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"Everybody In"
1 min 47s
17 May 2017
UK Charities

To mark their fiftieth year, homeless charity Crisis are mobilising to make themselves obsolete before another fifty years have passed. This poignant film imagines what a world without homelessness could - and will - look like.

We watch the sun rise over London, visiting various spots across the city where we'd expect to see a homeless person bedding down - a park bench, an underpass, a shop doorway. But there's not a sleeping bag in sight because, as the voiceover explains, one day every person will be able to find their own space.

Performance poet Francesca Beard wrote the script, delivered brilliantly by Crisis member Lewis Ford. It's a unique approach for a brand to try and make themselves obsolete, something Crisis are determined to achieve with their 'Everybody In' campaign, and this beautiful film takes an equally unusual look at homelessness to help achieve that goal.

"Say Good Nytol"

Matt said:

Lovely bit of work, that.



Latest Work

"Unskilled Worker"
13 Oct 2017
Don’t like the moniker fool you - artist Unskilled Worker a.k.a. Helen Downie knows her stuff. Alongside glimpses of her artwork, we see Unskilled Worker leave her mark on Gucci’s latest collection. Shot with 35mm stock, the film offers an attractive insight into Downie’s craft… although she insists it’s the art that's in control.

"Made in the Mirror"
1 min 40s
13 Oct 2017
Cosmetics advertising is undergoing something of a, well, makeover. Boots No 7’s recent fencing bout delivered style and substance - now it’s US brand CoverGirl’s turn. This classy ad gathers a strong cast: diverse, dynamic, and in control of their identities. Contrasted with the modish cast and cinematography, the soundtrack provides old-school satisfaction.

13 Oct 2017
Smyths' 2017 Christmas campaign has big shoes to fill. Last year's effort - featuring a rewrite of Beyoncé's 'If I Were A Boy' and a whimsical dive into a kid's imagination - went down a storm. It's a tough ask, and this excellent animated ad meets the challenge with relish. A playful voiceover narrates the adventures of Snot, a hapless ball of yuck who's been sent down life's reject chute.

"I Am Sister"
13 Oct 2017
Another family-focused spot from UNICEF takes a look at sisterhood in all its glory. Positives and negatives are shown equally throughout the montage, taking us through a warts and all overview of sibling life. It's a smart move to have a refugee affected by the issue provide the VO, giving the film an added touch of emotional authenticity.

"I Am Brother"
13 Oct 2017
UNICEF's latest campaign tackles the bizarre UK law which states that siblings of refugees aren't considered family... which makes less sense every time we read it. This smartly constructed montage shows off the highs and lows of brotherhood, and highlights exactly what kids are missing out on when they're kept away from their families.

"Free Ride"
13 Oct 2017
Trainline’s 2015 ad gave rail travellers plenty to shout about. This latest outing suggests the joy of saving with the online ticket office. Played in reverse with a bebop score, we learn what prompted this passenger’s solo routine. Good luck expressing your glee during rush hour, though - it may be a tight squeeze.

"Simple is Smart"
13 Oct 2017
Dacia celebrates simplicity with this charming animated ad from Aardman Animation. Ralph Ineson's notoriously deep VO compliments the clean visuals, as an entirely white world of folded paper illustrates the lack of clutter in the brand's 'Simple' range. The cars have a compellingly cute design which makes them stand out against their monochrome surroundings.

San Miguel
"Treehouse Masters"
13 Oct 2017
Another intriguing ad from San Miguel's 'Rich List' campaign delves into an unusual life - this time of a guy who builds fantastical treehouses. We follow him as he finds salvation away from the hustle and bustle of city life, seeking peace in the forest. Luckily, he still has time for a few beers with his mates among the trees.

12 Oct 2017
This amusing ad for Specsavers highlights their ability to visit you at home if extenuating circumstances - like being stuck in a tower - prevent you from getting to them. The charming animation harks back to classic Disney, as a knight heroically faces down a dragon to get Rapunzel her free home eye test... That's a whole new level of customer service.

"Dog Sled"
12 Oct 2017
This chilly Skoda commercial opens with a poser: “What is a road, really?” While the narrator muses on highways and byways, a musher leads his snow hounds across frozen terrain and white-out conditions. The Swedish marque commend those who stray off the beaten path - preferably in the advertised vehicle.

12 Oct 2017
McDonald's bring back their Roald Dahl Happy Meal promotion with this entertaining ad, directed by Luke Roulstone. What appears to be a simple parents evening conversation takes a turn for the surreal as the dad and teacher begin slipping Dahl's fantastical language into their conversation. We sense a bit of tension between them here... perhaps Gobblefunk is the language of love.

