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Gary said:

Another Dougal classic - great casting too.



Latest Additions

"New Wheels"
8 Dec 2017
Another brief festive ad from Amazon shows an amusing musical moment in action. A baby crosses the screen on a roomba, accompanied by an ironic blast of Chamillionaire's 'Ridin' Dirty'. The baby's absolute delight at its new vehicle really makes the humour work, and the background tree is a nice nod to the season.

"So Schofield"
8 Dec 2017
While some take figures such as the Dali Lama or Ghandi as their models for living, webuyanycar.com has a more Phil-osophical approach. The brand have decided to make Phillip Schofield - the 'most loved man in Britain... unofficially' - their personal talisman. This ad sees the webuyanycar offices preparing for the campaign launch.

"Merry Christmas"
8 Dec 2017
This amusing ad from Amazon stars a cat who isn't fully embracing the Christmas spirit. Entangled in colourful fairy lights, the long-suffering mog stares balefully at the viewer as Kelis musically expresses its inner turmoil. Funny, deadpan stuff with a lovely sense of humour... and a well timed performance from the cat.

3 mins 43s
8 Dec 2017
Zhang+Knight deliver a haunting promo for EDEN’s latest track, 'Gold’. A woman contemplates her future while the past remains ever-present. Like a cigarette glowing against darkened skies, DP Ruben Woodin Dechamps blends warm and cold hues. Picturesque seclusion offset by the Irish artist’s synthesised squeals.

"Baby Carrots"
8 Dec 2017
Aldi’s CG carrot patch continues to grow. Despite only just meeting on a train, Kevin and Katie are now parents to three - yes - baby carrots. Strangely, they ask Santa for plush versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Katie’s penchant for erotic fiction continues to grow. Side note - ‘Fifty Shades of Grapes’ is not available from all good bookshops.

8 Dec 2017
Italian wallet makers are set to have a bad Christmas season... if this ad for money transfer app Tinaba is anything to go by. Director Igor Borghi presents a vision of the near future which is either utopia or dystopia... depending on how much you like carrying cold, hard cash. Wallets and purses are abused in a series of amusing situations, used as everything from dog toys to dish sponges.

Short Films
"Gremlins: Recall"
10 mins 43s
8 Dec 2017
MindsEye’s Ryan Patrick gives ‘Gremlins’ fans the threequel they’ve been waiting for. While Patrick’s fan flick isn’t officially sanctioned, his affection for the source material is undeniable. Set years after the “Kingston Falls incident”, mogwais have been rendered somewhat consumer-friendly. Of course, it’s not long before three-feet tall mayhem ensues.

T K Maxx
"White Christmas Delivery"
8 Dec 2017
Having commandeered the UK’s entire supply of fake snow, T K Maxx make good on their promise to deliver a white Christmas. This festive documentary captures the Markham family’s artificial snow day. While the clan enjoy their localised winter wonderland, Bill Nighy provides typically irreverent commentary.

"Ode to Tarmac"
8 Dec 2017
BMW presents a love letter to roads in this cinematic ad. The VO waxes lyrical about the complex appeal of tarmac, detailing every aspect of the stuff in florid detail. The script can feel a bit overbaked at points - especially considering the earnest tone with which it's delivered - but the visuals of roads in all their glory are lovely.

"Christmas Jumper"
7 Dec 2017
Next salute the humble Christmas jumper in this brief ad. We see a bloke strut into his office, buoyed with confidence about his stylish festive threads. The film does a lot for such a short running time, as we see satisfying reactions of approval and judgement from the guy's coworkers as he goes. We're sure they're just jealous.

"Every Drop"
7 Dec 2017
This well constructed ad for Glenmorangie explores the amount of work which goes into creating the whisky - drop by drop. The film smoothly transitions between scenes, the camera perpetually in motion as it shifts through droplets of water. We follow the distilling process from field to barrel and finally glass, with lovely photography work to take us through the journey.

Kimono Roboto
7 Dec 2017
Human models could soon be obsolete if this Kimono Roboto film is anything to go by. To promote the Tokyo fashion exhibition, directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones enlist a sleek android instead. Modern technology and traditional design combine in arresting fashion, while UNKLE provide the futuristic score.

