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"Nights With You"
3 mins 18s
26 May 2017
One wouldn’t normally associate Danish electropop with Communist landmarks, but MØ thinks there’s crossover appeal. The singer and her entourage commandeer Bulgaria’s Buzludzha monument before director Bouha Kazmi gives things a strobe makeover. Fans of summery pop and architectural historians alike will leave satisfied.

2 mins 53s
26 May 2017
This wordy promo for Jonwayne’s ‘Live from the Fuck You’ gives us an amusing insight into how the American rapper deals with fans. Well, boyfriends of fans. Unfamiliar with Jonwayne’s work - and just as sceptical about his appearance - one bloke requests a quick birthday rap. So much for a night off, eh?

Stella Artois Cidre
"Three Apples"
26 May 2017
Thanks to one debonair spokesman, we Brits have received a thorough grounding in the difference between cidre and cider. For American drinkers, it’s a little more complicated. Now that Stella Artois Cidre has joined sweet cider and hard cider on the drinks menu, what better way to stand apart than with some French New Wave line dancing?

26 May 2017
Compared to Booking.com’s blockbuster efforts, this 20” commercial is something of a letdown. The accommodation site opts for animated representations of destinations like Gran Canaria and Barcelona. We learn (most) bookings with the advertised site can be cancelled for free - alas, “booking dot yeah” lacks the necessary oomph.

"Brownlee Bros"
26 May 2017
You’ve got to hand it to Jonny Brownlee. Content to let his brother Alistair hog the glory in their other advertising ventures, he has the last laugh in this Aldi Super Six commercial. While the triathlete stocks up on barbecue meats, little bro adds some extra spice to Alistair's, erm, lunchbox. Ouch.

25 May 2017
All is well in the Vanquis kingdom as the credit card’s knight errant returns from his latest quest. Despite his chequered credit history - a fate even Game of Thrones would balk at - he obtains a credit card thanks to the brand’s Express Check option. The well-realised setting lends extra value to the brand’s proposition.

ITV Racing
25 May 2017
With the Epsom Derby on the horizon, ITV Racing takes us back to the beginning. Terence Stamp narrates one horse’s journey from the stable to the winning post. According to Stamp, it takes "three years of training for one chance at glory"… not that the horse has much, er, neigh in the matter. Still, it’s beautifully shot and maintains this campaign’s good form.

28 May 2017
In stressful situations we are often guided by our instincts - but how reliable are they? This film for the RNLI demonstrates that they can be insanely unhelpful. When we find ourselves suddenly immersed in freezing water, our instincts push us towards a series of actions perfectly designed to kill us.

Elton John
"Bennie and the Jets"
5 mins 48s
26 May 2017
This classy music video for Elton John's 'Bennie and the Jets' by Jack Whitely and Laura Brownhill combines choreography and camp to create a unique black and white promo. The action takes the form of a futuristic, extraterrestrial version of Britain's Got Talent, with performers strutting their stuff to Elton John's classic track.

25 May 2017
Another brief ad from Argos' date-driven series features a collection of suitcases trundling along to the sounds of a train. It's a nice way to introduce the idea of summer buying without being too obvious about it - the presence of suitcases is enough. Each of the 10" spots in this campaign has had an admirable amount of thought put into it.

"Leaders Debate"
25 May 2017
This ad for the Leaders Debate coverage on ITV showcases a diverse array of people and the concerns that affect their vote. From the minimum wage to the NHS - which unsurprisingly comes up several times - this cross-section of the public illustrates how impossible it is to be a one-issue voter in these trying times.

Palace Skateboards
25 May 2017
Palace Skateboards celebrate opening their first store outside the UK - in New York, no less - with this impressive ad. Jonah Hill returns (although sadly not via green screen) to complain about how little he was paid for his last, disastrous outing for the brand... only to be stopped in his tracks by a giant metal snake. Has there ever been a more enjoyable tagline than "You're in my house now, motherfuckers"?

Criminal Case
25 May 2017
This dramatic ad for online game Criminal Case sees a myriad of women drop everything to chase down bad guys. At first we think they're running from the law when they appear to flee the scene the moment a siren sounds - but it quickly becomes apparent that they're the ones doing the pursuing. The whole thing climaxes with a thrilling rooftop showdown when the crowd catches up to their target - exciting stuff.

