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Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

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Latest Additions

"The Gate"
6 mins 49s
20 Sep 2017
Björk is back - with 'The Gate', the first release from her latest album. According to the singer it's a transcendent love song; moving beyond the grief of loss expressed on 'Vulnicura' and into the realm of the ethereal. To capture its mood, long-time collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang has created a radiant, shimmering and unbounded world for Björk to inhabit and suffuse with emotion.

"More, More, More"
20 Sep 2017
This sleek, upbeat montage for Very shows off the site's product range and highlights its app. It's an energetic production which keeps things moving admirably, as the main character bops her way through a stylised pink world which ensures we don't forget the brand's associated colour. This works hard without feeling frantic - well composed stuff.

"Satan, Luella, and I"
6 mins 14s
20 Sep 2017
South London’s HMLTD have a taste for the theatrical. Luckily, the band’s flamboyant style gives LEZ Creative’s Ilona McIlwain carte blanche. Set amongst abandoned buildings and occult ceremonies, this baroque promo for ‘Satan, Luella, and I’ doubles-down on macabre flair. A darkly glam calling card for everyone involved.

BBC Radio 5
20 Sep 2017
BBC Radio Five Live’s roster are coaxed out of the studio just long enough for this 30” promo. Whether it’s breaking news or live sport, the likes of Nicky Campbell, Rachel Burden, and Jermaine Jenas extol the station’s output. While we’re sure they would all rather be back behind the mic, this gives listeners the chance to put a face to the voice.

"The Pitch"
2 mins 30s
20 Sep 2017
Where other sports brands explode out the gate, Mizuno prefer a slow release. Burning Reel's Bo Mirosseni delivers a meditative insight into life on the pitcher’s mound. As the protagonist steels herself for another throw, we learn how deep her motivation goes. Measured pacing and photography underline the brand’s gutsy ethos.

"Share the Drama"
20 Sep 2017
Heineken and Sonny’s Fredrik Bond have good form with on-foot capers. With the Champions League underway again, the two reunite for this 60” foot chase. Former Real Madrid and Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy summons his inner action hero as he evades capture. He may be outnumbered, but van Nistelrooy has his own particular set of skills.

"Event Calendar"
18 Sep 2017
Littlewoods employ a giant calendar to illustrate the special moments iwhen we might want to splurge. Whether it's new football boots or a special birthday present, they promise to help spread the cost of gifts with no nasty surprises. The visuals aren't particularly distinctive, but it gets the brand's message across.

Dr Oetker
19 Sep 2017
Another collection of amusing idents for Dr Oetker sees a tiered cake become its own barbershop, uh, trio. The personable puppetry works well here, and the simplicity of the song chimes well with Bake Off's distinctively gentle humour. While lyrics like 'yum yum, bake some yum' aren't destined for an Ivor Novello, they're both memorable and memeable.

Taylors of Harrogate
19 Sep 2017
Taylors of Harrogate offer another fetching insight into their craft. Patrick Stewart reveals how far the brand will go for quality tea leaves before their “flavour wizards” take over. The end result? A rose lemonade brew to make any cat owner swoon. Striking visuals and a homely pay-off widen the brand’s appeal.

Taylors of Harrogate
19 Sep 2017
This excellent ad for posh coffee boffins Taylors of Harrogate shows just how much finesse goes into making great coffee... or decent coffee, as the case may be. We see beans growing into their 'astonishingly magnificent' potential, demonstrated by some great animation and a perfectly over the top voiceover. Standout work from Erik Morales and Lucky Generals.

19 Sep 2017
Amidst floating groceries, Aldi admit even they aren’t immune from rising costs. However, the budget supermarket promise to keep customers’ shopping bills low. Backing from financial troubleshooters Moneywise adds further weight to their claim. Meanwhile, Johan Strauss II’s ‘Blue Danube’ adds classical grace to hovering sarnies.

"Hannah Rutherford"
20 Sep 2017
As professional gaming achieves further credibility, eBay lend their support to full-time players like Hannah Rutherford. Rutherford relates her journey from arcade cabinets to headsets and high-end PCs. The Let’s Play enthusiast believes gaming has become a legitimate enterprise - and outlets like eBay can help Rutherford stay on top of her game.

"Danny Bowien"
15 Sep 2017
The third of Squarespace's stylish trilogy of films sees chef and restaurateur Danny Bowien explaining his website. The pastel palette here complements the food photography and carefully-designed visuals, despite the odd choice of music. It's a risky move to include 'pretentious' in the script - it could easily be an own goal - but this film pulls it off.

