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Latest Additions

BBC Earth
"Being Human"
25 May 2017
An intriguing and futuristic ad for BBC Earth questions what really makes us human. Is it our capacity for abstract thought, or language? A cyborg explains 'she' can do many of the things humans can - the back of her head uncannily exposed to reveal its inner circuits and wires - while being unable to even dream of feeling. It feels like a lament, in spite of the robot's blank tone; making us question whether we're projecting, or if 'she' is feeling something after all...

Cancer Research
"Walk All Over Cancer"
25 May 2017
Nancy Sinatra's 'The Boots Are Made For Walking' is an astute choice of soundtrack for this ad for Cancer Research. It accompanies a montage of people from all walks of life (geddit) who have pledged to take ten thousand steps a day throughout the month of June to raise money for the charity. Anyone can get involved for a good cause - there's even a very happy pup taking part.

25 May 2017
This entertaining ad for Mentos mints shows a woman caught between two scenarios - a potentially career-changing encounter, or an extremely annoying plane ride spent looking at photos of someone else's grandchildren. The worst case wins out - which anybody who's flown long-haul saw coming a mile off - but luckily she's got Mentos to lull her into a state of menthol-driven bliss. Amusing stuff.

"Sholing F.C."
1 min 40s
25 May 2017
Budweiser reaffirm their support of grassroots football in this engaging film. As more illustrious clubs spend hundreds of millions on new stadia, it’s a sore point for clubs like Sholing F.C. Having seen progress stifled in the past by league criteria, the Hampshire team must work hard on and off the pitch.

"The Night is Young"
25 May 2017
This high-octane ad for Superdry shows a group of friends getting up to no good after dark. Made by acclaimed promo director Courtney Phillips, it has the fashionable youngsters hopping fences, blowing things up, and running foul of the law. They even get frisky in public places and flash drivers from a bridge, the scamps.

Tottenham Hotspur
"Farewell Lane"
7 mins 50s
25 May 2017
While a Premier League title would have been the ideal send-off for White Hart Lane, this affectionate history lesson provides Tottenham Hotspur fans with some notable home comforts. Spurs fan Sir Kenneth Branagh narrates as we watch teams change and stands grow from 1899 to 2017. Rewarding viewing for supporters and football historians alike.

7 Days
"The Future"
25 May 2017
Who would've thought cinema had legs? This ambitious caveman thinks it does, though his live screening of 'Jurassic Park' meets a tepid response. After all, once you've seen fire, you've seen it all - that's where the Greek brand's new range of flavoured bread rolls comes in. A diverting twist on the caveman diet with extra dinosaurs.

"We Just Don't Care (ft Shingai)"
3 mins 17s
24 May 2017
SHY FX's new release is impossibly infectious; combining jungle with a 90s girl band vibe thanks to Shingai's velvety tones. And what a promo Craig Moore has put together for it. This isn't your average dance-themed clip: this delivers dizzying break dance spins and one-handed, er, handstands. The energy, skill and post-apocalyptic style make this one to watch again and again.

Elton John
"Tiny Dancer"
6 mins 45s
24 May 2017
Over four decades after its release, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ receives its first official music video. No, that John Lewis ad doesn’t count. Instead, Sir Elton invited filmmakers to pitch their own promos. The winner? Somesuch’s Max Weiland. The result is a languid and compelling snapshot of Los Angeles.

22 May 2017
KFC announce the arrival of their Nashville Hot chicken on our shores with this classy ad. Featuring a satisfying twist at the end, the ad consists of a montage of people with tears rolling down their cheeks. The soundtrack - Roy Orbison's fitting 'Crying' - suggests the characters are well and truly heartbroken... at least until the drumsticks come out.

Arm & Hammer Total Dental Care
"Deep Clean"
24 May 2017
We’re not sure a leaf blower counts as scientific apparatus, but best not to argue with Arm & Hammer’s tracksuit dynamo. She interrupts this bloke’s bathtime to demonstrate the power of baking soda. Her Northern hubris leaves us in no doubt about the toothpaste’s cleaning properties - dental hygiene with extra wallop.

Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream
"Cornish Lessons"
24 May 2017
Kelly’s struck a chord last year with their Cornish-language commercial. Now the brand wants us to become fluent… well, that may be a stretch. Still, Dawn French offers a helpful smattering of Cornish words and their English translations over a series of 20” ads. These two installments cover such expressions as gwari deu and leel (that’s “game over” and “local”).