Virgin Media
"Voom 2017"
25 May 2017
Now in its seventh year, Virgin’s Voom competition aims to give more would-be tycoons a boost in these turbulent times. Sir Richard Branson - “the “godfather of entrepreneurialism” (sorry, Lord Sugar) - believes every small business should be allowed to thrive… and that Virgin Media’s new Voom Fibre can be the catalyst. Trust the man with the big red button, eh?

BBC Earth
"Being Human"
25 May 2017
An intriguing and futuristic ad for BBC Earth questions what really makes us human. Is it our capacity for abstract thought, or language? A cyborg explains 'she' can do many of the things humans can - the back of her head uncannily exposed to reveal its inner circuits and wires - while being unable to even dream of feeling. It feels like a lament, in spite of the robot's blank tone; making us question whether we're projecting, or if 'she' is feeling something after all...

Cancer Research
"Walk All Over Cancer"
25 May 2017
Nancy Sinatra's 'The Boots Are Made For Walking' is an astute choice of soundtrack for this ad for Cancer Research. It accompanies a montage of people from all walks of life (geddit) who have pledged to take ten thousand steps a day throughout the month of June to raise money for the charity. Anyone can get involved for a good cause - there's even a very happy pup taking part.

BBC Sport
"FA Cup Final"
25 May 2017
Arsenal play Chelsea in this weekend's FA Cup final, and the BBC conclude their own cup run with this black-and-white promo. The colour may have been drained, but the intensity is unmistakable. Stills of players, fans, and managers from both sides encapsulate what's at stake... particularly for one Monsieur Wenger.

25 May 2017
This entertaining ad for Mentos mints shows a woman caught between two scenarios - a potentially career-changing encounter, or an extremely annoying plane ride spent looking at photos of someone else's grandchildren. The worst case wins out - which anybody who's flown long-haul saw coming a mile off - but luckily she's got Mentos to lull her into a state of menthol-driven bliss. Amusing stuff.

"Sholing F.C."
1 min 40s
25 May 2017
Budweiser reaffirm their support of grassroots football in this engaging film. As more illustrious clubs spend hundreds of millions on new stadia, it’s a sore point for clubs like Sholing F.C. Having seen progress stifled in the past by league criteria, the Hampshire team must work hard on and off the pitch.

"The Night is Young"
25 May 2017
This high-octane ad for Superdry shows a group of friends getting up to no good after dark. Made by acclaimed promo director Courtney Phillips, it has the fashionable youngsters hopping fences, blowing things up, and running foul of the law. They even get frisky in public places and flash drivers from a bridge, the scamps.

Tottenham Hotspur
"Farewell Lane"
7 mins 50s
25 May 2017
While a Premier League title would have been the ideal send-off for White Hart Lane, this affectionate history lesson provides Tottenham Hotspur fans with some notable home comforts. Spurs fan Sir Kenneth Branagh narrates as we watch teams change and stands grow from 1899 to 2017. Rewarding viewing for supporters and football historians alike.

7 Days
"The Future"
25 May 2017
Who would've thought cinema had legs? This ambitious caveman thinks it does, though his live screening of 'Jurassic Park' meets a tepid response. After all, once you've seen fire, you've seen it all - that's where the Greek brand's new range of flavoured bread rolls comes in. A diverting twist on the caveman diet with extra dinosaurs.

"We Just Don't Care (ft Shingai)"
3 mins 17s
24 May 2017
SHY FX's new release is impossibly infectious; combining jungle with a 90s girl band vibe thanks to Shingai's velvety tones. And what a promo Craig Moore has put together for it. This isn't your average dance-themed clip: this delivers dizzying break dance spins and one-handed, er, handstands. The energy, skill and post-apocalyptic style make this one to watch again and again.

Elton John
"Tiny Dancer"
6 mins 45s
24 May 2017
Over four decades after its release, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ receives its first official music video. No, that John Lewis ad doesn’t count. Instead, Sir Elton invited filmmakers to pitch their own promos. The winner? Somesuch’s Max Weiland. The result is a languid and compelling snapshot of Los Angeles.

22 May 2017
KFC announce the arrival of their Nashville Hot chicken on our shores with this classy ad. Featuring a satisfying twist at the end, the ad consists of a montage of people with tears rolling down their cheeks. The soundtrack - Roy Orbison's fitting 'Crying' - suggests the characters are well and truly heartbroken... at least until the drumsticks come out.

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