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20 Nov 2017
This touching ad for BT shows a relationship between grandmother and grandson develop over the years - brought together by a shared love of TV. From Peppa Pig to Star Wars, we see inter-generational affection play out, as the boy grows up and begins taking care of the woman who took care of him. Lovely, understated work.

Heathrow Airport
"Fifty Years"
2 mins
20 Nov 2017
Mr and Mrs Bair fly again in this lovely Heathrow Airport film. The two-minute ad charts the furry couple’s fifty-year romance. Time flies when you’re in love, eh? As the Bair family grows, so does Heathrow. Scored by Petula Clark’s ‘Couldn’t Live Without Your Love’, it’s another charming effort from Outsider’s DOM&NIC - a worthy challenger to this year’s other ursine blockbuster.

"Waited All Year"
20 Nov 2017
While this doesn't have the elan of the original Lurpak work from W+K, it makes the Christmas food it features look pretty good and swerves a useful aide-memoire of the original campaign. Dark Energy's Mark Emberton clearly knows his way around the kitchen and it'll be interesting to see what he can do when there's more room to play.

BBC Sport
"Ashes 2017"
20 Nov 2017
This animated BBC Sport promo transforms Michael Vaughan, Ricky Ponting, and co. into mad-eyed caricatures. Pundits from both England and Australia exchange friendly barbs ahead of the 2017/18 Ashes series. According to Vaughan, the Beeb are “all over” the tournament… on radio and online, at least. A cheap and cheerful trip Down Under.

Football Manager 2018
"Like A Boss"
20 Nov 2017
While Premier League managers drop like well-paid flies, this Football Manager 2018 ad celebrates the joys of video game gafferdom. Whether it’s opening a letter or kissing the bride, every day is match day for this trio. While the groom risks an early sacking, creative agency MOX and Bullion’s Ben & Ross capture the game’s immersive quality.

Greater London Authority
"London Needs You Alive"
20 Nov 2017
This inspirational ad for the Greater London Authority launches a new campaign to combat knife crime in the capital - London Needs You Alive. Rather than the grim approach taken by many anti-violence campaigns, directing duo Novemba turn the camera on young people so they can explain their value in their own words.

"Bucket Dance"
20 Nov 2017
First DMX, now Sam Cooke - KFC’s 2017 playlist is certainly eclectic. The fast food restaurant cover Cooke’s 1964 track ‘Good Times’ in this harmonised Christmas ad. With a gymnasium as their stage, this step dance troupe provide soulful vibes with an improvised beat. At least we know who ate all the chicken...

"The Saucer's Apprentice"
18 Nov 2017
Aldi’s latest movie spoof sees Kevin the Carrot embrace his inner Harry Potter. While the root vegetable does his best Wingardium Leviosa, Jim Broadbent’s VO suggests the supermarket’s festive menu is equally impressive. Alas, Kevin’s magic touch finally deserts him. Lord Voldemort can sleep easy, then.

Coca Cola
2 mins 30s
17 Nov 2017
Gogglebox examines the Coca Cola truck in the latest of a series of brand tie-ins. We see the cast break down the iconic ad from their sofas, offering insightful comments such as the vaguely Trumpian "That truck is the best truck". Given recent calls to ban the Christmas truck from stops on its annual tour due to the obesity crisis, its reign as the herald of the holiday season could be coming to a close.

17 Nov 2017
Kevin Bacon turns showman for this latest EE commercial. As the mobile provider reveal their Apple Watch partnership, Bacon outlines his creative vision: marching bands, airplanes, and I’m A Celebrity royalty. Who needs Ed Sheeran when you’ve got Tony Blackburn and Stacey Soloman? Meanwhile, Bacon’s penchant for skintight garb intensifies.

"Beach Dancer"
17 Nov 2017
This curious offering from Novartis shows a man so enamoured with his psoriasis-free skin that he dances on a drizzly beach. While the performance has a certain quirky appeal, it seems odd that we're told numerous times to ask our doctor about the pharmaceutical company's products rather than buy them ourselves. Is this the beginning of US-style medication commercials in the UK? We hope not.

Short Films
"Pink or Blue"
3 mins 08s
18 Nov 2017
This striking short film stars poet Hollie McNish, as she dissects the ridiculous concept of gender stereotypes. From a calm beginning, McNish's words swell into an unrelenting cacophony of criticism. The social designation of pink or blue, foisted on children from birth, is illustrated by a split screen, as innovative, edgy imagery weaves in and out of binary presentations of gender.

