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"Baby Groot"
21 April 2017
USA Insurance

Guardians of the Galaxy's cutest member teams up with the GEICO Gecko for this amusing tie-in commercial. Framestore's production values are typically high, with Gecko more than holding his own against Baby Groot's intricate animated design. It seems that only one of the actors here has bothered to learn their lines, but then we're not sure Groot's old enough to read yet...

Lucozade Sport
"Anthony Joshua"

Peter said:

So nicely done. Great touches- think I spotted his cousin Ben, who got him into boxing, on the pads.



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"Baby Groot"
21 Apr 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy's cutest member teams up with the GEICO Gecko for this amusing tie-in commercial. Framestore's production values are typically high, with Gecko more than holding his own against Baby Groot's intricate animated design. It seems that only one of the actors here has bothered to learn their lines, but then we're not sure Groot's old enough to read yet...

"The World in One Place"
21 Apr 2017
This effective trail for CNN’s Original Series strand packs plenty of screen time into 60”. A wall of televisions showcases the channel’s eclectic output, covering everything from the Nineties to Jesus Christ. The visual conceit pays tribute to CNN’s broadcast heritage as a constant stream of images blends familiar faces and more obscure subject matter against a scenic backdrop.

Los Angeles
"Paper Plane"
1 min 33s
19 Apr 2017
The devil makes work for idle tiny hands - as more completely rational travel bans loom on the horizon, the city of Los Angeles has launched a tourism campaign with a clear message in response: everyone is welcome. 'Real Love Baby' by Father John Misty plays as a diverse cast of characters hug, dance, and generally live their lives near iconic landmarks across the city.

Big Little Lies
"Opening Titles"
15 Apr 2017
Are you watching 'Big Little Lies'? You should be as it's bloody brilliant and further proof that Hollywood's disdain for writing has pushed the storytellers towards television. As well as stellar performances from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon, the show offers a wonderful opportunity to younger actors.

"Castles (ft. St. Beauty)"
3 mins 42s
10 Apr 2017
Lacey Duke crafts this inviting promo for BOSCO and St. Beauty's 'Castles'. The Atlanta trio playfully evoke the choreography of Nineties music videos; a motif enhanced by the use of 16mm film stock. Sun-kissed visuals and a Miami Vice colour palette turn Atlanta into an urban arcadia - we imagine the city's tourism board will be delighted.

12 Apr 2017
Not even HBO can escape John Oliver’s satirical ire… and they employ the bloke. The ‘Last Week Tonight’ host bookends this entertaining ad celebrating the broadcaster’s trademark crackling ident. Of course, Oliver has a bone to pick with the idea. Meanwhile, a roll call of HBO stars deliver a selection of ‘aaahhs’ and hisses.

Virgin Atlantic
12 Apr 2017
There's never been a better time to buy a jewel-encrusted codpiece, according to Virgin Atlantic. The airline want to let their American customers know that Britain is the perfect holiday destination, since their dollars will stretch much further than before. An American walks into a bar and... no, sorry, Brexit's the only joke in that sentence.

MS Lifelines
"Zack's Mum"
3 mins 35s
12 Apr 2017
Shay Hamias directs this thoughtful animated film from multiple sclerosis support group MS Lifelines. Zack explains to his friend what his mother is going through, and that seeing MS in a new light has helped him to cope. Beneath the cutesy animation lies a worthy message about helping youngsters understand the condition.

The Confidante
"Tell Your Tale"
12 Apr 2017
This colourful ad for Miami hotel The Confidante has a vintage aesthetic which matches the hotel's Art Deco glam decor. The hotel asked their Twitter followers to describe their ideal trip and made one of their dreams come true... at least in animated form. The pastel animation here is beautifully executed, using all manner of holiday exploits to demonstrate their range of available activities.

Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation
5 Apr 2017
As a child's hand peels a love-heart sticker from the inside of a car window, a male voice is heard violently berating his wife - the boy's mother. The camera reveals the child's worried face as he absorbs the anger he's being exposed to and we're reminded that abusive behaviour is often cyclical. It's a poignant glimpse into the life of those who bear witness to abusive relationships.

11 Apr 2017
Sheraton hotels want to let us know that their employees go the extra mile to ensure guests have the best experience possible under their care. Director Mark Molloy has created a tongue in cheek film which is by turns dramatic and humorous, featuring some striking underwater work and astute comic timing. The ad opens on a man diving fully-clothed into a body of water - and we soon find out why.

"Live For Now"
2 mins 40s
4 Apr 2017
It's been a while since a brand misjudged the mood as badly as Pepsi has with this atrocity. Social media has exploded with indignation at the sight of this white label protest with a vacuous reality star - Kendall jenner - feigning her way through moments of self-discovery. The blame - as is often the way when a mistake of this magnitude takes place - doesn't lie with the writers or the director.

