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Phones 4 U
18 November 2013
UK Phone Retailers

Again, one of those where casting is everything. Tom and his auntie are sitting on a sofa whose size is, shall we say, snug; and she is sulking. This is made abundantly clear by David Mitchell's VO, which informs us Tom forgot to buy her a present last year. Awkward.

However, this year he makes up for it with a little help from Phones 4 U; giving her a free wireless speaker that comes as a nice little freebie with his new mobile. It's not the kind of gift you'd immediately think for for a woman of a certain age, but nonetheless Auntie is delighted and lets Tom know.

It's a superb little spot; beautifully directed and designed. The uncomfortable intimacy, the claustrophobic lack of conversation... and Tom's face at the very end, which is a picture. Lovely campaign.

"Touch It"

Matt said:

Oh, FFS! Who wrote this shit? A plague on their houses.



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