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"Infant Oleg"
25 December 2013
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Another generation of meerkats seems likely to be ushered in with the arrival of abandoned baby Oleg. Unable to turn this irresistible infant away, Aleksandr tasks Sergei with nappy changing duties while the newcomer wreaks havoc on the office desk.

Google Nexus
"Oven Woe"

Martin said:

indeed they do!



Latest Additions

New York Times
"Josh Haner"
28 Jun 2017
Another thought-provoking spot for the New York Times sees photojournalist Josh Haner discuss his work documenting the effect climate change has on polar bears. The story is told over rapidly-flashing still images - a polar bear picking over the remains of a hunted whale and being chased away by a patrol as it moves further inland for scarce food. Powerful stuff.

28 Jun 2017
Never mind discipline or respecting one’s surroundings - simply let your offspring deface your home and have someone else clean up the mess. Originally launched in Germany, this cleaner app has changed from Hassle to Helpling… in case you didn’t know. Shame the latter sounds more like a folklore creature than a cleaning service.

Metropolitan Police
"Scooter Theft"
28 Jun 2017
This rapid-fire ad for the Metropolitan Police combines security footage with handheld camera action to demonstrate just how easy it is to steal a scooter. The casual tone of the voiceover explaining that people who don't lock up their vehicles deserve to have them stolen hammers home the message: the longer it takes to steal a bike, the less likely it is someone will bother.

Manchester Orchestra
"The Alien"
5 mins 37s
28 Jun 2017
While indie rockers Manchester Orchestra remain sure-footed, this woman endures the eye of a private storm. Closure becomes a personal cataclysm here: glass shatters, wood splinters, and ashes turn into a whirlwind as her homecoming unfolds in reverse. It’s a familiar technique, but the rewind effect produces some compelling and bruising imagery.

"Experience More"
28 Jun 2017
Since disappearing from the UK market in 2015, our T-Mobile fix now comes from the continent. This Croatian ad from Stink’s Jovan Todorovic encourages customers to seize the day with a poetic slant. A grizzled VO recites Charles Bukowski’s ‘The Laughing Heart’ as these young guns each pursue a premium rush.

"Cars 3"
27 Jun 2017
Lightning McQueen is losing his power in another Disney tie-in ad for Duracell. The Cars hero gets behind in a crucial race, almost surrendering his winning streak... until a familiar pink friend shows up to save the day. This ad is sure to inspire tykes to pester their parents for a remote controlled version of the hero - we just hope the grown ups remember to buy batteries.

"I Can"
27 Jun 2017
McDonald's turn to their staff for testimony about how the fast food giant has helped them in this feel-good ad. Employees detail the ways their job has improved confidence and developed leadership skills, and the unscripted feel of their praise gives the film a sense of sincerity. This does a good job of portraying Maccy D's as a valuable step into employment.

4 mins 42s
27 Jun 2017
This disorientating Grandbrothers video delves deep into a woman’s memories - almost too deep. As the piano-driven 'Bloodflow' intensifies, childhood memories - bathed in a late-summer haze - give way to a murky abyss. Hugo Jenkins’s fragmented execution leaves us wondering if this is the cure or something more insidious.

"Are You Chris?"
1 min 39s
27 Jun 2017
This atmospheric film from Conkerco focuses on Chris, a man who keeps spotting his doppelganger. When he starts seeing the double everywhere, things turn into an unpleasant trip down memory lane. The narrative is astutely executed, as Chris revisits moments when he may have been exposed to Hepatitis C.

"Sweet Dreams"
27 Jun 2017
Fall asleep during a Netflix binge and wake up with the telly blaring? Fear not: in a move sure to inspire yet more articles about millennial laziness, Hive's app now lets you turn off your tech without even getting off the sofa. This ad demonstrates how the remote switch function can be used for a worthier cause - not waking a finally-sleeping sprog.

Three Laws
"Siren Song"
4 mins 34s
27 Jun 2017
Great Guns’s Calum Macdiarmid delivers well-calibrated fury in this Three Laws promo. As a crime lord awaits his favourite girl, the London duo’s debut lures us in with a minimalist beat and a shimmering piano riff. When vocalist Louise Gold purrs “Trust me with the gun”, consider the stakes raised.

"We Love to Give"
26 Jun 2017
This cheerful ad for Kiwi rewards app Flybuys shows a montage of people - and pets - giving back to the people they care about. The app lets users earn points to redeem on other things they want - as demonstrated by the woman who nabs a fancy getaway here. We're especially impressed with the pooch - how many shots did it take to get that smile?

