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"Kitty Kommercial"
2 mins 58s
11 January 2017
Internet Charities

This ad for the FurKids no-kill animal shelter has gone viral after being posted anonymously on Reddit. It's racked up over four million views on YouTube, despite featuring no actual actors and being shot in around half an hour.

While it calls to mind other spoof shelter ads (such as the memorable Calgary Humane Society film that went viral in 2015 for selling cats like used cars... is this becoming a sub-genre?), this feels more authentic because of the low (no) budget and the fact it can't decide what kind of commercial it wants to spoof... so it does them all.

There's the car salesman pitch, black and white infomercial shots, a South Park joke (I need about three kitty!), mispronouncing common words, and even a spoof of heartstring-tugging PSAs complete with terrible background music. Plus a script which features gems like 'we've got the blackest cats you've ever seen - it's like midnight inside a coffin over here!'

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

great acting



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"Kitty Kommercial"
2 mins 58s
11 Jan 2017
This ad for the FurKids no-kill animal shelter has gone viral after being posted anonymously on Reddit. While it calls to mind other spoof shelter ads (such as the memorable Calgary Humane Society film that went viral in 2015 for selling cats like used cars... is this becoming a sub-genre?), this feels more authentic because of the low (no) budget and the fact it can't decide what kind of commercial it wants to spoof... so it does them all.

20 Jan 2016
The late Alan Rickman lends his inimitable voice to this film from OneClickGiving, a charity formed by Oxford University students. While we're treated to the strangely captivating sight of a tortoise chowing down on a strawberry, Rickman informs us that the more views the clip receives, the more money YouTube will pass on to charitable causes. A thoughtful final project for the beloved actor.

"Cristina Molino"
6 Sep 2015
We've included this primarily because it advertises an interesting initiative and we think some of you may want to throw your hats into the ring if you don't know about it already. Lexus are funding four short films from the submissions they received; and here, Cristina Mollino talks about her short which won last year. Worth a look so get on the Google machine.

10 Jul 2015
Those rascals at Davidoff are bucking the global trend by advertising a tobacco product... namely, their expensive-looking cigars. A piece of animation that cleverly moves you through the streets of Rio de Janeiro is mixed with glimpses of silhouetted live action to create an overall atmosphere of sneaky hedonism.

"Because Of Them"
2 mins 30s
9 Jun 2015
WorldRemit is a money transfer service, and this short film follows several of the people who use it. They are people who have gone abroad in order to make a living so that they can support their families, and come from all walks of life. Doctors, fishermen, teachers - without WorldRemit, taking care of those back home might be a whole lot harder.

"A Message to Space"
3 mins 51s
8 May 2015
As Chris Hadfield proved with his cover version of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', there's no better way of winning online love than by being an astronaut - and this lovely piece for Hyundai by The Sweetshop's John S Park offers further proof of this. In fact, mix in a shedload of sentiment and a grand stunt and you have the perfect formula for online success and it's little surprise that this clip has racked up 57 millions views on YouTube since it was posted a month ago.

"Inside Abbey Road"
20 Apr 2015
This engaging piece underlining a new initiative from Google offers some idea of the virtual tour of the Abbey Road Studios that's now available. If you've ever wondered what goes on inside, you can now find out. SPOILER ALERT: we're pretty sure it's musicians recording music and having creative differences about the way the money's divvied out.

Dubai International
"Surprise Guest"
2 mins 05s
9 Mar 2015
It's not easy to illustrate the virtues of an airport and whoever decided to do so through the medium of a flightless aquatic bird deserves a solid slap on the back. Not only does the penguin have the charm that cafés, restaurants and shops so obviously lack, it allows for a series of vignettes which lets punters have a guilt-free listen to a whole Fleetwood Mac song.

Canada Goose
"Free Air Life"
8 mins 50s
22 Oct 2014
This impressively-filmed spot works as a mini-documentary; charting the lives of a number of Scandinavians for whom the great outdoors is vital in their own respective ways. We're shown that in extreme conditions, they rely on Canada Goose clothing - it may have been made by North America's politer neighbours but it's fit for Nordic winters.

"Pedro Lourenço Collection"
3 mins 30s
23 Oct 2014
We've a feeling you'd be unwise to try some of the dance moves on show in this branded content film commissioned by Nowness as some of them look downright impossible. Director Abteen Baghari has done a lovely job and it's a piece of work that really flows from start to finish, though it is a tad on the long side.. as these things are inclined to be.

"Jane Goodall's Footsteps"
2 mins 40s
22 Oct 2014
Google's ambition knows no bounds and one of their recent projects enables us to take a 'street view' of the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. This bewitching film by James W Griffiths illustrates the beauty of the place. The words of Jane Goodall lend a certain gravity to Griffith's marvellous pictures and - together with a suitably stirring score - they create an immensely moving piece of film.

