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Apple iPhone

Gary said:

Another Dougal classic - great casting too.



Latest Additions

New Zealand Transport Agency
23 Jun 2017
More creative road safety work from down under as the New Zealand Transport Agency take a unique approach to discouraging drunk driving. Rather than focus on the horrific consequences of an accident, the film shows a guy reliving his greatest hits before deciding he'd rather not take the risk of missing out on more fun. Effective stuff.

Apple iPad
19 Jun 2017
Another tweet-focused ad from apple sees a woman frustrated with the amount of clutter on her desk. Apple reckon their iPad Pro is the solution, claiming it can replace a scanner, pad of paper, and laptop for a more streamlined experience. She sweeps all the stuff off her desk, presumably in triumph, and creates a lot more mess.

22 Jun 2017
Another amusing instalment in online marketplace letgo's series of ads focused on inconvenient items. This time curling stones are in the spotlight, as they make an untimely appearance halfway up a mountain. There are some lovely comedy beats in this, particularly the bloke's instruction to 'polish the stones daily' as he gives up his once-beloved equipment.

"Man of War"
4 mins 30s
23 Jun 2017
It’s always good to have a few spares nestled away. Radiohead continue plundering their ‘OK Computer’ sessions with the release of ‘Man of War’. One last album B-side is due soon - just don’t expect the band’s Glastonbury sound check to receive the promo treatment. For now, enjoy Colin Read’s day and night pursuit.

San Holo
3 mins 56s
23 Jun 2017
Trapped in perma-darkness, these nocturnal animals now itch for some rays. Well, some things are a worth a little sunburn. Gravity-defying feats and discordant cuts add to the promo's supernatural vibe. Meanwhile, Dutch DJ Holo - avoiding a Lucasfilm lawsuit by the skin of his teeth - delivers a serviceable dance anthem.

"Animals Don't Have Borders"
23 Jun 2017
Comedian Joe Wilkinson delivers a heavily-edited news report in this tongue in cheek ad for mobile network Three. He informs us that animals are sticking their middle paw up at countries who are overprotective of their borders and roaming freely... just as Three customers can with free roaming data. The giraffeamingo make a triumphant return too, just for good measure.

"Into the Woods"
23 Jun 2017
Father's Day may have been and gone (we trust you all remembered), but this Polish Mercedes-Benz film still merits a viewing. Papaya’s Julia Rogowska softens the brand’s image with a woodland adventure. These intrepid youngsters venture deep into the forest - a bold move when a monster is afoot. Fortunately, they have a friendly guardian to take them home.

Ash to Art
"From the Ashes"
1 min 38s
23 Jun 2017
Sharon Liu’s expressive tribute to the Glasgow School of Art finds beauty in devastation. While the building is currently buried under scaffolding, the institution’s creative spirit lives on. Liu uses charcoal to convey the building’s ongoing recovery, and we learn this campaign’s ‘phoenix from the flames’ ethos has galvanised the art world.

iD Mobile
1 min 36s
23 Jun 2017
iD Mobile's new recruit takes us on a guided tour of his, er, hi-tech workplace. Job satisfaction isn't an issue for Asim Chaudhry's Customer Happiness Officer... though the same can't be said for Tanya. Still, Chaudhry's impassioned geezer makes a convincing spokesman - even travelling through 90s-era cyberspace to outline the network’s perks.

Pride in London
23 Jun 2017
Pride in London have released a timely series of films to coincide with the start of the capital's Pride festival. Friends and family members may not know how to react when a loved one comes out to them, and their first response may be one of shock or anger. But minds can change over time, as we see the regret of those who pushed someone away.

Forge of Empires
22 Jun 2017
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we imagine the makers of 'Age of Empires' will be tickled pink by this commercial. Like the long-running PC series, the similarly titled 'Forge of Empires' gives players the chance to reshape human history. For, er, actual gameplay footage, hasten to your chosen app vendor.

Short Films
"The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda"
22 Jun 2017
If you've ever wondered what's going on behind a panda's adorable eyes, Mr Kat & Friends have some valuable insights. They take us on a colourful journey through the cosmic panda's inner life, surreal images swirling through an internal galaxy. We particularly like the bear's nonplussed reaction to the trip - what kind of leaves has he been eating?

