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    • B-Reel Films become BRF.B-Reel Films have rung the changes in 2017 by rebranding themselves as BRF.
    • Well spotted.This live-action ad for 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands' sees a cat chase a mysterious red dot around the room.
    • How to save a life... live.Channel 4 and Cancer Research present television's first live colonoscopy.
    • What Goes Up...This promo for Channel 4's beleaguered reality show 'The Jump' features the smooth, sensual vocal stylings of Westlife.
    • Dancing as you're peeling.Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work fr its big new client.
    • Bosch Peps Up Friend LondonAward-winning Spanish director Pep Bosch signs to Friend London for UK representation.
    • Tom Noakes flocks to Prettybird.Filmmaker and skateboarding fanatic Tom Noakes has signed for Prettybird.
    • The French connection.This tongue-in-cheek ad from agency Glory Paris and language course website Speak Well offers sanctuary for Americans eager to escape whatever President Trump has in store.
    • Been Here Since ForeverThis year's Australia Day ad features a controversial sped-up re-colonisation of the country... all for the love of a barbie.
    • Laughing with despairSebastien Petretti's short film offers hope, humour and despair in equal measure.
    • Endless runner.Here’s a film you just want to keep running and running and running. Bulgarian parkour artist Ilko Iliev turns the city streets into one endless assault course.
    • Alex Turner arrives at Fat Lemon.Commercial director and documentary filmmaker Alex Turner has joined Fat Lemon’s carefully assembled roster for representation.
    • Andrea Jade Colomb is an OutsiderOutsider have snagged South African-born director AJ Colomb for their roster.
    • Cracking line-up for CraftWorks.Our first CraftWorks of 2017 takes place on January 25th. In the morning. At the LSE Student Union building. It's going to be great. Come along.
    • A budding successThe first advertising push for Apple’s AirPod earphones has a job on its hands.
    • A sleeper hitAn Audi technician ‘tucks in’ the factory’s supercomputer for the night. But what happens when artificial intelligence drifts off to the land of Nod?


On 25th January - between 9.30am and 11.30am - DAVID REVIEWS and the APA are putting on the next CraftWorks show at the LSE Student Union building in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

The event costs just £20 plus VAT per ticket.

We'll be talking Heathrow's bears; meeting director Sebastien Petretti; looking back at Green Wing with Victoria Pile; and reuniting some of the people who made Sony Bravia 'Paint'.


Bosch Peps Up Friend London

After a long hiatus from the UK market, acclaimed Spanish director Pep Bosch has signed to Friend London for UK representation. He's known for shunning the 'aspirational' style of advertising and instead focusing on individuality and championing the underdog.


Tom Noakes flocks to Prettybird.

Filmmaker and skateboarding fanatic Tom Noakes has signed for Prettybird.

Both parties unsurprisingly have good things to say about each other. Executive Producer Juliette Larthe describes Noakes as “a breath of fresh air”, while Noakes thinks his new home is “sexy”. Such enthusiasm - combined with an entertaining commercial and promo reel - makes Noakes a name to watch out for at Prettybird.


"Save an American"
2 mins
18 January 2017

France and the United States of America have always enjoyed a rather volatile relationship. Despite The Simpsons coining the phrase “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” and Congress turning French fries into ‘freedom fries’, it seems our friends across the Channel aren’t ones to hold grudges.

This tongue-in-cheek ad from agency Glory Paris and language course website Speak Well offers sanctuary for Americans eager to escape whatever President Trump has in store. After all, Canada can’t accommodate everyone.

The website offers English learning materials to potential hosts. If any French viewers are yet to settle on a New Year’s resolution, helping an American through hard times may do the trick.

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Meat & Livestock Australia
"Boat People"
2 mins 36s
13 January 2017

The annual ad from Meat & Livestock Australia encouraging people to celebrate Australia Day with a lamb barbecue has become a cultural event Down Under, and has picked up its share of plaudits and controversies over the years (last year they released 'the most diverse ad ever').

This year's ad is no exception: it opens with indigenous people having a barbecue on the beach, which quickly fills up as a sped-up re-enactment of colonisation takes place. In period costume, the French, English, Dutch, Germans, Chinese, and Serbians all arrive one after another.

So far, so historical. But then things take a turn for the weird when a gay pride float turns up (colonial homosexuals?) and - upon another batch of 'boat people' arriving - MasterChef Australia's Poh Ling Yeow asks "Aren't we all boat people?"

