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Djamchid Sisters
"For Her"
4 mins 04s
20 January 2017
Israel Promos

This wistful promo for Israeli duo Djamchid Sisters looks like a storybook unfolding before your eyes. A woman follows a leafy breadcrumb trail to discover she’s not alone in this luminous forest. The art style is lovingly rendered by Nadav Nachmany and Inbal Ochyon, while the track glides along like leaves in the wind.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
"The Red Dot"

Thomas said:

Nonsense. No sniper in the world could make that shot through glass.



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Djamchid Sisters
"For Her"
4 mins 04s
20 Jan 2017
This wistful promo for Israeli duo Djamchid Sisters looks like a storybook unfolding before your eyes. A woman follows a leafy breadcrumb trail to discover she’s not alone in this luminous forest. The art style is lovingly rendered by Nadav Nachmany and Inbal Ochyon, while the track glides along like leaves in the wind.

"World Licking Champion"
11 Jan 2017
This Israeli commercial for double-stuffed Oreos is... how do we put this delicately... completely bloody bonkers. It focuses on Lickson, the 'World Licking Champ' and his ridiculously oversized tongue. A training montage features press-ups with said tongue, a lot of blue spandex, and some boasting about his licking prowess - no giggling at the back, please.

James Allen
"So How Do You Know If A Girl Loves...?"
7 Jan 2017
This Israeli ad for jeweller James Allen explains just why potential fiancés need to be careful about choosing the sparkler they propose with... if she says 'yes' then literally everyone in her life will see it. This ad is humorous and snappy, playing with stereotypes without giving in to them totally. Compelling work.

"The Blind Drive"
2 mins 40s
2 Dec 2016
Mazda shows Israeli drivers what it’s made of with another unorthodox challenge. Despite blacked out windows taking the blind spot to extreme levels, Ben Collins navigates the unknown with help from the car’s lane departure warning system. Finally, the barrier detection feature merits a good “WTF!?” reaction from Collins. After all, it's one heck of a drop.

2 Dec 2016
There’s some nice self-deprecation in this Israeli Mazda campaign. The car manufacturer’s spokesman politely thanks motorists for their lukewarm reviews, but perceptions are there to be changed. Enter Ben “The Ex-Stig” Collins to undertake a series of driving challenges. Can the Mazda fleet withstand a drone pursuit and excitable Japanese technicians? Stay tuned, folks?

Soda Stream
"Shame or Glory"
3 mins 06s
17 Nov 2016
Soda Stream pay homage to Game of Thrones in the brand’s latest online film. Septa Unella (Hannah Waddingham) turns this man’s shopping trip into a nightmare. Why? Not because he’s committed adultery like Cersei Lannister, but for buying multipacks of fizzy water. Hafthór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson once again recommends a more eco-friendly solution.

"Toiletico Fantastico"
1 min 41s
9 Sep 2016
Israel's Super-Pharm brand don't so much like to make a song and dance with their advertising as turn each commercial into a circus. This idiosyncratic extravaganza features two children spellbound by Super-Pharm's (big)top name products such as Pantene and Palmolive, with which the performers do very strange things indeed. Don't try these at home, kids.

Soda Stream
"Heavy Bubbles"
1 min 40s
1 Apr 2016
Soda Stream enlist some serious advertising muscle in their latest bid to promote their eco-friendly approach through viral satire. Their burly ambassador is Hafthór Júlíus 'Thor' Björnsson, professional strongman and occasional Game of Thrones colossus. However, the straight-talking Björnsson takes a break from filming to promote a different product - Heavy Bubbles, bottled water in bulk.

Elite Turkish Coffee
"Saving The Proposal"
4 mins 10s
13 Jan 2016
Elite Turkish Coffee did a survey of their drinkers and it turns out there are a lot of 'good guys' among them. None more so than the chap in this lengthy spot, who, having failed in his previous attempts to propose to his love, goes to extreme measures to ensure his third proposal works out. At least she knows what she'll be letting herself in for.

"Blind Brushing Test"
26 Aug 2015
A clutch of cutie-pie children reveal why they don't like their hair being brushed in this ad out of Israel. The accused parent smiles apologetically as their heavyhandedness is flagged up - and even with their eyes shut, each child knows whether it's mum or dad wielding the brush. Cue the introduction of the WetLife Brush, which any dolt can use with approving results.

Life M6 Blades
3 mins
27 Jul 2015
It's a testament to the strength of this Israeli ad that it doesn't feel anywhere near three minutes long... and as it's selling razors, that's nothing short of miraculous. Instead of the usual macho music, science-y animations of blades against stubble fuzz and virile men nodding at themselves in satisfaction, this shows real-life 'Mook' rediscovering a face even his own wife doesn't know.

"Summer Sale"
25 Jun 2015
This charming and visually inventive advert for an Israeli drugstore, Super-Pharm, is apparently promoting their summer sale, although this is quite lost on us because we're so captivated by the imagery of a chap diving into the 'sea' to discover items for his lady friend lounging by the water's edge.

Ford Explorer
"Newspaper Ads"
29 Oct 2014
This is not a TV ad. It's a print ad... kind of. But it's such a succinct summary of a clever idea that we couldn't resist including it. Has this been done elsewhere? Probably but we'd not seen it so BBR in Israel are getting a pat on the back from us for the innovation of incorporating digital interactivity into a print advert.

Noga Erez
4 mins 29s
28 Jan 2014
Seemingly out of nowhere comes a live cover of Son Lux's Weapons which knocks the original into a cocked hat. Noga Erez has no albums out, there are no other videos that we're aware of, just a number of tracks posted on her MySpace page and Soundcloud. However, Son Lux himself put this on his FaceBook page saying: “I need to learn how to play it like this!” and it's started to gather momentum.

"Fanta Boy"
8 Aug 2012
Here's an oddity for you. A collection of orange bubbles sit around playing cards prompting one of them to question their choices. The others look on mystified while he rants and eventually pops. This they decide is fun. If you like fun and you like oranges then you should drink Fanta.

1 min 45s
5 Mar 2012
This Israeli ad aims to bring the nonsensical nature of dreams to life in a meaningful and charming way. We're not sure if the English-language voiceover on this version features on the original but it strikes a jarring note and undermines the surreal images.

Big Brother
16 Jan 2012
This is such an excellent way of drawing attention to the launch of something that it's disappointing to discover that it's advertising a new series of Big Brother. There is little chance of anyone forgetting the date of the first programme in the new series, is there?

Kosovo Government
"Nation Branding"
28 Oct 2009
Kosovo is branded as The Young Europeans in this Israeli-made ad which shows young Kosovans gathering together to take part in a giant event which involves raising artificial clouds and drawing attention to Kosovo's location in Europe.

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