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6 July 2016
UK Fast Food Restaurants

It's a touch off-putting not hearing Peter Serafinowicz's dulcet tones in this Subway ad, but the campaign's core idea soon prevails. The latest internal dilemma belongs to this thrifty chap watching his date peruse the menu. Both he and his wallet breathe a sigh of relief however when she spies the turkey and ham option from the restaurant's £3 meal selection. Lovely eye-acting on display here.

BT Business
"In Sync"

Matt said:

Definitely one of the most original ads I've seen in quite a while - but it did take me three watches to understand it fully.



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6 Jul 2016
It's a touch off-putting not hearing Peter Serafinowicz's dulcet tones in this Subway ad, but the campaign's core idea soon prevails. The latest internal dilemma belongs to this thrifty chap watching his date peruse the menu. Both he and his wallet breathe a sigh of relief however when she spies the turkey and ham option from the restaurant's £3 meal selection. Lovely eye-acting on display here.

8 Jun 2016
Our rumbling stomachs may take issue, but we reach the point when our tried and tested picks from the menu just won't suffice. The time has come for something new at lunchtime, and it's the dilemma facing this intrepid office worker in a terrific Subway ad. The protagonist wants a change from Meatball Marinara, but he isn't the captain of his hungry soul yet. Enter Peter Serafinowicz's omniscient VO.

3 Jul 2015
Every parent will either know or remember the peculiar faces pulled by their babies when filling their nappies and - if they've forgotten - they'll certainly be reminded by this extraordinary video almanac. The perfectly-cast youngsters all possess the look of concentration which marks the passing of a poo and this film seems likely to stir both recognition and nostalgia for every parent who watches it.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Hot Cross Buns"
25 Mar 2015
This is rather lovely - a mum watches her young son set off on his bike, reminding him not to be long; and we follow his journey all the way down to the Co-op. The ad has a nostalgic vibe to it; set in a housing estate most likely built in the late 70s - early 80s and devoid of busy roads or the potential threat of deviant strangers lurking on the sidelines. At the Co-op, he sees a girl just getting back on her bike, and the reason for his journey becomes clear.

"Rice Box"
16 Mar 2015
In the second commercial suggesting we can pack more into our lunchtimes with KFC, a striking-looking woman seizes the day - well, hour - by throwing herself into all manner of activities; both deliberately and inadvertently. We very much like the fact that she isn't your conventional chocolate-box simperer. This possesses an endearing quirkiness that elevates the brand.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
"Seven Flavours of Keith"
18 Feb 2015
The 30" edit of this commercial doesn't do this justice. In fact, it merely establishes the premise just before it ends. This 60" edit allows a proper look at the Busby Berkeley-style antics as a collection of six Keith wannabes join their hero in some beautifully choreographed office nonsense.... and the point of the ad becomes much clearer too.

"Break Free"
9 Feb 2015
This jolly ad uses a synchronised dance troupe to demonstrate the advantages of using a Gtech vacuum cleaner over a rival model. To the iconic I Want To Break Free, uniformed women sashay across floors unimpeded by power cords; swinging their lightweight Gtechs around in a manner that's all but impossible for the unfortunate lass lumbered with the short straw.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
"More Boogying"
9 Feb 2015
The charismatic fellow who appeared in a commercial for Cadbury last year is back... and this time he's not the only one reminding us that he can boogie. For a minute here we thought we were looking at the results of one of those competitions where people send in their own clips for inclusion in a commercial but they're far too well filmed... aren't they?

Anti Smoking
"Us v Them"
25 Jan 2015
Oooh... what a cleverly creepy and controversial ad this is for the Anti Smoking lobby. An executive sits in a shadowy office, lit like a late Rembrandt, and as he addresses the camera directly ahead we become aware that this is a dangerous man; one who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is youth.

22 Oct 2014
Sainsbury's have thrown their witch's hat into the Halloween ring and come up with a kiddies' fancy dress party complete with costumes and spooky-looking food. It's a simple idea and well executed, although the strident laughter of the children does make you wish you could swap the apple bobbing game for a ducking stool.

10 Sep 2014
You can fit a lot into your lunchtime if you grab something to eat from KFC, according to this charming commercial for the fast food chain. Spotting a woman on a bench reading the same book, a young man swiftly discovers that he's found his soulmate and after a whirlwind romance, the two slip into a registry office to tie the knot.

