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"Christmas Crisis"
14 December 2016
UK Charities

Rather than something guilt-inducing and dramatic, Crisis has gone for an upbeat, brightly coloured ad which we'd never expect to be about homelessness. It's a shrewd move.

We're shown a series of typical festive annoyances: kids waking up at the crack of dawn, the local shop running out of essentials, dreadful relations foisting their presence on your home. Then we're brought back to earth and reminded that these irritations aren't crises - homelessness is.

Keeping the focus firmly on their positive work and steering well clear of misery porn is very effective (even the soundtrack barely changes when dire statistics appear onscreen). With one in four homeless people spending Christmas alone - and a cost of just £22 to reserve a place at Crisis - here's hoping this ad helps drum up the necessary donations to ensure no-one goes without this year.

Crisis - "Christmas Crisis"

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Latest Additions

Co-op Supermarkets
"Channel 4 Carols"
14 Dec 2017
Ever wondered how the theme songs from The Crystal Maze or Gogglebox would sound delivered by a community choir? No? Well, er, the Co-op have you sorted regardless. Fresh from covering Blur’s ‘Tender’,, the supermarket’s choir now tackle Channel 4’s discography, including The Snowman’s ‘We’re Walking in the Air’ and even the Countdown clock.

Mr Sheen
"Back to Banish Dust"
13 Dec 2017
Having presumably renewed his pilot's licence, Mr Sheen flies again in this 20” commercial. First things first, though - give the plane an overdue clean. If only there was a range of multi surface wipes he could use! Even if his ‘tache can't compete with Hercule Poirot’s multi-layered lip warmer, it’s a respectable effort from the mascot.

Virgin Atlantic
"The Prodigal Brother"
3 mins 28s
13 Dec 2017
Sibling love has been a recurring theme during this Christmas ad season. Now Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines promote their transatlantic routes with a brotherly visit. Happy families? Not quite. Jacob initially enjoys a frosty reception - after all, calling a scarf “the greatest gift in the entire world” is flagrant false advertising. Fortunately, Uncle Jacob summons his inner raconteur.

2 mins 50s
13 Dec 2017
This hugely entertaining film by Tom Kuntz was made for Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the summer. Dripping with Kuntz's trademark gusto, it offers an apocalyptic vision of a life without apps... prompted, in this case, by an unfortunate rearrangement of plugs by a new arrival temporarily housed in the main server room.

T K Maxx
"Weather Report"
12 Dec 2017
T K Maxx's festive campaign features the opportunity to have a white Christmas delivered to your door... something the current weather has rendered obsolete. The brand have decided to roll with the punches, however, and we've got to admire them for taking the opportunity to highlight their other gift options. Impressive to get Bill Nighy back on short notice, too.

Guinness Hop House 13
12 Dec 2017
Everyone knows Christmas is a time for forgiveness - Guinness will be hoping its competitors share the sentiment. The brand apologise for making its Hop House 13 lager taste superior to all others - thus, brewers, technicians, and even the delivery driver show their contrition. Well, everyone deserves a second chance.

International Committee of the Red Cross
12 Dec 2017
The International Committee of the Red Cross and HLA's Simon Ratigan summon every parent's worst nightmare in this 90" awareness film. CCTV captures the moment when a child temporarily goes missing. However, the Red Cross remind us those in conflict-stricken regions share the same torment… for years rather than minutes.

Hey Duggee
12 Dec 2017
Stick and twist, says this hyperactive CBBC trail. We imagine frazzled parents will recognise the likes of Duggee the bear and Roly the hippo. Studio AKA's Flash animation gang are joined by a raving twig. Given his limited vocabulary, we wouldn't be surprised if he’s related to Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot.

Funny or Die
"Storm: A Star Wars Indie"
2 mins 40s
12 Dec 2017
With the latest Star Wars film's imminent release weighing heavy in pop culture consciousness (some of the nerds at DAVID are figuratively clutching tickets in their sweaty hands), Funny or Die have released a loving, amusing spoof of the cinematic titan. 'Storm: A Star Wars Indie' depicts a star-crossed love story in a galaxy far, far away.

12 Dec 2017
Morrisons continue their orgasmic trip through the pantry, this time exulting in their posh cheeseboard. The familiar seductive voiceover details the creamy, sweet, and vintage merits of their various cheeses... so we can't blame them for running out of superlatives and simply describing the last variety as 'Spanish'. At least they can rely on the food photography to prove it's muy bueno.

"The Difference"
12 Dec 2017
BMW embrace the great outdoors in this kinetic commercial. We follow a surfer and a mountain biker as they tackle land, sea, and air. Meanwhile, the marque's X3 model has its own business to attend to. Swapping town for country, the brand underline their off-road prowess while maintaining their aspirational ethos.

