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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Doja Cat Wrapped "
30 Nov 2021
Another of the films designed to draw attention to the annual unveiling of Spotify's data.

Vistra Energy
"Code of Conduct"
2 mins 40s
30 Nov 2021
This isn't a commercial but it's a beautiful example of how the skills of advertising can be used in other contexts.

"Billie Eilish Wrapped"
30 Nov 2021
The annual unwrapping of everyone's most played music on Spotify has become a cultural landmark.

"Unapologetic Appeal"
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
This mockumentary-style commercial introduces us to John Birk who has the rather redundant job of explaining to people how to peel mandarins.

Urologists United
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
US Urologists have united to warn of the possibility of ED among those who have been infected with Covid.

"It's Been a Year"
2 mins 30s
1 Dec 2021
A celeb-heavy festive outing rounds out the year for ITV in amusing fashion.

"Otomo (ft. O'Flynn)"
3 mins 10s
1 Dec 2021
This dizzying promo from DJ Bonobo reunites the artist with director Dave Bullivant.

Wet Leg
"Too Late Now"
4 mins 15s
1 Dec 2021
Sorry, Marvel's Eternals, but this irreverent Wet Leg promo does aliens better.

"Message in a Hammer"
4 mins 44s
1 Dec 2021
Nigerian artist Obongjayar is in a confrontational mood in latest single 'Message in a Hammer'.

Visit Sweden
"Discover the Originals"
30 Nov 2021
Whenever Sweden and lakes are mentioned, the mind immediately jumps to the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Médecins Sans Frontières
1 Dec 2021
This Danish ad for Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders turns a surgery into a waiting room.

4 mins 39s
30 Nov 2021
Agency 215 McCann and director Isaiah Seret offer an affecting insight into how the Master Chief's new toy is made.

"Easy on Me"
5 mins 31s
30 Nov 2021
Adele is back in fine voice with Easy on Me - a typically heartfelt and heart-wrenching look at a relationship with ups, downs, and a final plea for understanding as it ends.

3 mins 11s
30 Nov 2021
One of two live-action ads directed by Isiah Seret for Halo Infinite, this outing concerns the raw materials needed to strengthen Master Chief's Mjolnir armour.

Co-operative Funeral Services
1 Dec 2021
A husband and father with a passion for motorcycles is remembered in this reflective piece for the Co-operative Funeral Services.

Model Man
"Don't Cry"
3 mins 32s
30 Nov 2021
A man has a bad case of the glitches in this promo for Model Man's 'Don't Cry'.

American Express
"Perfect Present"
30 Nov 2021
American Express repurpose Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’ for their Christmas ad,

29 Nov 2021
There are some fun camera moves in this US ad for the Chevrolet but ultimately it doesn't really distinguish itself greatly from any other car commercial.

Money Farm
29 Nov 2021
This ad for Money Farm - an app which enables you to invest in various schemes - doesn't fully commit to the potential of the idea's humour.

29 Nov 2021
Another helping of bombastic silliness on behalf of the no-nonsense clinic which promises to reverse balding for men afflicted by hair loss.

"Fam, ily"
29 Nov 2021
This fun Christmas ad for Footasylum features Chunkz, Yung Filly, Darkest, Amelia and the irrepressible Gino D’Acampo.

The Famous Grouse
"Quality in an Age of Change"
1 min 40s
29 Nov 2021
This commercial for The Famous Grouse is an exceptionally breezy piece of viewing

2 mins
29 Nov 2021
The care taken at the advertised private hospital is cleverly demonstrated by the way they look after a little girl's unicorn when she rushes it there in the back of a taxi.

Arkham Asylum
"Lose Yourself"
29 Nov 2021
This intriguing film advertises an immersive experience called Arkham Asylum which is coming to London next year.

"Come Home"
2 mins
28 Nov 2021
This sweet Christmas confection both advertises Xfinity and trails the film 'Sing 2'.

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