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Gary said:

Another Dougal classic - great casting too.



Latest Additions

"Big Wheel"
21 Jul 2017
This quirky commercial for Nissan sees a young girl doing her best to stand out from the crowd. Bikini Kill provides the soundtrack as she rides through the neighbourhood, her bike and helmet painted black - much to the amazement of her peers. We soon find out that she shares her mother's rock and roll sensibilities - girl power.

"Mashed Potatoes"
21 Jul 2017
It's not easy to make mashed potatoes interesting, but director Paul Quinn has managed it in this ad for Lurpak. The food photography is admirably polished as we see the process of creating the perfect mash backwards, with emphasis placed on the natural ingredients which go into the dish... and also the advertised spread. The familiar soundtrack provides a nice bit of pizzazz.

20 Jul 2017
Robert Webb returns with another amiable voiceover for Harveys. We see sofas change size, shape, and design according to the people who picked them, illustrating the range of choice the retailer offers. There's even the option of delicate floral fabric for those of us who, like Rob, embrace their feminine side. You go, Rob.

H & M
20 Jul 2017
This teaser is just enough to whet our appetites for director Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film for H & M. The short clip shows characters shot from behind, giving us a glimpse at the brand's collaboration with designer Erdem Morilioglu. Luhrmann's visuals are characteristically lush and dramatic even in such a brief excerpt - keep 'em peeled for the full film coming soon.

20 Jul 2017
Nike have released a tribute to Roger Federer in the wake of his historic Wimbledon victory. Taking his reputation as the granddaddy of tennis literally, onscreen text tells us to 'keep off his lawn' lest we get in the way of his backhand. A stylised G/8 follows the montage of impressive match clips, rounding things off nicely - along with the ubiquitous swoosh, of course.

"What I Love"
3 mins 57s
20 Jul 2017
This gorgeous promo for Punctual's 'What I Love' captures childhood exuberance at its finest. Director Geej Ower follows a lad with seemingly boundless energy around his estate, as he joyfully dances the day away. The shrewd decision to avoid casting a trained dancer pays off here, as the boy's moves have a compelling, childish rawness to them.

"Moving Highways"
20 Jul 2017
City planners may take umbrage, but Nice Shirt’s Gerald McMorrow oversees some tricksy roadworks in this Nissan commercial. We see highways converge and conjoin at will - enough to distract one driver at a busy junction. Easily done when the world turns ‘Inception’ on you. Luckily, the marque’s Altima and Rogue models are on red alert.

Under Armour
"Misty Copeland"
20 Jul 2017
This compelling Under Armour commercial stars Misty Copeland - the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. It’s a far cry from the Metropolitan Opera House, but this empty arena proves the ideal stage. Agile's Georgia Hudson and DP Zoë White orbit Copeland’s graceful performance.

Under Armour
"Alison Désir "
20 Jul 2017
Under Armour's poetic series continues with this quietly breathtaking film focused on Alison Désir, founder of the Harlem Run group. The world turns upside down as we follow Alison through the woods, giving a new perspective on the meditative activity. Aja Monet provides voiceover in verse, invoking Maya Angelou as she describes "what escapes, what flees and flies". Compelling stuff.

Welsh Water
"Not for Profit"
17 Jul 2017
Welsh Water explore the sound of their raison d'être in this aurally-minded ad. We see various shots of water in different forms as a voiceover explains that, just as we hear the sound of water, not for profit organisation Welsh Water hears feedback from its customers. There's even a website where you can have your say, should you have strong opinions on what comes out of your tap.

Channel 4
"Women's Euro 2017"
2 mins 10s
18 Jul 2017
This lovely Channel 4 promo suggests everyone is tuned into the Women’s European Championship. Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and footballer-turned-racehorse owner Michael Owen are just some of the big names engrossed by Euro 2017 - the broadcaster’s international football debut. For Scotland fans, however, it's proving to be a tough watch.

"Football Bets"
19 Jul 2017
Betfair raise the stakes as the football returns. The VO claims placing a flutter on the footie is “nail-biting stuff”... like watching an egg fry or popcorn reaching critical mass. Food for thought, isn’t it? The ad also features a cameo from coach and former England international Rachel Yankey - a welcome nod to the women’s game.

3 mins 07s
19 Jul 2017
Dublin outfit Otherkin create exuberant, thrashy guitar rock that hails from an era when energy was an instrument in its own right. The frantic pace, full-on vocals and squally riff of 'React' is infectious: you know that if there's more than a square metre of empty space in any room where it's playing, pretty much everyone nearby will rush in to fill the vacuum and get moshing.

