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Miles said:

Starts off promisingly and then crash lands into burning flames of cheesey shmaltz.



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Suzuki Swift
"School Run"
13 Oct 2017
Ant and Dec have graduated from test drives to the school run in their latest turn for Suzuki. The cheeky chaps take a mum to pick up her kids before revealing that the car is now hers. It's an entertaining performance from PJ and Duncan, although the real laugh comes from the kid relaying what he's learned about the digestive system. We'd bet the word 'anus' didn't make it to broadcast...

"Not So Scary"
12 Oct 2017
Tesco show us a Food Love Story with a spooky twist in this Halloween-themed ad. It's an amusing way to switch up the campaign, taking a more comic approach than previous examinations of earnest food lovers. We see Vanessa - who takes her fashion tips from Morticia Addams - whip up a 'not so scary' chocolate tart for her son's Halloween party.

"Perfect Match"
12 Oct 2017
America prides itself on its state names: Florida is the Sunshine State; Texas the Lone Star State; and Idaho… the, er, Potato State. Sure enough, food brand Idahoan insist they know their spuds. Their instant mash earns Lucy’s approval… and a healthy dollop of onion gravy. Sun-kissed views will please the Idaho tourist board, too.

Apple iPhone
"Portraits of Her"
16 Oct 2017
Shacks singer Shannon Wise lends her breathy tones to this iPhone commercial. Apple highlight another of their flagship smartphone’s features - namely, Portrait Lighting. Wise is snapped through a variety of camera filters, while her lyrics chime neatly with the brand’s proposition: “You make my world seem right/You make darkness brighter”.

"Sound That Connects"
16 Oct 2017
Yamaha's latest tech innovation lets you control music all over your house from your phone... and make your family hate you in the process. Waking a kid up with music is cute when they're ten, but Rick-Rolling a teenager into consciousness isn't going to go well for anyone. The poor dog looks like he's living in a constant state of musical misery too - hopefully he'll get some earplugs for Christmas.

Call of Duty: WWII
16 Oct 2017
Call of Duty’s roots lie in World War II. Having depicted contemporary and futuristic conflicts in recent times, the first-person shooter returns to the European theatre. This 90” commercial now urges lapsed gamers to re-enlist… like this lot. Dave, "The Animal", and co. may have drifted apart, but they’re soon united by one line: “Call of Duty is going back to World War II”.

Federal Express
"Conspiracy Bookstore"
16 Oct 2017
FedEx's delivery service is so affordable it seems too good to be true... if you're a conspiracy theorist, that is. The real conspiracy in this entertaining ad is how an independent book store is thriving up against the likes of Amazon, but perhaps these customers don't trust big companies with their payment information...

"James Cameron"
16 Oct 2017
Xenomorphs and T-100s unite in this Rolex commercial. Director James Cameron gets hands-on with his filmography, examining props from ‘Aliens’, ‘Titanic’, and ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’. As well as promoting the luxury timepiece, it’s a handy reminder that Cameron’s Avatar sequels are still coming… whether audiences want them or not.

16 Oct 2017
Good Morning Britain viewers are used to peculiar sights... that’s what waking up to Piers Morgan’s face each day will do. However, the regular audience may have been surprised by this excellent film from breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! Tackling taboos before our first slice of toast, the ad features pre-watershed nipples.

Crystal Fighters
"Yellow Sun"
3 mins 31s
13 Oct 2017
Forget tour buses and private jets - London troubadours Crystal Fighters travel by pickup truck. The band promote their latest single ‘Yellow Sun’ with a, er, laidback performance. It's a diverting road trip: each cargo bed is filled with charming odds and ends, while the group evoke Vampire Weekend’s whimsical fare.

"You're The Best Thing About Me"
4 mins 48s
13 Oct 2017
It's such a shame that Tatia Pilieva's short film is a promo for U2, because it's so searingly poignant that it deserves better than this dialled-in track by Bono and co. To complement the song's theme about love, Pilieva created a mini-documentary about four couples - who are together in real life - facing a long-distance separation of uncertain length.

Grizzly Bear
"Mourning Sound"
4 mins 28s
13 Oct 2017
Grizzly Bear's first album since 2012's much-loved Shields has a more electronic slant than we're used to hearing from them, and nowhere is this more apparent than on 'Mourning Sound'. An oblique reflection on homelessness, hauling logs, and walking along busy freeways, it inspired promo director Beatrice Pegard in a completely different way.