12 Dec 2017
This agreeable montage for Audi suggests we should put ideas first and figure out the mechanics later. Cutting loose and overcoming constraints, we're informed, is the way to find success. The visuals create a sense of urban freedom... even if the tricksy reversal in the middle doesn't quite come off.

2 mins
11 Dec 2017
Following 2016's zero-gravity concert, Desperados' latest musical experiment stays a little closer to the ground. Beatmakers Honey Dijon, Paco Osuna, and excitable Scotsman Jackmaster turn hot air balloons into flying DJ booths. Good thing none of them suffer from vertigo - that could have been awkward.

11 Dec 2017
Pampers put midwives first in their Christmas ad. As maternity wards prepare for the festive period, the brand offer their own spin on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Thus, pipers, geese, and pear trees make way for anxious fathers, excited nieces, and, well, milking aids. HLA's Simon Ratigan complements this festive rejig with some affecting fly-on-the-ward footage.

11 Dec 2017
This amusing ad for the South African NSPCA stars the only family member you get to choose... and one of the ones you don't. A young woman explains her decision to adopt a dog in the foreground, while something considerably less wholesome happens behind her. The comic timing is great here, leaving the viewer confused until the very end.

"Colourscope: Gold"
11 Dec 2017
Another visually intriguing film in CNN's Colourscope series teaches us all about colours - this time gold takes centre stage. A personable voiceover takes us through a series of fascinating facts about the precious metal which gives gold its name, including that the Aztecs believed it to be the droppings of gods... Think about that next time you give your mum something fancy for Christmas.

"Visiting Vegetarian"
11 Dec 2017
Vegetarians rarely get a look-in when it comes to Christmas advertising. However, Lidl insist “humble herbivores” like this bloke can enjoy the big day without consuming a lethal number of Brussel sprouts. Thus, the supermarket promote their meat-free selection. Never has a man looked so excited at the prospect of vegetarian parcels.

"Save the Day"
11 Dec 2017
Tesco's festive campaign continues with this lovely ad dedicated to some of the people who don't get to take Christmas off - the emergency services. We see a paramedic and police officer hard at work during the most wonderful time of the year, dealing with the side effects of festive indulgence in more ways than one. A neat way to bring attention to Blue Supermarket's conveniently late opening hours.

Belgian Lottery
11 Dec 2017
Parabella resurrect their sun-worshipping snowman for another charming animated ad for the Belgian Lottery. While the last instalment saw the frozen fellow wishing he could catch some rays in Hawaii, this year he's pining after a Christmas soiree. Luckily, some woodland pals decide to help him out.

11 Dec 2017
The Go Jetters take on Strictly Come Dancing in another tie in with the BBC's grown up side. While their last cute-ifying of an adult programme featured an animated John Humphrys, here we see a unicorn strut its stuff while Bruno Tonioli's avatar doles out points. Strictly is a good choice for this sort of tie in... we can't imagine a Peaky Blinders adaptation for tots would go down well.

"Forest Coloss"
2 mins 21s
11 Dec 2017
Berlin-based producer mobilegirl marks her debut EP with this hypnotic promo. ‘Forest Collos’s delicate notes and eerie ripples draw you in. The accompanying promo only compounds the effect. Shot in 4:3 by LEZ Creative’s Ilona McIlwain, mobilegirl a.k.a. Bao-Tran Tran remains a colour-drenched cypher throughout.

Stella McCartney
11 Dec 2017
Those currently enduring sub-zero temperatures will appreciate this summery gym session courtesy of Stella McCartney POP. The perfume and RSA Photographic/Black Dog Films’s Leonn Ward borrow a school hall for a slick dance-off. Dodgeball practice will simply have to wait. While perfume brands frequently stray into ponderous territory, Ward and co emphasise freedom of expression with old-school elan.

"New Wheels"
8 Dec 2017
Another brief festive ad from Amazon shows an amusing musical moment in action. A baby crosses the screen on a roomba, accompanied by an ironic blast of Chamillionaire's 'Ridin' Dirty'. The baby's absolute delight at its new vehicle really makes the humour work, and the background tree is a nice nod to the season.

"So Schofield"
8 Dec 2017
While some take figures such as the Dali Lama or Ghandi as their models for living, webuyanycar.com has a more Phil-osophical approach. The brand have decided to make Phillip Schofield - the 'most loved man in Britain... unofficially' - their personal talisman. This ad sees the webuyanycar offices preparing for the campaign launch.

"Merry Christmas"
8 Dec 2017
This amusing ad from Amazon stars a cat who isn't fully embracing the Christmas spirit. Entangled in colourful fairy lights, the long-suffering mog stares balefully at the viewer as Kelis musically expresses its inner turmoil. Funny, deadpan stuff with a lovely sense of humour... and a well timed performance from the cat.

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