The All-American Rejects
"Sweat / Close Your Eyes"
11 mins
19 Jul 2017
Jamie Thraves explores identity in this pair of promos for the All-American Reject's first album in five years. The promos - which function as a short film despite showcasing two separate tracks - explore identity in a unique, poignant way rarely seen (let alone pulled off with such aplomb) in under twelve minutes. Things begin with 'Sweat', in which we're introduced to singer and sometime actor Tyson Ritter playing Betsy, a cross-dressing prostitute.

2 mins 20s
19 Jul 2017
One wouldn’t immediately associate Opel with the new world order, but the marque clearly have a Mr Robot fan on staff. This cinematic commercial wears its tech-noir influences on its sleeve. The main protagonist is a computer hacker determined to crash The System - while her targets squirm, she prepares to strike.

"Do Anything"
19 Jul 2017
This rapid montage by M. Blash for Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S3 is all about creativity. We see the tech in action via quick cuts, as the product jumps between being used as a notepad, laptop, and canvas. The slick visuals and rhythmic soundtrack make the S3 look like the cool alternative to pen and paper, ready to capture lighting-fast flashes of inspiration at any moment.

Björn Borg
"Beyond the Borders"
2 mins 09s
19 Jul 2017
Sportswear brand Björn Borg - named after the Swedish tennis legend - commission an unusual match. The location? The US-Mexico border. Donald Trump will be delighted. With a Border Patrol official as their umpire, youngsters from both nations enjoy a friendly rally. Constant radio chatter and helicopter shots support the idea this is a dicey affair.

British Airways
"Safety Video"
6 mins 06s
19 Jul 2017
This amusing collaboration between British Airways and Comic Relief ensures passengers won't forget to fasten their seatbelts any time soon. The star-studded film features appearances from British celebrities as disparate as Oscar winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gillian Anderson, and... Mr Bean. 'People Just Do Nothing's Chabuddy G leads proceedings with... skill.

The Horrors
4 mins 09s
19 Jul 2017
The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan introduces ‘Machine’ with: “Your smile is nothing to live for”. As opening lines go, that is cold. The warmth of previous album ‘Luminous’ is replaced by talk of “mannequin moves” and “cold simulation”. As for the promo, digital filmmaker Jon Emmony presents a hypnotic sequence of biomechanical mutations.

"Park to Pitch"
18 Jul 2017
With the Women’s European Championships underway, McDonald’s reveal how budding mascots can join the Netherlands action. Likeable animation depicts one girl’s journey from park kickabout to accompanying the England national team. Let’s see if the women can show their male counterparts how it’s done at Euro 2017.

"Cold Call"
18 Jul 2017
AO's web chatting family is back for another parent-led conversation. Last time the folks were having an endless stream of appliances delivered in the background - now they've turned their attention to their son's white goods. All as a pretext for a family BBQ, of course. Simon looks reluctant... at least all that fridge space will hold plenty of beer.

"Magnús Magnússon"
18 Jul 2017
Magnús Magnússon (no, not that one) records his trip to Uganda for Booking.com. The travel website wants us to believe their employees are full of the “booking dot yeah” spirit. Alas, a frantic montage featuring a pig’s anus and Magnússon vomiting on the side of the road doesn't inspire confidence. More like “booking dot meh”.

18 Jul 2017
McDonnells curry sauce have created a shameless spoof of that cheesy classic ad: 'The Ambassador's Party' for Ferrero Rocher. Complete with vast pyramid of golden fries and the immortal - if paraphrased - line "Wiz zeece chips curry you are really spoiling us", it's a deliciously faithful send-up that bears lots of repeat watching.

"So Rude"
3 mins 37s
17 Jul 2017
Sälen - a band who chose their name by throwing a dart at a map - create poppy electronica with an icy edge. Vocalist Ellie Kamio sounds deceptively sweet, but her lyrics - with track titles like 'Diseasey' and 'Heartbreak Diet' - are full of glacial disillusion. Their star is currently rising, and director/animator Kent Hugo mines Sälen's coldness with a CG promo that leaves nowhere to hide.

"Heads Up"
17 Jul 2017
This playful ad for VO5 shows a pair of screamingly cool teenagers getting up to benign mischief about town. Fuelled by their ever-changing hairstyles, they muck around at a skating rink, dance at a festival, and indulge in a spot of karaoke. A graphic transition of the brand's colours comes between each scene of harmless fun - no cider in the park for these hipsters.

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