New York Times
"Mark Mazzetti"
24 May 2017
Another thought-provoking spot for the New York Times focuses on governmental secrecy - and the role journalism has in providing vital, accurate information to the public. The stark visuals of increasingly redacted documents hammer home the message, delivered by journalist Mark Mazzetti's voiceover. A timely topic given recent world events - no fake news to be found here.

Marks & Spencer
"Dine in the Med"
23 May 2017
The music and presentation may have changed, but Marks & Spencer hope their revamped food campaign won’t affect our dinner plans. This 10” ad puts a Mediterranean spin on footage from their recent launch film. The store’s ‘Dine In for Two’ promotion remains a core proposition, and this should keep loyal shoppers onside.

Cancer Research
"Vicky's Story"
23 May 2017
This instalment of Cancer Research's long-running documentary style campaign highlights the story of Vicky - a cancer researcher who herself survived the illness at the age of seven. It's intriguing to look at the motivations behind the scientists on the front line of developing cancer treatments, especially when - as in Vicky's case - their reasons are deeply personal.

"Gemma Arterton"
23 May 2017
Neutrogena spokesperson Gemma Arterton attempts to convince us that 'Hydro Boost' moisturiser is the source of her youthful vitality by repeatedly stroking her face. The goop keeps up with her busy day via a 'hyaluronic gel matrix', as illustrated via the usual beads of water being flung about like so many questionable scientific claims.

Robot and Scarecrow
"Vero Trailer"
23 May 2017
With festival season looming, Vero and Nexus director Kibwe Tavares offer a fantastical spin on muddy fields and watered-down lager. A social network of sorts for creative types, the platform looks to grab attention by hosting Tavares's Wizard of Oz-inspired yarn. Up-and-coming Brits Holliday Granger and Jack O'Connell star as a pair of unconventional festivalgoers.

Virgin Media
"Red House"
23 May 2017
This Irish Virgin Media ad offers something for almost everyone. Once the technician’s finished in the living room, he and mum make sure everything’s ticking over elsewhere. Room by room, this family’s eclectic tastes are brought to life. Whether it’s streaming an air raid or a neon-soaked music video, the broadband provider’s WiFi signal seems up to the task.

23 May 2017
Tony Zagoraios's second surrealist commercial for the Cypriot juice brand is another piece of animation brimming with vitamin C. Orbital fruit, rock 'n' roll chickens channelling Elvis plus ping-pong tables made of bread are just a handful of the zany sights on offer. If this is what a glass of OJ can do to you in the morning, make sure you're not driving anywhere afterwards.

H & M
23 May 2017
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's 'Summer Wine' lends retro appeal to H&M's summer commercial. Even if the cast seem blasé about their surroundings, Sinatra and Hazlewood's duet matches Dan Moran's halcyon grading. The compositions are well-judged, too; balmy with a hint of David Hockney's 'A Bigger Splash' for good measure.

Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening
"Life Lesson #8"
23 May 2017
This amusing ad for Arm & Hammer toothpaste sees a no-nonsense personal trainer pop up to relieve a couple of their whitening mouth guards... via her fist. Following that violent introduction, she educates the pair on why Arm & Hammer is a superior solution for their tooth whitening needs. Via 'baking soda science' - she explains - their teeth could get up to three polar bears less dingy. Entertaining stuff.

23 May 2017
Someone on the 888casino account appreciates the classics. Fiat's iconic 'Hand Built by Robots' commercial gave audiences an operatic insight into Italian car production - now the gambling site pits a toy roadster against a track made of playing cards. There's no grand finale here, though a little Rossini is always welcome.

"Pep Talk"
23 May 2017
Feeling sluggish in the middle of the day? After work activities a slog? Fear not, the indefatigable Idris Elba is here with a series of pep talks to keep you going. The actor brings his characteristic charm to these Facebook-ready spots, as he meditates, scrolls furiously through his phone, and even does a spot of DJing. And casually cracks open a Purdey's, of course.

"Pink Giraffe"
23 May 2017
Following in the footsteps of Samsung, Cushelle, and Lotus, Three introduce us to a pair of animated giraffes whose confidence levels couldn't be more different. This time the main mammal is a hybrid - a 'giraffeamingo' combining the most distinctive features of both creatures. Bolstered by the ability to enjoy roaming data wherever it travels to, the beast struts, poses, and finally takes off in sheer delight.

22 May 2017
Aldi return with another amusing comparison ad. Rather than comparing like for like baskets of shopping, the supermarket ropes in a baby hippo to demonstrate that their products don't cost as many pounds as he weighs. Body-shaming aside (poor Henry does break the scale, so he might want to take the hint), it's an amusing premise for this pun-focused campaign.

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