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When we first launched in 2002, we were selling DVD subscriptions and DaViD was a complex acronym that stood for 'advertising intelligence on DVD'. It also enabled us to position ourselves as 'David' against the 'Goliath' that was Xtreme Information. Are they still going?

When we launched the web site, it turned out that our audience liked it better than the DVDs so we switched our focus to that and even though the name didn't really make sense any more we kept it.

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Why the hell not... everyone else does?

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What's happened to the advanced search?

Where are the news stories?

When will you start sending the newsletter again?

Who is David?

How much for a subscription?

Five Star Work

The Jump
"Flying Without Wings"
18 Jan 2017
This promo for Channel 4's beleaguered reality show 'The Jump' features the plangent vocals of Westlife. 'Flying Without Wings' accompanies shots of this year's batch of celebrities flying over a snowy landscape, with appropriately transcendent expressions as they perform improbable acrobatic feats.

"Food Dancing"
18 Jan 2017
Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work for its big new client. Orange Supermarket has been placed at the forefront of a new movement called #fooddancing by an ad with an earwormy soundtrack from MysDiggi combined with a montage that's been made to look as though it's been clandestinely filmed in our actual kitchens.

Apple AirPods
16 Jan 2017
The first advertising push for Apple’s AirPod earphones has a job on its hands. Last year’s Apple press conference sparked frenzied reactions online as headphone jacks and wires were consigned to history. Now the tech giant has to convince consumers that cordless earbuds are the future... and they’ve gone about it in typical Apple fashion.

"Believe In More"
2 mins
13 Jan 2017
This short film for Nike was conceived, created, and directed by avant-garde creative powerhouse and musician FKA Twigs. The grungy-beautiful two minute spot advertises Nike's new Spring Zonal Strength Tights, which are shown off to great effect by athletic dance moves from the likes of Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson and krump dancer Saskia Horton.

"Win At Sleeping"
11 Jan 2017
Ikea turn the struggle to get a good night's sleep into a competitive sport in this rousing ad. Featuring the vocal stylings of motivational speaker Derrick Moore, sleepers are framed as athletes gearing up for the biggest test of their careers: eight full hours. The small details are particularly satisfying here: including the 'Snoozin' Jo' boxer-style robe and night cream applied in the manner of warpaint.

"Kyrie 3: Improv"
10 Jan 2017
Well, you won’t see this on the regular NBA fixture list; it’s Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Questlove of, erm, The Tonight Show. While Roots drummer Questlove lays down a free-form beat, Irving responds with his own quicksilver moves. Anything you can do, I can do better. A slick tribute to sporting and musical prowess from Nike and the Hoffman Brothers.

Harry's Shave Club
"Jeff and Andy"
2 mins 40s
9 Jan 2017
This entertaining film for Harry’s Shave Club tells the story of one company’s battle with the big boys. When founders Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield decided a good shave needn’t cost the world, these “American Internet Cowboys” began building an e-shaving giant. Of course, entrepreneurs like Jeff and Andy are always going to encounter some obstacles.

James Allen
"So How Do You Know If A Girl Loves...?"
7 Jan 2017
This Israeli ad for jeweller James Allen explains just why potential fiancés need to be careful about choosing the sparkler they propose with... if she says 'yes' then literally everyone in her life will see it. This ad is humorous and snappy, playing with stereotypes without giving in to them totally. Compelling work.

"Car Karaoke"
7 Jan 2017
Festive traffic jams are no concern for a musical family in this funny ad for VW. It's a familiar scene: kids bored in the back, parents equally bored in the front as the cars around them go nowhere. All that's missing is an 'are we nearly there yet?'. That is, until Dad decides to bust out some tunes and take a creative approach to killing time - one the rest of the family soon join in with.

"Break Free"
1 min 39s
6 Jan 2017
An old man who's not ready to give in to being old just yet is wasting away in a retirement home. Depressed and listless, he remembers his glory days when he catches sight of his old running shoes and makes a decision: he's not going to shuffle off into senility without a fight. This ad for Adidas was created as a student spec film which the brand actually passed on... at least before it went viral.

5 Jan 2017
Sparks fly and antlers collide in this gorgeous-looking Peugeot commercial. A lightning strike causes a chain reaction as a herd of deer flee the resulting forest fire. Nature comes to life as this driver ventures further into the woods, absorbing every detail as the flames rage on. This guy sure knows the right spot for a lively country drive.

