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Gary said:

Another Dougal classic - great casting too.



Latest Additions

"It's Just Fashion"
16 Aug 2017
The scene: a fashion show. Models slinking up and down the catwalk. Among them is one with a smile that's electrified rather than electrifying... in fact, she's something of a live wire. Not content with strutting her stuff for the journos and designers, she gets positively playful and sends a ripple of consternation through the room. Why? Seems she's responding to the magical effects of Radox...

"Tim And Charlie"
16 Aug 2017
While the chorus of children in VO is a touch toe-curling, this ad for kids' yogurt brand GoGurt nonetheless strikes a note of recognition. We don't need to be adults to wonder if those younger than ourselves appreciate how easy they have it compared to us - and these two prematurely-aged fourth graders can only shake their heads in sorrow at the fact third graders don't even realise that their yogurty snacks are now even easier to open.

Fruit By The Foot
16 Aug 2017
A little silliness can go a long way, as we discover in Harold Einstein's ad for Fruit By The Foot confectionery. As a naff, slightly sped-up jingle bounces along, a ribbon of sweet unfurls itself across a garage floor and up the leg of a weedy boy struggling to benchpress a dumbbell that must weigh - ooh - as much as a bag of sugar. It's daft, fun, and we want some.

"Nespresso On Ice"
15 Aug 2017
A simple, stylised animation courtesy of Hush London conveys the different locations in which we can sip our iced Nespressos. Whether we're on a beach or a boat, it's a refreshing way to get our caffeine kick - and looks classier than dribbling flat Coke down our T-shirts, too. After all, no-one want to be that sunburnt Brit, do they?

"Safe and Sound"
2 mins
16 Aug 2017
Toyota appeal to the paranoia of every parent whose teen is about to hit the road with a freshly minted driving license in this amusing ad. We're introduced to Callum and his parents, who are understandably concerned about the fate of their car under his control (and their son's well being... of course). Luckily, the 'Safe and Sound' app is here to ensure his safety... via embarrassment.

Old El Paso
"Ditch Dull Dinners"
14 Aug 2017
Danny Trejo instructs us - with characteristic forcefulness - to ditch dull dinners in this colourful ad. Alliterative instructions aside, we see the whole family practice their patriarch's trademark scowl as they assemble their stand n' stuff tacos just the way they like them. Actual Mexican people would never use the idiot-proof British kits, we're sure, but they look appetising enough here.

15 Aug 2017
Microsoft show off the educational benefits of their latest model in this ad. We're introduced to Mr Jackson, an unconventional teacher who gets his whole class involved in lessons with unorthodox methods - including rap. The film effectively shows off the pen features of Windows 10, although we're not sure why Mr Jackson draws so many portraits of himself.

14 Aug 2017
Huawei big up the camera features on their new P10 model in this classy ad. Skott's 'Glitter and Gloss' accompanies sleek of models lounging artfully and posing in various locations. The implication that the P10's camera makes life a photo shoot is neatly executed, and we get plenty of shots of the product to hammer that home.

16 Aug 2017
One of three super new commercials for the betting app which uses random acts of generosity as its USP. In this fantasy, an attractive school teacher tells her 'young' students that - instead of homework, they are to pop bubble wrap. Any sense of impropriety has been quashed by a clever casting decision which has grown men playing the boys... as it were.

14 Aug 2017
Thunderbirds returns for Halifax, this time to let us know about the bank's Saver Prize Draw. The lottery has a top prize of half a million quid, which Parker takes full advantage of when he finds out he's the lucky winner. A few weeks away from driving Lady Penelope around will do him the world of good - especially if they're spent sipping something fruity on a beach.

Marks & Spencer
14 Aug 2017
A lad starting his big-school career addresses his parents in this charming ad for M&S. The kid can't promise to do everything perfectly - lost property and post-PE uniform mishaps are universal experiences, after all - but he's going to give it his best shot. This film carries on the brand's 'Spend it Well' campaign, positioning Marks and Sparks as part of pivotal life moments.

"It's Perfectly Normal Until..."
13 Aug 2017
Have you ever spontaneously done something so cool you wish you could replay it endlessly for the benefit of those who missed it? Something that makes you feel like a winner in life because it happened so effortlessly? That, apparently, is the feeling of being Kwiffed - receiving an unasked-for boost to your odds when you place a flutter on the eponymous sports betting app.

