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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Greatcoat Films sign Georgina CammalleriGreatcoat films have signed BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker Georgina Cammalleri to their roster for representation.
    • Beating the blues.This hopeful ad for LinkedIn demonstrates how online connections can translate into real-world results.
    • straight 8’s natural selection.Caviar's Quba Tuakli has won gold at the 2021 straight 8 Shootout with his two-and-half-minute short film 'A Separation'.
    • Snap out of it.Inadequate broadband proves too much for the cast of this madcap BT commercial, resulting in some violent personality changes.
    • Smooth ride.The aggregate impact of this Bentley commercial is to remind the audience that this is the smoothest and most luxurious ride in town.
    • Righteous fury.This punchy commercial for social enterprise Hey Girls aims to ensure that period poverty is not forgotten during the latter stages of the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Relearn to fly.This British Airways film coincides with a plea from owners IAG for the government to relaunch international travel.
    • Swim Club join Independent.Stockholm-based collective Swim Club have joined Independent for UK commercial representation.
    • Destination DreamlandAussies are encouraged to follow their dreams and take a trip east in this entertaining ad for Tourism New Zealand.
    • Who Needs FranceMiller High Life has long described itself as "the champagne of beers", and they now want to make that official.


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Greatcoat Films sign Georgina Cammalleri

Greatcoat films have signed BAFTA Award-winning documentary filmmaker Georgina Cammalleri to their roster for representation.

Having made her name as a factual director over the past decade, Cammalleri is known for her forensic eye for detail and unerring ability to find the human heart of any story. From hard-hitting crime features to stories of sporting triumphs, there's no real-life subject she can't bring to the screen.


"Step Forward Together"
11 May 2021

Emerging from lockdown can feel like a challenging time for any of us, but job-seekers left in the lurch by the pandemic may be unsure where to even begin in a new world. This hopeful ad for LinkedIn offers a route out of the darkness, demonstrating how online connections translate into real-world results.

The film follows the journey of one candidate and his neglected houseplant, who glow-up in tandem as the guy tends to his career. From online seminars to support on interview day, it's a neat look at how a job-focused social network can be useful in our now digitally-focused world.

Director David Edwards handles the narrative flow nicely here, with the action brightening in stages as the main character's mood steadily improves. The now-thriving plant finding a new home in its owner's office is a lovely note to end on, too.

straight 8’s natural selection.

Caviar's Quba Tuakli has won gold at the 2021 straight 8 Shootout with his two-and-half-minute short film 'A Separation'.

Tuakli's story about a malevolent cactus edged out entries from Colin Read (Pulse Films) and Cameron March (The Producers) in this year's contest, which was livestreamed on Thursday 29th April.

Like every straight 8 effort, 'A Separation' was shot entirely in-camera on just one cartridge of Super 8mm film. Tuakli also embraced the competition's ban on editing and post-production, with all the creative kinks that entails.


BT Broadband
"Broadband Rage"
11 May 2021

Inadequate broadband proves too much for the cast of this madcap BT commercial, resulting in some violent personality changes. Driven by a cover of Basement Jaxx's 'Where's Your Head At', the ad taps into the frustration of cooped-up internet users with gusto.

Standouts include a woman whose anger reaches literal new heights; a man broken by too many utterances of "Reconnect the router at the mains"; and a suburban ninja who uses rulers instead of swords on her router. That's where the advertised broadband provider come in.

They claim their EE-enhanced wifi is "unbreakable", which comes too late for maimed routers up and down the country. Yet for everyone else, it's an entertaining and persuasive piece of slapstick violence courtesy of directors The Sacred Egg.

"Flying Spur"
1 min 46s
10 May 2021

We have to assume that moments before the agency was due to present this to the client that the art director lured the copywriter into a fancy corporate bathroom, into a toilet cubicle where the latter was bound and gagged by the former. With full control of the commercial secured, the art director implemented a vision where style doesn't just have the upper hand over substance, it's smothered it.

Thankfully, under these difficult circumstances, the agency turned to the automotive geniuses at Bang TV and their mysteriously named director Cokau. Their considerable experience of wringing every drop out of scripts like this proved invaluable.

The aggregate impact of the commercial is to remind the audience that this is the smoothest and most luxurious ride in town… and, along the way, Cokau puts the urbane in urban imagery to great effect.


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Jamaal Monarch
"Love's A Joke, I'm the Butt of It"
3 mins 53s
11 May 2021
This perspective-challenging promo from Jamaal Monarch plays with its viewers' sense of direction in addition to their expectations. Directed by Shimmy Ahmed, the film offers an insight into a couple's upside-down relationship, beset by unrequited love and internal pressures. Washes of neon light and ever-shifting camera angles give the film a dreamlike quality, as rapper Monarch delivers lines which are posturing and vulnerable by turns.