"Accidentally Ate That"
26 Jun 2017
Straight-talking Aussie health insurance provider AHM offer medical insurance 'you might actually use' in an amusing series of ads from Clemenger BBDO and Goodoil. This instalment focuses on Roger, who's successfully navigating a party before he runs into a fruity speed bump. The voiceover works well here, as the awkward annual 'bring your partner' cringe-fest plays out onscreen.

"Attempting Gym Again"
26 Jun 2017
Aussie health insurance provider AHM promote another of their amusingly specific policies; this time, it’s ‘attempting gym again’ cover… complete with remedial massage, no less. Handy for lapsed gymgoers like this bloke, whose fitness comeback ends before it’s even begun as he subjects his arms to a leg press. Perhaps he should read the instructions first.

Coldplay & The Chainsmokers
"Something Just Like This"
4 mins 28s
26 Jun 2017
Not every superhero origin story has to be a grim affair, as this collaboration between Coldplay and EDM outfit The Chainsmokers proves. A budding crimefighter discovers a kaleidoscope to another world - or a live performance of 'Something Just Like This', at least. Mat Whitecross's prismatic video explodes with colour, while animated flourishes bring the protagonist's illustrations to life.

Arcade Fire
"Creature Comfort"
4 mins 44s
26 Jun 2017
Arcade Fire fans may notice a few changes from the band’s recent ’Creature Comforts promo. Apparently, that was only the official version. Welcome to the official official release - straight from online marketing hell. Everything Now - the monolithic corporation introduced in the band’s comeback single - wrests creative control from director Tarik Mikou.

Short Films
"Dress Code"
1 min 50s
26 Jun 2017
Andy Lambert’s wry short film - the latest in his Mute Series - demonstrates what happens when British reserve meets the great outdoors. After a bracing swim, this woman attempts to change with a towel as her changing room. Her impressive squirming produces the desired results… though her fellow beachgoers are a touch more liberated.

"Hot Air Balloon"
24 Jun 2017
Acrophobes have nothing to fear in this diverting Thatchers commercial. Gliding into view, the cider maker’s spokesman asks what use passable cider is to discerning drinkers. As much use as a low-low-altitude hot air balloon, of course. Relaxed and eccentric, the ad picks a roundabout way of conveying the Thatchers ethos.

"Live It Up"
24 Jun 2017
This brief spot from KFC encourages us to liven up lunch by choosing a ricebox from the Colonel. An upbeat soundtrack accompanies bright visuals which make the meal look like a healthier alternative to a bargain bucket. Rapid-fire shots of the ricebox are sure to keep the attention of even the most scroll-committed social media crowd.

"By the Hands"
25 Jun 2017
Where would Jet2 be without Jess Glynne? The singer’s 2015 hit ‘Hold My Hand’ continues to drive their advertising campaign... even down to the visuals. After an adult-centric effort last time round, the budget airline returns to a family affair. This time, a girl drags her unseen parent down water slides and even onto the dancefloor.

"Scary Shorts"
23 Jun 2017
E4's latest Gogglebox spin-off is off to a scary start in this ad. Vlogglebox - which eschews broadcast TV in favour of viral online clips - is shot free range, with participants watching in the kitchen, at the park, and even on the bus. The two women at the end are the highlight of the montage, particularly the one nonchalantly snacking through her suspense.

Open University
"Barry Ryan"
23 Jun 2017
Another success story from the Open University sees Barry Ryan discuss his journey from high school dropout to proud owner of a psychology degree. The emotional authenticity of the campaign works well here, and Barry's remembered shame at being around others discussing exam results still feels raw as he recounts his pre-OU life.

23 Jun 2017
This latest Quorn commercial claims the ubiquitous meat substitute can do even fajitas justice. Here we see Sam, er, "fa-heat" up family mealtime. There's some nIfty food photography on show, including a knife's-eye view of an avocado. Meanwhile, Alan Davies remains on VO duty as he delivers more culinary wordplay.

22 Jun 2017
These ads for Okay created by Publicis and directed by Fat Lemon's Fern Berresford offer bite-sized chunks of comedy in just 15" apiece. Each of the four parts depicts a different scenario - a kitchen, a locker room, a hall of mirrors, and a tiger's cage - which has the product going toe-to-toe with a major mess and emerging victorious.

New Zealand Transport Agency
23 Jun 2017
More creative road safety work from down under as the New Zealand Transport Agency take a unique approach to discouraging drunk driving. Rather than focus on the horrific consequences of an accident, the film shows a guy reliving his greatest hits before deciding he'd rather not take the risk of missing out on more fun. Effective stuff.

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