"Herren des Feuers"
1 min 53s
15 Aug 2017
If you're aiming for 'over the top' then it's a good idea to go way over the top - as director Isaiah Seret has in this marvellously bombastic film for EDEKA. The narrator is a curious-looking old fellow who recites a poem detailing man's relationship with fire. He walks through a series of eras, speaking approvingly of the way fire is used to char meat.

14 Aug 2017
Budweiser takes the time to show off their packaging in this intimate ad. The camera slowly crawls up a temptingly cold bottle, sweating like the White House press secretary before he opens Twitter in the morning, before we see the brand's distinctive twist-off cap in action. The cap then becomes a crown, tying in with the 'King of Beers' tagline. Confident stuff.

15 Aug 2017
Having long since cut out the archaic task of schlepping to a shop to buy a card for your nearest and dearest, Moonpig have finally solved the problem of physically writing a congratulatory message. The process does rather complicate things - you have to write, photograph, and upload your scribble - but grandmothers across the nation will appreciate the gesture.

"Grow Up"
14 Aug 2017
This Mercedes ad shows a pair of women flouting the behaviour traditionally expected when one 'grows up'. Rather than working hard, going to bed early, and minding their manners, they cruise around in a brand new A-Class to frolic on the beach, go clubbing, and generally prove that their youthful spirits are alive and well.

14 Aug 2017
Tombola continue thier attempts to convince us that online bingo is somehow both a sociable and socially-conscious activity. This time they show users meeting up at a bowling alley, while giant animated bingo cards suggest this is an elaborate dream and they're really interacting behind separate screens. We'd be interested to find out what 'awards for social responsibility' are too...

"Chicken Legend"
14 Aug 2017
The British are notorious for our love of an underdog, from Susan Boyle to Leicester City, so perhaps it's no surprise that McDonald's have given their latest 'Chicken Legend' the Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards treatment. We see a canoeist who isn't quite ready for his big race pausing to fix his glove before he sets off... losing his oar in the process.

14 Aug 2017
This horrendously dubbed pan-Euro spot for Bloo toilet freshener may be naff, but we bet anything that it shifts the product off supermarket shelves. After all, who hasn't - at some quietly despairing moment in their life - been faced with the prospect of cleaning a pebble-dashed toilet bowl while wishing for an industrial-strength solution that doesn't involve intervention?

BMW 1 Series
13 Aug 2017
The choice of Goldfrapp's 'Systemagic' is the only thing worth noting in this BMW commercial. The fact that the car has 'smartphone integration' and 'real time traffic information' isn't massively exciting given that far lowlier brands offer much the same thing. Overall, it's a minor triumph of style over substance.

Penguin Books
"Let's Talk Fertility"
3 mins 58s
13 Aug 2017
The striking thing about this moving examination of infertility is the way it demonstrates that online communities can be a force for good. The testimonies we hear from a variety of people - mostly but not exclusively women - about the way their lives have been blighted by the difficulty of conceiving are linked by a number of common themes and one of the most powerful is the sense of isolation they've felt.

Wretch 32
"Whistle (ft Donae'o, Kojo Funds)"
2 mins 46s
14 Aug 2017
Tottenham-born Wretch 32 has a new single out; one that's more accessible than his usual output. To go with it, director Joćo Retorta has filmed a split-screen promo in which the hip-hop artist and fellow rappers Donae'o and Kojo Funds mooch about in a murky underground club. Bound to go down well with grime fans.

Johnnie Walker
13 Aug 2017
Johnnie Walker gets its first ever female lead in this spot from CP&B Brazil. Woop, woop. Hoping to appeal to a broader, younger audience, it shows the young woman breaking free of a glass-fronted train carriage in order to convey that a whisky drinker like her can't be hemmed in. Lovely production, but basically a load of guff.

Carphone Warehouse
"Del Boy"
12 Aug 2017
Carphone Warehouse channels a classic comedy moment in their latest ad. The brief clip sees a young man in a pastel suit come a cropper after leaning against an unstable table. Lucky for him, he's saved enough money by comparing phones with the advertised retailer that he can get his new threads dry cleaned post-haste.

Fairy Liquid
"Mess Gone"
10 Aug 2017
The Fairy baby's bad-boy cousin makes an appearance in this ad for the brand's Platinum dishwasher tablets. The cockney infant makes his appearance to a burst of T-Rex, squealing in on a motorbike to give grease and grime a kicking with his bovver boots. It's a nice subversion of the brand's baby logo signifying pureness - we'll be interested to see if Mr Mess Gone sticks around.

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