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Marika Hackman
"My Lover Cindy"
3 mins 15s
18 May 2017
UK Promos

Sam Bailey - band member of Francobollo and promo director into the bargain - has created a clip for Marika Hackman's 'My Lover Cindy' which will probably become known as the 'tongues' video. When a couple duel it out for supremacy in their relationship, gashes caused by the business end of an épée morph into mouths which are lipless, lascivious and attention-grabbing in a car crash kind of way. Gross but compelling.

Marika Hackman - "My Lover Cindy"
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Gary said:

Another Dougal classic - great casting too.



Latest Additions

"Frozen S'more"
17 Aug 2017
Dominique Ansel - creator of the wildly-trendy Cronut (a croissant doughnut, for the uninformed) - has whipped up more culinary wizardry. Director Scott Grummett takes an intimate look at the creation of his 'Frozen S'more', presenting a stylish interpretation of the process while Ansel explains his methodology in VO.

Coronation Street
"Then, Now and Forever"
19 Aug 2017
Coronation Street now has as many years as Heinz has varieties and despite a broadcasting landscape that has altered out of all recognition since the programme's 1960 debut, it remains one of ITV's most important assets. This celebration of the programme cleverly reminds us of some of its most famous moments.

"No Drama"
19 Aug 2017
When DAVID mentioned to someone that he'd heard a rumour about Dominic West's involvement with a new Dolmio commercial, he was wryly asked if the star of The Wire would be working the puppets. Alas, that prediction was wide of the mark as there is no sign of the cloth-eared Italian family in the latest work... who knows, perhaps they got eaten by moths.

The Zoo
18 Aug 2017
A group of gorillas get ready for their closeup in this amusing trail for CBBC's latest nature programme. The script is all very meta, a monkey with a broad West Country accent suggesting that 'they must be making a nature documentary with a comedy twist' when he catches sight of the cameras. They've also got a top-notch narrator in the form of Hugh Dennis - even if he says so himself.

18 Aug 2017
A misguided teenager licks a squid in this curious American ad. Harold Einstein and Michael Illick directed the over-the-top spot entirely in-camera, focusing on a kid who's so obsessed with the gooey centre of Gushers candy that can't stop herself diving into a squid's viscous leavings. Luckily, there's a talking starfish to set her right. Bizarre but somehow compelling.

18 Aug 2017
Another amusing ad for squirting candy Gushers shows a teen attempting to drink liquid soap in an effort to mimic the gooey goodness of his favourite candy. A cantankerous, be-suited man emerges from a bathroom stall to admonish his poor life choices, before grumbling his way back behind a barrier between him and the misguided kid. We wonder if he hangs out there all day waiting to dispense unhelpful advice...

6 mins 59s
18 Aug 2017
Logic is known for his celebration of diversity, standing out in a rap scene which remains steadfastly conservative on certain issues (just check the YouTube comments...). This promo from director Andy Hines takes a serious tone, given the song is named after the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's phone number, and tackles a boy struggling with intolerance towards his sexual orientation.

Mashrou' Leila
4 mins 07s
18 Aug 2017
This intriguing promo for Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila explores Middle Eastern feminism. The daring film uses traditionally dressed Arab and Muslim actresses in unexpected ways to celebrate the progress and history of the region, as the song deals with its distant past. At the climax, the women walk into the sea to represent the change they're striving for in society. A compelling slice of culture which makes us want to know more.

18 Aug 2017
This touching ad for McCain celebrates the different families who make up Britain today. They may not be the first to embrace the diversity of modern society, but McCain have a rightly-earned reputation for getting to the heart of the matter with wonderful emotional authenticity. A friendly VO celebrates all kinds of families - from working single mums to adoptive families, gay parents and units of choice.

Bruno Mars
"Versace On The Floor"
5 mins 36s
16 Aug 2017
Zendaya stars in this sultry promo for noted smoothie Bruno Mars's 'Versace On The Floor'. The world is bathed in purple and gold, light glinting off sequins and jewellery and giving everything an appropriately luxurious feel as the 80s inspired track glides along. We especially like the perspex-topped piano, a vintage touch which really fits Cameron Duddy's carefully-crafted aesthetic.

"#LikeAGirl - Keep Going"
2 mins
17 Aug 2017
A recent Always Confidence & Puberty survey reveals that in America, 50% of pubescent girls feel 'paralysed by fear' that whatever they attempt will end in failure. So in this follow-up spot to the highly-acclaimed original, the brand looks at the notion of failure and puts it in a whole new light.

Royal Mail
"Email Phishing"
17 Aug 2017
Another safety-conscious ad from the Royal Mail exposes the dange of email phishing scams - and how unlikely we'd be to respond to them if they took place offline. Upon being approached by a shady bloke in a library, a woman happily gives up her bank details without so much as questioning if he's really from her bank. An important lesson, clearly delivered.

