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Blood Donation
"I Want"
21 November 2013
UK Public Information Films

So often, spots for good causes can be mired in sentimentality and button-pressing. Here, then, is a salutary lesson in how to fire home a message without any of the guilt-inducing gubbins getting in the way.

Someone offscreen asks a variety of youngsters what they want for Christmas, and they're a genuine delight. We're treated to some wonderful answers - for every camera or pair of trainers, there's a plea for "talking popcorn" or a tarantula "with poison".

It has a nice off-the-cuff quality about it too, as though one man and his camera has gone round pointing his lens at a couple of kids here and a couple of kids there and just waited for the gems to come tumbling out. Because it doesn't feel staged in any way, you don't have the sense of foreboding that you're being set up for a fall - and indeed, it doesn't come.

Instead, the end leaves you realising that it doesn't matter if you can produce some of the barmier requests or not - you actually have something far more precious to give. And that's a truly lovely way to ask for a donation.

Double A
"Paper is Paper"

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