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"Jet Pack"
20 December 2013
USA Electronic Gaming

This spot has NBA star Blake Griffin blasting out of an old-fashioned TV set to the amazement of two slackers watching from their the sofa. Clumsily blasting round the room in a tin-foil jet-pack, he explains the benefits of the video game rental service in question and shows an impressive degree of comedic timing, although it would have been even better had the awed pair been given a little more to react to.

Google Nexus
"Oven Woe"

Martin said:

indeed they do!



Latest Additions

Nothing But Thieves
4 mins 02s
25 Jul 2017
How would you spend your last two hours on Earth? Director Thomas James asks if we have any plans for doomsday in this Nothing But Thieves promo. Some drink to forget, others run for the hills… though business is booming for one riverbank preacher. As frontman Conor Mason sings “I’'m ready for it/I've been waiting so long”, the inevitable looms large.

My Black is Beautiful
"The Talk"
2 mins
25 Jul 2017
P&G's anti-racism 'My Black is Beautiful' initiative has been running for over a decade, and it's still going strong as BBDO New York and Malik Vitthal have delivered its most powerful ad yet. This two minute film travels through time to explore 'the talk' which black parents in America still feel they have to have with their children.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
25 Jul 2017
Heroes and villains are one and the same in this tense domestic violence film. The Sweetshop’s Noah Conopask delivers idyllic father-son bonding before events take a disturbing turn. As the boy witnesses dad’s true colours, a lovingly-crafted rocket offers little solace. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence hope abusive parents confront their behaviour before it’s too late.

Pop Secret
25 Jul 2017
This quirky ad for US popcorn brand Pop Secret asks an important question: which is better, popcorn or flowers? Hipster characters come to the conclusion that flowers are at an obvious disadvantage - of course - given that they attract 'terrifying' beekeepers. Self-conscious comic timing gives the polished ad a knowing, ironic vibe which works well with the pseudo-vintage aesthetic.

Short Films
"Epic Fail"
5 mins 32s
25 Jul 2017
Many a political commentator has seen their careers hit by recent events on both sides of the Atlantic. In this age of self-serving allegations about fake news, Blinkink’s Greg Barth imagines a vote on world peace. As Trump, Brexit, and the general election have shown, nothing should be taken for granted. Despite the garish colours and outmoded tech, this film nails some thoroughly modern neuroses.

"Test Drive"
2 mins
25 Jul 2017
One fears this bloke has spent too long down at the test track. Still, his fervent performance anchors this US Audi commercial. You wouldn’t hear this spiel down your local car dealership. As horseshoes rain down and bees turn to bullets, the caretaker suggests that casual motorists need not apply.

"The Rock"
3 mins 30s
25 Jul 2017
The Rock is at his non-stop best in this amusing short film for Apple. Siri facilitates the movie star's schedule as he decides to check off some things from his 'life goals' list. Just a few simple tasks... like flying his own plane to Rome to paint a fresco. This is a smart piece of work, capitalising on future President Dwayne Johnson's reputation as the nicest guy in show business.

Go Compare
24 Jul 2017
While many would relish the chance to shoot Gio Compario out of the sky, Go Compare must think he’s doing something right. The ubiquitous opera singer commandeers an entire fleet for this 60" commercial. He and his musical flight crew claim there’s nearly £2 billion worth of savings to be made via the price comparison website.

Nissan Qashqai
24 Jul 2017
”Technology means nothing if it doesn’t give you the edge”, claims this Nissan Qashqai ad. This seems rather at odds with Black Sabbath’s heavy metal anthem. Doesn’t help when one has to squint to read the advertised features, either. This bloke weaves through the city streets before surrendering his SUV privileges. Rock and roll.

Channel 4
"Austrian Grand Prix"
9 Jul 2017
This promotional film for Channel 4's coverage of the Austrian Grand Prix is something of an oddity. It's a confection formed from glimpses of Arcade Fire performing 'Everything Now' and images from the race track, and it raises more questions than it answers. Like, are Arcade Fire connected in some way with the Austrian Grand Prix?

"Simpler Solution"
22 Jul 2017
Adjustable specs-mongers Eyejusters have developed a range of non-prescription glasses which the wearer can manually focus according to their needs. Anyone who has ever suffered the frustration of needing several pairs to hand at any given time will sit up and take notice... while the execution isn't ground-breaking in any way, the product is strong enough to do the heavy lifting.

Vic Mensa
5 mins 18s
19 Jul 2017
Rapper Vic Mensa has been steadily making a name for himself since 2009, and his first album for major label Roc Nation is hotly anticipated in the hiphop world. If bonus track 'Rage' is anything to go by, it's going to be pretty special. Reflecting on more turbulent times in his life, it comes with a promo by Andrew Donoho which takes the 'crash and burn' metaphor quite literally.