Admiral Insurance
"Pratt's Bottom"
17 Aug 2017
We can't help but wonder if the name of the cul-de-sac in question - Pratt's Bottom - is a coded cry of desperation from the creatives involved in this latest spot for Admiral Insurance. Let's face it, there isn't much else to make it stand out. Your home and car insurance on one policy? "We'll call it... multicover!" breathes the ludicrously-dressed boss.

17 Aug 2017
Masterchef gets everywhere, doesn't it? There's the US show encouraging scurrilous tactics among the participants; obsessions with oversized prawns in the Australian version - there's even a Junior Masterchef to remind us how obnoxious precocious children can be. So this spot advertising the Mexican variant with its challenging food combos is positively urbane in comparison.

"No Hard Sell"
17 Aug 2017
Plusnet tackle the tricky pre-roll medium in this personable ad. With the majority of users hammering the skip button ASAP, it takes a unique approach to catch an audience's attention. Plusnet Joe tells us everything we need to know immediately, then proceeds to mess about offscreen because he trusts the 'smart people' watching can figure out the facts. A confident approach.

"What About Us"
5 mins 21s
17 Aug 2017
This promo for 'What About Us', directed by Georgia Hudson, brings a sheen to the darkness of inner city life. We see tightly choreographed routines carried out in parking lots, all-night diners, and on the street, before escaping into the desert as the sun comes up. P!nk's powerful vocals are on full display here, as she laments 'all the happy ever afters' that never came to fruition.

"Black vs Yellow"
16 Aug 2017
The betting sector has been going from strength to strength recently and this startling film for Bwin is further evidence that a competitive realm can still lead to a creative surge. It features a couple of rascals in stolen cars. Just on the basis of that alone, you feel that 90% of clients would be breaking into a cold sweat but they ain't seen nothing yet. The duo throw everything into a struggle for dominance, crashing into each other as though they're re-enacting the chariot scene from Ben Hur using modern vehicles.

Dua Lipa
"New Rules"
3 mins 44s
16 Aug 2017
This sleek promo for Dua Lipa's 'New Rules' is an intriguing mix of pop video and branded content, as the singer shares the spotlight with Hyatt’s boutique hotel, The Confidante. We watch as Dua and her squad of girlfriends get over a breakup in the most stylish way possible, complete with makeovers and choreographed support, before transforming into flamingos. Fun stuff.

"Father And Son"
16 Aug 2017
This is a wonderfully daft piece of work from an inspired series of ads which draw attention to a fun proposition... randomly lengthened odds which mean punters will enjoy a windfall if their bet comes in. The key calculation made by agency Droga5 was to grab viewers' attention with sufficient vim to ensure they discover what the whole Kwiffing business is about.

Lady Prelox
"The Dealership"
16 Aug 2017
Lady Prelox - a sort of natural Viagra for women - appears to have quite an effect on the female libido if this ad is anything to go by. When a couple checks out a car at a dealership, he's preoccupied with its RPM but she's more interested in its potential as a venue for some extra-curricular activity. An affecting pitch.

"It's Just Fashion"
16 Aug 2017
The scene: a fashion show. Models slinking up and down the catwalk. Among them is one with a smile that's electrified rather than electrifying... in fact, she's something of a live wire. Not content with strutting her stuff for the journos and designers, she gets positively playful and sends a ripple of consternation through the room. Why? Seems she's responding to the magical effects of Radox...

"Tim And Charlie"
16 Aug 2017
While the chorus of children in VO is a touch toe-curling, this ad for kids' yogurt brand GoGurt nonetheless strikes a note of recognition. We don't need to be adults to wonder if those younger than ourselves appreciate how easy they have it compared to us - and these two prematurely-aged fourth graders can only shake their heads in sorrow at the fact third graders don't even realise that their yogurty snacks are now even easier to open.

Fruit By The Foot
16 Aug 2017
A little silliness can go a long way, as we discover in Harold Einstein's ad for Fruit By The Foot confectionery. As a naff, slightly sped-up jingle bounces along, a ribbon of sweet unfurls itself across a garage floor and up the leg of a weedy boy struggling to benchpress a dumbbell that must weigh - ooh - as much as a bag of sugar. It's daft, fun, and we want some.

"Nespresso On Ice"
15 Aug 2017
A simple, stylised animation courtesy of Hush London conveys the different locations in which we can sip our iced Nespressos. Whether we're on a beach or a boat, it's a refreshing way to get our caffeine kick - and looks classier than dribbling flat Coke down our T-shirts, too. After all, no-one want to be that sunburnt Brit, do they?

"Safe and Sound"
2 mins
16 Aug 2017
Toyota appeal to the paranoia of every parent whose teen is about to hit the road with a freshly minted driving license in this amusing ad. We're introduced to Callum and his parents, who are understandably concerned about the fate of their car under his control (and their son's well being... of course). Luckily, the 'Safe and Sound' app is here to ensure his safety... via embarrassment.

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