Paloma Faith
3 mins 23s
10 May 2021
Hammer Horror meets female empowerment in this absorbing promo for Paloma Faith's latest track 'Monster'. The film offers a modern twist on the Frankenstein mythos, as a mysterious mad scientist figure attempts to create the 'perfect' woman in increasingly unhinged ways. Director Yousef draws from a diverse range of influences here, with touches of Bollywood and heightened horror shining through.

"I'd Rather Die Than Be Deported"
2 mins 38s
6 May 2021
Hollywood's obsession with the Golden Gate Bridge has been well documented over the years. Perhaps this striking promo for Berwyn will inspire filmmakers to consider the Dartford Crossing instead. Shot by Stink Rising's LOOSE, the promo is a one-take journey across the bridge with Berwyn leaning out of a moving vehicle.

Phoebe Green
3 mins 34s
5 May 2021
Mancunian electro-pop artist Phoebe Green returns with a slice of Eighties-inspired cool in the form of latest track 'IDK'. Shades of Blondie and New Order flit through the track's relentless pulse and hypnotic vocal drone, as Green remarks drolly on "cyclical occurrences and cynical people" making her lose touch with reality.

2 mins 25s
28 Apr 2021
This enigmatic promo for Clark's 'Small' centres on a young boy who seems to be the king of his own ruined castle. The child's isolation is palpable as he beach-combs solo, collecting trinkets to be examined later on a perch overlooking the flooded world around. Apocalyptic hints are peppered throughout the film's slow, lingering shots, suggesting that perhaps this is the last survivor of some catastrophic event.

Gigi Moss
"Poisoned Whispers"
3 mins 16s
27 Apr 2021
Gigi Moss goes (London) underground in this promo for an acoustic version of debut single 'Poisoned Whispers'. The singer wanders through an empty Tube train carriage, as director Chris Fowles and DP Marti Guiver makes the most of the cramped setting. Well-judged lighting further enhances Moss's solo journey.

Little Simz
6 mins 01s
23 Apr 2021
Little Simz's latest track 'Introvert' is a sweeping, six-minute piece which blends orchestral flair with electronic beats and ever-evolving lyrical subject matter. The accompanying promo from director Salomon Ligthelm is equally expansive, as it encompasses protest footage, dance sequences, and pointed political commentary.

"Earth to Dora"
3 mins 45s
22 Apr 2021
The future of stop-motion animation looks bright thanks to artists like Isabel Garrett, who directs this beguiling promo for Eels. Brooding frontman Mark Oliver 'E' Everett's paper plane turns into a bird on its way to the moon, where his friend and muse Dora lives on top of a coiled snake. A tale as old as time, eh?

Eli Brown
2 mins 57s
20 Apr 2021
This ominous promo for Eli Brown's latest track 'Trouble' creates a sense of foreboding straight away. The film's moody visuals and muted grade grip the viewer and refuse to let them go, with constant movement only enhancing the dread. These characters are fleeing some unknown threat - one that remains unseen and is all the more chilling for it.

Vladimir Cauchemar
2 mins 52s
14 Apr 2021
Vladimir Cauchemar is unlikely to front a public information film anytime soon. After all, the French DJ wears a skull mask that would make Skeletor blush. This loopy promo sees Cauchemar and his associates trapped in a smartphone, bombarded with vibrations, rotations, and intruders via USB cable.

Tiana Blake
3 mins 14s
7 Apr 2021
Retro R&B rules the day in this sumptuous promo for Tiana Blake's 'Interruption'. Director Sheena Brobbey helms the Nineties-inspired effort - a low-fi fever dream of satin, sparkles, and soft-focus shots. Nods to Britney Spears's infamous 1999 Rolling Stone cover as the artist lounges on a pink bed only cement the film's vintage vibe

Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth
"Remember We Were Lovers"
3 mins 37s
6 Apr 2021
Inspired by classic Japanese cinema, this monochrome promo for Bobby Gillespie and Jehnny Beth's 'Remember We Were Lovers' delivers a striking watch. Primal Scream vocalist Gillespie cuts a stark figure against a bare beach landscape, while Savages frontwoman Beth lurks deep inside a barren woodland - eventually becoming one with the earth itself.

John Grant
"Boy From Michigan"
4 mins 29s
1 Apr 2021
Directing duo Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond combine surreal animation with a roguish sense of humour in this vibrant promo for John Grant. Similar to 2018's 'He's Got His Mother’s Hips', the film delivers a diverting watch as it sweeps through a dreamlike visual landscape - drifting through hand-drawn/digital animation and puppetry by turns.