Yeah... apart from the indigenous guys who were having a peaceful barbie in their own spot before everyone showed up and ate their lamb. And then implemented systemic racial discrimination which continues to have knock on effects to this day... but we're sure they finished the lamb first.

The intention of this ad is to illustrate the diversity of modern Australia and say that no matter where you've come from, you never lamb alone. Framing colonialism as benevolent party crashing to deliver that message is a bold move, and while the ad is funny and well executed... it does leave an aftertaste if you think about it too hard.

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Short Films
"State of Emergency"
5 mins 34s
17 January 2017

There is something so audacious about this film by Sebastien Petretti that you may be left unsure whether to laugh or cry but you'll nonetheless know you've seen something extraordinary.

At its heart - in narrative terms - is a story being told by one young man to another. Keen to hear all the sordid details, the second young man urges him on with questions pressing for elaboration about the sexual encounter that may or may not have taken place. Theirs is a conversation that can be imagined between young men anywhere in the world... and - in a different context - it might even be prompting our disapproval.

But there's a whole lot more going on here. As they speak, the two young men are being subjected to continual harassment by the police. Not that they appear to notice... they gamely carry on as though oblivious to the violence they're subjected to.

The message is loud and clear... innocent, ordinary citizens are now on the receiving end of so much discrimination from the authorities that they're completely inured. This pair take what's meted out with unlikely good humour which both makes them all the more heroic and deserving of our sympathy. It's a film which is simultaneously full of hope and weighed down with despair... a quite marvellous balancing act achieved by an exceptional talent.

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On This Day

Honda FR-V
"Fast Food Outing"
22 Jan 2005
The family introduced in a previous ad take another family out to a fast food restaurant, sadly they do not allow dogs so they take the drivethrough facility instead. Luckily the people carrier is so big they can comfortably eat their food whilst on board. Simple animated representations, quirky and Garrison Keillor's drawling delivery combine beautifully.

"It's Just A Car"
22 Jan 2006
It's only a car. Well, not really. It's a fantastically expensive car made to look very cool by a typically slick piece of advertising which reflects the brand's core values: (ie: unostentatious yet smug wealth) in a manner that suggests they've been a teeny bit influenced by the current Honda campaign.

Swedish Horse Racing
"Know Your Horses"
22 Jan 2010
This dynamic Swedish commercial shows people fostering relationships with horses so they can get inside information and gamble successfully. The various situations depicted are inventive and amusing and will undoubtedly stir interest in the sport.

22 Jan 2010
In this follow-up to last year's water slide commercial, the idea of freedom is explored in exhilarating fashion as a man careers through the city aboard a roller coaster. Boston's More Than A Feeling provides the music as our hero raises his arms and enjoys the ride.

22 Jan 2012
Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham guest star in this ad for Snickers as a pair of dressing room divas. The conceit is imported from a series of similar ads made in the US featuring veteran comedy actress Betty White. As in the original ads, the actresses stand-in for athletes in need of a sugar boost.

22 Jan 2013
Tesco's latest wheeze is to show us a woman fantasising abut a Barbarian dong her shopping for her. His two main props are the unlikely combination of mobile phone and a massive sword... one of which he uses to slice some tiger bread for her. No horses were harmed in the making of this commercial.

McCain Oven Chips
"Lift Error"
22 Jan 2004
This ad conveys its message effectively and quickly with an illustration of a situation many can relate to. Watching the woman's frantic attempt and subsequent guilt-ridden failure to hold a lift door open for a mother and child, we can be glad that she won't also have to feel guilty about eating oven chips with too much fat in them.

"Web Cam (No Trousers)"
22 Jan 2004
In this ad for BT, we watch a young student as he awakens to a mess of an apocalyptic scale and skillfully rearranges it out of sight of his computer's webcam. He does so just in time to brush off his parents' concerns with a knowing smile, reassuring them with a daring nonchalance that "as they can see" the house is tidy.

Silver Spoon Light
22 Jan 2006
Another strange animated piece showing how Silver Spoon Light is so like sugar that anyone can be fooled into thinking it's the real thing. This time it's a horse interrupting a picnic who happily partakes of the white glittery stuff.

