Feb 2010
Those enterprising people at Mars have invented a variant of the humble Malteser for Easter... and it's shaped like a bunny. One of the two campaign regulars gives one as a gift to the other but a discussion ensues when it's revealed that a leg has already been eaten.

"Pork and Red Pepper Bolognese"
23 Jan 2010
Jamie Oliver once again demonstrates his crowd handling skills in this effective commercial for Sainsbury's. The thick tongued chef cooks a Pork and Red Pepper Bolognese for a collection of people milling around in the snow.

Road Safety
3 Nov 2008
If you've ever wondered, in very specific terms, what might kill someone when they're involved in a road accident then this chilling film promoting seat belt use will satisfy your curiosity. Richard is killed when the main artery to his heart is severed... and we get to see a simulation of this. Persuasive stuff.

Birds Eye
"Peas And Broccoli"
1 Sep 2008
Madness's Suggs is still hanging out in the terrace of houses belonging to a frozen food worshipping cult. An animated fight between some broccoli and some peas is designed to let us know that peas actually contain more iron than broccoli... should we really be promoting one vegetable at the expense of another?

Heinz Nurture
4 Aug 2008
The pages of a book are turned as the voiceover describes the development of a baby. DAVID can't help thinking they should have reworked the script so it wasn't necessary to open with the line: "As it grows, a baby needs..." No parent likes to hear a baby referred to as 'it'.

7 May 2008
There is a slight flaw in the premise of this nicely filmed commercial... by suggesting that people look a little foolish when they use everyday objects as a substitution for the cigarettes they crave, the ad appears to concede this very point about the product it advertises. A good effort nonetheless.

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