BBC Music
"Glastonbury '17"
22 Jun 2017
Saturday night headliner Foo Fighters score this ad promoting the BBC's annual Glastonbury coverage. To the strains of 'All My LIfe', these dancers present a condensed version of the Somerset festival... including a nod to the local wildlife. If you failed to procure a ticket or are wary of another mudbath, the Beeb's has you covered.

Orchard Thieves
22 Jun 2017
There's a rather blunt message behind this ad for Orchard Thieves cider: drink up, because you'll be dead soon. The visuals show an upbeat, fox-themed rooftop party... while the soundtrack of 'Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)' asks 'how far can you travel when you're six feet underground?'. Subtle and morbidly tongue in cheek - we like it.

2 mins 10s
22 Jun 2017
A sleeping giant wakes in this moody Sega commercial. Since the Dreamcast's demise in 2001, the company has steered clear of their home console rivals. Now bigwig Toshihiro Nagoshi hints at the video game stalwart's future plans - no doubt Sonic the Hedgehog will be along for the ride. An intriguing morsel for Sega aficionados.

Stevie Parker
3 mins 57s
22 Jun 2017
Things turn white-hot in this Stevie Parker promo. Friend London’s Bison captures the Bristol singer via thermal camera. Rendered as a white spectre, Parker’s ghostly form contrasts with another figure - an infrared blur running at full-pelt. Bison’s heightened aesthetic marries well with Parker’s brooding tone.

KP Nuts
22 Jun 2017
BMB have aired the first KP Nuts ad campaign for twenty-four years with this fun film. Following the trend for CG spokesbeasts, the brand employ a discerning baby elephant to emphasise the quality of their nuts. The little guy quickly detects that his hosts of have skimped on the snacks, spitting out a trunkful of sub-par nuts in alarm once he gets a taste.

"Sarah Walker"
22 Jun 2017
"No pain, no gain", as the old adage goes. New Zealand BMX rider Sarah Walker has experienced plenty of the former. Sixteen broken bones only scratch the surface in this Samsung film. Ruled out of the Rio 2016 Olympics due to injury, Walker says the only way forward is to embrace her setbacks.

"La Dolce Vita"
22 Jun 2017
Martini’s 2016 comeback claimed that time was only currency that mattered. Now they return to the theme with this Italian caper. We see some fleet-footed revellers converge on a drinks party. Rome may be famous for its traffic jams, but nothing will delay their tipple. It looks and sounds the part, with director Autumn de Wilde and DP Luca Bigazzi delivering a classy aperitivo.

Trip Advisor
21 Jun 2017
Little Wiser returns in a pun-heavy ad for Tripadvisor - who want to let us know they offer more than a place to vent about disappointing holiday experiences. Little informs us thatusing he site to find a decent hotel price is a safe bet... while standing inside a safe. Unfortunately there's no way to reach through the screen and lock him in.

"Your Story"
20 Jun 2017
23andMe claim to test your DNA to tell 'the story of you' in this bland ad. The disclaimer taking up half the screen is no surprise, since the company has faced numerous questions about what their process actually tests for... and what they could do with the information gathered. Maybe better to skip the spit kit until Minority Report is off the table.

21 Jun 2017
This cheerfully surreal ad for online marketplace letgo features a bloke who's style is more vintage than high-tech. We enjoy the whimsical approach to his inconvenient timepiece, which becomes wedged between lorries in homage to Volvo's classic Van Damme stunt. A bloke on horseback soon turns up to buy the clock, providing another beat of understated humour.

"Gym Squeeze"
21 Jun 2017
Aaron Paul takes his cardio routine up a notch in this Vitaminwater commercial. The actor observes his fellow gym patrons toiling alongside him. Luckily, he’s got a bottled of Zero Squeezed handy. One swig later, the treadmill becomes his dancefloor. Keep moving, or else.

"Change Over"
21 Jun 2017
This brisk Audi commercial shows there's still plenty of bite to electric vehicles. The marque subject one of its flagship race cars to a comprehensive pit stop, transforming it into an e-tron model. The camera keeps pace with the on-track action, while Phil Bolland's propulsive sound design hits the mark. Fast, furious, and eco-friendly.

The Sun
"Best Man"
20 Jun 2017
Another ad for the Sun which demonstrates an astute understanding of precisely who their core demographic is. A childish best man gets distracted during his wedding speech by explaining the newspaper's latest promotion, much to the guests' chagrin. The husband doesn't see anything wrong with his friend's actions, or his boorish response to his bride. Lucky for her, there's still time for an annulment.

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