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14 November 2016
UK Supermarkets

If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be.

As families get ready for a meal that many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: whether to invite Uncle Ray the racist after last year's eggnog incident. No, not that, it's the turkey, obviously, it's the turkey. Specifically, where they are going to buy it.

Ideally, they want to avoid paying too much, but they want it to be decent quality and some will have a thought for animal welfare. Or - to be strictly accurate - they will worry about the judgement of those they invite to join them on Christmas Day. The cheapest turkey you could find? No-one wants to be that guy.

That's why this campaign is so clever. It transforms the idea of 'cheap' into its respectable cousin 'inexpensive'. The question in everyone's heads has been asked and it turns out that their standards are much better than we imagine.

We're not sure which platform is being used to put these challenges to Lidl - we can find no evidence of this question having been put to the supermarket via social media as other trade journals are claiming. (The press release accompanying this work refers to the remark having been "discovered via social media or independent market research" so we're assuming it must have been the latter.)

Not that we want to get bogged down with this. It's a fair enough contrivance and the choice of director persuades us that Debbie was the author of the sentiment. Tom Barbor-Might's documentary skills once again prove perfect for this campaign and it seems highly probable that turkeys will be, er, flying off Lidl's shelves this Christmas.

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On This Day

Blood Donation
"I Want"
21 Nov 2013
So often, spots for good causes can be mired in sentimentality and button-pressing. Here, then, is a salutary lesson in how to fire home a message without any of the guilt-inducing gubbins getting in the way. The children are a delight; and the revelation at the end is delivered with just the right balance of brevity and feeling. Lovely.

5 mins 50s
21 Nov 2014
Following last week's opportunity to boost our love for Monty the Penguin by watching the John Lewis Christmas commercial through the eyes of the Goggleboxers, the Channel 4 programme offered us the chance to see what its charismatic regulars made of Sainsbury's Christmas ad. The result was electrifying and offers a perfect counterweight to some of the criticism levelled at this superb piece of work.

21 Nov 2016
Who will take the coveted Christmas number one spot this year? On the animated critter chart, that is. So far, we’ve had boxers, foxes, robins, (teddy) bears, and even carrots. Now the WWF up the ante with a tiger. Unfortunately, this big cat isn’t in the best of health… or in its rightful home. Instead, it’s lying wounded in a semi-detached house. Rather than dial animal control, this family decides to nurse the creature back to health.

21 Nov 2016
McDonald's give hope to toys nationwide with their Christmas film. We're introduced to Juliette - a vintage doll who's never experienced playtime and has learnt to endure her loneliness with silent fortitude. Each day from her toy shop window she wistfully watches people meet up to share food and laughter in the McDonald's across the street... and she resolves to act.

"Under The Tree"
21 Nov 2005
A number of ordinary folk and luminaries gather under a tree in the snow and then hold their phones aloft as if listening to a soppy song at a heavy metal concert. Michael Schumacher and Ruud van Nistelrooy are amongst those showing up... interestingly (and perhaps to ensure we recognise them) they are wearing their work clothes.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes
"Clocking In"
21 Nov 2006
Charming ad for Kellogg's depicts bees on their way to work at the Kellogg's factory which, according to this film, is situated in some kind of rural paradise. The bees are needed because a new variant of the popular cereal contains honey. The music is a re-record of an old Ella Fitzgerald track... a perfect fit.

John West
"Cuddly Bear"
21 Nov 2007
John West seem extremely chuffed about the popularity of their vintage ad with the You Tube generation and to celebrate its success they have 're-made' the ad using a cuddly toy which is available with the product. We want to know why they are not also giving away the fisherman doll so we can recreate the fight ourselves.

21 Nov 2008
The subversive Santa idea has been done before but it's been carried off especially impressively here. The disgruntled gift distributor moans about his workload and complains that Staples's claim that Christmas has been made easy doesn't apply to him.

"Remember When?"
21 Nov 2008
This ad asks us to remember various things we might have said in our pasts... apparently, they might include having said: "I'll never get a Renault". Er, actually, we think they overestimate our indifference... we never said "I'll never get a Renault"... we never gave them a second thought.

Pepsi Max
"Octopus Attack"
21 Nov 2009
A man's attempt to chat up a woman on a tropical island isn't going well until he rescues a swimmer from the clutches of a killer octopus. It's all a cunning stunt, of course. Perhaps the end copy should be: "Pepsi Max... because Rohypnol's illegal"

Home Office - The Policing Pledge
21 Nov 2009
This film puts something called 'The Policing Pledge' at the forefront of its message. A thief climbs the words to steal the crown on top of the police's logo which inadvertently suggests that 'The Policing Pledge' makes theft easier. Though, to be fair, he is caught.