1 min 50s
30 Mar 2017
Virtual Reality hasn't quite taken off in the fashion many hoped it would but - in this splendid commercial for Samsung - we're offered a super illustration of the impact it has on a creature dreaming of a different kind of take-off altogether, The animal in question is an ostrich who accidentally slips its face into a VR headset and discovers a brave new world in which he's unencumbered by flightlessness.

Estée Lauder
"Confidence is Beautiful"
31 Mar 2017
Most make-up ads focus entirely on the business of looking immaculate when preparing to go out for the evening. Here, Estée Lauder daringly suggests women have other things to do in their lives, such as work and/or have children. If you are one of those groundbreaking types, you can continue looking stupefyingly gorgeous regardless.

Danny Brown
"Ain't It Funny"
3 mins 37s
31 Mar 2017
Something tells us network executives will pass on Danny Brown and director Jonah Hill’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’. For the rest of us, however, it’s a dark and twisted spin on American sitcoms. Be warned - 'Happy Days' this is not. Subtitles reveal Brown’s inner turmoil while the studio audience guffaws. In the end, only cognac and Xanax can drown out the laughing track.

31 Mar 2017
This US Fage commercial suggests a variety of locations in which one can enjoy a pot of the Greek stuff. Whether it's on the basketball court or off a swimming float, the smooth-as-you-like VO reckons anywhere merits "splendiferously fine" yogurt. We're sure the brand doesn't condone breaking and entering, but they do a good job of making the product look desirable.

Macy Gray
"White Man"
3 mins 25s
27 Mar 2017
'White Man' is Macy Gray's comment on contemporary America, reminding us all that some people are still considered more equal than others. Fatima Andrade Koehler's accompanying clip features some terrific choreography as two women - one black, one white - confront each other while their hung-out laundry dries behind them (nice metaphor).

Lipton Tea
"Keala Kennelly"
23 Mar 2017
With all the dramatic and hard-hitting sports-based ads around, it's nice to know that sometimes even the athletically gifted enjoy a cup of tea and a sit down. The connection between surfer Keala Kennelly throwing herself into treacherous waves and caffeinated beverages may be tenuous, but this beautifully-shot film feels inspiring nonetheless.

"Electronic Devices"
22 Mar 2017
Emirates have released a topical extract from their recent ad starring Jennifer Aniston. The airlline is making the best of a recent ban on electronics being carried on flights from nine countries, cheekily pointing out they've got so much in-flight entertainment available that nothing extra is required to keep boredom at bay. No word as to whether their TVs have Candy Crush though...

Domino's Pizza
"Home for Pizza"
1 min 42s
20 Mar 2017
Having starred in ‘Stranger Things,’ Joe Keery should feel at home in Eighties throwbacks. Now the tousled heartthrob takes the lead in this lovely homage to 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' from Domino's. Keery navigates backyards and trampolines in a race home. He's not trying to evade parents or thwart a vengeful sister, though... the man's got pizza on the way.

Raymond James
17 Mar 2017
In this US ad for Raymond James, a couple's life is depicted via copious opening doors. The motif may be familiar, but each vignette conveys the passing time well. The advertised institution pays tribute to those who've toiled and achieved together, and suggests their financial expertise can help them embrace even more opportunities in later life.

Raymond James
17 Mar 2017
As Dylan Moran once observed, everyone wants to hear their name said a certain way. This engaging commercial for wealth management firm Raymond James introduces us to Kevin - a name comprised of two syllables and many inflections.

"An American Icon"
1 min 39s
20 Mar 2017
A hundred seconds spent in the company of Morgan Heim gives us a real insight into the conservation photographer's life. It's a tribute to director Jay Buim that - despite its brevity - this film never feels rushed. Cinematographer Kyle D Repka manages to capture the beautiful snowy landscapes in a fashion which reminds us that this is Heim's obsession and provides us with a sense that she is a highly capable photographer without us needing to see her work.

Short Films
"Do What You Can't"
3 mins 52s
16 Mar 2017
Youtuber Casey Neistat has racked up three and a half million views with this energetically upbeat video. Addressing the film to 'the haters' and 'doubters', Neistat rails against conformity over a montage of people doing things they were told they couldn't do.

Castrol Edge
"Fast & Furious 8"
2 mins 28s
17 Mar 2017
'Fast & Furious 8' - or 'The Fate of the Furious' for Stateside readers - partners with Castrol Edge for this action-packed simulation. Stuntwoman Debbie Evans is challenged by series veteran Michelle Rodriguez to evade tanks and Russian submarines on an icy lake - just your regular Sunday afternoon drive, eh? Good to see the stunt driver take top billing for once.

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