"Could Be True Story"
1 min 55s
21 Oct 2014
A tongue-in-cheek tale of how Ballantine's has tenaciously clung on over the decades; surviving prohibition, new recipes, complementary products and fads, only to end up dispensing with everything but the original blend. "It wouldn't be such a flash film," we're told by the narrator in this amusing piece for the drink, if it had been nearly two minutes of explaining that nothing had changed since it was first created.

World Animal Protection
"Before They Book"
2 mins 30s
14 Oct 2014
This cleverly pitched piece of work has a young woman cheerfully describing the dreadful treatment meted out to elephants to make them willing to have tourists sitting on their backs. The suffering that goes on behind the scenes may not have occurred to visitors to Thailand et al but they certainly won't disregard it once they've seen this film. Sterling work.

Short Films
"Fall Winter Spring"
6 mins 01s
12 Oct 2014
This fascinating glimpse at the 'glamorous' life of a model has been made by someone who knows - Astrid Salomon is an acclaimed director and photographer operating in the realm. This nightmarish take-down ought to be be enough to put anyone off... but we doubt it'll do anything to stem the tide of leggy wannabes.

Grant's Whisky
30 Sep 2014
"If you've got this far in life without owing anybody anything, how far have you really got?" What a great line to sum up the ragtag jumble of events that combine to define what friendship truly means. It's an excellent way to get past the fact Grant's has been perceived, by dint of being a blended whisky, as not particularly fashionable to a younger market.

"Scene Unseen"
5 mins 45s
17 Aug 2014
This short film takes its time to get around to the product it advertises but at least it should have the full attention of anyone who's managed to hang in there that long. It's a general criticism of this type of media rather than a specific criticism of the film itself (which looks to be a well-made example of this kind of thing) but has anyone considered the likelihood of potential punters watching this to the end?

5 mins 22s
8 Jul 2014
Yorkshire did the Tour de France proud and - here - Rapha returns the favour by doing Yorkshire proud. The rolling hills may be free of the crowds that turned out in their millions to watch the cyclists hurtle past but they have just as much majesty in this typically languid piece for the sportswear company.

"The Empty Car Convoy"
2 mins 35s
4 Jul 2014
If you've ever watched Top Gear and wondered what it would be like without the chummy antics of its ghastly presenters, take a look at this wonderful viral for Hyundai. Kit Lynch-Robinson - a veteran of the aforementioned bundle of motoring and prejudice - has put this together and his sure directorial touch ensures that it has the perfect blend of tension and humour. It's little wonder that it's racking up so many YouTube viewings.

"The Bike Whisperer"
3 mins 05s
30 Jun 2014
Canadian comic Tony Law gets into character as The Bike Whisperer in this online video for Halfords. Nonplussed and vaguely apprehensive customers are approached by him as they bring bikes for servicing, come to collect them, or check out the range available. It's gentle and amusing - Law is an excellent choice - but this would be improved by more self-discipline when it comes to running time.

"Rizzle Kicks"
3 mins 09s
27 Jun 2014
This clip for Evian is doing brisk business online at the moment. Pop duo Rizzle Kicks take part in a promo whose plotline is their ostensible obsession with Maria Sharapova. They follow her about affluent Wimbledon as they sing; denied entry to the grounds, they go home to watch her on TV - at which point a stunning revelation occurs. Jaunty, fun, and appealing to a young audience (not to mention Sharapova fans).

Stride Gum
"The World's Best Lawyer"
18 Jun 2014
Gags a-plenty in this brilliant commercial for Stride Gum which has a spokesperson confidently asserting his right to make any claim he likes because he's secured the services of The World's Best Lawyer. It's a beautiful two-hander with the actor playing the lawyer providing a perfect counterweight to the bombastic lead.

"Rio Challenge"
3 Jun 2014
Will a bunch of pasty-faced blokes manage to beat Brazil's best women's five-a-side football team? That's the challenge in this spot which shows them being introduced to the players and looking rather scared at the prospect of trying to beat them. It's been launched in partnership with Sky Sports and Strongbow, and we expect to see more of the competition entrants getting their butts kicked as the campaign develops.

"Nigel Farage"
22 May 2014
A superbly put together sequence of edits has Nigel Farage confessing a hitherto unexpected love of all things European. It's well-timed to coincide with today's European elections and will probably build a strong online following along with the various other bit and pieces that remorselessly poke fun at UKIP's clownish leader.

Wall's Cornetto
"Love 40"
8 mins 37s
20 May 2014
Here's an interesting piece of branded content for you. Cornetto have funded this film about a burgeoning romance between two attractive young women and there's not an ice cream in sight. This is very much the male-friendly face of lesbianism with elfin boyishness rather than butchness and nothing to frighten the horses.

"Winner Stays"
3 mins
26 Apr 2014
Nike have been demonstrating their marketing clout by congregating football stars together for a couple of decades now, but sometimes the the resulting film collapses under the weight of its considerable cast. This impressive World Cup film comes close to suffering that fate. Luckily, expert cat herder Ringan Ledwidge just about keeps everything in check while drawing surprisingly adept performances from footballers, and we suspect the target audience will be delighted with this.

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