H & M
"Weeknd Stroll"
12 Oct 2017
The Weeknd takes a stroll through Los Angeles in this H&M commercial. Well, sort of. The Canadian singer models the fashion retailer’s latest threads against a constantly changing backdrop. The LED set allows him to perfect his moody strut in style. Meanwhile, Mr Weeknd’s ‘Nomads’ provides the apt soundtrack.

"Style Seeker"
12 Oct 2017
This compelling, dance-focused ad from LEZ Creative's Holly Blakey imaginatively explores the Brent Cross PLUS 'Style Seeker' app. The app allows shoppers to snap a picture of someone else's outfit and find out where they can get it themselves... although probably not as quick as they do here. Blakey's masterful choreography is at full power, as pairs of dancers acquire items of each others' clothing.

Sony Xperia
12 Oct 2017
Tumbleweed tastes the rainbow in this colourful ad for the Sony Xperia. The film is a spiritual successor to Sony's iconic 'Bouncing Balls' ad, as a fleet of brightly-coloured tumbleweed spills out across the desert, scaring off some sheep and enveloping a car as they go. A relaxed soundtrack adds to the surreal feeling of the piece. Lovely, polished work.

Land Rover Range Rover
12 Oct 2017
With Planet Earth 3 still a way off, this Land Rover campaign should keep animal lovers satisfied. Having recently recruited dogs and goats, Range Rover now summon a swarm of fireflies who seem rather taken with the advertised jeep. Natural imagery and luminous VFX from Jam Films combine to good effect.

"L'Eau de Chris"
12 Oct 2017
Love Islander Chris Hughes launches a brand of mineral water - imbued with his own tears, no less. Before cynics weep, it’s all in aid of mental health charity CALM’s partnership with Topman. Both urge men to discuss their concerns rather than - you guessed it - bottle them up. A shrewd bid to engage younger audiences.

10 Oct 2017
Quorn’s long-running Q&A session reaches Hannah’s kitchen as she ponders her mid-week menu. Combined with apple juice and some tossed vegetables, the brand’s meat-free bangers earns her a hearty applause. Having covered everything from summer barbecues to family dinners, the meat substitute insist they can solve any culinary dilemma.

9 Oct 2017
MasterCard jumps on the Halloween train early with this costume-focused ad for their MasterPass. Sorting out your kid's outfit is a piece of cake with their organised ordering service, as illustrated by the parent 'swiping' through options and changing their kid's clothes in real time. It's a neat enough conceit, although the voiceover seems a little too enthusiastic about fox onesies.

11 Oct 2017
Orange prove knowledge is power in these amusing 20” ads. A group of workmates enjoy boardroom privileges, Bangles on-demand, and infinite cake. No brute force required - mere hints of plot twists and cliffhangers are enough to turn any situation in their favour. Each vignette takes spoiler alerts to cunning extremes.

Project Everyone
2 mins 57s
11 Oct 2017
Project Everyone's 2016 film - an in-your-face piece of work which recreated the energy of the original promo for the Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' with a serious message - showed women and girls around the world having fun while asking to be given the rights they deserve. This year they're no longer asking - they're demanding to be heard.

"Project 8 Continues"
11 Oct 2017
Jaguar’s Project 8 remains on track in this fierce commercial shot by Nigel Simpkiss. While the marque’s high-performance sedan proves its worth, an exercise fiend pushes himself to the limit. The car maker reveal only three-hundred XE SVs will be made - those lucky enough to nab one best ensure they’re in peak condition.

Norwegian Red Cross
"Restoring Family Links"
11 Oct 2017
This poignant animated ad for the Norwegian Red Cross draws attention to the plight of families torn apart by conflict. A letter in the charity's distinctive red swirls through time, following the journey of a mother and daughter as they flee their homeland and become separated in their quest for safety. It's a touching look at the crucial work the Red Cross does after the immediate danger of a crisis has waned.

"My Way"
11 Oct 2017
Healthspan celebrate quirks with this entertaining ad for their vitamins. A montage of people are shown partaking in their own unique methods of self-care, from an elderly guy proudly working out in the park to a woman on the tube who refuses to settle for a cereal bar. Set to Sammy Davis Jr.'s 'I've Gotta Be Me', this positive montage is a step up for the brand.

"An Italian Journey"
2 mins 03s
11 Oct 2017
Kuoni show off the sights of Italy in this relaxed ad. From sweeping landscapes to cobbled city streets, we see all the visual treats the country has to offer. Unsurprisingly, food doesn't been left out, and there are loving shots of pasta and wine to emphasise the culinary delights. A well-constructed portrait of holiday potential.

"Barber Shop"
10 Oct 2017
Another amiable ‘what-if’ scenario from Lotto as this barber plans for the future. Ticket in hand, he promises to hand over the reins - well, scissors - to his old apprentice, Keith. Rather than splash the cash, John would rather give someone else a leg-up. Keith may need to clear his schedule if those numbers prove lucky.

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