Lil Nas X
"Montero (Call Me By Your Name)"
3 mins 10s
29 Mar 2021
After teasing fans with snippets for months, viral sensation Lil Nas X has finally dropped latest single 'Montero', accompanied by a typically attention-grabbing video. Much more than a stunt designed to stir up controversy (and oh, how it's stirred up controversy), the film makes a defiant statement about being yourself - boldly, fully, and unapologetically.

Sad Night Dynamite
3 mins 28s
26 Mar 2021
Parody meets escapism in this grimy promo for Sad Night Dynamite's latest track 'Krunk'. Centred on a narcissistic protagonist who meets an untimely end, the film lampoons the sort of bloke who thinks he's Tony Montana on a night out at the Babylon Club: misogynistic, egocentric, and unbearably obnoxious.

Jessie Ware
"Remember Where You Are"
6 mins 19s
28 Mar 2021
The '28 Days Later' aspect may have lost its novelty by now, but that hasn’t stopped artists and filmmakers from pursuing new takes on lockdown Britain. This Jessie Ware promo, for example, is a poignant tour of London that leans more on its protagonist than its setting. Gemma Arterton is the wanderer in question, with director Dominic Savage's camera trained on her throughout.

Purple Disco Machine
4 mins 28s
25 Mar 2021
West Side Story meets generational conflict in this absorbing promo for Purple Disco Machine's 'Fireworks'. Director Greg Barth pits Boomers and Gen-Zs against each other as dance-fighting street gangs, with the initial conflict rapidly fading into indoctrination as the older generation become a corrosive influence on the young upstarts.

Nick Jonas
"This is Heaven"
3 mins 58s
23 Mar 2021
Nick Jonas—one-third of the Jonas Brothers (the others are Kevin and Joe, as if you care)—has navigated life post-Disney Channel well thanks to some polished solo work. New single 'This is Heaven' is another respectable calling card, with lively production and fan-pleasing lyrics ("Every kiss with you, it's like a prayer falls from my lips") aplenty.

Joel Corry
3 mins 10s
11 Mar 2021
Modern dating is a minefield even when not stymied by a pandemic, with apps galore and social media stalkers complicating the already thorny business of finding love. This tongue-in-cheek promo for Joel Corry's 'BED' takes things to their logical conclusion in humorous fashion, as it depicts Perfect Partner - a service which creates dates tailored to client specification.

Dense & Pika
"Honey (feat. Matthew Dear)"
3 mins 12s
8 Mar 2021
The hypnotic pulse of DJ duo Dense & Pika's latest track 'Honey' is matched by an equally enthralling promo. Directed by Maxim Kelly, the film uses C.G.I to create a virtual world which evokes the likes of sci-fi classic 'Tron' - guiding regimented gig-goers through a sparse digital space. It's one way to shoot a nightclub scene during a pandemic.

"Black Hole"
3 mins 32s
4 Mar 2021
Filmed at St John-at-Hackney Church, this stripped-down promo for Griff captures a live performance of latest track 'Black Hole'. Accompanied by a drummer and a keyboard player, the electro-pop singer soon embraces her ample surroundings and strides across the church's dark wooden floor. Meanwhile, occasional shifts into darkness add welcome visual variety.

Biig Piig
"Cuenta Lo"
3 mins 51s
3 Mar 2021
Ireland's Biig Piig opts for Spanish in her latest single 'Cuenta Lo', as the bilingual singer/former croupier targets elitism, greed, and inequality. “Papel en mis manos sienta bien" [The paper in my hands feels good] is repeated throughout Jess Smyth's hip-hop-inflected track, and the promo sees co-directors Nono and Rodrigo Inada run with the sentiment.

3 mins 32s
2 Mar 2021
Anyone with fond memories of the glossy R'n'B promos which flooded MTV during its glory days will feel a spark of nostalgia upon viewing Mahalia's 'Jealous'. From styling choices (PVC and pigtails) to neon lighting and screens-within-screens, director Melody Maker toys with promo tropes while a home invasion with a twist plays out onscreen.

Alfie Templeman
"Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody"
4 mins 21s
25 Feb 2021
The phrase 'cosmic puppet romance' doesn't usually make it into reviews here at DAVID, but then there's nothing routine about this promo for Alfie Templeman's 'Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody'. The film sees the Bedfordshire singer take a ride with an unexpected companion: a green, furry puppet trying to track down its lost love.

5 mins 34s
19 Feb 2021
Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt describes new single 'Vendetta' as "an impartial dance along the illicit lines of infraction". We half-expected the promo to feature an edgier version of the hokey-cokey, but director Jonas Bang responds with a moody blend of performance and criminal elan from Croatian-Danish actor Zlatko Buric instead.

Recent Promos
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