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The Samaritans
"Small Talk Saves Lives"
1 min 34s
18 Nov 2017
This film was created by The Samaritans and Network Rail to persuade us to look out for one another and offer reassurance about the value of intervening if we think someone looks troubled. It's a superbly-judged piece of work. Director Matt Hopkins has shown great restraint giving the subject matter the gravity it deserves and - in doing so - has made a film which stands a chance of making a real difference.

"Extended Family Christmas"
17 Nov 2017
Tesco show us an extended family dinner in the second instalment of their Christmas campaign. Playing on the 'Everyone's Welcome' theme established in the first ad, here we see a family providing a Christmas dinner for people in need and bringing the community together. An inclusive ad which highlights Blue Supermarket's charitable side nicely.

"Convenience Store"
17 Nov 2017
Following 2015 chaotic cord fail, this latest JBL commercial is a 30" comedy of errors. Betrayed by his own headphone wires, this bloke endures a painful trip to the shops. The bumbling music lover is mistaken for an armed robber… and these have-a-go heroes take no prisoners. Director Guy Shelmerdine makes the most of his confined settings.

"Advent Calendar"
17 Nov 2017
Think your advent calendar is big? Think again. Having recently unveiled their giant day planner, Littlewoods add some festive dressing in this 40” ad. Each window reveals a selection of their wares, including party frocks and electronic goods. As consumers navigate this year’s Christmas lists, the retailer offer cost-effective cheer.

"Winter Relief"
17 Nov 2017
E4 attempt to combat colds with their Wednesday night movies in this entertaining ad. It's a nicely constructed parody of typical cold medicine ad tropes, including graphics pointing out highlighted areas of pain and mention of 'soothing action' and 'powerful relief' in the script. We particularly like their cuddlier version of the MGM lion at the start.

"Reindeer Ready"
17 Nov 2017
McDonald's draw on festive traditions in their charming Christmas offering for 2017. We see a little girl save a carrot stick from her happy meal to leave out for Santa's reindeer, keeping hold of it all day to ensure it reaches it's intended recipient. When she gets home, however, her older brother throws a spanner in the works. Lovely work with great performances.

Sky Bet
"Big Screen"
17 Nov 2017
One can never accuse Jeff Stelling of hogging the limelight. The Soccer Saturday host lets a giant yellow billboard dominate in this Sky Bet commercial. Fresh from renewing their EFL sponsorship, the bookmaker offer a bright spin on responsible gaming. It would be stronger with less 'Sky Bet' branding but a bold move nonetheless.

5 mins 15s
16 Nov 2017
Leningrad’s latest promo delivers criminal excess. The Russians swap ultraviolent circus acts for a one-man crimewave. Surrounded by women and dirty money, this rock ‘n’ roller ingests enough marching powder to make Tony Montana blush. The authorities make sure he goes out with a bang. Slick and gratuitous, the promo is a delinquent fever dream - heightened by Leningrad’s raucous sound.

Children's Air Ambulance
17 Nov 2017
A young boy gets wings - literally and figuratively - in this compelling ad for the Children's Air Ambulance. A warm voiceover narrates Jack's fraught entry into the world, as we see the kid lift off the ground and fly into his mother's arms. It's a clever way to highlight the vital work the air ambulance service does, and is sure to inspire generosity from viewers.

17 Nov 2017
This sugary sweet Swiss ad shows the importance of being together at Christmas... even if you're not human. The original premise and cute character design work well here, and the animation and live action complement each other nicely. It's a neat twist on the Christmas elf concept... although we hope Finn gets some breaks throughout the rest of the year too.

"Until Love Conquers Fear"
17 Nov 2017
Love counters fear in this Irish charity film. Overseas development agency Trócaire promise to help vulnerable individuals and communities - no matter how desperate the situation. Thus, we see optimism grow amidst hardship and humanitarian crises. Evocative imagery and a steely VO convey the charity’s determination.

Nescafé Gold Blend
"Life of a Coffee Bean"
16 Nov 2017
This stylish ad for Nescafe Gold Blend takes us through the life of a coffee bean - in reverse. We see the process of growing, roasting, and grinding play out in exquisite detail, travelling backwards from cup to plant in order to show the amount of work Nescafe put into getting their coffee just right. Slick work with a great eye for detail.