The Apprentice
19 Sep 2017
There’s a fun meta streak to this Apprentice teaser. Café breakdowns, golden banquets, giant index fingers… one can’t fault the bearded director’s ambition. Well, unless you’re Alan Sugar. While he and Big Al discuss their creative differences (it’s a one-sided discussion), viewers can look forward to more boardroom implosions in series thirteen.

Apple Watch
19 Sep 2017
Since its 2015 launch, the Apple Watch has struggled to justify its existence. Forgettable advertising hasn’t helped matters. Launched during Sunday’s Emmy Awards, this 60” commercial bucks the trend. While Labrinth’s ‘Misbehavin’ plays through Kilian Martin’s AirPods, the Spaniard turns this train station into a skate park.

Canadian Club & Dry
"The Big Question"
19 Sep 2017
This amusing ad announces Canadian Club's launch of their pre-mixed cocktail range Down Under. A series of blokes come to the shocking realisation that they actually don't like beer, one even mournfully hanging his head as he explains that he 'thought it was compulsory'. Generations of beer drinkers see the light when Canada Club & Dry slides down the bar as an tastier alternative.

14 Sep 2017
Paddy McGuinness takes over as JackpotJoy's 'newest royal' in this ad. Barbara Windsor resists the line of succession at first, turning her nose up at Paddy's 'royal band' and, uh, corgi, but the offer of a cruise is too tempting to resist. This fits the tone of the brand's other campaigns, although we can't help but feel they missed a 'Carry On' joke with that dress fling.

B & Q
"Suits Your Style"
18 Sep 2017
B&Q continue to jump between intimate domesticity and orange aprons. Seemingly on call for any renovation project, the DIY retailer’s staff now make short work of this woman’s living room. Nimble choreography and prop work convey the ease with which anyone can transform their homes. Good cushion juggling, too.

Channel 4
"RNIB Ad Break"
3 mins 20s
18 Sep 2017
This striking ad break for Channel 4 - created in association with the RNIB - draws us into a world that is rarely, well, seen. Using visual filters, we're shown how different eye conditions affect vision and contribute to its loss. It's an unsettling effect, demonstrating conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts as darkness creeps over familiar ads until they're barely recognisable.

Current Account Switch Guarantee
"Back on the Streets"
18 Sep 2017
The Current Account Switch Guarantee guy is back with some more smooth moves. Still in his natty brown suit, he encounters and charms a range of people as he bops along to a very British interpretation of the Shaft theme song. This ad is very similar to the first in the campaign and suffers from the same issues - given that it has nothing to sell - but it's pleasant nonetheless.

New York Bagels
19 Sep 2017
The Mayor of New York City may be surprised to learn he doesn’t run the Big Apple - an eighty-something baker called Edna does. That’s the conceit behind this entertaining New York Bakery ad. From the moment Edna opens her bagel shop, she keeps the city moving. Even if we can’t sample the Edna treatment for ourselves, the brand have UK bagel fans covered.

15 Sep 2017
Nutella now comes pre-breaded, for those of us who are simply too busy to grab a knife and spread the stuff ourselves. This ad shows off a few scenarios where that might be plausible, although the dad fighting against movement and hungry kids on a train is the most compelling. A new delivery system is bound to get Nutella, ahem, nuts excited.

"Chicken Again"
18 Sep 2017
Parents will recognise the kitchen table histronics at the heart of this Dolmio commercial. When dad announces it’s chicken for dinner again, his daughter responds with a storm-force rebuke. Fortunately, normality is restored thanks to the brand’s new tray bake mix. No sign of Dominic West, but this still provides ample entertainment.

18 Sep 2017
This poignant film for environmentally-friendly cleaning brand ecostore uses art to explore two very different versions of the future. Parents and children are interviewed about their vision of the world to come, as an artist creates two large canvases based on their musings. It's a thought-provoking piece, and demonstrates that although things may feel grim, it's important to keep working towards a brighter tomorrow.

Sing: Ultimate A Cappella
"One Way or Another"
15 Sep 2017
Samuel Beckett fans will be glad to learn Sky One haven’t produced a glitzy remake of ‘Not I’. Rather, this lippy trail promotes the channel’s new a cappella talent show. Sans instruments, these disembodied mouths cover Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’. The broadcaster hope the series attracts the ‘Pitch Perfect’ crowd.

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