"Keep Looking"
7 Dec 2017
Photography guru Joel Meyerowitz narrates this thoughtful spec film from director Emilio Boutros. While Meyerowitz muses on photography’s enduring power, we follow a young street photographer on a snap-happy tour of London. She’s going to need a bigger wall soon. Tactile and reverent, the film captures life behind a Fujifilm viewfinder.

7 Dec 2017
CNN have commissioned a collection of informational films to create Colorscope - a series exploring the significance of colours across different cultures and points in history. Nexus Studios' Emmanuelle Walker has directed this compelling instalment, with lovely animation exploring the complexity of the colour orange.

Franz Ferdinand
"Always Ascending"
5 mins 21s
7 Dec 2017
Art rock veterans Franz Ferdinand return with this vertiginous promo. While the Glasgow five-piece shake loose with ‘Always Ascending’, the camera visits multiple 'floors'. Of course, looks can be deceiving. Amidst angular guitar riffs and, er, flirtatious cloud formations, frontman Alex Kapranos also plays with our audio perception.

"Salted Caramel"
7 Dec 2017
Morrisons have finally reached peak foodgasm in their latest dessert-driven ad. This film opens with a literal gasp of pleasure, as an ASMR-friendly voiceover describes the various incarnations of their chocolatey festive puds. Quite how they manage to make 'spiced sponge cube' sound attractive, we don't know... but it works.

"Flamingo Slippers"
7 Dec 2017
You’d think Santa would run a tight sleigh at this time of year. However, Specsavers reveal his solution for underachieving employees: the Useless Elves Department. While the gaffer prepares for his annual flight, one elf struggles with the concept of flamingo slippers. Naturally, the brand suggest a more practical gift.

"No Glasses"
5 Dec 2017
Chocolate reindeer get the chop in another amusing instalment of Baileys's series of festive ads. A Christmas get-together runs out of glasses - a familiar holiday woe. Rather than resort to socialising without the soothing lubrication of alcohol, the host gets creative and improvises some unconventional Baileys vessels... think Viking drinking skulls but less horrifying.

"Roger Ballen x The Skateroom"
1 min 38s
6 Dec 2017
Skate art meets psychological horror in this collaborative film. Launching on the Arts Council’s online platform, boutique deck designers The Skateroom partner with photographer Roger Ballen for a monochrome fever dream. Luckily, art-conscious skaters won’t have to navigate this Saw-esque labyrinth themselves.

"Parking Lot"
2 mins
6 Dec 2017
Parking is a nightmare at Christmas, as the huddled masses vie to throw their money into Late Capitalism's gaping maw before the sprouts run out. This excellent Audi commercial focuses on the fight for that elusive free space, embracing the ugly side of Christmas in style. The action is stylishly executed, as two men battle it out in a race which reaches a thrilling climax...

1 min 35s
6 Dec 2017
This timely ad for the RSPCA plays on the old adage 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas'. By showing exactly what happens to once-beloved Christmas gifts, the charity hope to dissuade well-meaning parents from getting a pet for their child who may not be equipped to care for it. Luckily, the RSPCA is there to pick up the pieces when things go wrong.

"From Dream to Reality"
7 mins 10s
6 Dec 2017
Filmmaker Max Joseph documents a project from inception to conclusion in this fast-paced film. He takes us through his creative process and shows us the practicalities of putting together the Samsung-sponsored project, which involves large-scale zoetrope animations in multiple locations. We would have liked to see some more of the final product, which looks impressive.

"Centrepiece Show-off"
6 Dec 2017
Lidl show would-be hosts with the most how it's done this Christmas with their attractive range of desserts. Budding centrepiece show-offs need not develop Bake-Off style showstopper skills - they can get a chocolate sponge with a glitzy lava centre from Lidl for less than four quid. It might not get a Hollywood Handshake, but it'll impress the guests.

6 Dec 2017
US taxi entity Lyft encourage, well, driven individuals to join their ranks. Split-screen depicts life both in and out of the driver's seat. Each fare brings the diverse cast closer to their respective goals, offering a positive spin on the gig economy. Meanwhile, Brenton Wood's 'The Oogum Boogum Song' ensures an upbeat ride.

Marks & Spencer
6 Dec 2017
Panicked shoppers receive some appetising gift ideas courtesy of Marks & Spencer. One of three online films from Dark Energy's Mark Emberton, this piece suggests the store have all tastes catered for. As well as treating friends, family, and postal workers, M&S urge customers to treat themselves this Christmas. Solid hand acting, too.

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