24 Jul 2017
You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, as the old saying goes - though Lurpak offer a stylish twist on the formula. One of three online ads from Lurpak Spreadable, the brand hits rewind on a cheese and pepper omelette. Accomplished food photography conveys the brand’s appreciation for natural ingredients.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
"Home Entertainment"
1 min 39s
24 Jul 2017
Marvel’s love affair with the 1980s reaches peak nostalgia with this ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ ad. To celebrate the film’s release on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital (no sign of a LaserDisc release), Buena Vista Home Video’s cheesy presenters reveal what’s in store. Fans of “all that behind-the-scenes” are in for a treat.

"Drag Race"
24 Jul 2017
Sorry, speed demons: Audi won’t be drawn into a drag race. While its rival accelerates into an early lead, the RS 5 takes its time. After all, slow and steady wins the race… though we’re sure the advertised coupé has more than enough poke. Lovely sound design as a roaring engine fades into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s ‘Hushabye Mountain’.

British Airways
24 Jul 2017
This bill poster needs a holiday. Luckily, the solution is staring him right in the face: BA’s direct flights from London to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The protagonist’s wordless excitement is well played, while a plane soaring above his abandoned project is a nice touch. We’re sure it’ll be waiting for him when he comes back.

Renault Crossover
20 Jul 2017
Renault continue their unconventional exploration of relationships in this strange ad. A woman rejects a man's proposal, leaving him full of regret about having her name tattooed on his wrist. Resourcefully he goes to a speed-dating event and finds himself another 'Julia'. Miraculously, she has a tattoo of his name left over from a past beau too! Excellent band Cake deserve better for their iconic version of 'I Will Survive'.

ITV Sport
"Women's Rugby World Cup"
21 Jul 2017
This pacy ad for the Women's Rugby World Cup cleverly invites you to assume this is the men's game at first. Shots of pitches and changing rooms are soon ramped up with glimpses of training techniques; and the tension builds like the needle-drop moment on a dance floor. Then we get the reveal - these are women... and the action explodes. It's a great way to depict the sport as visceral and passionate - and something we want to watch.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes
"Cwmafan Rugby Club"
21 Jul 2017
We’re back at Cwmafan Rugby Club as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes highlight another ‘Perfect Bowl’. This Cwmafan player has his breakfast technique taped: milk in the freezer, peanut butter in the microwave, then poured over corn flakes. “This is how the professionals do it”, he says - and it would take a brave soul to argue with him.

Lotto Euromillions
"Hot Sand"
23 Jul 2017
A couple discover their beach vacation is a little too hot in this brief spot for Lotto Euromillions. A further riff on the 'nicer problems to have' campaign, we see the pair start off strong towards the sea, but soon they're hopping on tiptoe like the Pink Panther as they try to avoid too much toasty toe action. At least they'll be able to get some top-notch burn cream with that million quid prize.

"Spending Spree"
23 Jul 2017
Poet and shopaholic Daniel Piper preaches caution when filling your online shopping basket. Led astray by "Steve_1962", Piper embarks on a one night binge, adding everything from pink mini fridges to every Friends season (on VHS, no less). For those with a little more willpower, Nationwide offer convenient access to their savings accounts.

Ford Fiesta
21 Jul 2017
Ford have released this nostalgic film to celebrate the debut of its 'all-new' Fiesta. With thoroughly British actress Keeley Hawes behind the wheel, we see the new model take to the streets... and a trip through time. The ad sets out to position Ford as a constant through the nation's history, taking us from the first Fiesta leaving the factory in 1965 to today's new innovations.

"Sound That Moves You"
21 Jul 2017
Much like 4K televisions, audio systems can find it tricky proving their worth. Bose tout their latest soundbar with the help of Lewis Hamilton - taking a welcome break from the Formula One crunch. 1st Avenue Machine’s Tim Brown crafts a breakneck light show as the volume increases. Of course, hearing is believing with tech like this.

Under Armour
"Zoe Zhang"
21 Jul 2017
China meets Ancient Greece in this meditative Under Armour ad. Actress and former taekwondo champion Zoe Zhang (or Zhang Lanxin) gets her kicks in an abandoned silo. While Zhang demonstrates physical control, the words of Aristophanes reflect her indefatigable spirit. Meanwhile, supple camerawork reacts to each kick.

21 Jul 2017
Lurpak’s online ads emphasise the salted butter’s versatility. Here we see bruschetta prepared in reverse. Thus, diced tomatoes become whole again, while toasted bread turns soft and white. Of course, everything starts with butter. The jazzy score maintains the brand’s freestylin’ philosophy even without Rutger Hauer's encouragement.

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