6 Jan 2017
A woman expresses herself on the dance floor in this uplifting yet understated BUPA commercial. Opening on her short journey from the drinks table, the array of emotions on her face suggest a far longer journey has taken place in her life. Then we learn she's had successful treatment for cancer, and understand we're witnessing her emergence from a long dark tunnel into the bright, welcome light of day.

"The Dot"
5 Jan 2017
Any ad which manages to use the phrase 'industrial lubricants' without raising a juvenile titter is going to be intriguing, and this brilliantly animated film for Mobil1 definitely hits that mark. The action centres on 'dot' and the many ways it's expressed - making a point (pun intended) about how important little things are.

5 Jan 2017
Money.co.uk eschew a spokesperson in favour of exploring more universal moments with their first major ad campaign. To reinforce the claim that the site checks more financial products than any other, we're shown a montage of situations where people could - or should - check things. Be they horoscopes, shoelaces, lottery numbers, or, uh, prostates.

"Taxi Driver"
1 Jan 2017
The trickery in this clever commercial for Aviva is as multi-layered as a Matryoshka doll. It suggests that the two people in the back of the taxi being steered by ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard have no idea what's in store for them. But, clearly they do. It also suggests that Coulthard did all the driving in this ad and this seems just as improbable. After all, the racer turned pundit is not a stunt driver.

Compare The Market
"Let it Go"
25 Dec 2016
For the latest instalment, we're offered an update on Oleg - the baby meerkat adopted by Aleksandr and Sergei three Christmases ago and taken back to Africa the following year. These updates are perhaps set to become a regular part of a Christmas push by the price comparison site as we rejoin the youngster in a winter wonderland.

1 Jan 2017
McDonald's show how a broken lift becomes a sweet bonding experience for two women. Trapped alone together and awaiting rescue, the women share water, shoes, a scarf, secrets, stories, and a pair of headphones, but not even their new found friendship compels them to share the McDonald's Chicken Selects which is handed to them by their rescuers.

"The Broadcast"
22 Dec 2016
This pleasingly cryptic piece of communication from Thinkbox reminds us how television advertising can enable anyone to punch above their weight. In this case, an alien with intentions unknown begins broadcasting on all frequencies to the people of planet Earth prompting waves of panic as the population awaits its fate.

Below the Belt
"The Success Man"
18 Dec 2016
This is a commercial that has to be seen to be believed. It has echoes of a famous Audi ad from the 1990s which gave voice to a young man who turned out to be a complete cock. In both ads, the voice we hear offers a glimpse into its owner's psyche and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. Self-absorption is the order of the day as an immensely selfish philosophy is revealed.

Lipton Tea
21 Dec 2016
This charming ad for Lipton is as soothing as the hot cup of tea it advertises. To a calm acoustic soundtrack, it tells the story of an unlikely friendship as a lonely young boy and his school bus driver look out for each other. After noticing the perpetually-late kid doesn't have any friends, the kindly driver reaches out one morning to give him a small gesture of solidarity.

Thomson Holidays
16 Dec 2016
This impressively-shot ad for Thomson Holidays captures the feeling of never wanting your holiday to end. A little girl has all the time in the world as she wanders through a beach resort in dream-like stasis. From exotic birds taking flight to a towel mid-flutter, she explores the little moments we might otherwise miss

"Right Light"
15 Dec 2016
We’ve seen lots of variations on the Christmas lights meme this year. Now Toyota unveil their own bright idea to promote their annual Toyotathon sales event. We see family and friends driving into the countryside on a mission. As dusk approaches, rolls of lights are arranged with purpose. Soon we spot a plane overhead, and one passenger looks out the window onto a luminous greetings card.

14 Dec 2016
Nike save us the trouble of watching The Walking Dead (still haven't forgiven you for Glenn, Scott Gimple) and summarise pretty much every zombie movie ever to create more time to run. Although the existence of certain apps suggests the two can be combined quite effectively... if being chased by hordes of the undead is your idea of a good time.

14 Dec 2016
Nike break down the foibles of social media in another entertaining ad. According to the Siri-like voice, forty-five minutes on Facebook amounts to hundreds of baby photos, needy narwhals, and notifications that “someone you don’t remember likes something”. In other words, why not do something more meaningful with your time... like exercise?

Road Safety (Australia)
"Rethink Speed"
14 Dec 2016
There’s some haunting imagery in this well-crafted Australian road safety film. We see a car and a young cyclist frozen in time as a near-miss. As the camera pans round, we see the same scenario escalate in crunching detail. The boy disappears after the third ‘crash’, yet his absence only compounds the horror. If speed can cause this much damage to a vehicle, what chance does a human have?

Five Star Work

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