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Miles said:

Starts off promisingly and then crash lands into burning flames of cheesey shmaltz.



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19 Oct 2017
Swedish insurance providers AMF take a surreal approach in this entertaining ad for their pension plan. Director Tomas Jonsgården mixes the fantastical with the mundane to great effect, as we see a guy's inner monologue come alive. He catches the bus home on a rainy night, feeling sorry for himself... until something unexpected sends him to his happy place.

Now TV
"Walker Survival Guide"
2 mins 30s
19 Oct 2017
It’s a modern conversation staple: “What would you do in a zombie apocalypse”? Well, Joe Wilkinson has got us covered. To promote Now TV’s The Walking Dead collection, the comedian offers some, er, helpful tips to avoid infection. These instructional videos cover everything from morale to bite prevention. Alas, things don’t always go according to plan.

Super Mario Odyssey
"Jump Up, Super Star!"
1 min 40s
19 Oct 2017
Mario has come a long way from his 8-bit origins. Since making the leap into 3D, Nintendo’s mascot has toured the universe and elsewhere. With ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ on the horizon, this Broadway-inspired commercial urges us to “do the Odyssey”. Set in the game’s New Donk City level, Partizan’s Warren Fu blends live-action and CG to jolly effect.

American Express
19 Oct 2017
This curious ad for American Express chastises us for being obsessed with our phones... while selling us a phone payment app. The comic vignettes themselves are nicely shot, as stops are missed, conversation dies, and kids go unsupervised in favour of smartphones, but it seems a strange tactic to encourage us to squeeze yet another app onto our screens.

19 Oct 2017
KFC join the trend for spoofing advertising tropes with this amusing South African outing. The vignettes are spot on, replete with beautiful people, exotic locations, and a voiceover spouting buzzwords about 'connecting' with their product. However the brand is presented, they conclude, it all comes back to fried chicken that makes you feel #blessed.

"Room with a View"
19 Oct 2017
MINI and Visit Britain encourage us to take a staycation in this scenic film. Snowdonia, Cheddar Gorge, and the wonderfully-named Durdle Door are just some of the locations we can explore - preferably in the advertised Countryman. Meanwhile, Facebook user 'Diana Rothe' nails her colours to the mast: “Love both Wales and MINI”. Good for her.

18 Oct 2017
This ad for Yale's latest 'Conexis' smart lock innovation is so laid back it's practically horizontal. A daughter surprises her dad by coming home unexpectedly for his birthday, unlocking the door with her phone when she gets there. The sparse piano soundtrack gives the proceedings an oddly foreboding feel - is this the last birthday she's going to come to?

18 Oct 2017
Climbing the Swiss Alps together sounds good on paper. Perilous overhangs, oxygen tanks, and fourteen-thousand-foot ascents? Not so much. Fortunately, McDonald’s have a more grounded solution in store: their limited-edition Swiss Stack burger. Ideal for those who prefer Emmental cheese sauce to vertigo.

"Floor 9.5"
2 mins
13 Oct 2017
Mars have released a series of short horror films to coincide with the spookiest month of the year... and they're bloody good. With minimal product placement and a two minute running time, each 'bite sized' chunk of horror promises to chill audiences to the bone. 'Floor 9.5' - sponsored by Skittles - takes a new approach to the idea of being followed.

"Tour de Formby"
18 Oct 2017
Here's a blast from the past. Boddingtons is back on the telly and they've brought Melanie Sykes along en'all. Older viewers and students of advertising will probably recall a series of classic commercials featuring the model-turned-TV presenter. In each - as here - the viewer was fooled into thinking they were watching something earnest before the rug was pulled from beneath their feet by Sykes's broad northern vowels.

Green & Black's
"Red Riding Hood"
18 Oct 2017
Green & Black’s launch their Velvet Editions collection with a Red Riding reboot. This time, Red Riding Hood has more than one Big Bad Wolf to evade. However, it’s going to take more than a lupine threat to thwart her indulgence. Having wisely ditched foodies Michel Roux Jr. and co., the premium brand project a more accessible image.

"Forget About Labels"
18 Oct 2017
Lynx riff on Anthony Joshua’s social media presence in this 20” commercial. Joshua’s recent triumphs make him a prime target for weak-minded trolls. After all, haters gonna hate. Naturally, the world heavyweight champion rises above the online din with steely determination - and a mean right hook. A fair warning to Joshua's on and offline foes.