The Sun
3 Jul 2014
One of those ads that proves the truism right: simple ideas are the best. This one centres round a young boy preoccupied with a wobbly tooth and takes us on a journey through his school day as, from the moment he brushes his teeth to the moment he gets onto the playing field, he can't leave that precariously attached peg alone.

Walkers Pops
"Flying Potatoes"
8 Mar 2014
The tranquillity of a sleepy village is shattered as strange missiles cause havoc when they hit random targets. What on earth is going on? Ah - this is the place where Walkers house their R&D lab, and in the course of developing a new product - crisp-style snacks that have been "air-popped" - potatoes have been flying out of the popping contraption into the surrounding environs.

27 Feb 2014
A young woman is reading her e-book over a coffee in a quiet, elegant bar when a loud and unruly group tumble in; disrupting the calm with their tipsy laughter. It must be a good book (and, moreover, we learn it came free with a bar of Galaxy) because on behalf of the other people who were enjoying the tranquillity she finds a way to make the hoorays leave and thus restores harmony to the surroundings.

6 Jan 2014
After a cup of their product you'll be ready for whatever comes next, according to this likeable ad for Nescafé. 'Bring Me Sunshine' is whistled in unison by the cheerful folk who've had their coffee, and each appears to have specially heightened senses as they cruelly wake their children or catch flying food debris hurled by toddlers.

"The Saviour of Pay As You Go"
17 Nov 2013
Three let us know they're serious about competitive prices with the help of a rather less serious-looking pug in a sleigh. Sad-eyed and ridiculously attired, it has the wonderful dignity of those who have no dignity left. However, perhaps its tiny vehicle should have been allowed some go faster stripes - after all, no company wants to be associated with those who get left behind.

Anchor Butter
8 Oct 2013
Lovely, homely ad that maintains the 'life of a kitchen' theme but focuses solely on toast. It's a clever move - toast is one of our staple comfort foods: ubiquitous, easy to make; best with butter slathered on and dripping down our fingers. So naturally, we're going to want butter that's up to the job.

7 Oct 2013
Warburtons have turned out some terrific ads in the past, and here's a new one to add to the list. Long-suffering Sam Saunders writes to Mr Warburton about his bossy brother, but confesses that with the assistance of the brand's new Half & Half loaf, he can afford to play the long game.

19 Sep 2013
This meditative film showcasing the Cornerstones Collection from de Beers in their Forevermark range focuses on the romantic connection between an attractive couple as they meander through their comfortable existence. In fact they look so content that you almost feel like you're being set up for a horror movie dénouement.

"Dad's Casserole"
3 Mar 2013
Bisto has used the 'children's home video' concept to good effect in other ads, but this short doesn't really stand up on its own as it lacks the charm and conviction. of the longer film. This is a shame, as it's the ideal product for a feelgood, family-orientated campaign.

Anchor Butter
"A Kitchen's Life"
22 Feb 2013
This utterly charming ad shows the role the advertised product plays in the average family's kitchen over a number of years. Ups and downs, celebrations and wakes all unfold with Anchor as a low-key, bit-part character that's nonetheless integral to the plot. A beautiful script, unfussily directed, this is a pleasure to watch.

"Our Homemade Commercial"
19 Jan 2013
This cleverly constructed commercial purports to be a homemade ad put together by some ambitious children. You could almost believe that it is and it proves an excellent way of communicating the idea that the advertised product will help families enjoy yummy homemade food.

"Assembly Line"
30 Dec 2012
A box of fragile objects on an assembly line depend on the careful coordination of everyone who works on it so there's consternation when a box flies off the end of the conveyor belt. The set-up is better than the pay-off... there's something about the understanding nods at the end of each of the ads in this strand of McDonald's advertising that doesn't quite work.

1 Nov 2012
Santa gets a bit of help from Myleene Klass as he deals with a queue of children eager to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family. A magic touch from Klass wraps the presents and the gleeful children are then able to hand them to Santa for delivery.

Claims Direct
14 Sep 2012
The creeping sense of respectability permeating the advertising of companies operating in this dubious sector is underlined by this 'Flight of the Conchords' style treatment. We learn how Loretta managed to redress the wrong doled out to her when she fell from a ladder at work.

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