"Unskilled Worker"
13 Oct 2017
Don’t like the moniker fool you - artist Unskilled Worker a.k.a. Helen Downie knows her stuff. Alongside glimpses of her artwork, we see Unskilled Worker leave her mark on Gucci’s latest collection. Shot with 35mm stock, the film offers an attractive insight into Downie’s craft… although she insists it’s the art that's in control.

"Made in the Mirror"
1 min 40s
13 Oct 2017
Cosmetics advertising is undergoing something of a, well, makeover. Boots No 7’s recent fencing bout delivered style and substance - now it’s US brand CoverGirl’s turn. This classy ad gathers a strong cast: diverse, dynamic, and in control of their identities. Contrasted with the modish cast and cinematography, the soundtrack provides old-school satisfaction.

13 Oct 2017
Smyths' 2017 Christmas campaign has big shoes to fill. Last year's effort - featuring a rewrite of Beyoncé's 'If I Were A Boy' and a whimsical dive into a kid's imagination - went down a storm. It's a tough ask, and this excellent animated ad meets the challenge with relish. A playful voiceover narrates the adventures of Snot, a hapless ball of yuck who's been sent down life's reject chute.

"I Am Sister"
13 Oct 2017
Another family-focused spot from UNICEF takes a look at sisterhood in all its glory. Positives and negatives are shown equally throughout the montage, taking us through a warts and all overview of sibling life. It's a smart move to have a refugee affected by the issue provide the VO, giving the film an added touch of emotional authenticity.

"I Am Brother"
13 Oct 2017
UNICEF's latest campaign tackles the bizarre UK law which states that siblings of refugees aren't considered family... which makes less sense every time we read it. This smartly constructed montage shows off the highs and lows of brotherhood, and highlights exactly what kids are missing out on when they're kept away from their families.

Jessie Ware
3 mins 38s
13 Oct 2017
Jessie Ware enjoys some alone time in this lucent promo, courtesy of Forever’s Charlie Robins. Amidst stylish rooms and equally chic wardrobe changes, Ware blends sweet nothings and enduring bonds: ‘I could watch you watch me forever’. Beautifully lit with ornate set design complementing Ware’s urbane presence.

"Where U Wanna Be (feat. Clara La San)"
3 mins 42s
13 Oct 2017
A dancer rests her eyes and nothing else in this nimble TD_Nasty promo. Sleepwalking has rarely looked so graceful - no blindfolds required, either. Director Fiona Jane Burgess captures unrestrained expression in one continuous take. Meanwhile, Nasty belies his name with some inviting beats and Clara La San’s guest vocals.

"Free Ride"
13 Oct 2017
Trainline’s 2015 ad gave rail travellers plenty to shout about. This latest outing suggests the joy of saving with the online ticket office. Played in reverse with a bebop score, we learn what prompted this passenger’s solo routine. Good luck expressing your glee during rush hour, though - it may be a tight squeeze.

"Simple is Smart"
13 Oct 2017
Dacia celebrates simplicity with this charming animated ad from Aardman Animation. Ralph Ineson's notoriously deep VO compliments the clean visuals, as an entirely white world of folded paper illustrates the lack of clutter in the brand's 'Simple' range. The cars have a compellingly cute design which makes them stand out against their monochrome surroundings.

Short Films
10 mins 11s
13 Oct 2017
Relationships are never easy - even for R&B star Cassie. Co-written with Burning Reel’s Harrison Boyce, this slow-burning short film sees Cassie and her beau go through the wringer. Boyce establishes their turbulent relationship amidst motel rooms, convenience stores, and desert vistas. A handsome showcase for Cassie’s new sound.

San Miguel
"Treehouse Masters"
13 Oct 2017
Another intriguing ad from San Miguel's 'Rich List' campaign delves into an unusual life - this time of a guy who builds fantastical treehouses. We follow him as he finds salvation away from the hustle and bustle of city life, seeking peace in the forest. Luckily, he still has time for a few beers with his mates among the trees.

12 Oct 2017
This amusing ad for Specsavers highlights their ability to visit you at home if extenuating circumstances - like being stuck in a tower - prevent you from getting to them. The charming animation harks back to classic Disney, as a knight heroically faces down a dragon to get Rapunzel her free home eye test... That's a whole new level of customer service.

"Dog Sled"
12 Oct 2017
This chilly Skoda commercial opens with a poser: “What is a road, really?” While the narrator muses on highways and byways, a musher leads his snow hounds across frozen terrain and white-out conditions. The Swedish marque commend those who stray off the beaten path - preferably in the advertised vehicle.

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