The Samaritans
"Small Talk Saves Lives"
1 min 34s
18 Nov 2017
This film was created by The Samaritans and Network Rail to persuade us to look out for one another and offer reassurance about the value of intervening if we think someone looks troubled. It's a superbly-judged piece of work. Director Matt Hopkins has shown great restraint giving the subject matter the gravity it deserves and - in doing so - has made a film which stands a chance of making a real difference.

"Extended Family Christmas"
17 Nov 2017
Tesco show us an extended family dinner in the second instalment of their Christmas campaign. Playing on the 'Everyone's Welcome' theme established in the first ad, here we see a family providing a Christmas dinner for people in need and bringing the community together. An inclusive ad which highlights Blue Supermarket's charitable side nicely.

"Convenience Store"
17 Nov 2017
Following 2015 chaotic cord fail, this latest JBL commercial is a 30" comedy of errors. Betrayed by his own headphone wires, this bloke endures a painful trip to the shops. The bumbling music lover is mistaken for an armed robber… and these have-a-go heroes take no prisoners. Director Guy Shelmerdine makes the most of his confined settings.

"Advent Calendar"
17 Nov 2017
Think your advent calendar is big? Think again. Having recently unveiled their giant day planner, Littlewoods add some festive dressing in this 40” ad. Each window reveals a selection of their wares, including party frocks and electronic goods. As consumers navigate this year’s Christmas lists, the retailer offer cost-effective cheer.

"Winter Relief"
17 Nov 2017
E4 attempt to combat colds with their Wednesday night movies in this entertaining ad. It's a nicely constructed parody of typical cold medicine ad tropes, including graphics pointing out highlighted areas of pain and mention of 'soothing action' and 'powerful relief' in the script. We particularly like their cuddlier version of the MGM lion at the start.

"Reindeer Ready"
17 Nov 2017
McDonald's draw on festive traditions in their charming Christmas offering for 2017. We see a little girl save a carrot stick from her happy meal to leave out for Santa's reindeer, keeping hold of it all day to ensure it reaches it's intended recipient. When she gets home, however, her older brother throws a spanner in the works. Lovely work with great performances.

Sky Bet
"Big Screen"
17 Nov 2017
One can never accuse Jeff Stelling of hogging the limelight. The Soccer Saturday host lets a giant yellow billboard dominate in this Sky Bet commercial. Fresh from renewing their EFL sponsorship, the bookmaker offer a bright spin on responsible gaming. It would be stronger with less 'Sky Bet' branding but a bold move nonetheless.

5 mins 15s
16 Nov 2017
Leningrad’s latest promo delivers criminal excess. The Russians swap ultraviolent circus acts for a one-man crimewave. Surrounded by women and dirty money, this rock ‘n’ roller ingests enough marching powder to make Tony Montana blush. The authorities make sure he goes out with a bang. Slick and gratuitous, the promo is a delinquent fever dream - heightened by Leningrad’s raucous sound.

Children's Air Ambulance
17 Nov 2017
A young boy gets wings - literally and figuratively - in this compelling ad for the Children's Air Ambulance. A warm voiceover narrates Jack's fraught entry into the world, as we see the kid lift off the ground and fly into his mother's arms. It's a clever way to highlight the vital work the air ambulance service does, and is sure to inspire generosity from viewers.

17 Nov 2017
This sugary sweet Swiss ad shows the importance of being together at Christmas... even if you're not human. The original premise and cute character design work well here, and the animation and live action complement each other nicely. It's a neat twist on the Christmas elf concept... although we hope Finn gets some breaks throughout the rest of the year too.

"Until Love Conquers Fear"
17 Nov 2017
Love counters fear in this Irish charity film. Overseas development agency Trócaire promise to help vulnerable individuals and communities - no matter how desperate the situation. Thus, we see optimism grow amidst hardship and humanitarian crises. Evocative imagery and a steely VO convey the charity’s determination.

Nescafé Gold Blend
"Life of a Coffee Bean"
16 Nov 2017
This stylish ad for Nescafe Gold Blend takes us through the life of a coffee bean - in reverse. We see the process of growing, roasting, and grinding play out in exquisite detail, travelling backwards from cup to plant in order to show the amount of work Nescafe put into getting their coffee just right. Slick work with a great eye for detail.

"The Art of Standing Out"
16 Nov 2017
Art connoisseurs will appreciate this Lexus commercial. While the marque’s latest hybrid navigates city streets, the likes of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ and Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ receive the live-action treatment. Car shots outweigh artworks, but it’s a well-realised effort from the upmarket brand.

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