"Free Sundays"
18 Oct 2017
A brigade of deadpan grannies star in this instalment of McDonald's 'as good as grandma's' chicken tenders campaign. These Golden Girls aren't particularly upset that their cooking has been usurped, taking the opportunity to kick back and relax rather than commiserate. It's poolboys and parties rather than pots and pans from now on... we reckon they'll survive.

"The Forest Man of India"
2 mins
18 Oct 2017
This atmospheric film for Prudential explores the work of Jadav Payeng - dubbed the 'Forest Man of India'. After being inspired as a teenager, Payeng has spent the last thirty-eight years planting trees on deserted sandbars near his home - eventually amassing a forest of over fourteen-hundred acres. His unwavering dedication to improving the environment is depicted lovingly here by director Asif Kapadia.

London Fire Brigade
"Protect Us"
18 Oct 2017
This emotional ad for the London Fire Brigade has an extra layer of poignancy to it, as it marks their first recruitment drive since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The film has been designed with that in mind, asking potential future firefighters to think of themselves as protectors - to help people live out the futures which could so easily be lost to tragedy without them.

1 min 56s
18 Oct 2017
This charming ad from IKEA's French arm depicts a budding romance... only slightly impeded by awkwardness, loud music, and fluffy socks. While IKEA ads for the Scandinavian and UK market often depict the grim realities of life - divorce, loss, and parental neglect are all fair game - this is an altogether more lighthearted approach.

"New Car"
17 Oct 2017
This Lotto player promises to buy her sister a, er, “spaceship” car if she wins Wednesday's jackpot. We’re sure she means “spacious”... though an intergalactic motor would be quite something. Regardless, the protagonist believes her sister deserves a family-sized treat. An ambitious bid for the “World’s Greatest Aunt” title, too.

"Fantastic Carrot Man"
17 Oct 2017
Carrot farmer Ben is a straight-shooter. When asked what he enjoys most about his job, he replies: “Growing carrots”. Tesco celebrate Ben’s hard graft in this latest Food Love Story. With pitchfork in hand and a smile on his face, green-fingered Ben reveals how his vegetables make it to Blue Supermarket’s shelves.

17 Oct 2017
This strange ad for Pokerstars asks players to delude themselves into thinking they're great at gambling. A somewhat-Scottish VO encourages a bloke by detailing various times he's bluffed himself over the years... before things take a turn for the weird. If the guy has to pretend he's an immaculate conception to get through the day, losing a hand of poker is the least of his problems.

Smart Energy GB
17 Oct 2017
Gaz and Leccy are back with some more hi-jinks in another animated ad for Smart Energy GB. The lads fight their way through seasonal decorations, sports equipment, and precariously stacked boxes to try and take a meter reading, demonstrating that a smart meter would, indeed, make life easier. Now if only energy suppliers would install them outside of 9-4 on weekdays...

17 Oct 2017
Dramatic views and equally dramatic music dominate this Peugeot commercial. The French car maker promote their SUV fleet with some lofty copy, including “See the horizon as a starting point” and “Use each obstacle to gain momentum”. One could see the marque diversify into motivational speaking at this rate.

2 mins 22s
16 Oct 2017
AMV BBDO have struck another fierce blow against the orthodoxical coyness used to advertise sanitary protection products with a brilliant commercial for Libresse. Director Daniel Wolfe's film breezily confronts an audience accustomed to the conventional approach in which red is blue, and women are shown conducting themselves as though in denial of the reality of their menstrual cycles.

"Woe is Me"
17 Oct 2017
There's nothing like a home cooked meal... or is there? McDonald's attempt to disprove the old adage in this amusing US ad, featuring a grandma who's not entirely unhappy that her cooking is being usurped. There's a great central performance here, as the deadpan granny declares she's got better things to do than cook for her rotten family members.

Bud Light
17 Oct 2017
This Bud Light ad must have been fun to write. A knowing spoof of lofty beer commercials, Wieden+Kennedy’s Adam Newby and Will Wells tackle familiar tropes in lyrical, literal fashion. It’s all here: hipster beards; permit-free bonfires; and ‘attractive millennial’ overkill (“even the rabbit’s an eight-out-of-ten”). No beer ad would be complete without an obligatory crash zoom, either.

Chanel Watches
"Code Coco"
17 Oct 2017
Chanel’s Code Coco watch sticks to the shadows in this monochrome number. The Sweetshop’s Youness Benali bathes his protagonist in a film-noir gloom. While a searchlight lingers outside, she responds with chic indifference. It’s a welcome shift in tone for the designer label - darkly stylish with understated bling.

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