Cadbury Crème Eggs
22 Jan 2007
Three sponsorship bumpers for the seasonal chocolate offering which is 'back on the street' - an appropriate tie-in since the sponsored programme is Coronation Street. The CCTV footage idea may be a bit overused but it is cleverly employed here.

Diet Coke
22 Jan 2007
The annoying tortoise has presumably been turned into an ornamental ashtray as we see the return of an old theme for Diet Coke. Three women take to the lift for their Diet Coke break before pressing the alarm button to gain the attention of the hunky maintenance man.

Kia Cee'd
22 Jan 2007
Is it an ad? Is it a movie trail? Is it another of those campaigns built around a competition to achieve something unlikely (like unearthing a buried car) or is the task more prosaic... like trying to figure out what this is all about?

Channel 4
"Secret Talent"
22 Jan 2007
The usual suspects are asked if they have a secret talent. Gordon Ramsay reveals he can play the drums ... really, is there no end to his obnoxiousness? Meanwhile, Charlotte Church reveals she can fit her fist in her mouth begging the question: why doesn't she leave it in there?

"Nanas (Coco Ending)"
22 Jan 2008
Another outing for the Nanas who knit Shreddies has an appendage which has a couple of the oldsters cooing over a coco variant. The geriatric minimum-wagers seem to enjoy their work... which is just as well really.

Kellogg's Special K
"Quick Change"
22 Jan 2009
A woman's mood brightens as she realises she doesn't have to have the same humdrum cereal every day. There are now ten different varieties of Special K and the look of the protagonist changes as she tries each of them.

"Olympic Torch Relay"
22 Jan 2010
This impressive-looking ad for Canadian bank RBC depicts the Olympic torch as a path of fire making its way across the North American landscape. The company is a sponsor of the Olympic torch's progress and they suggest that it has the ability to light up a nation.

22 Jan 2010
A series of vignettes demonstrate how annoying life can be when you are unable to make a reservation before using this to illustrate the wondrousness of being able to reserve stuff online before popping round to your local Argos to collect it.

Maple Leaf Bacon
22 Jan 2010
One of a series of new Canadian commercials for Maple Leaf Bacon which focus on its new resealable packaging. In this execution, a man who works in an office is sent some bacon as an apology by a woman who hit his car with hers.

Maple Leaf Bacon
22 Jan 2010
One of a series of new Canadian commercials for Maple Leaf Bacon which focus on its new resealable packaging. In this execution, a woman proposes marriage while holding open a package of the advertised meat as though it was a box holding a ring.

Kit Kat
22 Jan 2011
A wrecking ball operator is enjoying a Kit Kat during his break when he decides to have some fun. We were pretty sure that we'd worked out what was coming next but we were wrong... it wasn't conkers as we imagined but something even more elaborate.

Alpen Porridge
"Bung It In The Microwave"
22 Jan 2012
A new variant of Alpen is designed to be "bunged in the microwave" and this ad aims to simultaneously emphasise its wholesome credentials and debunk the idea that it's a poncy cereal. A tough ask, you might think, but this does the job rather nicely.

Black Mirror
"A Future You Deserve"
22 Jan 2013
This series promises another delve into the darker recesses of Charlie Brooker's brain. The poacher turned gamekeeper isn't quite as good at making dramas as he was at tearing them apart in his columns for The Guardian and on Screenwipe but this trail for the new series certainly suggests that it'll be worth a look.

McVitie's Breakfast
"Breakfast Challenge"
22 Jan 2013
David Mitchell provides the voiceover for this lacklustre piece demonstrating how a woman is able to face the pressures of the morning provided she's eaten the advertised biscuit. The regret in Mitchell's voice is palpable as he describes her antics with outsized versions of the stuff that troubles us in real life.

Virgin Media
"Multiple Tennants"
22 Jan 2013
David Tennant has acted alongside other versions of himself before - as fans of Doctor Who will doubtless recall. Here the Scottish actor is accompanied by an additional three versions of himself to highlight the advertised service's ability to record three streams at once.

Wonders of Life
"Brian Cox"
22 Jan 2013
This trail is worth watching if for one thing alone - the luscious Professor Cox doesn't smile - or talk with a smile in his voice - for nearly all of it. He's mostly moody and brooding. Hard, then, to concentrate on the amazing things he's telling us about life and its wonders and stuff because... he's not smiling as much. Wow.

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