"The Art of Standing Out"
16 Nov 2017
Art connoisseurs will appreciate this Lexus commercial. While the marque’s latest hybrid navigates city streets, the likes of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ and Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ receive the live-action treatment. Car shots outweigh artworks, but it’s a well-realised effort from the upmarket brand.

"I Know My Place"
16 Nov 2017
Girlguiding turn a demeaning admonishment into an empowering message in this excellent ad. We see girls and young women taking part in activities across the country - from outdoor fun to science experiments - as they find their place among the guiding community. The action here is never overstated, giving the film a nicely authentic vibe.

"Curious Moose"
16 Nov 2017
Moose has never been the sharpest dog in the kennel. However, this ClearScore ad suggests he finally understands his master’s favourite pastime: checking credit scores. The telepathic boxer even turns the brand’s tagline into an earworm rap - complete with techno beat. Moose for Christmas number one? Stranger things have happened.

Samuel Adams
"Fill Your Glass"
16 Nov 2017
“Is the glass half full or half empty?” Boston lager Samuel Adams dismiss such philosophical musings and urge us to simply fill our vessels. This 50” director’s cut from Matthäus Bussmann blends aspiration with sly humour - amidst sporty types and blokes wielding sledgehammers, one lad battles a pickle jar. Thirsty work, indeed.

Blue Cross
16 Nov 2017
This calm ad for Blue Cross shows us a montage of cute animals in an effort to persuade us to contribute some cash towards their care. It's a very relaxed effort, as Pam Ferris narrates what different pets mean to their owners and explains how leaving a charitable donation in our will can help keep them healthy. Not groundbreaking, but sure to appeal to the target market.

"A Beautiful Combination"
16 Nov 2017
Tutorials are second-nature to video gamers. Muscle memory and impatience often leave training aids irrelevant. However, this Xbox commercial offers a luminous alternative: watch and learn. While Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos, Luka Modrić, and Isco demonstrate their skills, the Xbox controller’s symbols light up in unison: A for pass, B for shoot, and so forth. Easy enough… though skill moves are a different story.

6 mins 33s
16 Nov 2017
Alt-J's promos are ambitious and clever, and this promo for album closer 'Pleader' continues the trend. Made by celebrated director Isiah Seret, it interweaves the song's central theme - a revisiting of Richard Llewellyn's novel 'How Green Was My Valley' - with elements of the supernatural and the dread of impending war.

"The Walk"
1 min 45s
16 Nov 2017
Family reconciliation is at the heart of this unusual Christmas ad from German supermarket Penny. German retailers have become known for putting a darker spin on the festive season, and Penny joins the heartstring-tugging trend with this film about an estranged mother and daughter. The mother decides it's time to reconcile, and takes the first step of an arduous journey.

15 Nov 2017
Another alliterative ad for Lidl introduces us to a tipple technician ready to show off her cocktail-making skills. With precisely sliced fruit and a liberal amount of ice, she whips up a G&T with Aldi's Hortus gin and presents it for a taste test - earning a definite nod of approval. These festive chunks are fun and functional, each bringing a different product to the fore.

Marks & Spencer
"Extraordinary Christmas"
15 Nov 2017
Given Paddington Bear’s starring role in the M&S Christmas ad, we’re surprised their food commercial doesn’t feature a sniff of marmalade. Unless he’s scoffed the lot, of course. Whatever the circumstances, this 40” ad provides more than adequate sustenance. Should mobilise discerning party hosts with ease.

Wilkinson Sword
"Father and Son"
14 Nov 2017
Wilkinson Sword trade on nostalgia in this ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ tie-in. A 1970s father and son do their best Luke Skywalkers with razors and toothbrushes. Flash forward to 2017 and son replicates the same awkward pose with his own offspring. Coolest dad ever? We’d rather take our chances with Darth Vader.

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness
15 Nov 2017
The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness urge viewers to look beyond their own four walls and help a neighbour in need. This film from St Luke's and Annex’s Oscar Cariss encapsulates the dehumanising effects of isolation. We join a wooden puppet in a darkened house - an effective conceit with a hopeful conclusion.

Google Pixel
"Ask More"
1 min 53s
14 Nov 2017
Ask and you shall receive, says this entertaining Google Pixel ad. An initial “What is that?” sparks a two-minute Q&A session starring everyone from Dua Lipa to Salt Bae. The corporation’s flagship smartphone receives a thorough grilling - luckily, Google Assistant and a composed narrator have all the answers.

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