Energy Saving Trust
"Ask The Right People"
21 Nov 2009
This amusing ad takes a familiar scenario and gives it a twist. A young man nervously steps to the counter in a pharmacy and it's clear we're supposed to think he has an embarrassing question. But he's not after condoms or advice about a rash on his penis.

Fire Safety
"Get Round to It"
21 Nov 2009
This ad reminds people who live in shared households that it's vital that they get around to fitting a smoke alarm rather than allowing it to become one of those tasks that they leave to someone else. It's a clever way to get this message across.

Dolce & Gabbana
21 Nov 2010
This is a bit different. Although there's the pre-requisite number of beautiful young people in this film... for once, they're not behaving like dicks in a mansion. It's visually arresting and generates a beguiling energy with carefully crafted movement. Shame about the music though.

"Fan Zone"
21 Nov 2011
This series of bumpers advertising Budweiser's involvement with something called Fan Films has a number of football supporters getting the opportunity to handle the FA Cup. It's probably hard for those who aren't aficionados to understand the appeal of the iconic trophy but if you don't get it then you probably never will.

Compare The Market
21 Nov 2011
Barry Greendale is a little surprised when he discovers a meerkat on the conveyor belt as he cheerfully passes shopping through his checkout at the supermarket where he works. It turns out that he's being presented with a soft toy after using the advertised price comparison site.

Coca Cola
"Giant Santa"
21 Nov 2012
DAVID will never understand why the annual return of the shit Coca Cola ad with all the lorries generates such excitement year after year but after watching this amazingly creepy new film for the soft drinks giant, we're starting to understand why they have such faith in the older work... at least it isn't scary.

"Winter Tale"
1 min 45s
21 Nov 2012
If you're going for the whole 'magic of Christmas' angle then you might as well go for it with all your might. That appears to be the thinking behind this garish ad out of America which charts the progress of a couple of animated panthers exploring a winter wonderland. Could do with being shortened... a lot.

21 Nov 2012
This extraordinary film has two daredevils skiing over the edge of a cliff... and being followed by a car. All three fall freely for a while before parachutes open to assist a safe landing. It's been filmed with an intimacy that makes it all seem very real and we have a feeling in the pit of our collective tummies that these folk more or less did what we see on screen.

"The Honeymoon's Over"
21 Nov 2012
This dramatic trail suggests that the soap is continuing to treat its viewers to edgier storylines... quite literally here as one of the characters teeters on the edge of catastrophe. From the look of some of this footage, we're guessing that this is a specially filmed trail rather than mere excerpts.

"Ice Queen"
21 Nov 2012
A woman's cold symptoms are represented as ice all about her person as she walks into a freezing home. Only the advertised product can make her feel comfortable and happy again and it starts putting the colour in her cheeks from the very first sip. Not, strictly speaking, how a cold feels but the analogy works nonetheless.

Balance North East
21 Nov 2013
There are so many things we're advised not to do that it can be hard to keep track of all the reasons not to do them. But that makes it more important than ever that we find the right mechanism for conveying information and it turns out that it's still possible to be surprised.

J D Williams
21 Nov 2014
Crikey - JD Williams may not be a fashion brand women under a certain age might entertain as a viable addition to their wardrobes, but for those who do - and there must be a few, as the name's been going long enough - this is quite a pzazzy ad. A formal dance in a rather grand venue becomes a full-on fun number - with glittery-frocked women being flung around by suave silver foxes, and even Lorraine Kelly gets in on the action.

Candy Crush Soda Saga
"New York"
21 Nov 2014
This big, bountiful launch ad for the spin-off sister game to Candy Crush is arresting to say the least. People in a busy New York street discover they're immersed in a Candy Crush Soda game which leads to all kinds of delightful chaos. Sweets fall from the sky and fizzy drinks erupts from the mains and pedestrians become walking pieces of candy.

"Radio 4"
21 Nov 2014
This beautifully animated spot for Radio 4 asks us "where will four minutes take you?" and then goes on to demonstrate just what we might learn from the diverse selection of programmes on the station as summed up in the 'four minute' section at the BBC's iPlayer site. Clear, engaging and intelligent, it really does make you want to explore more of what's on offer.

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